e-squared smallerI am so excited about my new book, E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

Here are a few others who have joined the love train:

“I absolutely love this book. Pam has combined the humor of Ellen DeGeneres with the wisdom of Deepak Chopra.”
–Jack Canfield

“Your book is beyond spectacular. It’s funny, wise and profound.”
–Dr. Christiane Northrup

Life Connection Magazine is featuring me and E-Squared on the February cover. I’m over-the-moon since last month, the cover was Eckhart Tolle and Jim Carrey. Doesn’t get much better than that.

On January 28, the day the book debuted, I was the featured luminary on inspiremetoday.net. Other luminaries who have been featured are Sir Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Guy Laliberte, Mariel Hemingway and Marci Shimoff. Pretty heady company, I’d say. You can read my words or listen to my interview here.

And here’s an article that recently appeared on hayhouse.com.

These are the spiritual experiments you can prove in E-Squared:

1. There is an invisible energy force or field of infinite possibilities.

2. You impact the field and draw from it according to your beliefs and expectations.

3. You, too, are a field of energy.

4. Whatever you focus on expands.

5. Your connection to the field provides accurate and unlimited guidance.

6. Your thoughts and consciousness impact matter.

7. Your thoughts and consciousness provide the scaffolding for your physical body.

8. You are connected to everything and everyone else in the universe.

9. The universe is limitless, abundant, and strangely accommodating.

Among other things, it teaches people how to drop poundage by doing nothing but changing the focus of their thoughts.

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      1. She started me on this journey when I was 22 with a 2 year old in an abusive marriage. What a blessing to realize at that time that I actually had power over my own life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 🙂

    1. Wow, that’s uncanny! Thanks for sharing. Florence Scovel Shinn had the same impact on my life, and under the similar circumstances. My grandmother sent me a set of her books when I was 20, pregnant, unwed, and terrified.

  1. Hi Pam,
    Curious (if you have time)… one of my readers brought up an interesting point about “testing” the universe versus a true “ask” of the universe. I don’t remember specifically anything in your book that talks about that distinction? The comment was based on one of my posts yesterday (http://honoryourspirit.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/the-little-river-band-tom-petty-and-the-expectations/) and thought it was an intriguing question.

    I’m just starting my review of E-2 and thought it might be something good to include.

    🙂 Chris

  2. Hi Chris. It’s Pam Grout, ever-grateful for the chance to put some words out into the universe. Thanks for your question. To my way of thinking, every thought we have creates a result. We don’t always see those results right away and, in fact, sometimes I’m grateful I don’t.

    What I ask for and want more and more all the time are the eyes and mind open enough to see the miracles that are happening ALL THE TIME, AT EVERY MOMENT! My petty understanding is so incomplete and what I want more than anything is to stay hooked up with the Field of Infinite Potentiality (the F.P.). Anything that makes me more aware of that state of being is worth seeking. Fortunately for me, it knows way more that I ever could–even knows exactly what I need. My only goal is to be awake enough to see its answers and gifts.

    The experiments are one more tool for shifting our awareness closer to that connection.

    Giant blessings,

    Pam Grout

    1. Aloha Pam from Hawaii! I have a question for you-what do you suggest we do when we begin to or think a while positive new thought, the asking process, when all of a sudden and quite unexpectedly a more limiting thought crosses our mind? I assume this is just a habit we need to break and is very human but I am seeking a process to cancel out that limiting thought, since those are bound to happen sometimes. What say you?

      1. Hi, when I become aware that I’m thinking negative thoughts sometimes I just say out loud “cancel! I don’t prefer that (whatever it is) – I prefer this – and I substitute a newer more positive. thought it works for me

      2. Hi, I wasn’t sure where to post this but I did the first experiment and didn’t get my surprise.
        I asked, wrote my request down in my own words, spoke it, and spoke my belief that I was getting one several times during the 48 hour period.
        I can’t tell you how disappointed I was not to get something.
        Nothing unusual or non coincidental happened and I exoected it, looked forward to it…I want something good to happen in my life so bad.
        So, what did I do wrong?

    2. Pam,,, I completely agree with you!! Stating that…you desire…commit too… all the time are the eyes and mind open enough to see the miracles that are happening ALL THE TIME, AT EVERY MOMENT!
      This is my course in life and … its brings great peace, happiness and joy to my world!!! Thank-you for sharing with others your infinity!!!

      1. Stating that…you desire…commit too… all the time are the eyes and mind open enough to see the miracles that are happening ALL THE TIME, AT EVERY MOMENT!


        Good one!


    3. Hi Pam,
      I love you dearly my friend and we miss you…..
      I hope you are still looking and please remember, “you cannot undrink the koolaid .”

      Stay blessed,
      Michael Stilinovich

    1. Yes, yes, yes. I grew up knowing I would never get what I wanted. I remember getting a box of choclates when I was a child, and I did not want to share this with my sister. My sister, to me, was a bully. I was punished severely, and to this day I “feel” there will be nothing, I did not get any of the choclate either. I give everything I have to others, and not to myself. I can not get to where I need to know I am good enough.

    1. Hello Pam. I was raised to believe that to want plenty is greedy, rude and unbecoming, so most of my life I have struggled financially and emotionally. ‘Anything is good enough for you’, I was told, ‘be grateful for what you’ve got, don’t be asking for more or you’ll end up with nothing.’ This was truer than my mother every imagined but for the wrong reasons. I believe in a greater and beneficent power; on reading E-squared it suddenly hit me I’m tired of believing myself to be unworthy; I’m tired of believing it is virtuous to be poor. There is a sky above me and sure as that, I can be free. I can ask for plenty and I know I will get it. The Navajo morning prayer asks for plenty of good things, plenty of sheep, plenty of horses – wealth in that vocabulary. I know I can be given plenty of good things too, all I need to do is to ask and to believe. Thank you for this kick up the pants you’ve given me. Today I took my cookies to a show and sold out, just as I knew I would. Last week I brought home more than half I took, which was what I expected. That says it, doesn’t it? Thanks again.

      1. I was brought up in a very similar manner. Thank goodness for people like Pam just wish I’d found her and all the others 30 years ago! On Sunday night I asked the Universe for some ‘free money’ on Monday £166 arrived in my bank account – owed by someone who had disappeared and I never thought I would ever see my money again – not a lot in some eyes but a lot in mine. Thank you!! 🙂

    1. World’s Guidance? it used to be extremely important for me. That is until I left California eight years ago to travel alone to follow some rebels around the globe, the French Protestants. I tested and overcame the only limits that exist, the ones in my mind. And you know what? Age, gender, time, distance, money, society’s expectations, and poverty no longer exist. I am a Divine self-sustained, card-carrying piece of Magnificence. And Pam, am also an admirer of Leonard Orr and your masterpiece E-Squared.

      1. Also want to include great synchronicity result that happened last week. The day after I wrote an email changing my role in a relationship that was no longer healthy for me, I received what seemed like an avalanche of emails.
        The emails were from supportive men and women I hadn’t been in contact with for months or years. Accident? Random? No, a nonlocal support system exists for me and everyone on the planet.
        Thanks, Pam, for loaning us 101 Dalmations !!

  3. Hi Pam,

    I just thought I should let you know I have started your experiments, and asked the universe for irrefutable proof that my thoughts can manifest. Earlier today I had a rather spontaneous conversation with one of my fellow students at the library about how much we adore Escargots. I made a point that my favourite Escargots were the ones with garlic and cheese, and how I rarely get to eat them.

    My father is visiting me at University right now to help me sort things out as I have finally admitted a marijuana dependence to my family, and to the counselors on campus who have been particularly helpful. Evidently this was an emotional dependence, a la ‘Bad Coping Mechanism’ and not a physical one, yet the effects it had on my personal/social life, and especially academic life, were devastating. He decided to take me out to dinner, so I suggested trying out a restaurant I had heard had good ribs but had never been to. Guess what was part of today’s daily Host’s special?


    Thank you so much for your writing, this experiment has finally helped me hop over the hurdle that I have previously been faced with in my studies of spirituality/metaphysics. I guess with my dependence the timing wasn’t right previously (or so I was telling myself in my hazy mind) but now that I have ditched my old dirty habit and am filling my time with productive/proactive activities I feel I am entering ‘the flow’ and I couldn’t be more ecstatic as my new happy thoughts (and the FP) will be extremely beneficial to me in my journey of recovery as I rebuild the structural foundations of my life.

    I can’t thank you enough, and I look forward to having more awesome stories to share!


    1. Dear Chris,

      I LOVE your story. Thanks so much for sharing. And thanks for getting “in the flow.” And, by all means, I want to hear more amazing stories.

      Sending you super-sized blessings,


    2. Wow. Thanks for that story Chris. I plan to start the book soon with my wife! Our anniversary is today actually

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  5. Please don’t get me wrong, I love your book, E Squared. I am just starting out on Experiment 1 and want to start out without any kind of doubt.

    1. Read your book on holiday and the results were nothing short of amazing. I’m not going to comment on Experiment 1 because it was so personal it would not mean anything to anyone but experiment 2 might mean more to readers. I was in Spain and decided to choose the colour car that I thought I had seen the least amount of ( to really challenge the universe don’t you know?!!). Anyway I chose red cars and then blue butterflies for the same reason. At one point I saw 6 red cars in a row of varying shades, burgundy through to post box red, queuing to come off the motorway. I saw so many red cars in one day that I had to ask for no more red cars! Immediately all the cars went back to silver and white. The same day I saw not one but two blue butterflies at the same time flying towards me for about 10 minutes. I laughed thinking that Universe was playing tricks on me giving my requests the same day, rather than consecutive days. I promptly forgot about the rest as I was on holiday. This evening when I was relating my stories to my Father I stopped short about the butterflies; I went to my case, which I hadn’t yet unpacked, pulled out a gift I had bought and saw beautiful blue butterflies on the gift wrapped present. I had bought the present on the day specified for blue butterflies and had no control over the wrapping paper, in fact I was in a rush as my husband was parked illegally and didn’t even look at the paper, just grabbed the present. My Dad and I were speechless.

  6. I just had to stop by and tell you the results of my first E2 “experiment.” I’ve followed the truth teachings (mostly Unity) for years, so this didn’t come as a complete surprise, but it was a neat experience.

    First, I have to mention that we have a ritual each morning — we pull out a “Spirit Circle” affirmation card (Unity). I had read the “ask for a gift” experiment the night before but hadn’t really set my intention. Yet, the card I pulled read: “The Spirit of the living God within us is not only the giver of all
    good gifts…but is the gift itself.” (H. Emilie Cady,) The affirmation was: “I am a gift.”

    Couldn’t get more pointed, could it? But I figured that was too easy, so I asked for another “gift” — the next day I received an email from a text book company wanting to buy reprint rights to an article I wrote nearly 30 years ago. Not a huge amount of money, but a nice $125 “gift” from the Universe!

  7. I am reading E2 right now, in the chapter That Synching Feeling. I was sitting next to my three year old on the couch while reading. She was watching cartoons, out of no where says, “we can go get my bike, it will fit in the trunk”. Less than an hour before while she was napping, I was making plans with a family member that has a truck to go buy a bike for her and her brother. The very next paragraph I read, ” See how long after reading this chapter you encounter an amazing coincidence.” One coincidence down before the chapter is even over.

  8. I just so happen to be reading your book. Some parts of it are a little hard to swallow because I’m atheist and there are so many references to God that I have to get past. Normally I would have just stopped reading, but this time I kept going.

    Today I got to a part of your book where it talked about the water crystals and the effects of your thoughts and prayers on the water. It peeked my interest because A. I love science and B. I’m currently living in Japan.

    I’m also in the process of dealing with a friends very recent death, the entire reason why I chose to read your book in the first place.

    On with my note, not an hour after reading that chapter a friend whom I’ve recently fallen out of touch with approaches me and asks if I like horses. I reply with a ‘yea, I guess’ and he asks if I want to go horseback riding. I say sure and immediately he starts babbling on about this awesome place when he drops the name Fujiwara, the place we will be riding horses at. Instantly I am floored and explain to him the importance of his statement and how I had literally just read about this place. Normally I would think of this as a coincidence but your book urges us to see things differently.

    So, as I’m still dealing with the painful death of a friend, and looking for refuge within, this has given me a new spark. I’m looking forward to going to ride horses, something I haven’t done since I was a young girl, and trying to continue on with my life and bring myself out of this slump. I’m not saying that this one instance is going to drastically change my life, but I am saying that its ignited a flame and I’m going to go on and live my life the way it was meant to be lived.

  9. Hi, Ashley … For the longest time, I had the same problem with the word God. Too much old baggage about this big guy in the sky calling the shots and punishing us if we “sin.”

