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Just want to tell y’all (yes, I was born in Kentucky) how exciting it has been for me to hear from so many readers. I love getting all your miracle stories and amazing manifestations and invitations and even the S.O.S’s.

For awhile, I tried to keep up with all the emails.

But after E-Squared hit the bestseller lists, my inbox turned into a digital Mount Everest making it next-to-impossible for me to respond to every email. I contemplated giving up sleep, but….well, I love my night-time dreams nearly as much as my day-time ones.

So, I just want to let you know that I still LOVE hearing from you, but can no longer respond personally to every email.

As much as I might want to.

So let me just offer an Everest-size shout-out to all of you for helping make E-Squared a hit and for understanding that my earlier dedication to answering every email must screech to a halt. At least for now.

I’d still love to hear from you. But just know that, for the time being, I’m physically unable to respond to every single email.

Thanks again for your exuberance at reaching out. And know that I carry each of you in my heart. Always and forever.

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