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Prepare yourself for miracles today

“The world is an exquisite place if you can just stop for a moment.”—Chris Rush

The above headline is from yesterday’s Course in Miracles lesson. It might be my favorite lesson. But then I say that about a lot of the lessons.

Preparing for miracles is more or less my intention every day. To open my mind, to change the story I’ve long believed. As long as I limit myself to what everyone else accepts as possible, as long as I cling to what my culture tells me is statistically likely, that’s all I will ever see.

The Course says life comes with miracles a thousand times as happy and wonderful as those I could ever dream of or wish for. And that if I just surrender what I learned is possible, I will be led and guided every moment of every day.

As you know since you’ve joined this party called a blog, miracle stories drop like rain into my inbox.

I got one yesterday from a brilliant filmmaker in Moscow who was reading, E-Squared. She asked to see something that everyone knows is impossible—something that just couldn’t happen because of the snow, the cold, the….you get the picture. Yet, the very thing she asked to see (a butterfly) appeared within moments.

She said she was covered in goosebumps and wanted to cry from delight. Me thinks, that’s a reasonable plan (being covered in goosebumps) for every day.

And why not? I’ve been thinking about how we create reality. And how we don’t really start “creating” until the third act when everything on the stage of life has already been drawn up and decided upon.

But what if everything that has been drawn up, always by someone other than me, is completely wrong and only appears to be true because that’s what was created back then.

If we truly create our reality, then we need to let go of all beliefs that were automatically bestowed upon us by well-meaning parents and a culture that has historically invested in fear and scarcity.

Here’s a story that happened this weekend that I was trained to believe is preposterous, outlandish. The adjective “crazy pants” might have even occurred to a couple members of my possibility posse when I shared this with them yesterday.

But you know what? I am tired of believing in limitations and beliefs that offer so little, that preach protection and safety and you better watch out for those “other guys.” Why would I need to protect myself from life that only wants to give, that only wants to love me fiercely?

So I’d had a restless night and was sleeping in Taz’s room. The sun hadn’t yet come up. The birds were just barely starting to sing so I decided to go out and join them, to walk to where I could bear witness to the sun as it rose above the horizon.

All my clothes, of course, were in my bedroom where my partner was offering a contented lullaby of his own (read: quiet snoring). I did not want to wake him. Something told me to look in Taz’ closet. Say what?

But there, on a hanger, waiting for me to notice, was a long skirt and a jacket, perfect for my walk. I didn’t recognize the skirt as something Taz had ever worn and, believe me, I gazed on that girl’s beauty and style with great interest and love every time I saw her. The skirt was way longer than her normal size. I’m a good three inches taller than she was. The skirt was….drum beat…my size, my exact perfect size.

Needless to say, I went on a delightful walk in the outfit prepared just for me.

So yeah, it could have been Taz’s. But how much more fun to see it as a miracle that was prepared especially for me at the exact moment I needed it. And, from this point on, to know with complete surety that I don’t need to hoard things or prepare for things because what I need will always be provided by life that holds me in its ever-loving arms.

#222 Forever!

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. What a wonderful story! If you never ever saw this skirt before, let alone on Taz wearing it, then……
    You are a lucky and beautiful woman.
    Have a great week my friend – and everyone else incl. Taz!

  2. Your book changed my life, and every miracle happened within 48 hours just like magic. Lately one of the coolest things that happened was that I was in a really worried state of mind about getting this rather decrepit horse trailer I bought from a friend to my house. It needed tires, I didn’t how bad the floor was, and I needed to get 2 steers to the butcher. If I missed that appointment I’d have to keep them an extra six months. Butchers are booked 6 months in advance. My friend is famous for not following through on promises. Fretting and worrying are not my usual state, but he was failing to bring it here as promised. But I walked by my bed one day during this period and there, in the center of my pillow, was one of my polished rocks. Dead center. No way did a rock climb out of a deep dish and fall sideways onto my pillow!! It was chrysocolla, and it brings harmony and a clam attitude during turbulence! I was SO grateful to receive this message. And…all went well. I went and got it myself. Hauled it out of a field in spring and didn’t get stuck, found tires,and hauling it home to my house in NY with Pennsylvania plates from 2007 on it! Everything went perfectly.

  3. I have spent my life preparing……I wonder what would happen if I didn’t prepare for tomorrow? I just might try it.

  4. I love you so much Pam I’m so grateful that once I met you in Person even I’m from far away in Brazil. For me be able to read in English is gift so I can read you.

  5. I love you! And I love when I see a post from you in the email inbox!
    I’ve been feeling rather “blah” about life lately. Although I still delight in the little things that happen all around me, all the time, and declare and feel the gratitude for them, I have been feeling a bit dampened by all the adulting lately (taxes, insurance, warranty stuff) and feeling some envy and lack in the adventure and living big departments.
    I still wake up each morning and sing the Amazingly Awesome song – as well as another one that I made up on my own, and give thanks for all the magic and miracles. But the “blahs” have been stalking me. I was just writing about all of it in my journal, trying to get it onto paper and out of my head. Maybe a good strategy, maybe not. But there it is.
    And then, viola, Pam Grout blog post!
    Have a glorious day of goodness!

  6. Dear Pam,

    Thank you for sharing this account of miracles–yours, in particular; and your walk in Taz’s clothes from the closet. The following quote from your post resonated deeply with me: “I am tired of believing in limitations and beliefs that offer so little, that preach protection and safety and you better watch out for those “other guys.”