    It wasn’t easy, but I finally was able to redefine the word for me, or mentally substitute “Universal Intelligence”. Since science has proven that EVERYTHING is made of energy and intelligence, I could accept that.

    And, since that intelligence would HAVE to be geared toward survival and growth (otherwise, all would be chaos and cease to exist), it could be considered a benevolent force — Love, if you will (not “loving” but love)

    Anyway, since you expressed the same feelings as I did, I thought I’d add my two cents.

    I am sorry to hear of the death of your friend, but being with horses can be so restorative; I’m sure they will help.

    I love the way you ended your post: “Live my life the way it was meant to be lived.” I think I’ll steal that and make it my motto as well!

    1. Hi Barbara and Ashley ~
      I was very moved just now as I read first the pain, anguish & then hopefulness of your loss, Ashley, and the beautiful reaching out to touch your heart that came in the form of lovely and very meaningful thoughts from you, Barbara. The connection between the two of you opened its arms to include me as well, and for that I feel gratitude. I struggled myself for many sad years after my little daughter died and then was followed by the passing of my best friend, my Mom. I went in and out of belief in the continuing existence of the spirit, or consciousness, after the physical body can no longer sustain life. And I came to the same conclusion and acceptance of a Universal Love that is in all of us and that connects us as though we are all droplets of water in the same infinite ocean.
      Thank you, Barbara, for your kindness to Ashley; and thank you, Ashley, for taking that step to heal your pain by reading Pam’s gift, E-Squared. I wish you both only the greatest joys in life as you create your Light each day by being more and more open to the Field of Infinite Potentialities! Let us all raise a virtual toast to Pam for her wise and witty guidance! Cheers… and much love!

      1. Hi Barbara, Ashley and Gwynn…
        Your stories have deeply touched me. I just read about E-squared and Pam Grout and that was what made me come to this site. Never been so happy and grateful I did!I have been struggling with myself for many years now. I hope one day I’d get to read the book, do the experiments and count my blessings! I just don’t know where and how for I live in the Philippines. But I believe this will eventually happen. Thank you so much for the inspiration and more power to Pam!

  10. In E-Squared, you combine knowledge, clarity, humor and coaching so expertly that all those dots I have been working on for decades connected all at once, and I thought : well DUH, how could it not be so? It’s waking up out of a trance of separation from the ALLTHATIS. My 1st experiment came in well before the dead line. One big fat hugging grand opening THANK YOU to you, my friend!!

    1. Don’t know if I answered this, but if not, I want to thank you from the bottom of my little ole’ heart, for your kind, open, awesome words. If I did (already thank you), it never hurts to say thank you once again!! You can’t really say those two little words enough!!

  11. So I did the first experiment. It’s been over 48 hours now, and I got nothing. I really expected something. Maybe not anything big, but something. And I got nothing.

    So what now?

    1. It’s been a while, and I’ve gotten more into alignment with my inner being. Thursday I thought about this book, and thought about the first experiment again. Friday I got something that was easily on my top 10 list of ‘oh yes I would love one of those.’ And it just happened.

      Now I understand. Thank you!

  12. Brilliant!
    Whilst I have read other books from other spiritually minded people such as Eckhart Tolle, Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra etc. All of which were brilliant in their own right, E squared, for me, brings it all together!
    What convinced me was the second experiment whereby the thoughts you have impact the field of potentiality.
    It was the yellow butterfly experiment that completely blew me away… I had traveled to work to an area of the country I only go once or twice a year. (My job involves training)
    I had been thinking on and off all day how I was actually going to see these yellow butterflies…I mean..come on…. in the UK our butterfly population is sadly in decline so how could this be possible?
    Anyway (this is the important bit I guess) the determined thought still remained that I would actually see at least one.
    So as I walked back to my car after the training had finished, I looked at the plants near the verge..Nothing!
    Then as I got near the car park…A little yellow Hyundai car (parked on the end of the row) stood out from the rest. The car had a row of butterflies stretching from the bottom of the drivers’ door to the top of the hatch at the rear. These butterflies were transfers bordered in black with the yellow paintwork of the car showing through. I counted 20 in all!
    Coincidence. NO!
    I only visit this site once or twice a year!
    The car was parked on the end!
    They were yellow butterflies!
    Yellow cars are less common!
    Butterflies on cars are few and far between!

    Maybe we misinterpret the word coincidence. The word to coincide means to occur at or during the same time. Our thoughts coincide with the reality of the situation.

    Thanks for an amazing book Pam 🙂

  13. Brilliant!
    Whilst I have read other books from other spiritually minded people such as Eckhart Tolle, Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra etc, all of which were brilliant in their own right, E squared, for me, brings it all together!
    What convinced me was the second experiment whereby the thoughts you have impact the field of potentiality.
    It was the yellow butterfly experiment that completely blew me away… I had traveled to work to an area of the country I only go once or twice a year. (My job involves training)
    I had been thinking on and off all day how I was actually going to see these yellow butterflies…I mean..come on…. in the UK our butterfly population is sadly in decline so how could this be possible?
    Anyway (this is the important bit I guess) the determined thought still remained that I would actually see at least one.
    So as I walked back to my car after the training had finished, I looked at the plants near the verge..Nothing!
    Then as I got near the car-park…A little yellow Hyundai car (parked on the end of the row) stood out from the rest. The car had a row of butterflies stretching from the bottom of the drivers’ door to the top of the hatch at the rear. These butterflies were transfers bordered in black with the yellow paintwork of the car showing through. I counted 20 in all!
    Coincidence. NO!
    I only visit this site once or twice a year!
    The car was parked on the end!
    They were yellow butterflies!
    Yellow cars are less common!
    Butterflies on cars are few and far between!

    Maybe we misinterpret the word coincidence. The word to coincide means to occur at or during the same time. Our thoughts coincide with the reality of the situation.

    I’m looking forward to the rest of the experiments, not in a ‘testing’ way but more for the enjoyment!

    Thanks for an amazing book Pam 🙂


  14. my notes on experiment #1–
    experiment #1 – 1:11pm, 7/15/13
    deadline – 1:11pm, 7/17/13
    a gift. a blessing. a clear and obvious thing. will be anything, not a specific request but specifically requested. excited to see what god sends my way! 🙂

    occurred – 1:11pm, 7/17
    what happened? i’m currently house-sitting for my sister, who’s on an extended vacation. at exactly 1:11pm, a budget rental truck pulled up to the house and a young man delivered a large box right up on the porch. i have no idea what’s in it; it’s an unexpected (by me) delivery for my sister. i wasn’t specific, and it certainly is a “clear and obvious thing”! LOL

  15. Experiment #1 was fun for me because it seemed like I had 24 hours of gifts! lots of little unexpected things 🙂 Experiment #2 Day 1 was funny, there was literally a point where I was surrounded by Sunset beige cars, I was like….oh hey wait a minute look!! I can’t wait for the butterflies!!

  16. On Facebook last night Dr. Wayne Dyer recommended E-Square. I ordered it and read it up to Experiment #1…. Well…. I was still waiting for something wonderful to happen at approx hour number fifteen when I realized something had already happened at about hour eleven and I just never thought about it.. My hubs handed me a $50 bill… The reason this stands out is because he usually deposits his entire paycheck each week… Turns out he had cashed in loose change this morning and that’s where the money came from… Can’t wait to see what will appear next…

  17. i just love your book, coincidence that a friend of mine “liked” it on facebook and it kinda triggered something in me to buy it, i was skeptical at first, but when i read the first experiment i was like what the heck, i was so surprised that it showed up in less then 2 or 3 hrs after i did the experiment, then i said again FP give me something good, and boom again and again, ive been getting so many good things i cant believe it, the experiment with the “einstein wand” thats another really cool one, even my skeptic mother did it and she was surprised, the wands went crazy….right now im at the part of the synchronicities, and theres a really neat one, the other day i was researching trough some papers from my grandfather, he was in the mexican military, the weird thing is that while i was reading his papers, i noticed something when he enrolled in the military it was in 1940, and the year i entered to work in a federal court here in mexico too it was 70 years later in 2010 same date, his first promotion came 3 years later in 1943, weird thing is i got fired cuz of budget cuts, 3j years later i get a call from the courts judge telling me to come back to the court to work, the same date that my grandfather got his promotion…its really weird…but know i know why… your book has been a blessing to me, and it really has changed me for good, thank you so much your Fan from Baja California Mexico Ricardo Yehuni Zambrano Boldo

    1. Thank you so much for writing. And from Mexico no less. That’s exciting. My publisher just told me this week that they’re negotiating a Spanish version. Woo-hoo!! I’m so glad “coincidence” led you this way.

      Giant, monstrous, supersize blessings,

  18. Started reading the book and tried Experiment 1 over last 48 hours:( Do I stay on Experiment 1 until I get a “my pleasure experience” from my FP or try Experiment 2?

    1. Either way. Up to you. Main thing. Make it fun. Do something wild. Your blessing will eventually raise its hand to get your attention.

    1. please tell me more about the books you are reading and what you think the meaning is. I am always reading also working on bachelors with working full time, i want to enjoy my life instead of not having time to enjoy

  19. Although I have long understood the concepts in your book, it seemed like I was letting life “create” me instead of me creating my life, especially financially.
    I’ve been working 2 jobs, 6 days a week for the last several years to get myself on a better track. One nice little job with benefits and one that was killing me physically and mentally. Becoming eligible for a small pension from a long-ago job and SS two months ago, I decided to leave the second job. Financially, I figured it was almost exactly the same ($4.00 a week less) and I could begin “being me”. Not doing my research well enough, I didn’t realize that my pension check would be lowered due to collecting SS. Decided I could do this anyway, somehow, and stopped work at the end of June.
    Experiment 1!!! Thirty something hours into it, I came home from the nice job, opened my mail, and found that my largest outstanding bill is being reduced monthly by…..Oh yeah!!! almost the exact amount that my pension was reduced…
    Thank you, thank you, Pam! And thanks to Dr. Dyer’s FB post that made me “find” your book.

  20. why is it if I manifest a crack in my ceiling, it happens but delayed just a few seconds. Sometimes its immediate.

  21. Thank you for creating a way to experience these laws. I have spent the past few years, learning how to wrap my mind around them, and having had success with experiment #1 (so far, so good), there is nothing like experience to help drive it home. The one thing I have learned along my path, is that no matter how much you set your intention, if you hold a subconscious belief that is contrary to what you are trying to bring into your life, your belief will hang you up. As in, if you are trying to bring more money or a better job into your life, but you have old beliefs deep in you that you are not worthy of such abundance, you will likely not succeed. Have you uncovered and had to deal with (heal) this sort of thing? (I haven’t finished the book yet, so if this is addressed in it, forgive me).

    1. You are so right on, Sue! Our only REAL job is letting go of all the walls we’ve erected to keep the world’s largesse away. I wrote a blog post on that the other day called “Let the Universe Do the Heavy Lifting” that addresses that very thing. Another one on resistors that work a lot like the resistors in electricity. I sorta mention it in E-Squared, I think, but it will be a big focus in E-Cubed which, far as I know, comes out in a year. I’m writing it now.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I’ve been having awesome success in digging out old (and past life and pre life) beliefs that no longer serve me, and healing them, using hypnotherapy.

        Looking forward to E-Cubed.

      2. Please tell me more about E cubed and more how to get rid of old thoughts that are negative, i am working on it i try to change my thoughts when an old one comes in. Any ideas? thanks so very much.

  22. I heard your interview today and am very excited to get your book. I hope the wait won’t be too long.

  23. Dear Pam,

    I want to thank you for your response; it has helped me so much it is unreal. I now focus on something that brings me joy even if it starts with one thought. I was so busy looking at the negative that I missed the obvious, there were two things that could only be by my thoughts. It didn’t hit me till after your response, then looking for the what I call Joy channel it hit me. I already went to the second experiment and I decided I hadn’t see purple cars in a long time and I didn’t know what sunset beige was, thinking it would not happen I walked out the door at work and there sat a purple car! I thought no way and then I saw another on the way home. Then I started questioning myself is that really what I am seeing? I tried talking myself into that it really wasn’t purple and now I see them all the time. Lol I am working on the third experiment now. You are right it can work for anyone, I am a survivor of domestic violence of twenty years and have been out of the abuse since 2004 and my negative thoughts were something that I never thought I would get away from.
    The awesome thing also, while reading your book is that I have been working on a book about my life and after reading about your friend and his book was the bestseller I know I have drawn this to me. The book E squared is going to give my book the perfect ending. I have thought that my book is going to be a bestseller and help people and you are the third author to give me a response. Please send positive energy my way for this book. I found out about your book by being a Wayne Dyer fan and I will meet him some day in the near future. I wanted to meet him at the Living Young convention, however it did not come true, but meeting him will happen now that I read your book. Thank you so very much!!!!

