It’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I want to

“I was wise enough never to grow up.”–Margaret Mead

Just so you know, this is not a plea for birthday wishes. I already feel blessed by each and every one of you. I know (except when I occasionally get cranky) that I’m deeply loved and, if anything, I want to give birthday wishes.

Because that’s how it works. When we’re filled up with love, with the truth of who we are, it can’t help but gush over to everyone in our vicinity—even if it’s the vicinity of a blog. I write these posts for one reason. I love to write them. I do it for me.

And, yes, that’s another gravitational rule of life. When you do what you love most in all the world, it brings blessings to you AND spills on to others like an over-running cup.

When I blather on about the largesse of the world, I occasionally hear comments like  “You’re out of your mind.” And I say, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

My mind, as useful as it is, has never delivered much joy. It’s too busy keeping track of stuff, making to-do lists and filing all the reasons I should focus on the human meatball part of myself. But boy, when I get “out of my mind,” all I experience is joy and a beautiful awareness that I am so lucky to have occurred at all.

Today’s Course lesson is “There is nothing to fear.” So my third birthday wish for all of you is this: Get out of your fear-producing mind, recognize the Truth and enjoy a big honking birthday celebration on me. #222 Forever!

 Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

Law of Attraction Strikes Again

“Grace is always right there holding your hand.”—Jim Carrey

This is the bingo card for the Magical Mystery Manifestation Adventure. And, yes, we plan to manifest all these things!!!

When I first wrote E-Squared, when it was still called God Doesn’t Have Bad Hair Days, I had never heard the term Law of Attraction. This was in the early 2000’s before The Secret had become a household word.

I was certainly practicing the Law of Attraction, because well, you can’t NOT practice it. It’d be like trying to defy gravity. I was just coming at it from a different metaphysical angle, using practices I’d learned from Unity. Potato-potatoh!

At all times, we emit an energetic vibration that affects what we pull in from the big cosmic energy field. It may appear that things “just happen,” but, in reality, we constantly attract — to use that terminology — experiences that match our energetic frequency.   

That’s why it’s so important to practice gratitude, to focus on possibilities, to let go of old patterns and beliefs.

When you live on a frequency of trust, when you know that generosity, kindness and goodness is the state of the world, amazing things happen.

Essential to this state of grace is becoming willing to entertain the unknown. That’s not always comfortable–most of us prefer to repeat the past.

But once you really, really get it, when you figure out how much the universe desires to bless you, you begin attracting beautiful things, amazing people, oh-wow experiences.

And you really don’t have to do anything. This is the part that trips people up. Not do anything? But what about all those affirmations? What about my vision board?

Those things are all really fun. But the important component is always your invisible energetic frequency, your state of attraction, so to speak.

I’m at a point in my life and career where I just trust that cool things will come my way. Like I was just invited on a cruise to Portugal on some brand new ship that just debuted.

I don’t really plan these things, per se. I just trust that if my vibrational frequency is focused on gratitude, goodness and blessings, that’s what will show up. It’s classic Law of Attraction. Keep your vibration clear, loving and pure and voila! Awesome sh*t happens!

Recently, a fantastic opportunity landed on my doorstep with none other than The Universe itself.  Or rather the guy — Mike Dooley — who writes the oh-so-inspiring Notes From the Universe.  

He called, we brainstormed a bit and decided that it was time to offer something really exciting, really simple and really fundamental. Call it Law of Attraction 101. Call it Manifesting. Call it fun, fun, fun.

Together, we are offering a 21-day Magical, Mystical Manifestation Adventure.  It’s a three-week experiment, I guess you could say, in recognizing how your vibration pulls various experiences into your sphere.

Loads of opportunities come my way, but this one was a hell yes! because A) we’re going to raise some money for the Taz Grout 222 Foundation and B) because, well, we could all use a little fun right now.

This Adventure, as Mike calls his programs, is light-hearted, joyful and designed to demonstrate that we all have reality-creating superpowers. I do hope you’ll join us. Find out more here.  #222 Forever!!!

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World) that has just been turned into an app. Badass ACIM (

Put down the duckie

“Until you know yourself to be essentially whole, and not the wounded and broken one who needs to be fixed, the true solution to your personal suffering will remain out of reach.”–Gail Brenner

So I was watching a documentary about Sesame Street. In one of the songs, Ernie was futilely attempting to learn to play the saxophone. All he could produce was a sorry-sounding squeak. Hoots, the Owl, finally diagnoses Ernie’s problem and launches into a clever song that I’ve decided to use as my New Year’s resolution: Put down the duckie.

