Meet Pam

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Pam Grout is a world traveler, a loving mother, a best-selling author, a millionaire and an inspiring witness to everyone she meets.

Actually, only four of the above are true so far, but that line is an affirmation I started using 20 years ago before I’d ever had a child, before I became a travel writer, or an author and, for that matter, before I even liked myself all that much. Evidently affirmations work, because now I can proudly say all but one of the above are true. I’ll let you guess which one is yet to manifest.

I live in Lawrence, Kansas, a fun, funky university town that has lots of artists, liberals and other like-minded folk. I love anything having to do with creativity. Maybe that’s why my second book was about how to be more creative. I play tennis, I love to garden (although I refuse chemical help of all kind), I write screenplays (unfortunately nobody buys them…..YET)  and I love to putter. Putter, in case you’re unfamiliar with the term, means doing very little. I like just hanging out, talking with friends, reading books with my daughter.

For a career, I write articles and books. I have 15 published books so far and I’ve sold articles to dozens of publications. The ones I’m probably most proud of are Travel & Leisure, Outside, Family Circle, Modern Maturity, New Age Journal, Scientific American Explorations, Arizona Highways, Travel Holiday, Tennis, Powder, Snow Country, the Washington Post, the Detroit Free Press, First for Women, Amtrak Express and on and on.

I’m a Midwestern stringer for People magazine. Working out of the Chicago Bureau, I’ve written about everything from a dinosaur hunter to a couple guys who opened a bakery for dogs to a wonderful Boeing lineman who ran into a burning building to save six children.

I also write a travel column called “Now, Where Was I?” I’ve been to all the continents and I’ve tried practically all the sports. I’ve yet to jump out of an airplane, but I have to save something for my 90th birthday.

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