Here’s a quick preview of the brand new experiments from E-Cubed.

Experiment #1: The Boogie-Woogie Corollary
(or The Importance of Not Being Earnest):

Without Cultural Training, Joy Is My Natural State

Experiment #2: The Red Pill Corollary
(or A Quick Refresher Course):

Life Emanates from Me

Experiment #3: The Simon Cowell Corollary
(or Why You’re Not Capable of Judging Anything):

Nothing Is Absolute; Only My Thinking Makes It So

Experiment #4: The “I’m Loving and I Know It” Corollary
(or There Is No “Them”):

Being in Love with Everyone and Everything Brings Me into Alignment with the FP

Experiment #5: Your New B F F Corollary
(or Money: It’s Not Complicated):

Money Is Nothing But Energy and a Reflection of My Beliefs

Experiment #6: The Nature vs News Corollary
(or Why You Should Really Get Out More):

The Field of Infinite Potentiality Offers a Divine 24-7 Buzz

Experiment #7: The “If You Say So” Corollary
(or Your Words Are Wands That Shape Your Life):

I Will Bring Abundance and Joy into My Life Once I Stop Talking Smack about It

Experiment #8: The Placebo Corollary
(or The Truth about Bending Reality):

Reality Is Fluid and Constantly Changing, Reflecing Back My Innermost Beliefs

Experiment #9: The Yabba-dabba-doo Corollary
(or Transcendence: It’s Just How We Roll):

Life Is Miraculous, and I Can’t Really Die

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  1. Hi Pam. I read The Book POTENCIA TU ENERGÍA and i love It. My next one is E3 but i do not if is in spanish ?

  2. How do I get your new book and when will it be on audio? I just finished E-2 on audio and it was simply amazing.

      1. I too loved E2 and really want E3 on audio….any idea when it might be available…I am thinking positive thoughts.

  3. I’m halfway through E3 and just love it!! I was wondering if you somewhere have PDF’s of the lab report sheets for those of us who bought the Kindle version of the book. I can’t print them out and they are a little hard to navigate on the Kindle as they are spread out over a few pages. If not I’ll just type them up for myself. 🙂 Thank you!!

    1. I, also, am looking for printable lab reports. I have the book, but don’t want to write in it.
      Pam? (I noticed two people have asked about this and you have not replied. Hello? Are you there?)

  4. ….read the last book, couldn’t wait for this one….
    I am on experiment #1 and am smiling already.
    Thank you!!!!

  5. Hi Pam!

    Love your new book – just tried the Red Pill Corollary experiment first and I thought I’d never see a senior citizen in a fashionable hat within 72 hours. It took me by surprise on day 2 when I was on the train and saw an old couple walking at Bank Station (London – UK). They were dressed up as pearly king and pearly queen and yes wearing fashionable hats! I couldn’t stop smiling! Love the universe and it’s humour. Can’t wait to try more of your experiments. Thank you Pam for writing such a brilliant, uplifting book and imparting your words of wisdom in ways we can understand. 😊👍 You rock!

  6. I started my morning with Experiment #1 in E3, did all the exercises, put on Pharell’s “Happy” and went about my day. I picked my daughter and two of her little ones up to go to lunch at Jason’s Deli, and as we pulled into a parking place, I noticed the car next to us had a license plate that said, “Livhappy.” It definitely made me smile. It IS amazing!

  7. I was hooked after the first experiment in E^2! It said to ask for a gift from the universe. After I finished reading the instructions for the first experiment I put the book down, and I went and turned on my T.V. Without thinking at all I went to Netflix and just clicked on the documentary “I am.” It was like something was guiding me because I had seen the cover to that documentary before on Netflix and never thought about watching it, and it happened so fast it was like it wasn’t me choosing at all. I watched the documentary and I was so moved. I felt great afterward. Then in the end of E squared you mentioned that documentary by name and I fell over laughing! We truly have no limits! Thank you for inspiring me to recognize that fact even more so 🙂

  8. I read E-Squared a year and 1/2 ago. Had a complete panic attack because everything happened. I realized I complete control every event in my life. I still pull it out to remind myself of this when I get into a funk. I have E-cubed now. Can’t wait to read.

  9. Hi Pam!
    So it had been a year since I finished E squared and was waiting for E3 to arrive. I was having a tough time so I started reading E2 again, I told the universe to send me a sign to tell me that I’m loved on Saturday night. Sunday morning at 12, my copy of E3 came in mail via courier (the courier company doesn’t deliver on Sundays). They delivered it a day early and said it was the only copy that arrived. As I started to read the book, i came across the stories you had mentioned in the E2 experiments and there it was. Amongst all the wonderful stories, a tweet that I sent you a year back, sitting neatly between two long stories. I had my sign and in what a sign it was, from the person who changed my life in ways she can’t imagine! I will be forever thankful to you and I hope to meet and thank you in person sometime soon (which I know will happen to, just a matter of time now)!