    Can’t wait for E Cubed!!!!!!

  24. Read your book on holiday and the results were nothing short of amazing. I’m not going to comment on Experiment 1 because it was so personal it would not mean anything to anyone but experiment 2 might mean more to readers. I was in Spain and decided to choose the colour car that I thought I had seen the least amount of ( to really challenge the universe don’t you know?!!). Anyway I chose red cars and then blue butterflies for the same reason. At one point I saw 6 red cars in a row of varying shades, burgundy through to post box red, queuing to come off the motorway. I saw so many red cars in one day that I had to ask for no more red cars! Immediately all the cars went back to silver and white. The same day I saw not one but two blue butterflies at the same time flying towards me for about 10 minutes. I laughed thinking that Universe was playing tricks on me giving my requests the same day, rather than consecutive days. I promptly forgot about the rest as I was on holiday. This evening when I was relating my stories to my Father I stopped short about the butterflies; I went to my case, which I hadn’t yet unpacked, pulled out a gift I had bought and saw beautiful blue butterflies on the gift wrapped present. I had bought the present on the day specified for blue butterflies and had no control over the wrapping paper, in fact I was in a rush as my husband was parked illegally and didn’t even look at the paper, just grabbed the present. My Dad and I were speechless.

  25. I love the book Pam but “the dude” has let me down. :(. No response from exercise #1 after more than 48 hours.
    Now I’ll admit I didn’t think I would see anything because “the dude” has let me down so often in the past so that’s sure to create a self fulfilling prophecy, right?
    So how do I get past that. It’s hard to have faith when past experience indicates that such faith is probably misguided.

    Any suggestions?

    1. My suggestion? Get happy. Affirm that your blessing is circling and your only job is to open the channels of joy. Grab any bit of joy you can find and play with it like its your best friend.

      1. Well I wouldn’t say I’m unhappy Pam. I felt pretty good the last few days. That does beg the question though – why do you have to be in a certain frame of mind to have “the dude” show up? I mean isn’t that idea just affirming that God only shows up to certain people in certain situations if they do the “right” thing? Yet the premise of your book is that God or “the dude” is available to all, right? I’m not trying to criticize your excellent book Pam, just clarify my understanding. What do you suggest now? Retry the first exercise or go on to the second one about sunset beige cars? Thanks 🙂

      2. Hey Keith,

        Source, F.P, God, whatever you want to call it is constantly at work in our lives. In fact, we can’t stop it. It’s just that when we’re in a joyful state of mind, when the love channels are wide open the good flows in. I’d suggest moving on and knowing that the blessing from Experiment One is winging it way to your awareness.

        Have fun is the main thing.


  26. Pam,
    I am about half way through the book and finally got my adjusted Einstein Wands to work, I had to re-bend the hangars into a more 90 deg angle. My question is, is their a place to download the “Lab Reports” I purchased the ebook and on my kindle I can not print the reports and they are a bit difficult to read as they are spread over several pages of the kindle.

    1. Hi Rob,

      Thanks for writing.

      I’ve been thinking about creating a link so people can download PDF’s of the lab report sheets. Stay tuned.



      1. I know this in an older comment, but is there a link now to download the lab report sheets? I have the audio book (from Audible.com) and would love to be able to access those forms. 🙂

  27. Hi Pam,
    E-Squared is very inspiring book. Thank you for your fascinating perspect.

    I would like to share my experience with E-Squared thus far.

    Experiment # 1: I received a couple of unexpected gift’s from my daughter.

    Experiment # 2: I decided to use a green thumb and white glove.

    Early in the day I stated my intention of seeing a green thumb, a couple of hours later there was a knock at the door for lawn care service. It was also my son’s birthday,my daughter-n-law and grandchildren decided to make their own cards. One of the children used green finger paint on her hand to make the card.

    While doing an online search found a picture of a hand covered with plaster of paris. It looked just like a glove.

  28. I just started your book last night.
    I started today with asking for a blessing. Easy enough. And undeniable, clear sign of YOU.
    I’ve read in other books to claim what’s mine- so I went for the jetta too in the form of red balls n the first 24 and a purple penguin in the last 48. The penguin has been on my list for some time now…
    As of now I have no red balls or purple penguins. BUT-
    Later in the afternoon I had a major money panic. This is nothing new. I’ve been working on my theme of lack for too long and it’s claws are deep, deep, deep into my lizard brain- but I decided, I give up! So I say to the Big Guy,
    “You can have it! I’m done fretting and crying! I’m going to pay my bills and trust that you are going to find the money to cover them- I must have 100.00 by tomorrow at this time! I must!”
    2 hours later my daycare lady tells me I overpaid her by…….
    Then I go home, go through the mail and find a Fidelity Investment letter telling me my investments will be changing. Investments? Fidelity? Did I even give them money? It’s been like 8 years! So I try to log in, thinking, this is dumb. User name? I have no idea. It locks me out on line. I call them- after we verify that I am me, the woman says, well today at the end of market closing you have $1624.00.

    Let it be known that I’ve said it many times- god is practical. But he’s also humorous. I say I want proof and he says, here. Have 16 times that.

    In my struggle to realize my calling, my purpose, my “what I want to be when I grow up” in life, I’ve read thousands of books. Most recently, Martha Beck. In that one and others I am often advised to find my answer in what I loved most when I was a child of 6 or 7. But, it seemed ridiculous! Then your book- more of the same….my energy spiking, my smile bigger, my secret knowing peeking out from within-
    And I asked myself today-
    What will it be? More psychology? More past regression or some good old fashioned magic? Magic!
    I am destined to be magically enveloped in FP.
    Thank you for…. For the reality check!

    I’ll still be pissed if I don’t see the red balls!!

      1. This morning I was running home to grab lunch- and thinking,
        I know you did pretty fantastic yesterday, but times a tickin’ Dude for the red ball…as this banter with the Dynamic Dude continues, I see that the road to my house has closed since I left this morning and I’m force to take an alternate route-
        As I’m turning, I’m saying to the Dude- “I know. It’s not you, it’s me. I’m lacking faith again.”
        And then I make a right turn and there in a yard, all by itself, is a big red bouncy ball.

        Heck yes! I’m magic!

    1. Oh… the infamous Red Ball… I was working on seeing one for about a week… Manifested a feather in under 2 hours but that darn red ball, it didn’t want any part of me… After a week of saying “Where’s my red ball!?!?!?!” I realized why it wasn’t showing up!

      It occurred to me that when I was younger I was TERRIFIED of being hit with a red ball in elementary school in games such as dodgeball and kickball… There it was… The answer to why the red ball wasn’t turning up in my reality lol.

      At that point I accepted that I was afraid of them in the past so how about showing me a safe red ball, maybe like a red clown nose ball? Or what if we just try a blue ball instead!? The most random thoughts i tell ya… And of course, within a couple days there it was… A random red ball attached to someone’s car affixed to look like a clown nose (same model as my own) (image: http://postimg.org/image/6zwmsr9ll/). Then right after seeing that one, I went in the store I pulled up to when I saw it, went inside and saw a random bottle of red and blue gum balls.

      It’s incredible how our past experiences shape what we see or “allow” ourselves to see.

      Simply Amazing.

  29. Love all the awesome stories.. After reading E-Squared I realized I have had magic powers over the years but just didn’t know it. Here is a good one that I will never forget.
    Many years ago (before cell phones) in the middle of winter my hubs and I and two girls were taking a drive and hit a chunk of ice left behind from a flood on a boat ramp parking lot knocking our muffler loose and dragging it.. I remember saying… Man we really need a clothes hanger to fix our muffler so we can get home.. Just a few minutes later I was walking across the parking lot with a little girl on each hand when I felt something touch my leg between my ankle and knee. I looked down to find I had stepped on the bottom flat part of a metal clothes hanger laying on the ground and the top of the hanger flipped up and hit my leg as if saying….Well here I am… TRUE STORY and one of many from over the years… Thanks Pam…. for this wonderful, easy to understand, entertaining, eye opening book…And also… CONGRATULATIONS for being on the New York Times top 10 Best Selling List…

  30. I have just finished half of the second experiment about cars and what a hilarious outcome! I asked to see green cars and saw so many of them which was lovely. I headed over to my dad’s house that night and knew he had a new rental car as he had an accident in his a few weeks back. I knew it would be green, I just knew it. And low and behold it was a brand new green car.

    Love these experiments, now on to yellow butterflies!

    Thanks pam, this is so much fun!

  31. Pam, i am writing to tell you i believe. I cannot wait to run out anf get your book. I read an excerpt from chapter 8 about thedalmation experiment…this was.halfan hour ago. So i thought id try it. My spouse and i have been at eachothers throats for a week. Constant hatred and bickering over unimportant things. Before that we were always happy and in love. He even left with the slam of the door to go to work this evening. So i sat on my coich and for 10 minutes or so i imagined how happy we have been. I imagined us laughing together and being in love and i said outloud (i was alone minus the cats company) “i imagine you showerung me with love. You always shower me with love. We are happy. We arehappy. We love each other. We enjoy each other” and similar other phrases. I repeayed some of these over and over. He had called an hour earlier but i missed the call and he left a message of dead air, like he forgot to hang the phone up and i could hear the goings on at his work, nothing of note. Within fiveinutes of my little meditation and putting my thoughts out there he sent me a messahe via chat online and said he had just called to say he loved me and sent me hugs and kisses and assured me he wants us to be together.I WAS FLOORED PAM. i have read “the secret” amd try to exercise positive thinking, but i was absolutely floored when i read his message of love. I had to write to you and tell you. Thank you for your book, i look forward to reading the resy of it.

    1. Hello Therese, this is one of those comments I adore. This is really positive and exactly the encouragement I and many other readers need. Thank you for this.

  32. So I got down visualizing butterflies great and wanted to take it up a notch. Having one land on my arm! I asked the Dude to have one land on my arm. I stayed outside all morning where I’d see butterflies but none came around. At lunch at a cafe my daughter was given a butterfly bowl which she promptly started flying around ( she is 5) and wouldn’t ya know it! Lands right on my arm. Got what I asked for…. Not how I expected!

  33. Hi Pam,
    I just got your book this weekend and my son and I did the first experiment together Today and both received our blessings within hours. He called me to tell me he found a laptop computer in a box of junk that was getting thrown out, minutes after a woman followed me off the bus to tell me I had dropped my wallet. YOUR BOOK IS TONING MY BELIEF MUSCLE.and I would LOVE to invite you as a guest on my show “LeadingEdge Talk”. If you’re ever interested, just let me know. I’ve already purchased each of my sons a copy, and it’s going to be the gift I give to everyone I love.
    Keep shining in your brilliance.
    -Stephanie Kathan

  34. Hello,

    I’m very excited about working the experiments in E-squared to get back to a deeper connection with my life force energy.

    I am on the first experiment, The Dude Exists experiment. As of 11:30 today my 48 hours have passed and, unless I missed it, I didn’t receive a clear blessing.

    I thought I read in the book that it would be clear and wouldn’t be missed. I may have missed in the book, but I’m unsure how to proceed.

    Thanks for guidance.


  35. I reallyy appreciate your quick response. As you seemed to know, I pretty much thought my spiritual connection was so broken or energy so low that I couldn’t connect!

  36. Hi all. I started looking into the laws of attraction through the ‘your wish is your command’ recordings but lost faith in the guy after hearing that he was a massive con artist. I was then wishing there was someone oit there that could convince me that the whole law of attraction was posteds I really want it to be. Then by chance someone I know posted something about E-Squared on facebook. I have started experiment 1 and nothing has come to me yet but experiment 2 has me gobsmacked.

    I asked ‘the universe to show me the name david over and over again and i swear ive been seeing it all day today. The other really strange thing I keep seeing are butterflies everywhere. They are everywhere. In shop wimdows, on clothes, on pictures on tv, on facebook profiles. One pic posted today on fb was a huge butterfly with dozens of smaller ones on its wings. This really threw me back.

    Now i didnt even ask to see butterflys but must be subconsciously thinking of them for them to suddenly materialise.

    My faith is now somewhat being restored and im feeling quite excited. My other thing I wanted to find was some money on the floor. Not much even a coin would do. I haven’t found one yet but we went shopping for a dress for my daughter for a wedding today and we stumbled upon the one by accident that was on sale and it saved us a LOT of money. I wonder if this was the same as finding some money?

    Anyway Pam you certainly have my attention. Im waiting on experiment 3 but would you believe it, not one damn wire coat hanger in the house!

    1. Hi all. I started looking into the laws of attraction through the ‘your wish is your command’ recordings but lost faith in the guy after hearing that he was a massive con artist. I was then wishing there was someone out there that could convince me that the whole law of attraction was real. I really want it to be. Then by chance someone I know posted something about E-Squared on facebook. I have started experiment 1 and nothing has come to me yet but experiment 2 has me gobsmacked.

