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It’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I want to

“I was wise enough never to grow up.”–Margaret Mead

Just so you know, this is not a plea for birthday wishes. I already feel blessed by each and every one of you. I know (except when I occasionally get cranky) that I’m deeply loved and, if anything, I want to give birthday wishes.

Because that’s how it works. When we’re filled up with love, with the truth of who we are, it can’t help but gush over to everyone in our vicinity—even if it’s the vicinity of a blog. I write these posts for one reason. I love to write them. I do it for me.

And, yes, that’s another gravitational rule of life. When you do what you love most in all the world, it brings blessings to you AND spills on to others like an over-running cup.

When I blather on about the largesse of the world, I occasionally hear comments like  “You’re out of your mind.” And I say, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

My mind, as useful as it is, has never delivered much joy. It’s too busy keeping track of stuff, making to-do lists and filing all the reasons I should focus on the human meatball part of myself. But boy, when I get “out of my mind,” all I experience is joy and a beautiful awareness that I am so lucky to have occurred at all.

Today’s Course lesson is “There is nothing to fear.” So my third birthday wish for all of you is this: Get out of your fear-producing mind, recognize the Truth and enjoy a big honking birthday celebration on me. #222 Forever!

 Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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    1. I know! Ear worms! I try to get Pharrell William’s “Happy” or Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” as my ear worms. Hope this helps move the other one out!!

      1. Oh yeah and Happy Birthday TOO YOUUUUU…

        There – one ear worm deserves another./


  1. One more birthday wish for you anyway, Pam! たんじょうびおめでとうございます!!
    And hobbits give gifts on their birthday, so I mean this in the best possible way, “you are being
    very hobbitlike!” And one more birthday wish for you from Patrick Mahomes and company!
    Why do I feel like you were sending some positive energy their way on Sunday!? (So was
    I! 😉 ) PS I really like the Marabeth Quin quote!

  2. Pam, wishing you a wonderful new year ahead. Thank you for your posts! It’s like a surprise gift in the mailbox. Sending you a virtual birthday dessert of your choice.

  3. Happy Birthday! You are in good company. It’s my mom’s bday, my dads bday, their wedding anniversary, my nephew’s bday, my grandfather’s bday, a friend’s bday, Ed Sheeran’s bday and Larry the Cable Guy’s bday!

  4. Happy birthday from Buenos Aires, dear Pam! I will celebrate life today, more than every other day!
    Blessings! you keep me awake!

  5. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Paam, happy birthday to you! Hiphip hooray…😂 I just couldn’t resist… Thanks Pam for all you do, write, say, are…have a wonderful weekend! 😌🙏

  6. HAPPY DAY! Our 3rd Great grandchild was born at 9 am this morning – she must have known it was a special day. Hedgehogs galore! Luv U…..

  7. I accept your birthday wishes & return them from one Aquarius to another. Thank you for using this opportunity to Be Like God!❤️😎🤟

  8. So being new to all this blog stuff, I wonder if you or anybody reads these comments. After reading your book, I went on this journey to at least make contact with you. The universe guides me in an unconventional way that many ppl disapprove of. I dumpster dive. The city I live in has illegally ousted me and now I have to return in March for fake criminal charges stemming from it all. I am taking NO plea deal, I want a trial of my peers since the judge is as crooked as the system I’m trapped in. I’m living a story for the books here in kentucky……

  9. Hey Pam I’m gonna wish you an amazing birthday 🎂 anyway! Love todays ACIM lesson! Doing it daily with some friends and using your book!
    It’s an awesome adjunct. Keep staying out of your mind and thrive! I’ll do the same! ( even though I’m working on taxes!). 😂

  10. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Pam! I wish you the best. Thanks for existing and being an inspiration. You don’t know me, but I do love you since I discovered E-square. Kisses and hugs from Spain 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday Pam!! I’m so glad you were born and are here to share “you” with us. We are definitely blessed because of you doing what you love, and thank you for that reminder – that doing what we love is the best way to bless everyone, ourselves included. I’m going to take that reminder as a birthday message for me because it’s my birthday on Tuesday! We February girls rock don’t we?! 😁💃🥳 So, thanks for this timely post with the lovely quotes and helpful reminders that life is not to be feared but to be celebrated and lived in love. Amen! Have a fabulous birthday and thanks for celebrating it with us! 🥳🎈🎁❤️🎉😘

  12. I see you were born the same day as football player Jim Brown and basketball wonder Michael Jordan. Like them, you are a winner!! Happy Birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday Pam!! I was reading Thank & Grow Rich which I had dogearred a while back when I came upon the Mary Karr story. It made me smile because I had just sent her Liars Club to my nieces. Think8ng of her story, I thought…I am incredibly grateful for my purple dinig table and the food that graces it but I have had it with these 4 crappy dining chairs that have torn the bottom of my family’s pants for the past year. I’d like 4 dining chairs oh Divine being. Less than 24 hours later, driving to a scenuc area to walk my dog, there were 4 wooden chairs outside of a restaurant with a giant FREE sign on them. Going to paint them yellow. Thanks for being “out of your head” and for all the truths you tell!💜💛💜

  14. Happiest birthday wishes to you dear Pam!
    I hope you receive the song I sent sent you on Facebook , from YouTube , called.
    ‘God danced the day you were born.’
    Thank you so much for all that you do!!!❤️

  15. FEARLESSNESS….THE GREATEST GIFT EVER!!!!!! There is nothing to fear!!!!! When I get that one down I’ll be golden pony!!!!!!
    Happy birthday Pamand Gracias for all you do🎉🎉🎉

  16. So glad you posted today because it is my birthday too and this is a wonderful reminder that we get to be in charge of what vibe we live from. Thank you for being you!

  17. Thank you Pam, You always seem to know what I need to “hear”. If someone so evolved as you, can still have distractive mind “blathering” , then I feel like I can let mine go and move on from here.

  18. “Honk Honk!” to all the above and may you keep spilling out (of your mind) all over the world❤

  19. Oh, Pam, I love to hear from you and read your postings! Always so uplifting! I, too, am so conscious of what a miracle it is for me to be here! That particular sperm, that particular egg had to merge at that particular second for me to be here, with a bit of help from the Universe. I AM HERE! So grateful, so thankful. I am 85 years old and feel so fortunate to experience the world, nature, people like YOU! Thank you for giving so freely of yourself to others with your writings. I have read all of your books, and reread there here and there. I am so grateful to have stumbled on to your books and your postings. Thanks for sharing your self with this wonderful world and this human population! I have never met you but if you ever come to Phoenix for a class, or any speaking, I shall be there! With love, Jenny Markakis

  20. Amazing blog post Pam. I am happy that you are adding another year and Happy Birthday in advance. Also, I am very proud of you for being the driven and brave person you are by publishing 20 books as you have mentioned here and I can’t wait to read some of them using the links provided in this blog post🙌🙌🙌💯💯

  21. Happy Belated Birthday Pam! Sending love, light, joy, and happiness to you. May you be abundantly blessed and live in ease perfect health. 🥰 🙏💖!
    Love you,

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