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Let go of the rope

“Whatever appears to be obstructing you has no reality, no substance. It’s your own creation, a phantom lurking in the shadows of your own mind.”—Jed McKenna

Every blip in this photo is not a star, but an entire galaxy.

Who’s up for a little experiment?

This week at my P.P. (Possibility Posse), someone recalled a book entitled, “Do you want to be right or do you want to be married?” We all got a laugh out of it, but recognized the wisdom. Wanting to “be right” is a bullet train to misery. It’s one of the ego’s most efficient henchmen.

So I decided to try a little seven-day test. Anytime I notice myself getting into a tug-of-war with anyone, I stop, take a breath and admit, “You may be right.”

Boom! Cuts resistance off at the pass. In the end, it doesn’t matter who’s right. In fact, concepts like right/wrong are rather archaic. I mean just look at the photos from the James Webb telescope?  We’re looking at stars and galaxies whose light was emitted 13 billion years ago. Astronomers have even detected a mysterious radio burst, with a pattern much like a heartbeat.

What I think about the rightness or wrongness of anything is, as Michael Singer wrote in his new book, statistically insignificant. Yes, it arranges complicated realities into tidy, satisfying narratives.

But wow! There’s SO.MUCH.MORE.

So rather than play the “who’s right?” game, I plan to focus on the unexplored provinces within me that remain forever free, spacious, aware.

Who’s with me? #222 Forever

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. Me! I’m with you!!! This message came at the ideal time – thanks, Pam! I just finished Michael Singer’s new book too. This message is in my face and I need to pay attention in order to fully be present and enjoy my relationships (especially marriage) and bring a sense of peace to my days. Love you!

  2. Excellent, Pam – and very timely. Whenever I feel indigent, I remember this quote from Rumi:
    Out Beyond Ideas of Right and Wrong,
    There is a Field.
    I’ll Meet You There.

  3. I am with you. I totally agree to what you say. I think I need to apply that immediately in my relationship with my mother.

  4. The new perspectives on the universe gleaned from the images should humble us and do stagger our ability to comprehend. I too have found it to be a cleansing experience to pause and to say, “You may be right.”

  5. Thank you and I am in! Boy do I need this as I am away with someone and it is just all full of tension.

  6. Dear Pam, I’m all in With this one! 🦋💫🦋😍🥰😍🤩💝🤩Such wisdomness and truthfullness. I’ll also remember the wise advise that why we have two ears and one mouth 🥰
    We should listen twice as More than to talk! 💝💝🌸💫🦋💫🦋
    Always With Love, Pure Love, Teija 🦋💫😍🥰🌸💟⚡️✨

  7. I am with you! I just finished “The Untethered Soul” and it’s shifting my being❤️

  8. I’m with you Pam! And thanks for that excellent quote by Jed McKenna, and the amazing photograph of all those galaxies. That stuff blows my mind! And because I can’t begin to comprehend galaxies that have been around 13 billion years I can open my mind to the possibility that I may be wrong about stuff and someone else may be right! And in the grand scheme of things who cares anyway! It’s all just completely amazing. 😁🌏✨🦋🥳

  9. I have Living Untethered on Audible, Kindle, and the volume on my bookshelf and am immersing myself on
    this amazing breakthrough path to evolving spiritually. I totally agree with your wisdom. I am stepping into the 7-day test that will, I’m sure, become an on-going practice. The right/wrong is a big sign our egos are having at it and that’s not what we are looking for.

    1. Absolutely not! I’m no longer looking for anything and recognizing it’s all right here–everything I need! Such a revelation!

  10. I like this ❤ By saying someone else is right, it’s like admitting we are wrong and our ego has difficulty with that (and some times a trauma response, or inner child etc) The intent behind saying it and how it’s said is important too (and that the sentence isn’t followed by a “but…”) By saying “you may be right” you’re acknowledging the other person’s perspective and letting them feel heard and that their opinions and views have worth… all very important in creating and sustaining connections. Will definitely join the 7 day experiment 😊 Thanks for sharing, Pam 💜

  11. Thank You really need today I’m probably been so wrong thinking other people are wrong around me wasting my time been not so nice those galaxy’s show me what waste of our time. Love you Pam!!!

  12. “You may be right!” Boy do I need this! I am dealing with adult children and family drama! I am creating financial freedom and time freedom for myself and I HAVE to let them be right and NOT care so I can just move on with my life!

  13. This is a big one for me Pam. Thank you for the week challenge/gift!
    Starting Michael Singers new book today for my summer read.
    Peace and blessings to you

  14. I just read this and let me tell you I love this a lot. It cuts right through an argument! Thank you Pam and I love thst picture, what is represents is amazing 😄

  15. Hi Pam! I am so grateful for the blip in my galaxy called Pam Grout! Thank you for being you and shining your beautifully bodacious light! Cheers to another magnificently magical and miraculous day!

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