      I asked ‘the universe to show me the name david over and over again and i swear ive been seeing it all day today. The other really strange thing I keep seeing are butterflies everywhere. They are everywhere. In shop wimdows, on clothes, on pictures on tv, on facebook profiles. One pic posted today on fb was a huge butterfly with dozens of smaller ones on its wings. This really threw me back.

      Now i didnt even ask to see butterflys but must be subconsciously thinking of them for them to suddenly materialise.

      My faith is now somewhat being restored and im feeling quite excited. My other thing I wanted to find was some money on the floor. Not much even a coin would do. I haven’t found one yet but we went shopping for a dress for my daughter for a wedding today and we stumbled upon the one by accident that was on sale and it saved us a LOT of money. I wonder if this was the same as finding some money?

      Anyway Pam you certainly have my attention. Im waiting on experiment 3 but would you believe it, not one damn wire coat hanger in the house!

      1. Great to hear from you, Paul. Whatever you do, find some wire or something to do experiment 3, because it will really blow your mind and it will cement your faith in these principles. When you see it with your own two eyes, how your thoughts affects those wires, you will never doubt again.

      2. Thanks Pam. I think I got my gift today, this has to be it (4 hours before the deadline too lol) I live in a town in Herts, UK, it has absolutely nothing going for it and me and the wife cant stand it here. I have been longing to live in Devon, a beautiful part of the UK where everyone and life is chilled out, lovely beaches and rolling countryside. I go out for a 5 mile walk every morning with the dog just to be in our local countryside to stop me from going mad, it’s for total escapism each day, plus I am starting to meditate to clear my head each day.

        Anyway, my wife surprised me today by saying she would join me on the walk. I haven’t even brought up Devon for over a year now and out of the blue, she told me that she wants to move there ASAP. I mean this is the icing on the cake for me. This has to be the gift I wanted as it was so unexpected.

        Some advice I would like from you though Pam. I have set up my own business about 8 months ago from home. It’s been my dream to get to this stage for 10 years, it’s doing something I have been good at for 10 yrs but the business has just been as I called it ‘unlucky’, every single deal has fallen through so far and I am surviving (just) on writing people’s Resume’s for them. Now I have been passionate about making this work, focusing on nothing else, imagining myself every single minute of the day as a success in the business, I mean really becoming immersed in the feeling of how it would be to be successful and it hasn’t worked.

        I just can not let this go, it HAS to happen for me but my faith is hanging by a thread. I want to use the law of attraction principle to make it happen but I have been doing this anyway it seems by imagining myself as a success all the time.

        Any hints or tips for me, can the law be applied to make this work or am I just completely unlucky and is this the wrong choice for me ( I hope not after 10 yrs of dreaming of this life) I wont be able to move to Devon without doing this business.

        Many Many Thanks


  37. Hi Pam, loving the book and the writing style which is very much a refreshing one and change from the old routine. I’ve just completed the 48 hours of the first principle and was adamant that the FP should irrevocably show me it’s presence. 11.27am on the 10th September has come and gone and I’m clear that I’ve not missed anything by way of a blessing. Will have another experiment and continue with the others but am left feeling a little flat I confess

    1. Try this:

      I was walking my dog outside and an idea cross through my head, I said out loud “come on, universe, give me a sign that I’ll find inner peace” I turned my head, and this guy on his roof was waving a white flag!! Out of nowhere! OMG! I’m loving this experience! Thank you so much! What’s new? How are you? How is the Spanish version going so far? Xoxo

  38. Hi Pam, Absolutely love this book. The first experiment I did was the yellow butterfly/purple feather- I thought it was more likely to see a butterfly than a purple feather so I thought I will think of a purple feather. That same day I want home and my daughter came home from her first day of school with an fish to decorate and low and behold the bag she had was filled with puffy balls and colored feathers including purple to decorate her fish with.
    Also just yesterday on my way home I was listening to the experiment where I would ask my husband to bring home a loaf of bread. Because I work at a bread company I thought of coffee instead, but because we don’t have a coffee maker I thought ok…… a starbucks coffee. I beat him home from work and when he got home he handed me a Starbucks gift card that his boss gave him. It is beautiful how quickly the FP can work for you.
    Thanks a ton!!

  39. dear pam,i purchased the kindle version of your book.but i cannot read it on computer because of time limitations. but one of my collegue down load the pdf file of ur book. now i have the print copy of that.
    my consiousness does not allow me to read these print papers, because actually i didnot purchase the full version of ur book. sould i sent some more money? or i can read it with ur permission. please reply soon.

    many many thanks

  40. Hello Pam, is there going to be a version of E squared in Spanish? Please reply as that is my birth language and it will be easier for me to follow the experiments.

    Thanks and God bless!


  41. Reading the book but no luck on the first experiment and I really do need to pay my tax bill, hoping writing this fact down might help!

    1. still no luck, I’ve asked until I’m blue in the face, no gift and no orange cars…….guess this book is just wishful thinking

  42. Hi Pam! I have been a fan of The Secret for quite a while and yes…there are some…gaps LOL! I just heard about your book listening to an old radio show on YouTube. I decided that I will pick up the book tomorrow and start reading ASAP…But in the meantime…I would try my own little small test.
    I was driving to pick up my son from Preschool and set my intent on seeing a pink automobile (b/c it’s not something you see everyday and would be funny). I was looking and looking and saw some cars that were…sort of pink…but I refused to let that be the one! I wanted a car that was undeniably PINK. I was pulling back into my drive way and realized that maybe today wasn’t the day to get that pink car. I will look tomorrow. Just as I pull into the garage as song started on the radio and I didn’t even think about it…till I started singing the lyrics before turning off the car…”I love you for your pink Cadillac, crushed velvet seats, Riding in the back, cruising down the street…”
    I suddenly stopped and laughed out loud and realized how funny the universe is sometimes! I got it!!
    I’m soooo excited to read the book and learn more Pam! Thank you for letting me share my silly story with you. =)

  43. Hi Pam! I was getting ready to go on a trip to scuba diving.. and I thought on exp.#3 and asked the Universe to let me see a turtle and school fish … when I got on the airplane there was a magazine on my seat, I grabbed it and it opened straight to a two-page-turtle photography ..hahahaha …isn’t the Universe awesomely funny? … I made clear not to do the same with the school fish.. the diving went great with many special school fish encounters!!!! Thank you for this awesome book, it reminded me to go back to faith !!!!!!!!!!!! Love and gratitude, ADRY

  44. Hi Pam!
    Great book. I read it cover to cover and was feeling all the wonderful possibilities. Then I read the newspaper. I could literally feel the wave collapse. I’m never reading the newspaper again. Thanks!

    1. Funny you should say that! I’ve got an experiment in E-Cubed (the follow-up book I’m working on) about finding a different “news source.” One that’s much more True and positive. Stay tuned.

  45. This was a very entertaining book and I am open to anything – I have also been going through the ‘Course in Miracles’ – my question is, the first experiment failed…what happened???
    I’m not put off… Just want to know if I was doing something wrong…

  46. First off – I love your book. However, the first experiment didn’t work for me either – perhaps I didn’t need to be sent a ‘clear sign’ or blessing, but it did bum me out a bit – I, too, had that feeling of ‘what did I do wrong?’ I read the link you posted above, so thank you for that.

    But it also made me think maybe we don’t need to test the universe just because we feel we need proof (or maybe I just don’t really have enough faith even if, intellectually, I think I do! Maybe I am holding myself back – but it’s frustrating that I’m not aware of *how* exactly!). Or, maybe little things that ‘just happen’ are our clear proof of the existence of FP, but they’re so ‘commonplace’ that we don’t see the miracle because it’s hidden in plain sight.

    Soooo – I’m not sure if I’ll actually do the other experiments, (I don’t know if I can handle further rejection from the universe! LOL!) but I’ll definitely finish the book – it’s lovely and fun and contains lots of wisdom. 🙂

  47. Of course the experiments don’t work and we only think they work because of coincidence and not because we wished it to happen that’s just mumbo jumbo. However, I do think that it’s good to be positive, all of my friends that are positive and believe they can make things happen are successful and seem to be lucky, they also seem to be the one’s that work really hard at the success. Those that are negative tend to be less successful and unlucky but they also seem to be on the lazy side and not looking for opportunities. It’s not the universe unless the universe is contained in our heads. You make your own luck through hard work, determination and good decisions not by asking for something and expecting it to happen without any input by yourself.

    1. Hi Lucy,

      The experiments do work and it’s because the universe IS contained within our own minds. It is impossible to observe anything without having an impact. We are all connected as one big energy field.

      The main thing is to make this fun.

      Blessings, my friend,


  48. OK, I bought this book (Kindle version) on 9-22-2013 and started reading with great interest and hope. I started with the first experiment, “The Dude Abides” on Sunday evening. The “deadline” for God to show up was 8 p.m. this evening. You know, God is supposed to prove that It exists, and give me a gift, a sign, something. I got …. nothing. Big fat goose egg. So does this prove that the FP does not exist, that “God” does not exist? Maybe the force is only with other people, not me.

  49. Pam,
    Thanks so much for writing this amazing book. I absolutely loved it!!! It validates the things that constantly happen in my life. Yes, our thoughts really do create our reality! Life is wonderful, we make it what it is.

  50. Hello All
    I am having some problems with Exp 1, since it didnt work out for me. I understand that if you change your perspective everything will be as you expect it to be, right? But what do you until you can change yourself. if the You you want to get rid of keeps interfering with your life? Can someone answer that for me? thnks

  51. Pam gave me some real good advice when i was having trouble seeing it for myself. She said think on one joy memory and concentrate on that joy channel. I have been so negative from my past. Guess what she was right it worked. If we are not looking for it to work chances are it won’t(in my opinion, because we already made our mind up to see the neg. It reallty does work thanks so very much Pam. I am one of the most sceptical people you will ever meets and it worked for me.

  52. Pam you have gave me the confidence to finish my book about my life. I thank you so very much, I would love to put the name of your book along with your name in it since it has made such a difference, please think on this channel and help me with the energy to make it a best seller. It is all about my life and your book has made the difference. I need all the energy i can get to find a publisher. If you would consider letting me put your book title in there please let me know. I am going to make this the hottest book ever. It is all about my life and how i changed it for the better and it will be incredible.

  53. I am not really sure where to start. This book and this concept is unreal.

    Someone on my facebook page posted a link. I am in the middle of some life changing events, so I clicked on it, I bought it. I have a kindle on my iPhone, so that’s what I started reading it on. I didn’t really like putting it down, so as I passed the first experiment, I thought I’ll just see what the next few are about. I wanted to understand more. I decided I can always keep reading and go back and do the exercises later. But I soon found out the seeds planted anyway. The power of the subconscious mind.

    The next day I won a $500 clothes shopping spree. One of only three winners. And you have no idea how badly I need clothes. I had already been asking for money for my birthday to update my wardrobe because it’s in such a state. Wow.

    The next day, I decided to focus on green cars. I have always had an obsession with sunset beige vans, I seem to see them everywhere (it’s a reminder of a long lost friend). So I picked green. There are green cars around, but a lot more of other colours. I saw more than 100 green cars that day. Almost creepy. (yes, I saw a lot of sunset beige vans too, as I always seem to, but i didn’t notice any cars).

    The next day, yellow butterflies. It’s fall where I live, the butterflies are long gone from here, so I couldn’t help but wonder how this was going to happen. First thing in the morning I opened up a blog that I follow. Subject? Yup. Butterflies. And several more ‘sightings’ throughout the day in other articles, pictures, inspirational posts, etc. Huh.

    I was so excited at this point that i wanted to share with my FB friends, so i started looking for a link to the book that I could reply to. Couldn’t find it. Strange, I had seen it so many times and I REALLY wanted to share this experience. Oh well, I went back to reading. Within five minutes, I see the link to your website. Wow.

    I kept reading, and no, I haven’t done all the experiments, but, I have been purging junk out of my house lately. I threw out a ton of straws and plastic cutlery etc that I will never use. The next day, I had fast food for lunch, which I almost never do. My drink sitting beside me, I start reading again. I get to the wands part and my first thought, darn, I just threw out all those straws. Looked over and yup…nice big straw in my fast food drink. Geez!

    Finally, I get to the end of the book last night. Trying to think of who I want to hear from, but I couldn’t really figure out anyone in particular. Today, at lunch, at a place I almost never go, and decided to at the last minute, ran into a friend I haven’t seen in almost 15 years. Pretty impressive.

    I have a lot to change in my life, and I think I have finally figured out how to do it. THANK YOU. I’m off to read the book again and do the experiments as I come to them. If this much happened just by planting the seeds, I can’t wait to see what happens when I really put my mind to it!!