    I’d like to share something that I do to remind me of the magic of this life (100% truth, here, Pam), but it involves a short video that I made recently. My intent is to give, not to advertise; so I think it only polite and courteous to ask you before sharing it. I’m not trying to be mysterious. If you’re interested, please reply to this message and I’ll attach it.


      1. Hi Pam,

        Here’s the video. I hope you find it helpful. Being able to do this has made a tremendous difference for me. Please click on the attached video links about cloud busting. To me, it’s living magic.

        Warm regards,

      2. Hi Pam,

        It didn’t look as though the links to the cloud busting video was going to show–so here it is. If you go to my YouTube channel, you should easily see them.

  7. It was definitely Taz!
    A favorite affirmation from Pramahansa Yogananda:
    I go forth in perfect faith with the power of omnipresent good to bring me what I need at the time that I need it 🌞🦋🌼

    I’m with you 100% sister! 🤗

  8. Thank You for your email. I feel like I’m running on empty with my and my family’s health. Need to believe that there’s some magic to be found and retained…

  9. A loving miracle for her Mom. Taz is with you always. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t shed a tear. Two kleenex later ” A loving miracle”
    😊 thank you for sharing Pam ❤

  10. I love your miracle Pam! And thank you for helping me shift my beliefs.

    Today, I had a miracle and I’m just now letting it sink in. My beloved horse, Ytzen (pronounced Yeet-Zen) was supposed to have surgery to remove a potentially cancerous growth on his eye. At 22, he’s no youngster, so there was concern about him losing the eye. We found the growth several months ago when it was small. The vet said the location of the growth in his eye was almost always cancer given the amount of overhead, intense sun exposure horses get in that corner of their eye. They spend long hours with their heads down grazing with sun directly overhead catching that corner.

    When we went to sedate him for surgery, the vet looked at me and said where is the growth? I’d look at his eye many times prior to surgery to check on it and the growth hadn’t changed. Today there just the tiniest of white lines in his big, beautiful, brown eye where the growth used to be. So maybe it never was cancer, or maybe we witnessed a miracle for a very important member of our family. One definitely raises my vibration more than the other!

  11. As always Pam, thank you for sharing your life. I’m always inspired and motivated.

  12. Just to let you know, your emails are awesome and so inspiring! I’ve substituted your words for the Great Kahuna of the universe for Green Goddess of the Universe. 🧚‍♀️ Keep your light shining. 💜💗

  13. That reminds me of this Easter. My mother had a lamb mold and I was wishing I had it so I could bake and Easter lamb. I had some items to donate to a nearby thrift shop, so I stopped in, gave them my donations and decided to browse while I was there. And lo and behold, there was the lamb mold, never used, brand new. And I made the Easter lamb to share with my friends at Unity.

  14. Wow!! There’s so much more I could say in response to this magical and inspiring post but that word pretty perfectly sums up my reaction and feelings as I read. Thankyou Pam for encouraging us with your possibility thinking and “miracle” stories, and helping us to believe in and see those miracles in our own lives. Bless you! 🌺🦋

  15. YES!! I’ve learned to listen to that “Something telling me” And recognizing the magic” it’s showing me!! Love it!!

  16. Pam, I was so moved by this message I have finally pushed the comment button. A miracle all in itself.

    I have followed your work for over 15 years. I’ve been “squared”and “cubed”and tried to “think big on bad hair days.” I am now in my 3rd year loving your Course in Miracles Experiment book and you.

    I believe you have millions of followers like me who hesitate to check in to say Thank You, Thank you, THANK YOU, for sharing your life with us.


  17. Love this! And here’s a cool synchronicity that happened today. I was in line at the local coffee shop this morning and the guy in front of me was wearing a shirt with the name Tazman on it! Of course I thought of you! 🙂 ☕️

  18. Your story, regarding the clothing in Taz’s wardrobe, gave me goosebumps, or as they say here in the UK, goosepimples. Love your notes, always uplifting. Thank you for you ♥️.

  19. Oh my. “I don’t need to hoard things”. As I move my elderly mother from her apartment into my home, I have found myself wanting to keep so much more than we have room for. I needed to be reminded of this. Thank you for playing a part in my morning miracle.

  20. Just what I needed read – thank you Pam.
    I have been dropping in and out of believing in miracles (beautiful, everyday, smile inducing miracles) that appear to happen for others, where are mine? I love the wardrobe part, it made me smile…the perfect reminder to take a breath, step out of my own way, and let the Universe do what it does perfectly, everytime. From the bottom of my heart, thank you 🩷

  21. Everything you write, feels like a love note to those of us you have never even met.
    You are a miracle the way you can inspire another heart .

  22. I’m so tickled for you that your sweet Taz got you that outfit and that she and HS led you to it when you needed it. Of course it was a divine gift from your beautiful daughter. Everything is literally One. <3

  23. I experienced Soo many miracles after 2 days of hurt and pain when I decided to surrender.
    1) I felt lonely and ask Big G to show me that I’m loved. Droves of people started to contact me out of nowhere to just ‘ask how I’m doing’

    2) I was struggling at work with my pea brain mind that everyone was against me but turns out they’re relieved someone with experience and insight has taken over! They can’t wait to work wonders with me around for the organization!

    3) I believed the lie that there was a rental crisis and that the market was bad, until I decided to change the narrative for myself and started to say I live in a loving home, with the caring and kind housemates with lots of light. The result? I got 5 house inspections scheduled for the weekend out of which 2 of the owners already told me that they want to keep the rooms vacant for me alone + a caretaker!

    Gods amazing, wondering and like Pam says, strangely accommodating.

    Wishing you all miracles!

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