Ernie is unable to play his heart out, to fully join the exuberant band because he refuses to let go of the rubber duckie he has been clutching to his heart.

The “rubber duckie” most of us non-Muppets refuse to surrender are the highly-conditioned thoughts and patterns that make up the ground of our awareness.  

On the top of the list is the suffocating belief that we need to be fixed, that we’re not quite as good at “playing the saxophone” as the next guy. We also believe we must jump through a series of hoops to get there—wherever there is.

But the need to grasp onto that duckie is nothing but the ego’s opinion.  And in 2022, the only voice I’m listening to is the one reverberating in my heart, the one that doesn’t come and go.

So bye-bye duckie!

I also want to announce that the Taz Grout 222 Foundation has finally chosen a candidate for the 2/22/22 award that happens to fall on a Tuesday (2’s day).  As usual, there were SO MANY inspiring ideas. Reading through them all made me pump my fist in the air and hoot, “Shazam!”

People are out there doing amazing things.  The Global Art Project for Peace, for example, pairs artists from around the world. Each creates a work of art (a song, a dance, a painting) that expresses their vision of global peace and goodwill and then every two years in late April the messages are exchanged, with peace circulating across the globe. Artists from more than 97 countries have participated.

Another beautiful candidate helmed by 25-year-old Romanian artist Florentina even has a “spokes-zebra” whose motto is “My stripes may be different, but my heart beats the same.”  I also really liked their “We are all Stardust” t-shirts.

Like always, the winner will be announced on February 22.

In the meantime, East West Bookshop has asked me to do a Pop-up Possibility Posse. It’s on Zoom and, as the notice says, there’s no agenda, no set format…just a fun, high-vibe gathering where you can ask me anything.

My portion of the proceeds will, of course, go to the Taz Grout 222 Foundation.

I’d love to see you there.

So Joyful New Year, my loving, brilliant, inspiring friends. Let’s make this the year we put down the duckie for good. #222 Forever

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World) that has just been turned into an app. Badass ACIM (

When life changes in a literal heartbeat

“There isn’t time — so brief is life — for bickerings, apologies, heartburnings, callings to account. There is only time for loving — and but an instant, so to speak, for that.” — Mark Twain

Every now and then, something comes along that I feel duty bound to shout from the rooftops. Today, my web designer, who already rocked my world when she generously offered to rejuvenate my saggy website, sent me the exact thing I longed to hear—although I didn’t know it.

Google’s logo on 9/22/2011

In exactly two weeks from today, it’ll be Taz’s birthday. She would have been 28. I’ve been thinking about her A LOT. Not just because Google, on the fall Equinox, featured this logo. Or because the new barista at my coffee shop wears a 222 necklace. But because well, it’s coming up on the third year since she so unexpectedly died.  I’ve been a bit mopey.

So I have to cry out in joy (or at least write a blog post) to proclaim that life, no matter how it may appear, always shows up with the very sign or gift you need.

I’d already had that reminder on Wednesday when I was being interviewed by Maejor, a big-time hip hop producer who is currently on a global mission to heal the planet through music. The Grammy-nominated producer (who happens to be 33) discovered that music, when tuned to 432hz, emanates a healing, harmonious energy. Most music is tuned at 440hz, a standard approved by the American Federation of Musicians in 1917. But Mozart and Verdi, who tried to make 432hz official then (complete with signed documentation from physicist Felix Savart, ) tuned their music to 432hz, a frequency that better matches earth’s frequency.

Anyway, Maejor was reading my book, E-Squared. After being diagnosed with leukemia, he decided he could no longer wait to throw his hat into the activism ring. He always figured he’d “serve humanity” when he was older. For now, he was having great success writing tunes for movies, Pepsi commercials and even the Boston Celtics. His diagnosis prompted a sudden pivot. Now was the time to change the frequency.

His messages of positivity didn’t seem to be selling like his earlier songs so he did the Dude Abides experiment asking for a sign. Within the 48 hour-time period, Justin Bieber (I KNOW!) called unexpectedly and invited him on a tour to Japan, one of many synchronicities that further cemented his life-changing mission.

As I said, things can turn around in a heartbeat. My heartbeat moment occurred this morning when the wonderful Ioana Stoica sent me this:  

Love you all to the moon and back. Have the best weekend of your life. #222 Forever

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World) that has just been turned into an app. Badass ACIM (