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Travel Writing

bara zip
I’ve been a travel writer for more than 20 years.  I’ve traveled to every continent except for Antarctica and have written about everything from bungy jumping in New Zealand to carpet buying in Morocco to picking coffee in Nicaragua.

People always ask, “What is your favorite country? Or island? Or best suggestion for my honeymoon?” And I really can’t answer that because I fall in love with every place I go. I always come home, wondering if maybe I shouldn’t move where I just visited.

I guess you could say I fell into travel writing. Although I’ve always traveled and usually kept a journal of some sort, I didn’t consider myself a travel writer until an editor from Ladies’ Home Journal called one day about a query I’d written. I mentioned in the query that I’d been to Nicaragua and had lived in Australia for a year. She wanted to know if I did any travel writing. Well, being no fool, I avidly nodded (although I’m sure she couldn’t see that being as she was talking to me on the phone) and said, “of course.” She asked where I was going next and I blurted out Tampa since a guy I was sorta dating was going there the following week with his family. “Good,” she said, “I’d like 1000 words.” I hung up, called my sorta boyfriend and begged him to take me along. I’ve been diligently writing about travel ever since.

I now have my my own luxury travel website. It’s called George Clooney Slept Here. Obviously, it’s a takeoff on the old George Washington joke. It features luxury vacations and rundowns of my recent trips.

And if you’re wanting more information about the trilogy of books about meaningful vacations that I wrote for National Geographic, click here.

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