  54. So I picked this up couple of days ago. Sceptical as I was I focused on the first experiment. 24hrs and 15min later I recieved an email from myself with the subject “lectio divinia” Which is latin for divine reading. It came with a file that repeated these steps.. Mind you I never wrote this let alone knew the meaning of lectio divinia. One last bit of info. The message was created nov 29 2010

    Lectio Divina

    Put yourself in the presence of God
    Thank Him for His graces and love
    Petition Him
    Make a resolution inspired by the meditation
    Carry out the resolution throughou
    Put yourself in the presence of God
    You are in His presence
    Place yourself into the reading
    Read the passage slowly
    Meditate on what God is revealing
    Find God’s love and will in the revelation
    Speak to God as a friend
    Affections, Thanksgiving, Petitions, Resolutions
    Tell God you love Him
    Thank Him for His graces and love
    Petition Him
    Make a resolution inspired by the meditation
    Carry out the resolution throughout the day

  55. I’ve tried all the experiments and not one positive result. If you see a red car when you asked for one it’s because there are millions on the road at any one time and chances are you see them all the time anyway. It’s all bunkum.

  56. I just finished E-squared and I love, love, love it. Thank you Pam for this beautiful and refreshing work. I am going to re-read it again because I felt so good reading it. Thank you!!

  57. Dear Pam, I have no words to thank you for the book, and the ease with which you have put things in perspective. As you have mentioned I did read / see The Secret, and attended an NLP workshop trying hard to apply what I was understanding. My search for confidence in the Power ended with your book. I have seen amazing results in the last week and I am so much more confident about trusting the FP. Thank you again and again and again. Wish you all the good things and love to your kids.

  58. Phenomenal reading. This is leading edge material produced in a simplistic yet entertaining way that any person who wants to understand … “WHY they’re not yet getting what they want and WHAT to do about it!” … will lap this up like a kitten drinks milk.

    I love you Pam xox

  59. I started the first experiment at 7.25 pm on sunday . At 7.40 am monday I was rear -ended on the way to the body shop to have previous damage repaired. The insurance company was a total joke. Monday afternoon I dropped the coffee I had just purchased.

    tuesday morning I arrived at my job only to be informed I had made a mistake that took approximately 8 hours to fix.
    Tuesday night , 7.25 pm has come and gone. NO gift , NO anything. Think I’ll just go to bed. So disappointed . Totally depressed. Believe it or not , I believe in the FP but as usual , I get no positive results. Don’t lecture me. Give me some positive feedback.

    1. Hey, my first experiment didn’t go well. I didn’t get a “sign” or a gift. I was bummed, too. But I did experiment #2 (VW Jetta Principle) and it was fantastic! Try again, you never know …

  60. Hi Pam,
    A big thanks for E2! Its fun and I love seeing others results. Here is mine from #1 (The Dude Abides). I wasn’t sure really what to expect, but the FP knew……I needed proof. About 27hrs into it, (although I was not at home) I got a text informing me that my “GODFATHER” had visited whom I haven’t seen in years. I got to see him the next day. As awesome as this is, I couldn’t help wonder if it was only coincidence. When I read the title of the 2nd experiment (The Volkswagon Jetta Principle) it blew me away, because my godfather was driving a jetta and he had taken some time to show me his car. He has no clue about the experiment yet and I can’t wait to tell him!!

  61. I just “finished” the Volkswagen Jetta experiment. I started this on 10/17/2013 and decided to look for chrome yellow cars. I saw chrome yellow everywhere for the next 24 hours. I saw one CY car before I officially started the experiment. Saw a total of five CY vehicles including a yellow Penske truck. I also saw 4 bicyclists wearing chrome yellow jerseys. And I keep seeing chrome yellow cars …

    The next day I was looking for red balloons and didn’t see any. I did, however, see 3 fire-engine red cars in close succession. But no balloons. In fact, I saw no red balloons at all until late this afternoon, Sunday 10/27/2013 when I decided to watch the movie Sedona on Gaiam TV. The little boy who was lost in the movie, 7-year-old Denny, got a red balloon at the beginning of the movie and this red balloon started a chain of events that propelled the whole story line of the movie. Sedona is a place that I have loved for a long time! Coincidence? Hmmm, I somehow don’t think so.

  62. Tonight finishes the second time I did The Dude Abides Principal. The first time was before I got the book. A couple of things happened, but not sure if they qualify. Purchased detergent BOGO. Found out I was charged 2x. Store clerk refunded for one even though she couldn’t find the sale in print. And ran into someone I used to work with I hadn’t seen in years and had an enjoyable chat in the produce section. Qualify? I’ll take them as gifts.

    Tonight ends the second go. I own the book now…Man I do some work for told me he was raising clients’ prices and I would get an increase as well. (I said Dude Abides..I don’t count this)…peeps, does this count? And got news from relative I only hear from 2x per year via email to inform me a relative I haven’t seen in 50 years died. Not a gift. But I did get a card in the mail from my closest friend that said “Have faith in untraveled roads…Whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith. I’m taking this one as THE gift. AND a reminder as I continue with the book.

  63. So disappointed in my first 48 hours. Am a Chritian, Reiki Master and Tai Chi player. I do lots of energy work and totally believe in the concept. Absolutely NADA, nothing, zero in the 48 hours

  64. Dear Pam – So I’m in the shower complaining that I have to bite the bullet and finally go to the store and get new bras – a job I HATE! because I can almost never find anything that fits correctly. Now I’ve just read “E/2” and think Just maybe if I change my thoughts I can get what I want –soooo I think to myself that I can in fact find the PERFECT BRA and in the first store I enter without any problem. I go into Catherines’ and there in the front of the display is “THE PERFECT BRA” and it is in my size too! Not only that but there is a sale and all sorts of coupons which save me $10 per bra (I of course bought 2) Just love the book and have read it over twice and have done most of the nine experiments with GREAT results. Told the sales gal of my experience and I met her at the book store a few minutes later and she was on her way to get your book too. How cool is that!
    Thanks so much-
    Chris V

  65. Pam, I sent a comment awhile back but didn’t receive a reply from you. So here is my new question/s to you-I tried the first 48 hour exercise to the best of my ability-I truly believed some form of miracle would occur. Nothing happened that I can discern or notice!! So what do you say to all of us whose first experiment did not work? Please reply.
    My other question posted before that you didn’t respond to was ‘what do we do in our minds when a limiting thought enters in-this is fairly normal for the human condition and it is my humble view that we should not focus on it but rather just let it pass by and focus more on the positive aspects. What say you Pam? Thank you.

  66. hi Pam, When the spanish version of E squared comes out? I read your book and I loved it. I told my family about the book and they want to read it so bad but they can’t read english so we are waiting the spanish version… I hope it comes out soon

  67. Hi Pam, While reading your book E-squared, I could feel a divine happiness and energy flow within me and it was because of the realisation that the FP is always availalbe to us for us to utilise for our ultimate GOOD. The day I started reading it, I just couldnt let go, I have recommended it to atelast 12 near and dear ones. Fantastic stuff, Im on experiment 5 and I tried the first few and it worked like MAGIC. !!! Too good.

  68. I love this book! I’m have today started the first ‘Lab Test’! I’m excited thinking about what my unexpected gift will be. But should I be thinking of it or should I just ‘let it go’ I’m not 100% sure 🙂

  69. I tried the first experiment the 2 days where the universe gives some sort of sign. But to honest nothing happened out of the ordinary routine. I do believe that the universe provides when needed. But I have doubts about having it on demand. Does this make sense?


    1. The great thing about the experiments and indeed about life is we get to pick whatever story works for us. I like thinking the universe is responding in real time. As for doubts, I like to channel Madeline who said to the tiger in the zoo, pooh-pooh!!

  70. Well the first test is done and I’m very happy to accept my gift 🙂 it’s an unusual one I’ll say… My young collie x has been a nightmare with his recall, sprinting off to every dog he sees to play with and totally ignoring me when I called and whistled and called him. I was despairing he’d ever come good. Today however he came back every single time, left 2 dogs in the middle of a game to follow me in the opposite direction and was just perfect. If that’s my gift then a massive THANK YOU to the universe! Xx (and Pam for your wonderful book!) now on to test 2 !

  71. First experiment was fun, $300.00 appeared in the mail! Love it. Thanks for sharing what I already knew but didn’t remember. I want more fun in my life. Change my perspective, change the world. xxo

  72. Hi Pam, do you any reason why when I linger to something that I want or something that I requested, it wouldn’t manifest. But when I wish something by passing or want something then let it go, it comes back to me or it happens. I hope I could understand this more so I would know how to make it work the right way. Thanks Pam! S

    1. Set it and forget it. That’s always the best strategy. I think when we linger, to use your word, on something we want, our lingering takes the shape of obsessing or somehow believing it’s not possible. Think of it as ordering something from Amazon. You don’t worry that it won’t show up. In fact, you probably don’t give it a second thought. You KNOW it’s on the way.

      1. Thanks!
        Will you have an audio version of the book? If so, when? I finished the book but I would still want an audio book version so I could listen while driving.

      2. Hi Pam,
        I saw on amazon that there’s a CD version. Is there a downloadable version that I could purchase instead?
        Thanks. S

  73. Pam do you really think that sometimes we think on it to much and in the back of our minds we are thinking lack. I try to think about the things I want to draw into my life every chance i get. Especially financial and a mate. I have drawn a man to me, but he was crazy. lol

  74. One of the most synchronous things I’ve ever witnessed happened to me when I started reading this book, or in fact, before reading the book.

    My wife was filling out some online forms from her phone, as she does each evening. Sometimes the ‘captchas’ that she has to fill out to prove she is human are a little odd or quite witty, so she reads them out to me.

    The other night she got ‘The Dude Abides’ which she thought was odd, and I kinda thought huh, interesting phrase and thought no more about it. *Thirty minutes later* I started reading E-Squared, and the first experiment is of course ‘The Dude Abides’. The fact that the experiment is to ask for undeniable proof of the existence of ‘God’, which can’t be explained by coincidence, just blew us away.

    Like I said one of the most amazing “can’t be explained by a mere coincidence” experiences of my life. The odds of her reading that phrase out to me from a random website, before I started reading the book or really knew anything about it is just incredible.

    Thanks Pam. Look forward to more experiments !

  75. Hi Pam, I am over the moon over E-squared!!!!! I love this stuff. I’ve been floundering a bit in manifestation land. I’m finding my way back.

    Tried Experiment 1. Set my intention on Thanksgiving. Felt a pull of intuition to put on my hiking boots and go for a walk. Felt prompted to take a handful of bird seed. Out the door I went to zero degree weather.

    I open the driveway gate and find a large three point buck standing a few feet away from me. My sign from the Universe. I fumbled for my camera to snap pictures. OMG. Evidence. Caught on film. Yeah.

    Happy, the deer (there were two, scamper off and I walk out the gate. Heading toward me is a mallard duck. I remember my bird seed in my pocket and hold out my hand. I’m thinking “please take it from my hand cause it will be hard for you to eat the seed in the snow”. Mallard duck waddles closer. The little guy is up to his downy Chevy in snow. I reach out. He joyfully gobbles the seed from my had.

    I ask Mr. Mallard to wait while I fish out my camera. He patiently stands ready for his close up. Snap. Great photo of him eating from my hand. Sweeeeet!!!!

    The Universe knows me very well. I needed a double dose to be clear that I got it.

    Thank you. Big hugs and lots of love,

  76. Pam, I love E-Squared! Chapter 6 had extraordinary stories. I am working with a company that has a Clear Set that helps to clear incoherent energies (even from childhood). So many of us have listened too much to society and believe that we cannot heal ourselves. Loved the stories that you and others regained your energy. I am helping people with the assistance of two uniquely energized stones to clear useless beliefs. Someday we will be able to do this and more on our own. You are expressing the same in your book. I plan to read chapter 6 to others on our team training call.

  77. Pam, I love E2. The first exercise, seeing God or whatever you call him/her was of great interest.

    As a retired, 27 yr police sergeant I had an experience where I have absolute proof God exists. This positive energy you talk about allowed me to be 1 house away from a home where a 13 yr old girl was minding her two younger sister while mom was out at a movie.

    A guy kicked in the door and was trying to rape the 13 yr old when the 911 call came in. I should of been 5 miles away in my police district but I was 1 house away after driving a drunk teen home from my north end district to the far south of my city 5 mikes away. I shouldn’t have anywhere near there but was heading back to the north end.

    I scrambled out if my cruiser and raced through the splintered front door, up the stairs to the main floor where two little girls were clutching ea other screaming as this creep was down the hall trying to kick in the locked bedroom door the 13 yr old was behind.

