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Creativity exercises

Creativity Exercises

I resist calling these “exercises” because many people associate the word with pain and gore. These whatever-you-want-to-call them’s are the exact opposite. If you indulge, I guarantee you’ll have a wonderful time, you’ll stretch your creativity and you’ll beg for more.

** Go to a thrift store and buy the most outrageous outfit you can.

** Learn three little-known facts about Martin Luther King.

** Make sugar cookies shaped like body parts.

** Come up with the title of your autobiography.

** Invent a new type of soup.

** Name a rock band.

** Paint your fingernails 10 different colors.

** Invite someone from a foreign country to tea.

** Look through the want ads and find a job which you clearly aren’t qualified for, but might like if you were. Compose a cover letter, tell your future employer why you’d like the job. Stick it in the mail with your resume.

** Make a puzzle.

** Act out a scene from Wizard of Oz.

** Make five styles of paper airplanes. See which one flies best.

** Make your own coloring book

** Try a Buddhist meditation ritual

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