  10. I DEMAND E Cubed in Audio from the Law of attraction! I bought your hard copy of E Squared and Soft copy(kindle) of Ecubed… Now I DEMAND the Field of potentiality give me the E Cubed on audio for FREE! … JK .. I don’t demand… I know the FP will give me the book if its on my path..if not it will give me super massive muscles and a super hot girlfriend 😀 which are equivalent to the book 😉

  11. Pam, Love your E Squared and Cubed books. I enjoy absorbing them in both audio and kindle books formats. You present the read in a very contagious manner, which makes the audio books fantastic. I look forward to your release of the Cubed version. Keep sharing your wonderful writings. I eat em up like a delicious meal, all day long. 🙂

  12. Hola Pam muchas gracias por ese Libro , confirmo mi confianza en la guía interior y que el poder de la mente mueve la tierra

    Gracias !!!!

  13. Hola Pam muchas gracias por haber escrito el libro, me ayudo a confirmar que el poder la mente y la guía interior (CP) mueven montañas

    muchas gracias , saludos desde Bogotá, Colombia

    Esperando con ansias tu libro E-Cubed ojala llegue lo mas pronto a Colombia

  14. Loved your book Esqured and also got equbbed few days back.

    got parking places
    unexpected gifts
    old friends calling
    old bike with specific colour
    and still experimenting to materialise big things

  15. Hello Pam,
    i love your Book E2, i am waiting that E3 came out in German. I Hope so

    Thank you for these awesome Experiments


  16. Loved your first book and can’t wait to read E3! Asked for a blessing and received on the radio the word “Blessing” right as I changed stations to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds playing from the beginning (my favorite song, namesake, which has special meaning for me). I’ve noticed several other blessings now, just by being open to them and accepting them when they do happen. Thank you. 🙂

  17. Hello Pam! My name is Junior and speak of Brazil! I read your book energy squared and found it very interesting .. like to know about the book energy to the cube has some precision to be translated into Brazil. My personal email is I thank the antenção! thank you! Gilmar Junior

  18. Hi Pam

    I just finished E2 and wauw what a book – I’ve read all The secrets books, Abraham Hicks books, Louise Hay and I just have to say that you give me the final point…Maybe cause I’m ready or maybe cause you explain it in a way I understand better – I don’t know and it doesn’t matter – I’m just happy
    #1 was for me a great gift – my bigbrother whom I never talk to teksted me on the second day <3
    #2 I started it, but got sick with the flu – so now I just have to start again when I'm fresh. The funny thing about me getting sick is – I know I asked for it…sounds crazy, I know, but just after Christmas I thought it would be easier to get flu and lose the ekstra pounds that I've gained over Christmas…3 days and I've lost 6 pounds….

    Where can I get E3? And maybe in danish?

    Have a wonderfull day

    Merete Dei Rossi

  19. Hi Pam, I am from Brazil and I am so thankfull for the opportunity of read your E2 book. Was change my life.
    And I just saw here then now there is a new one (E3).
    I really want to know where can I find it on portuguese linguage. Can you help me?
    forehands thank you so much!!

  20. Hola soy de Argentina , esto leyendo E2 y quisiera saber cuando sale E3 en español en sud america, gracias y felicitaciones por tu don 😉

  21. Hi, Pam, love your books and your friendly attitude to every visitor here! Decided to share that experiment#2 has been fully and amaizingly completed, just with a slight delay – in more than 72 hours… It looks like I am kind of slowing it a bit… but was so great experience! Thank you! I didn’t had a chance to picture everything, but I have an interesting photo with 222 appeared in one of my favourite books from the childhood that I thought was lost… as a child I loved to play on a library at home with friends and we put small pieces of paper with a number in each book at home, hundrieds! And now I found some of those old books – 2 or 3 days after the timeframe, and the special one with number 222 written by me at age 6 or 7 was there. At the same evening I met a friend with her dog and the dog run out in the dark for a while and returned with a beach ball, so funny… What do you think about this delay? Kind regards from Bulgaria! Val

  22. As directed to, in Pam’s book, I was looking for billboards that would “speak to me” – found one that said “Let’s do what can’t be done”. Loved it. Sums things up nicely.

  23. Hi, Pam! I love “E-squared’ and I want to ask you when “E-cubed” will be translated in Bulgarian, because I can’t wait to read it… 🙂
    E- squared really helps me, I’ll tell my friends to read it too, it’s a great book!