    I pulled my gun and yelled “Police”. He stopped and started coming towards me. I began to pull the trigger, and on my old Smith Wesson revolver there’s a slight click you can feel on your trigger finger a hairs thickness before “kaboom”.

    I felt the click but paused realizing this guy was fried or drunk. I lowered my gun, released the trigger, and holstered my weapon, then arrested him.

    Driving around my district at 4 am I began to realize that something had put me there; something had given me a moment of clarity to recognize that I could deal with the situation without using deadly force. As a marksman all 27 yrs of my career, I would’ve killed him.

    There can be only one explanation, God had put me there, and He had given me clarity at the moment of Kaboom. I don’t know how to relate this incredible experience to your thoughts in E2 and positive energy but I’m sure it’s tied in somehow. There is definitely a very powerful energy in the universe and I’ve seen it and experienced it first hand.

  78. I’ve tried the Abracadabra Principle twice now and haven’t had a result (yet). It’s time for me to move on. Kind of conflicted between set it and forget it and keeping focused on what I want to manifest….anyone?

    1. I tried the first exercise to no results-then wrote to Pam who suggested I set it and let it go. I really got myself in the mindset of truly trusting-the second time around it worked beautifully, I got an expected consulting gig during the 48 hour test period of the exercise. So I would suggest based on my experience that you truly ensure you are free of worry, fear, distrust, skepticism and any other resistance and set it and let it go…see what happens. Let us know! Good luck and happy holidays from Rickie in Honolulu

  79. Hey thanks! I also forgot to share that Pam Grout also suggested I feel the ‘joy’ and let go of all resistance. I think that when I tried that first experiment initially that I may have been carrying some resistance. I now am wishing and working on manifesting that consulting gig turning into a full time job next year-so I have some inner thinking work to do methinks (smile). Good luck to you too! Rickie in Honolulu

  80. Experiment #1 began on Dec 21, just a tad too close to Christmas for me to believe that a random gift would “unexpectedly” appear so I qualified the gift by saying it would be “so wonderful and joyful that I know for certain it can only come from God.” Nothing Dec 22. Dec 23 some aggravation put me into a set of circumstances that caused me to walk into a PetSmart store on a hunch that my cat (who died 3 years ago) might have reincarnated by now. That thought had been in the back of my mind for a while but I had not looked for her in earnest. And, yes, there she was, except now a he, but nearly identical in markings, vocalization, and mannerisms. She/he had just arrived that morning. Long story and pictures are at http://eternalpresence.wordpress.com/2013/12/25/the-presence-of-reincarnation-magic-redux/. Manifesting royal blue cars and butterflies was rather mundane compared to reincarnation. The hangers for Experiment #3 remind me of the divination wands we use in shamanism.

    Whether one believes that my kitty has reincarnated is of no matter. What matters is that the kitty living with me right now is a wonderful and joyful gift that was quite unexpected and the very last thing I imagined would happen.

  81. I discovered this book through another LOA blog I follow. I have been using the LOA for around three years now, and I really love this book! I think I was getting a little lost in ideas and processes, and this really brings it back to basics…which is exactly what I needed. I especially loved the idea of ‘lasering’ your thoughts, a lot of the analogies used really cleared things up for me!

    I’m currently on experiement #2, but I have had a peek ahead at some of the other chapters and can’t wait to try them out 🙂 Here are my results so far:

    #1 The Dude Abides Principle:

    Within 24 hours an old friend, who I hadn’t spoken to for over a year, contacted me to tell me that he’ll be traveling half way across the world to visit me in April! 🙂

    #2 The Volkswagen Jetta Principle

    I ended up calling in sick for work this day, so my chances of seeing any kind of vehicle were quite limited! I decided to focus on green cars (for some reason sunset-beige cars are very popular where I live anyway!). So I went outside to put the garbage out and there were three green cars parked side by side behind my house! Also, whenever I glanced out of the the window, I would more often than not see a green truck or car 🙂

    I’m on the lookout for yellow butterflies today…. 🙂

  82. On synchronicity: My birthday is August 21, 1973 or 821. I started seeing the number everywhere. The clock, posters, license plates, cash registers, everywhere. When I went to buy my car at a repo auction I could not turn it on because those are the rules. I bought my car at exactly 8:21 pm and the miles were 82173 which I did not find out until I drove the car home. When I went home to look up the blue book value it was $8,217. So I was sure that this was going to be the best car I ever owned. I was so excited to drive it. I was sure it was going to save my life or run for ever or something amazing. It was the most unlucky car I have ever owned. This is where the train falls off the track for me. I had nothing but super positive energy about the car. I was so excited to own the car, the air conditioning died as I was driving off of the lot. I wish I knew what thoughts I had that caused this, because it was not something I am conscious of.

  83. I just started reading your book. The weather here has been extremely cold and I was looking forward to going out today and the temperature has risen to nearly 30 degrees. My daughter called and asked if I would watch her daughter as she was not feeling well. On experiment 2 I had to look for yellow butterflies!!! Well with this weather and not being able to go out I was stuck. My grand daughter asked if she coud look for note paper with yellow butterflies!! Yellow butterflies! Why would I have note paper with yellow butterflies! Her response was I don’t know! Can I look? We did not have yellow butterfly note paper. But in my minds eye I envisioned yellow butterflies!

  84. Hello Pam
    I am really interested to get your book in Spanish for some of my relatives to read. This is a wonderful book. Is the Spanish version coming out soon?

  85. Thank you so much for the printable Lab Report Sheets on their tab, above!! I have been enjoying re-reading the book and making the time to really, really DO the experiments. Of course, each one manifests! It’s fun to play, aligned.

    Experiment #7–The Jenny Craig Principle isn’t included. Of course, I’m very happy to simply use a blank piece of paper, I just thought you would like to know! 🙂

    Thank you for your writing! You make a difference.

  86. Hi Pam, Thank you for writing this book! I am around the same age as you and have read all of the books you refer to in E-Squared. The book is a nice reminder that we need to focus our thoughts and keep the rest of the crap out. Anything is possible and so on. I have experienced many things in the past 5 or so years that confirm this idea, but the book helps remind me to not stop,(because I should be happy with what I have created so far and maybe it’s enough) – NOT! So now I will continue to happily create some more.

    Best, Jan J

  87. I am persuaded that your views of our quantum physics connections are true and will work in our favor. This suggests to me that BIG Things – like weather patterns – could be changed if enough people joined in asking, meditating, sending appropriate vibrations out to (for instance) bring rain to the areas of California that need it so desperately.
    What is your view of this?

  88. Just on Experiment One and am confused; I’m asking for a blessing or unexpected gift…but I don’t get to specify…but my ask must be clearly defined…as I said, confused.

    1. Ask to be shown of the F.P.’s presence and for a blessing. That’s as specific as you need to be right now. And way more specific than we normally are. Most days, we ask for pain and limitations.

  89. Hello.
    I started to read your book and I tried the first experiment… I really believe in this energy because some of my dreams already came true. But this first experiment doesn’t work… The first time I tried, I was very sick. So I tried once again but there was no unexpected gift. Should I just move on to the next experiment?

  90. Experiment #1, I asked for a “billboard-sized sign” within 48 hours that the FP exists. With nearly an hour or so to go before the 48 was up, I drive past a warehouse, on the side of which was a HUGE white banner with just one word on it in big, red letters: “SIGNS.” The universe does have a great sense of humor! 🙂

  91. I asked if i should buy a new car. Well within 48 hours a car slammed into me and totaled my car. I need a new car, but is this suppose to happen like this?

  92. I am reading E2 and wrote my Dude Abides experiment into my journal. Two hours later as I watched the Oscars I was thinking again about the experiment. Just then, a woman who won an Oscar began to sing “his eye is on the sparrow”, a song I won a medal for singing. Suddenly I had my confirmation, “and I know he watches me”. I love your book E2! Thank you and best wishes.

  93. Hi Pam,
    Thank you for writing this amazing book! I started with Experiment 1 and my request was for God to send me proof that he exists and something only I would understand. I asked for proof within 48 hours and 44 hours later, I got my proof! I work in a bank and during the course of my working day, i heard a knock on my office door and a lady standing there asking if she could have a word with me. She took a seat in my office and proceeded to tell me that she had been looking for a particular type of insurance product and had been walking around the town trying to find a place to purchase this insurance when she heard her angels instruct her to come into my bank and knock on my door! As she told me this, my face broke out into a huge smile and I wanted to punch the air and let out a huge ‘yes!’, because, you see, I am a huge believer in angels and its not something people are very comfortable talking about, but here in front of me was a person sharing her angel experiences with me and I understood everything she was talking about! As a result not only did God provide the proof I requested, but i also stuck up a friendship with a complete stranger and we are arranging to meet up for a coffee one day!
    My results with Experiment 2 were equally astounding. I set the intention to see green cars which I thought would be a challenge. How wrong I was! In fact I saw so many, I started to get irritated!! The following day I set the intention to see purple butterflies, bearing in mind its winter, and I’ve seen them adorned on everything.
    The experiments are great fun but it just goes to show ‘ your thoughts create your reality’.
    Keep up the good work Pam.
    Best wishes

  94. I am currently reading and loving E-Squared! I am on the 5th experiment and have had some wonderful experiences so far. I can’t thank you enough for writing this. My husband’s wedding band was missing for 3 weeks and during one of the experiments it popped out of the printer at work. He had bought a new one to replace the lost one, but I knew that the lost one would show up and it did!

  95. Thank You Pam for the wonderful book E Squared. I feel as if I had the most amazing conversation between two friends. I did well with my 1st Experiment and witnessed small but meaningful miracles. I have been reading too much lately. I understand better by EXAMPLES. Your book has plenty of them and that is the best part of the book for me. The Cabbage Field is my favorite example. Yet I am stuck with one thing, ‘how should I state my INTENTION out to FP? What Next? Should I be writing like… I hereby Intend to receive a free movie ticket …? and then what?’ I am such a curious cat all the time and learning to LET Go blockages. I am actually confused whether I should deliberately keep looking for what I have intended to have or I should just forget about my Intention? I love the way you have written ‘Intention is like Tennis Ball.’ I am excited to read E Cubed, Hope I’ll get the copy easily since I’m in India.
    Love and Thanks

  96. I am reading E-Squared for the second time. Last night I set my intention to see “green” vehicles today since I am not quite sure what sunset beige looks like. This morning my daughter told me it is St. Patrick’s Day today. I had to chuckle thinking everything is going to be green today. As I was driving in town I spotted my first green car. Since green cars are rare, I was happy with my find. Then here comes three vans and one pickup – all the same color green, all with the same company logo. And coming from a different direction came yet another green pickup. Wow! I was impressed.

  97. I have tried Experiment 3 numerous times…but nothing happens. The wands stay still. Anyone else encounter this same thing? I used standard size hangers, but the wand part is still 18″ long and the handles are 10″ and the straws I used are a little over 8″. Could the hanger dimensions be the issue?
    P.S. I’ve already pre-ordered E3!

    1. Thanks for pre-ordering E3. This is one experiment that works nearly 100 percent of the time. I’m not sure what to tell you. Maybe you have really calm thoughts? If anything comes to mind, please let us know. Thanks!!!

  98. Pam and the original writer expressing issues with the ‘wire hanger’ experiment-I have 100% success every time and do not even use the straws-I just bent the wire hangers the best I could to get them as straight as possible, and I hold the ends between my fingers. It works magnificently. Good luck! Rickie in Hawaii

  99. Im reading the book and on experiment no. 1. Do I have to have something in mind that I’d like a sure sign of? How do I continue to put my thought into it? How often should I be thinking about it?

    I read aloud what you wrote in the book, but not sure if I should have put a specific intention to the request.

    Help. I started this last night at 8:47 pm.

    1. Hi Kim,

      The less YOU do and the more you allow the universe to do, the quicker and better it will work.

      Main thing? Have fun.



      1. Thank you Pam. I stopped at the end of the chapter. I’ll read the next after my surprise shows up. Maybe it already has. I bought 2 scratch off tickets and won $10. Small but good! I also listened to an interview you did that said to think about 5 things to receive in 1 week. Lets see how that goes too. Cant wait to see who from my past reaches out and what awesome thing shows up in my mailbox/email. 🙂 so excited!!!

  100. Im back and sad to say I did not get a blissful surprise during my 48 hrs. I did win $10 but I dont know that I can call that a sure sign . I must not understand how to do this stuff. 🙁

  101. Does anyone had a picture of the “Wand” for Experiment #3 – Albert Einstein? I can’t figure out how to make this contraption and would greatly appreciate a visual. If you could post to the E-Squared Facebook page!! THANKS!!

  102. I don’t know where my post went 🙁
    I am hoping someone can provide a visual of how to make the wand from experiment #3 – Albert Einstein. I would really appreciate because I can’t figure how to make. Thanks!

