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Happy 222! Celebrating possibility and miracles since 1993

“Let your broadcast of love bless the world.”—A Course in Miracles

Reading through E-Squared to update for the upcoming 10-year-anniverary edition, I was struck by the opening dedication: For Roosky. May your light forever shine.

Roosky, of course, is one of Taz’s gazillion nicknames: Taz-a-roo which led to Roosky which led to the dedication and my hope that the light and love she so clearly conveyed would bless the world. At the time, I was assuming its broadcast would continue here in the flesh.

But as Virginia Francess Sterrett said, “As long as space and time divide you from anyone you love, you simply have no choice but to go into battle with space and time and, furthermore, to win.”

That’s the goal of the Taz Grout 222 Foundation. Not so much to battle, because well, battling just keeps the crazy going, but to defy space and time by keeping alive Taz’s incredible light. Every year on February 22 (that’s today friends!), we give a gift to an innovative project or person with a big idea to change consciousness and therefore the world.

In times such as this, it’s vital to recognize that behind-the-scenes, beneath-the-news there’s a completely different story going on. There are so many of us who only want to love and serve and who really believe with our entire hearts and souls that a more beautiful world is not only possible, but is right now, as we speak, gathering breath.

As usual, the foundation got lots of great pitches for lots of worthy projects. And as always, I consulted Taz (I’m just her ground crew, after all) to finally settle on the following projects for this year’s 222 Foundation gift:

I. I have fallen in love with Bill and Pat Taylor who started the Southeast Asia Foundation to, as they say, give back to the Universe for the countless blessings they’ve enjoyed in their lives. Not only does every single penny go to their mission (all operating expenses come from their own pocket), but they show up themselves, boots on the ground, to make sure every one of their projects begins with and is guided by locals. They take their inspiration from Lao Tzu, insist on both sustainability and religious inclusion and act on the words from an oval river rock Pat once gave to Bill for his birthday: “You cannot do all the good the world needs, but the world needs all the good you can do.”

Thanks to Bill and Pat’s beautiful work (their tagline is “It takes a girl to raise a village”), the 222 Foundation has chosen to fund seven libraries in rural Siem Reap, Cambodia: four for kids, two for high schoolers, one for university students and one for the community. Taz LOVED books and worked at the Grinnell library when she was at university so having access to books, rare in rural Cambodia, is a must for promoting literacy and providing access to new possibilities.

We’re also funding a chess club and providing filters and fuel for water purification towers in Siem Reap. Mostly, we want Bill (he even shared a wonderful 222 story from when he was a 9-year-old Boy Scout) and Pat to know how much we appreciate their open hearts, generosity and unflinching belief that “it’s not merely about the money. It’s about each girl knowing that somebody some place in the world loves her and cares about her and encourages her to make something of her life.”   

2. The other project Taz led me to support (isn’t she just brilliant?) is Craftroots, an artistan collective I was able to visit twice when I was in India last month. Once again, I fell in love with their mission. Yes, I fall in love A LOT!

Craftroots works with more than 17,000 artists in rural villages, keeping alive 72 ancient Indian arts and crafts. They aren’t out to scale their model or grow profits or production. Their aim is to bring a conscious shift in society by putting beauty into everything.

The artisans, mostly underprivileged women, aren’t viewed as laborers. Rather, they make up a sisterhood where each artist is genuinely respected, celebrated and encouraged to see their work as an offering to the divine—the divine in themselves and the divine in all life. Artisans pray together, read inspiring quotes each morning and focus on Truth: oneness, belonging and kinship.

Founder Anar Patel (to the right) also participated in ServiceSpace’s life-changing Gandhi 3.0 and says working with rural artisans is the greatest privilege of her life. She described it as her form of worship.

The 222 Foundation’s form of worship is looking for creative ways to burn through our culture’s prevailing trance of scarcity and lack and to provide a pinhole through which new possibilities and ways of being can shine. We are honored to support the above two projects and to remind everyone that there is light waiting for all of us to find. Happy #222!

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. OMG!! These projects are super inspiring, Pam and Taz!! If they want volunteers, feel free to let me know! Thank you for supporting them!!

  2. I love you. That’s all, that’s it. You fill my heart with love and open my eyes to the beauty of this world.

  3. Beautiful daughter, beautiful mama, beautiful projects, beautiful souls- one and ALL.Sending love to all of you.

  4. Taz continues to have a positive impact in this world – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This is a wonderful post and an amazing idea. My son has met a woman who lives in Siem Reap through her cousin who lives in New Mexico – we are traveling to meet her soon. This is a beautiful blessing for that community and the young ladies who live in Siem Reap. Thank you for your inspiring expressions of love and generosity! Namaste – the Divine spirit in me honors the Divine spirit in you. 🎋

  5. Thank you Pam for the work you do! p.s. It’s our one year wedding anniversary, as we got married on 2/22/2022 @2:22 p.m. 🙂 Gotta love the 2’s 🙂 I adore your work, thank you thank you

  6. Beautiful email
    I am working on making improvements to our health care
    Thank you Pam
    For your inspiration to keep on keep on when the going gets really really tough
    Hello fromcanada

  7. I’m crying right now (for my own reasons), but I’d like to offer this quote from “I Am That,” by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. I framed it a few years ago, as a reminder: “The real does not die; the unreal never lived.” 🙏🏻

  8. Thanks for the lovely post and for your and Taz’s efforts to bring light and love to the world. Celebrating 222 with you!

