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Art & Soul

Most of us think creativity is finite, reserved for a talented few. We believe it’s doled out at birth to the Picassos, the Mozarts, the James Camerons of the world. The rest of us (sigh!) are fated to be consumers of creativity–decorating our foyers with other people’s sculpture, watching other people’s visions on a giant screen.

In Art and Soul readers finally get the truth. They are just as creative as Picasso, as Mozart, as James “King of the World” Cameron. What’s more, they are depriving the world by not giving of their creative gifts.

I liken this revelation to the physical fitness revolution of the late 1960’s. Until then, professional athletes were the only ones to “work out.” The rest of us laughed at the idea that we, too, needed physical exercise. But then Dr. Kenneth Cooper coined the term “aerobics” and proposed the radical notion that everyone should exercise. Today, of course, there’s not an American alive who doesn’t either engage in some sort of physical activity or at least feel guilty because he doesn’t.

The same kind of revolution is happening with our brains–our creative muscle, if you will. We’re finally figuring out that it’s not just artists who need creativity. If we are to survive as a species, every one of us must exercise our creativity. Just as our bodies atrophy when we don’t use them, so do our creative minds. It’s imperative that we pry ourselves from our limited, habitual thinking.

In this inspirational book, I show readers how. Art and Soul is an apprenticeship, an actual commission that takes readers on a year-long journey into their creative souls. They may think they’re writers or painters or dancers, but Art and Soul says, “Don’t choose. Don’t limit. Just do.”

It’s a keep-by-your bed “bible” that addresses a different topic each week. Each of the 52 weeks has an inspirational message, a creative project and three or four suggested activities.

Yes, it’s Jane Fonda for the brain, but, more importantly, Art and Soul is the call to a spiritual path. Not only do we ask God to help us become artists, but we trust that creating is our spiritual destiny, the road that leads us to enlightenment. All of us were created in the image and likeness of the Big Creative Kahuna and I believe this innate creativity is the answer to every problem from depression and codependence to world

Unlike some creativity books that encourage readers to uncover all the negative gunk that stops them from creating, this book moves right to the heart: Just do it! Not only are there are all kinds of offbeat, original activities that readers will do each week such as “chalking poems on park sidewalks” and “staging poetry readings around campfires,” but each
week readers will create one major project like a short story, a self-portrait or a song.

To make sure readers follow through, the book comes with a fold-out gameboard that can be used to move through the year of creative and spiritual awakening.

The book is a breakthrough because at the same time it demystifies the whole aura of being an artist it shows readers the artistic brilliance and depth within themselves.

It is my hope that Art and Soul will launch a revolution as big as the physical fitness revolution of the 60’s. Everyone who wants to excel will eventually engage in creative exercises on a weekly, if not daily basis.

Reader Feedback:

I can’t say enough good things about this book. I’ve been a frustrated filmmaker for years and thanks to this book, I’ve finally launched my company, R.E. Shortz. Everyone who has any interest in being an artist or even being more creative, should buy at least two of these.

I really thought this was a great book! It’s inspiring, spiritual and truly life-changing. I’m buying it for all my friends.

This volume by Pam Grout was a great find. I’ve been a follower of Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way” for some time now, and recommend “Art and Soul” especially for people looking for Artist Date ideas. There are quite a few encouraging essays and quotes, and a plethora of playful activities to get the creative side of your brain active again!