  103. I bought E2 after hearing your interview on the You Are Creators youtube channel, it was the second time someone mentioned you. Love it! Got experiment 2 to work perfectly!

  104. In Experiment #8 you invite readers to tell their story about coincidences in their lives. First, it’s about the starting letter “K”, or a “C” pronounced as “K”. My last name starts with a “K”. I was born and grew up in Croatia, in a street starting with a “K”; worked in 3 companies with a “K”; emigrated to Canada; worked in many companies (I am 69), and some of them had names like Kellogg, Christie, Can. Keys Fibre, Chromalox, Cord Ind. Moved to California and lived in street called Collett. Well, there is more, but here comes something for those folks who believe in numerology.
    When you add up the days of birth of my wife, myself, and our two kids, it’s a 9 (reduced to the single digit); and again it’s a 9 when you add up the months of our birth; and again it’s a 9 with our birth years.
    Then, I was born in Croatia’s capital Zagreb; spelled backward it’s “Bergaz”, and for a couple of decades I lived in Toronto’s street called Berga(mot).
    Also, I happen to be a freak for studies about human nature, with an accent on being a result-oriented freak, not a snobbish version of those pompous intellectuals theorizing a lot and not applying any of it in their personal lives. And I get goose bumps every time when I remember those many instances when I was thinking hard about a certain topic – just to get drawn to the library, and to the exact shelf, and to the exact book that provided some answers (or an inspiration) dealing with my topic.

    Well, I certainly can’t tell about other people, but “coincidences” in my life shouldn’t be called that. What exactly they should be called – I don’t know as yet, but I’ll do my best to figure it out during my next round of 69 years.

  105. I purchased the audio book from iTunes and was wondering where I could download the Lab Sheets to fill out for my experiments. Thanks for any help with this.

  106. I attend a monthly workshop in the Law of Attraction, and at one meeting I was recommended to read E2 by Pam Grout. I recently picked up the book and started reading. Pam has a lovely writing style and is funny too! I read the chapter for Experiment #1 twice before doing the experiment.
    I re-wrote the lap report and read it out loud. I looked out for blessings, but its been more than 48 and I have not had any Neon Sign Blessing.
    I am reaching out for advice on what I should do now? Do I redo the experiment?
    Also, what do you think I have done or not done in Experiment #1 to elicit a FP response?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated 🙂

      1. Appreciate that post Pam!
        The line.. “Thank you for showing me that I still have..…oh, maybe just a tad bit of resistance.” Really hit home for me.

        I will let it go, be happy and know that all is well in my world 🙂

  107. I read your book「E-squared 」.
    It was so interesting and cheered me up.
    Actually I can’t have confidence to myself.
    But I bet I can change my life after I read this book.

  108. I finished experiment one. There were so many small blessing within those two days that make my heart happy. A few hours after I asked God to show me proof, I woke up to an AMAZING thunderstorm. I sat on my patio and enjoyed the rain, lightening, and the chill in the air. When I crawled back into my warm bed I smiled and thanked the universe for everything it sends me..

    Onto Chapter 2!

  109. Read you’re awesome book 2 months ago, for Experiment 1 i asked the FP to show me yellow cars. I’m still seeing tons of yellow cars! I feel like it’s my personal signal from the universe to pay attention. It always snaps me out of my bad moods!

  110. Hi Pam,

    I just started your book and am really enjoying it. I am on the second principle, “seek and ye shall find”, but I have a conundrum; my cats have fleas, now every night when I give them a flea combing, I am creating more fleas! But from my previous experience in life ignoring a problem like fleas does not make them go away!

  111. Just thought I’d share the results of the first experiment from E2, which was an unexpected gift and definitely cannot be written off as co-incidence.

    Jackson, my 11 year old son, and I were in the mall and decided to go to the food court for dinner; something we do regularly at least once every two to three weeks. Jackson chose Chinese food from one food counter, as he always does, and I opted for corned beef on rye, as I always do, from another food counter. Remembering my last visit to this particular food counter, and the feeling of annoyance I had at the long line with only one young man working behind the counter while another young woman cleaned the Plexiglas, the young woman plainly ignoring, or oblivious to, the growing line, I nearly turned away this time to get a sub sandwich when I saw the same pair working. I really wanted a corned beef sandwich though, so I shrugged off my last experience of annoyance, there was no one there except me anyway, so I ordered my sandwich from the young man. The young woman had disappeared into the back.

    The young man started through the usual routine at the cash.

    “Would you like a pickle with your sandwich?”

    “No thank you.”

    “Would you like any potato salad?”

    “Yes, thanks, that would be nice.” I replied.

    “Would you like a drink?”

    “No thank you,” I said politely. I didn’t want to pay for a drink, I could have some of Jackson’s.

    “Would you like a hot drink or something, I can get you a tea or a coffee?”

    “No thank you,” I said again and presented my money to pay.

    “Would you like a cup of water, I can get you a cup of water?”

    “No, it’s okay. Do you sell water? I’ll buy a bottle of water from you.”

    He backed up and opened the fridge where the pop and juices were stored to show me the bottles of water, then said, “I can give you a cup of water from the tap.” He emphasized the word “give.”

    I smiled, he was being nice. Why? In all the years I had been going to this particular food counter, no one ever offered up a drink. They don’t even give you water in restaurants any more, you have to ask for it when you order your drinks.

    “You can’t eat without having a drink,” he said. “Let me get you a cup of water.”

    At this point, the smile on my face transformed into an entire full body feeling of delight as it occurred to me what was happening here. “Yes, thank you, that would be very nice.”

    “Are you sure you don’t want something hot to drink instead?”

    “No thank you, that is very nice of you to offer, water is fine.”

    He grabbed one of their branded disposable cups, filled it with water and placed it on my tray. He was so pleased I expected him to pat me on the bum like a child and nudge me on my merry way.

    I paid for my food, thanked him one more time for the water and handed him a large tip.

    “For me? Why?” he asked.

    I said, “For going above and beyond what you are supposed to do.”

    What I really wanted to say was, “I don’t expect you to understand this, but I just received the best gift EVER.”

  112. I just did the experiment of the first chapter, “The Dude Abides Principle.” Sadly, it did not work. What am I doing wrong?

  113. Amazing book!! Loved every word you wrote. Practicing with the labs and have enjoyed some amazing results. I’m still not to the top floor of the skyscraper yet but I wanted to share one especially, special result. I have two kids – my son just turned 7 and my daughter is 13. A few days ago, we planted the beans in the egg carton. I told them that we were going to make the ones on the left grow bigger by expecting it to happen. Needless to say, they weren’t believers. Fast forward a few days and 4 of the six beans ON THE LEFT are HUGE compared to their counterparts on the right (I kinda feel bad for those guys). What a beautifully, simple way to teach my children about the power of the universe that lives within them – the space heater next to their beds… Thank you from the bottom of my heart. What better gift can I give my children than faith bigger than fear!!!!!!!!

  114. I absolutely love this book and believe 100% believe in positive energy and what it can do, although I have tried every experiment and failed. Is it possible I am doing something wrong, asking to big? I am doing everything you said

  115. so, this week I made the intention to see a blue butterfly and a ladybug within two days.I saw the butterfly as a glass gift for sale in a webpage and the ladybug in a magazine the next day. I thought “I got this”. Then I thought I want to see a orange butterfly and a pumpkin….and then I thought, why do I need to? I know how to do this. I ended up seeing both anyways in a book, HA! Now I’m visualizing cash.

  116. I’m really excited about E2. I met a fashion designer who used E2 and she went from zero to a success in 8 months. I bought the audio and ran the first experiment. Within 4 hours, I had my first gift. By the end of day 2 I had my second gift. I decided to extend it another 48 hours and in 4 days, I ended up with 5 very unexpected gifts! In the past few years, I’ve done well with envisioning and manifesting what I wanted. I never thought to actually ASK for what I wanted. I’m in a whole new ballpark now! Thank you so much for the book (and audio!). I loved the humor and the cheekiness it was written with!


  117. ‘The FORCE is With You!’ You are the FORCE! Together, We are a FORCE to be Reckoned With— Potential Energy, a Chain Reaction of Amazing Grace! Intention, BELIEVE, Proclaim, Affirm and Achieve! The Visionary Manifests Destiny! B4HEART – Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!

  118. I always enjoy Pam’s writings and recommend any of her works…the video by Jay Pryor is great…It is not just your big thoughts but those thoughts that randomly seem to appear in your mind with no effort.

  119. Pam, you are amazing. I love your writing. I came across your E-Squared book through the experiments your readers have posted on Youtube.
    I finished the book in less than 48 hours…and I have started doing the experiments….my favorite one was the Experiment # 2, and I wanted to share it with you. So I focused my attention on two things purple vehicles and yellow butterflies.
    I thought purple vehicles (cars, vans, motorcycles) were not very usual….but it was amazing how I started seeing it around…I saw few motorcycles and scooters, and even decorated purple van, people wearing purple…purple was all over…but I wanted to see a car…first thing in the morning when I was leaving home in the East Village neighborhood in NYC was a cute little car. It is incredible experiment.
    The one with the butterflies gave me a slightly different experience. I started it the next day …and somehow I thought I should pay attention and look for the yellow butterflies in the garden, flower stores and generally outdoors…half a day is gone..I even started paying attention on people’s tatoos at my gym 🙂 ….haven’t seen any yet…i kept optimistic…and just tried not to think about it much…I woke up in the morning …passed by the flower shop…have been seeing a lot of yellow everywhere, but no butterflies…I even asked the sweet Mexican guy at the flower shop if he ever sees yellow butterflies around…he looked at me with a broad smile and said…”you are a butterfly why do you want to see one…but no I don’t see any :)”. I kept going towards my bus-stop trying not to overfocus on the yellow butterflies…it was slightly windy and my bang was closing my eyes with the power of the wind…I bring my hand to my face to make a way for my eyes to see where i am going…and boooms….I see my golden bracelet, which I bought on my trip to Morocco from a little shop in Marakech…the bracelet has three butterflies (white gold, red gold and a yellow one) …the yellow was just shining…I stopped myself for a second…somehow it felt incredible …and an interesting thing is …I was looking for something outside…but it was on my wrist 🙂 I haven’t worn this bracelet for a long time…somehow I did this morning…without even being conscious or thinking about butterflies 🙂 It also taught me a great lesson. We don’t have to look far for what we are looking for …it is already here…with us…within us…in us…all over …we see what we want to see …and everytime we want to do that…it is here…available …ready 🙂 Yayyyyy!
    Thanks Pam….Thanks FP…Thanks Universe 🙂

  120. I loved the idea of the book, excited to try the experiments….open minded, happy and expectant of wonderful things to happen. Tried the very first experiment and it did not work.I will be honest I felt a little deflated….waited around 6 months and tried again with same results. I have made peace with the fact that I still believe wonderful things are in store for me and I am happy and still believe in the miracles of everyday living.

  121. Hi Pam,
    I’m feeling kind of stuck right now after doing exercise #4 (The Abracadabra Principle) and despite feeling complete confidence that what I asked for would easily show up, 48 hours went by and it didn’t. I asked for a pair of sunglasses to be gifted to me. Gifted as in I wouldn’t have to go out and buy them myself, as that feels like cheating! And asking all my friends if they have a pair of sunglasses they could give me doesn’t feel right either. I was aware my results could come in the form of a picture of sunglasses- as opposed to the real thing. Still, they didn’t come.
    So what next? I talked about it with a couple friends who are pretty great at manifesting, and they thought a big issue was that I don’t really WANT a new pair of sunglasses. I already have a really nice, pricey pair. I was only asking as a test or exercise. And without the emotion behind the asking, little energy goes out. They also advocated for putting the request out and then just letting it go- even forgetting about it. My understanding of your method is that you have to stay really focused on it all the time.
    Any tips or clarification would be helpful- I wanna make this work!

    1. I like your friends’ advice. Set it and forget it. We usually get in our own way when we try too hard or focus too diligently. Let the universe do the heavy lifting!

  122. It is November in Detroit and I asked the universe (on Saturday) to see massive butterflies by the time I wnet to be Sunday night. I went about my day Sunday with no butterflies- As I plopped into bed, I grabbed the remote to check what had been recorded on the DVR. I selected a show to watch and hit play- the last minute of the previous show was recorded ….it was a full screen of butterflies in flight- so many buterflies! I was stunned! Amazing!

  123. Ok ok I got one too…..I saw one butterfly on the second day, a logo on a truck, not bad….not great….so I recorded it, moved on. Next day newspaper did a piece on monarchs….photo had 100s of them in it…..AND the paper was from the day before…great stuff..this truly Is a great secret.

