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The Taz Grout

222 Foundation

The Backstory

My magical daughter, Tasman McKay Grout, spent 25 years on the planet spreading indiscriminate and generous love. She was beautiful, brilliant and her heart was as open as a Kansas prairie. I never once heard her judge another person or gossip or utter a negative word. If you were in Taz’s vicinity, you were accepted, you were loved and you felt a palpable joy emanating from her soul.

Needless to say, she changed my life forever. While I wasn’t completely adrift when one week before my 37th birthday I found out I was pregnant, Taz’s entry into my life changed my life in every way. She inspired my wandering self to finally settle down, to write the 20 books that have my name on them and to start the chain of events that I believe will impact and uplift the whole world.

After she died unexpectedly from a cerebral aneurysm in 2018, I felt called to start a foundation to honor her legacy. I named it the Taz Grout 222 Foundation because she and I had “a thing” about 222.

It started when she was in junior high. For whatever reason, she was obsessed with the number 222. She started a FB group, “The Amazing Awesomeness of 222.” If someone asked what time it was, she’d say 2:22. Even if it was 10 p.m. If they asked how much something cost, even if it was 49 cents, she’d answer $2.22.  And as I wrote about in E-Squared, in the chapter on synchronicities, we got the hotel room 222 that summer on trips to Alaska and London.

Over the years, we took pictures of ourselves with 222’s and my readers have happily joined the crusade, sending me their pictures and stories about 222.

Seeing the world through Taz’s eyes made my world better. While I was writing books about creativity, she was actually creating—nonstop. The sheer volume of art and journals and sketchbooks I’ve found blows my mind. She painted, she journaled, she wrote songs and stories.

To further her vision, the Taz Grout 222 Foundation gives a $12,222 grant every February 22 (2/22) to a creative project that rewrites the dream of the modern world from consumption and acquisition to the dream of creativity and self-expression.  We believe the pursuit of happiness comes from human solidarity, simple living, respect for nature and the empowerment of all people. Our mission is to reallocate the world’s resources away from fear and towards love.

The Guidelines

Each year on February 22 (2/22), the Taz Grout 222 Foundation awards a $12,222 grant to an innovative project or person with a big idea to change consciousness and therefore the world.

We look for projects that support the following ideas:

1. All people long to be generous and create beautiful things.


2. The story of scarcity, lack and the need to fight for resources was made up and is no longer valid. We aim to prove that, once liberated from outdated paradigms, the world is generative and endlessly abundant.


3. We believe all humans are interconnected and that even tiny actions have great significance.

Any and all projects that support Taz’s vision will be considered.

Past recipients, updates and other uplifting news

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“If you have love in your heart, then your very life
will bring about a transformation of society.” -Krishnamurti

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