  9. Happy 222 Day!
    I love hearing about the projects that you are supporting! There is so, so, so much beauty and goodness in the world, and I enjoy learning about all the cool things that folks are doing in all the corners of this glorious planet.
    I cannot express how grateful I am that I “found” you in a magazine, in an airport, in 2013, which lead me to buying E2, which has lead to so much more magic and miracles.
    Lots of love to Pam, and Taz, and all of Pam’s other fans!
    Another Pam,
    Pamela Joy

  10. VERY wonderful to hear this. You said: Behind the scenes, beneath the news there’s a completely different story going on. Thank you for illuminating this Real story with the winners you chose and description of their projects. Thank you for looking for these beautiful people and reminding us of the good that exists, and that we can BE brighter too. Thank you, Pam, for your wild, persistent living your life.

  11. What amazing light and love pouring into those projects and keeping the dream alive!
    Thank you for your goodness Pam!

  12. I love how you honor your daughter…and I remember being struck by your remarkable grace when she transitioned. I said, “How?” to myself. Then, not long after, my partner suddenly transitioned. And it caused me to put into practice everything I have been learning about living an unconditional life. Oh, many tears and wobbles…but it’s a holy space for which I am grateful. Sending you love and appreciation today and every day.

  13. I’m in awe of the work Taz can do and the differences she has made through you and the 222 Foundation! Go girls!!
    Big love to you.
    Pamela Gassaway

  14. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ These are wonderful! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ Thank you Taz for continuing to guide your mom. Her work here in the flesh reaches beyond the measurable.

  15. Hey Pam once again you found two amazing organizations to support!!
    Really cool and progressive and creative ways to shine your and Taz’s bright light
    Been seeing tons of 222’s. Even though I didn’t meet Taz in the physical she has introduced herself to me many times
    I know our kids (amazing bright lights) are up to all kids of cool stuff from the formless relearn 🌞❤️🌞

  16. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. is all I have ever felt from you and ALL the incredible work you continue to bring to the world. THANK YOU for your light and also for the beautiful way you continue to let it SHINE through your beloved daughter and the genuine love you feel so deeply. It is felt. Bless you and the incredible gift you are. xoxo Peace. Love & Light.

  17. You, Pammy Sue, and Taz are a team to be reckoned with. Bravo to the 2023 winners and, by ALL means, keep on keeping on. Love and virtual hugs, Rick & Tiffany (my Taz)

  18. This is all so wonderful and amazing! Thank you for spreading so much joy and awareness in the miracles of the universe. And helping others while Taz shines bright forever! Congratulations to the 2023 winners!! XO

    1. Thank you Pam and Taz for sharing these inspiring and awesome projects!! I TOTALLY LOVE the words “it’s not merely about the money. It’s about each girl knowing that somebody some place in the world loves her and cares about her and encourages her to make something of her life.”

  19. Dear Pam,
    Thank You for wonderful post 💝💫💝
    How awesome projects Taz led You to 😍😍😍
    Let the shine go on 💫💝💫🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
    With Pure Love, nothing But Love,
    Teija 🦋💝🦋💫💫💫💫💫


  21. Thank you Pam for enlightening us about these incredible projects! It warms my heart to hear about people who bring light to the world. The 222 foundation is amazing! Shine on 💖

  22. Thank youuuuuu Pam!!!!♥️ Craftroots lifted my soul by reading this! I now have unstoppable love for their mission “ putting beauty in everything!” That’s SO my jam!!! YOU are creating Heaven on earth!! And infinite oceans of love to Bill and Pat for your unleashed generosity as you are creating New Worlds as well. You’re the BEST Pam!!! T h a n k y o u ☮️

  23. Hello Pama, I am a fan of your work. My best friend introduced me to Esquared and it changed something in my life. I will share the miracle sometime if you are interested.
    Do you know Roo or Rooh in urdu means spirit. That which is the only real part of you unlike the body. Your daughter, your Roo exists timelessly.

    Love and good wishes 💕

    Bengaluru, India

  24. I’m sure Taz is very happy to see all the good things you are doing for the foundation. We miss her, she was a beautiful person in and out and has a very big heart. Love always.

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