  124. So, I told one person that I wanted to run some experiments on Law of Attraction and write about my results. One person. She told me about your book. I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE THIS BOOK!!! I am going to do every experiment, and they are all going to work, and I am going to write about it on my site: http://www.howtocreateyourownreality.com. I am only a few pages in but I LOVE IT. It’s like this was written just for me. And further to that, it was basically an instant manifestation to help me with my experiments on creating my own life – here is an actual framework for my experiments! So, thank you so much Pam!!! I cannot WAIT to get started!

  125. I started reading this book on Dec 30, gave until Jan 1st at midnight for my first experiment …. Throughout the 31st I was able to observe small blessings, miracles in my life. On Jan 1st, I went with my family (husband, 2 kids and 2 dogs) to a river creek. We were there for a couple of hours, watching our kids and the dogs. I lost track of the dogs (labradors) for 5 minutes and asked my husband to go look for them (broke my foot and need crutches to walk). He couldn’t find them. After two hours of searching, kids crying, the only thing I could think of was “this is really a good time for that blessing” … Short story, the dogs were found that same day. Just want to share my story … Great discussion with my kids about being possitive and believing things can happen, and asking for them in a concrete way … Been looking at butterflies since yesterday tv, garden, physiotherapy …. Everywhere …

  126. Hi,

    As with several others above, I have the Kindle version and would love to have a downloadable version of the lab reports that I can print out and write on. I see that a couple of times you have mentioned that you would be posting a link to downloadable PDFs and to “stay tuned” — once in 2013 and again in 2014. Did you ever post these PDFs? Because I can’t find them anywhere.


  127. I’m only one experiment one, with the gifts within the first 24hbi experienced having six!!!! But the two that meant more to me than anything was when my kitten was lying down beside me, she lied on her back while I rubbed her stomach and we were both just looking at each other, something that is hardly ever done and then another one that night I was having a cigg outside lost in my music and something told me to look at the sky, so I did and I saw stars everywhere, it was so gorgeous, where I live it’s hard to see stars but for some reason that night it was simple .. I don’t even remember the last time I saw stars , it was like magic, being connected with the universe!!!

  128. Hey guys!!! I wanted to share with you the Alby Einstein Expermiment I just did, there is this person in my life that I focused on while doing this… The good-wands went out the bad- wands crossed each other… I wanted to test this experiment more with asking questions yes-wands went out no-wands crossed each other…. I wanted to see if this person was coming back in my life and the wands went out, I asked if it would be at the end of the week id finally get a message from him- wands went out again… So I decided to go through each day of the week asking mon/tues/wed/ etc those were no- so It finally came down to saturday and the wands went out… So now I’m really hoping this does work, I believe now that what I want is finally coming back to me … I’m really happy and excited for the outcome!!!! I know I’m getting what I want , it’s my abracadabra 🙂

  129. The abracadabra principle made me laugh, I said I wanted a red rose by the 48hours! I actually forgot about the red rose at the first I was visualizing one then I just let it go, let the universe do its trick for me, while working at another location I was messaging that manager back and forth and then out of no where she sent me a red rose the iPhone emoticon.., I laughed when I saw the red rose!!!! The universe can be truly funny!!! I got my red rose!!!!!!!!

  130. Great book. I loved it. Another experiment to try is to dissolve clouds. On a partly cloudy day when there are smallish clouds in the sky just pick one and stare at it. Repeat in your mind “dissolve”. After 4 to 5 minutes it will disappear while the other clouds remain. Another is to cook some white rice. Split it into 2 Tupperware containers. With sticky notes put on one negative thoughts such as die, I hate you. On the other positive thoughts such as I love you, you are so wonderful and whatever else you can think of. Once a day verbally tell the 2 containers the thoughts on the sticky notes. Observe the results. If you like vintage LOA stuff search ” The Law and the Promise ” by Neville Goddard. You can read it free online. His technique is basically decide what it is you want. Think of what would be one thing you would do once you obtained it. Get into a sleepy alpha state and imagine you are doing just that over and over again.

  131. Thank you for another great article. Where else could anyone
    get that type of information in such an ideal way
    of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week,
    annd I’m on the search for such information.

  132. I purchased the audiobook via Itunes but I would like to get the experiments in a PDF file and print them. Any options available for non paper book? Thanks in advance!

  133. Talk about coincidence. On Friday of the last week, went to the doctor about pain in my breast. The doctor found a lump and thought it was just a cyst but for safety sake let’s get an ultrasound (I live in Canada so they’re free). It’s scheduled for Wednesday the 23rd (today)

    On Sunday “coincidentally” I find a Christian blogger writing about this book. I check it out and voila, I’m reading it.

    I start the first experiment on Tuesday(yesterday) at 10:49 am. Saw and experienced lost of blessings but . . .

    Today, I went for my ultrasound and guess what, they couldn’t find the cyst and I even had a mammogram. No luck couldn’t find it. When the radiologist was telling me this it was either 10:49 or 10:50 am. Big, giant – sized blessing not 48 hours later but exactly 24 hours later.

    BTW, I didn’t specifically asked for that obvious blessing, I just kept thinking of FP all around. FP had to know what I wanted.

    This sooooo cool!!!!!!!!

  134. i absolutely love the book e2! i would love to buy one as a gift but i need it translated in spanish! where can i find one with spanish translated? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Camilla, It has been translated into Spanish. I don’t handle distribution, so not sure where to find it, but I know it’s out there and readily available. Blessings, Pam

  135. Hi Pam,

    First off, I’m enjoying your book (E2). I’m sure you’ve gotten this question before so forgive me if it’s repetitive for you, but I’m trying some of the experiments and they just aren’t working. I do believe I received a gift on experiment #1. On experiment #2, I saw plenty of sunset-beige cars on day 1 (I do live in LA), but absolutely zero purple feathers any day thereafter. I also made the wands out of coat hangers for experiment #3 and nothing happened with directing my thoughts. I’m really letting down my guard and putting faith and awareness in this system, but I am frustrated that the experiments aren’t working and I’m not sure what why it isn’t working. I’ve read “You are the Placebo” and “The Intention Experiment” but what I really need help with is my conviction, which is why I picked up your book and I really want it to be the one that does it for me! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

  136. I started the book in a highly positive, psyched frame of mind only for the EF to flunk Experiment #1. Now what? Love the writing, love the content, but if the results don’t materialize there doesn’t seem to be any guidance other than “deep down you really didn’t believe you deserved it”. Could you possibly beef up the “in the event of failure…” sections? Because I went from on top of the world kid before Christmas down to a toy on the island of misfit toys. Thanks.

  137. My experiment hm, the one which you send a message to someone and get a sign they recieved it didn’t work out for me 🙁 What did I do wrong? I believe I may have picked a “hard” person to send a message to because of our relationship, but as I’m writing this sentence I get the feeling maybe that is what blocked my manifestation… ? Any thoughts?

  138. Hi Pam! I am excited about your book! So far…in Experiment #1, the other night I was up late, after asking if the “FP” exists (which I already believed but was curious to see what might happen with an open mind), I had a mental image of myself lifting up my hands and smiling up as though I was in the rain…then I heard it! It began raining outside at that exact same moment! Did I check the weather prior to knowing it was going to rain? No. I had no idea but even if I had known, how was it just a coincidence that after my asking that such an event at exact timing should occur? I woke up yesterday with that same feeling of amazement ..and with strep throat I found out a few hours later at the doctor’s office. However while waiting to see the doctor I began getting into reading Experiment #2. Now I haven’t finished it yet, I fell asleep last night and dreamt that I was in a dark cave with a baby and was struggling to climb a difficult ladder to reach a higher peaceful playground but needed help since I had a baby to hold onto while climbing. I look up and suddenly see my long distance cousin, Pam, whom I haven’t actually seen since I was 6 years old or so. She offers me a helping hand and I wake up. Now the baby may represent my son who is actually 5 years old and I do not find it mere coincidence that that long distance cousin has the same name as you. I believe your book is helping me to lead me into a greater higher ground. And so I want to say Thank You ahead of time. Much Love, Courtney

  139. Help,, I am on the first application- ask for a gift from the universe, I did put the deadline on the gift appearing by monday (last 6 pm) nothing, nada, zip, please help , what did i do wrong

  140. Hey Pam,
    I’ve really only one question regarding all of these experiments. Are they based on expectation alone?
    For example, if I want to manifest a purple butterfly, am I to expect to find one continuously wherever I go; asking myself,” Ok, I’m supposed to find a butterfly..maybe here?! Nope, maybe there? Hmm.. Perhaps tomorrow?” Or should I just release this expectation and kind of forget about it?

    1. I pick multiple choice question 3. Forgetting about it is also a great strategy. Set it and forget it. Most of all, don’t stress anything. Thanks for asking!!!

  141. Pam,
    Thanks for the fast reply!
    I’m very impressed with your book, and I really want to train myself the correct way. In “The Secret”, we are asked to visualize and feel what we want, then let go and believe it will manifest someway (no timeline)
    In E2, from my understanding, we are to speak out what we want (e.g. Exp. #4 a blue yo-yo) or some random object that would let us know, for sure, we manifested with the power of our mind. Then in 48 hours, simply expect and look out for said object to manifest.

    “Look for it the same way you’d look for a set of missing car keys. On a day you’re out of milk and the baby’s crying” (your lovely book, Pg.26).

    To me, letting go (forgetting) and expecting to find (like the car keys), seem a little different. Since I’d spend no time looking v.s. Looking all the time 🙂

    I’m a little confused and most likely overthinking; I just want to make sure I’m doing these experiments correctly.

    I feel bad asking so many questions, I know you’re a busy bee!

    Thank you in advance Pam, I appreciate your time.

  142. Hello Pam,

    I recently came across your book and downloaded via Audible.com. Wow!! Love it!! It made us think, consider and definitely laugh!!

    Married with three older teens, my husband and I had them all listen to the first chapter (yesterday) and we are all trying the 48 hour experiment together!! (Oh yeah, my Dad too!).

    Just curious if you have a place for us audible readers to see your Lab Report Sheets?

    Thank you!
    Tanya M

  143. Thanks for sharing this. I also can share my experience in filling forms. I mostly use https://goo.gl/71IHXQ to edit my PDFs. I think it also allows you to to create fillable pdfs and esign them.

  144. Hi Pam,
    Your book is simply amazing. I am so hooked on Metaphysics and your book is damn easy to understand.

    I just have one doubt though. Can we do more than one experiments at the same time? For example: Experiment 5 and 7 during the same 48hr period?

    (P.S. Anyone else who can help me out, please do reply as well!)

    Love, NT

  145. I started the book today and tried experiment #1 and it worked in less than 2 hours
    Yesterday I noticed one of my diamond earrings was missing. So today i threw it out in the universe and gave it 24 hours to bring my earring to me
    My ministers wife just called me and was at my house, she found it under the pew in church (I emailed this morning to advise her).

  146. Is there a link to the pages for the experiments?

    I have had the book on my Amazon wish list for a while and went on a trip and just downloaded the Audible book instead. If not the book is good enough to purchase in both forms and I will buy it written form.

    1. Yes tasha, keep on trying. However, I’ve been trying already for 2 years,because it’s the only thing which keeps me alive. Sometimes I thought it was just a coincidence, sometimes I tried to believe that it is true. I have to say that the problem might be our negativity, we don’t believe it hard enough.

  147. Greetings from Aus!

    Well Pam, not only do I absolutely adore your writing style (and hilarious inputs) but I’m pretty sure this book is pure magic.

    I’ve been on Experiment #2 the last 48 hours – the first 24hrs whizzed by and as a traffic controller it was super easy to spot my banana yellow cars (and trucks and buses!) so I had a little block heading into the next 24hrs…thinking it would be more difficult to spot the rainbow lorikeets I had asked for.

    Getting desperate this afternoon, after hearing them squawking all day but not seeing a single feather, I went onto my verandah at sunset as a last ditch effort to spot one.
    After 10mins I was disheartened (but still happy at seeing the beautiful sunset) so I turned to head inside when a little possum ran onto the roof below me. I quickly got some fruit to toss down to him and after a little while there were 2 chasing each other around and nibbling away!

    I took a little video of them playing on my phone and opened up Instagram to share it and there on my feed was an ad for Australian greeting cards with (you guessed it) a bloody rainbow lorikeet beautifully hand painted on it. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. I spent the next 30mins outside hand feeding the possums and smiling so much my cheeks hurt.

    I honestly cannot convey how grateful I am for your book for showing me the magic in the world that I had been missing. I can’t wait for the next few experiments and to see what I can manifest next!

    S x

  148. Very good day, yesterday I found an audio copy of this book in a thrift store only 2 cd’s were in the case but they were the ones I needed to hear. thanks I will get the book from amazon

      1. Hello my dear friend,

        I’m going to try and initiate a PSGrout sighting….Miss you…

        Stay blessed,
        Michael Stilinovich

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