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No website about me could be complete without mentioning my beautiful, brown-eyed daughter, Tasman. She was named after the sea between Australia and New Zealand and, while some people have been known to use the opposite description, I like to call her the Tasmanian Angel.

She often travels with me (By 15, she had been to more countries than most adults I know), she was a cover girl before she turned 3 and she beats me at practically every game we play except Scrabble—and that, unfortunately, is only a matter of time.

She’s now a junior at Grinnell College.

Over the years, she has had the following nicknames:

** Tazmo

** Razz-a-ma-Tazz

** Tas–MAN (with the accent on the second syllable)

** Rooskers

** Tazeroo

** Mosky

** The aforementioned Great Tazini

** The aforementioned Tasmanian Angel

** Zuchinninni

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Here we are on the Big Island of Hawaii.
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