Your vibe attracts your tribe

“The secret is to gang up on the problem.”–Thomas Stallkamp If you’re a regular at this blog, you know how much I love my possibility posses and how important I think it is for all of us to “gang up” on the problem of lack and limitation. I get together with my one of my […]

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The only conversation worth having

“In an exuberant state of joy, you are at peace with everything about you . . . there is no thing unconquerable, no thing unreachable.” — RAMTHA Neuroscientists have discovered that humans reverberate to the actions and emotions of the people around them. This unspoken but ongoing communication is why someone yawning can make you […]

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Another trio of miracle tales to fuel the love train

“Only if there are angels in your head will you ever possibly see one.”—Mary Oliver Despite what it says in the newspaper, despite what your mother told you, despite what society insists is rock solid truth, it’s important to remember Shakespeare’s adage, “Nothing is either good nor bad. Only thinking makes it so.” Your thinking […]

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