  24. Hi Pam!

    I’ve ready E-squared and am almost finished E-cubed! Both have had a profound impact on the way I focus my intentions. Within just a couple hours of visualizing the number 222 and setting my intention on it appearing in front of me it did! a semi-truck pulled in front of me while I was driving, and above its licence plate were three pictures, at the bottom of each picture was a 2! I had to speed up to look closer, and what do you know, it clearly read, 222!
    These two books have really helped guide me through learning how to manifest the things I want in life, and have had a huge impact on making my final year of my under grad degree the best and most successful yet!


    Chris Arnett

  25. Hi all!

    I’m about to start experiment 1 but I have a question.

    I was a little unclear here –> am I supposed to start blogging at this point?

    I get that this is supposed to be fun and simple but regardless, was there any intention for the reader to have a specific blogging time initialization?

  26. Boa noite ! Quando esse livro vem para o Brasil? Li e AMEI o Energia ao Quadrado ! Muito obrigada

  27. Hello Pam. I read The Book E2 – Energia ao Quadrado and really love It. I’m expecting to read E3 but i don’t know if it will be published in Portugal.

    1. I ditto this. I, also, am looking for printable lab reports. I have the book, but don’t want to write in it because I may want to do the experiments again, or someone else may want to borrow the book.

  28. Hi Pam, reading Experiment 2, just decided to await the 8 synchronities. My clock said ‘23.22 hrs’ and I thought, ‘is this my 222?’ Hmmm, probably not… And then suddenly: ‘still 2 hrs & 22 min to go in e-book.’ 🙂 Where do I post the pic(s)?

  29. Hi Pam, i have already read E2 and im waiting for the E3 , I was wondering if it will be late to come out and translate in Greek.

  30. Pam!
    Sorry for my english, but I have a question…
    ¿How can I control my negative thoughts?
    They are so strong (bad possibilities that could happen), and sometimes, more then the positive ones, wich is obviously what I want.
    So finally, they become real. And not what I really want.
    You can help me? There’s a way to fear less? a phrase that I can say to BELIEVE that the negative thought or possibilities, can’t touch me?
    Please I need help, I’m creating negative stuff too, and hurts. And I know that it’s me, because there’s a minimun chance and of course happen.
    Thank you so much, a hug, and a lots of love, from Chile!

  31. Hi Pam, I have the audio book for E cubed is there a place that I can download the experiments? I also absolutely loved E Squared & I have both the audio book & paperback of it. Thank you for sharing =)

  32. Hi Pam,

    When I have read E Squared I felt like Yes this is it and you have inspired me to help myself in times of depression and I have even made an artwork about this kind of thinking, which will actually be published now in the Wotisart magazine (5th May, and is a major thing for me and I am crying while typing this, because I have always knew about this system, kind of felt it within myself, but didn’t truly believe in it until I have read your book and even now, while i am reading E cubed, I struggle with my thoughts, but overall I know I am on the right path. Maybe it wasn’t about believe at all, but about courage and necessary energy.

    Thank you,
    link to my artwork, actually ours if I can even say it like that, but as you said it in the interview: everything happens or at least everything major (this artwork and the thing that it will be published in the magazine is major at least for me) happens, while connected to the energy or even if you look at it from totally historical view, all knowledge is connected, I would be here, without Platon, Pitagora, Marie Curie, etc..
    anyway I don’t know how to thank you
    best regards,
    Kaja Mihajlović

  33. I am reading e-cubed. I printed out the first experiment. Ready to go. Right then, a saleswomen visiting our office gave me a little prepackaged tin of red hots! LOL. I can use these when I get those “moments”. Choosing the red pill. 🙂 Let’s see what happens next…

  34. Please answer all the previous questions, and this one. Where to find experiment worksheets for all of us who purchased Kindle and Audible versions?

  35. Good morning from Greece! I’ve been reading you and your books (E2 and E3) for three years now, but this year I decided to go all the way. In the beginning I could see in a way how FP is at my side, but since I did the Experiment #8: The Placebo Corollary for my amenorrhea and there was no result, I felt deeply disappointed and scared, in a way I’ve never felt before. Most of the experiments were successful and I was really looking forward for that, now I have filled my mind with doupt.

  36. Hi Pam, I read you book “E3” in Russian. Thank you for your ideas, humor, and simple but working experiments. Now I’m still practicing some of them. I want to change my life , so i’ll do it, won’t I?))

  37. I cant wait for Vietnamese version. Hope coming soon. Love your books and it is really magical. Thank you Pam for written down to let us know this magical. Love you and bless you 💞

  38. Hey, I am glad to be here. I’m looking to learn from others but also to share what has been working for me (

    I truly love the support and recommendations I have already found here. I am using this one ( but I also would love to see what everybody else is using.

    By following the advice my life finally started turning around. I’m so much happier now and have manifested great success into my life. I know it will work for you too.

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