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A Tale of Two Cities and 2222 Miracles

“On you and me and everything, I bestow my ripe blessings and boisterous bliss.”–Rob Brezsny  

Happy Monday, my gorgeous, fantastically awesome playmates.  

I’ve been somewhat remiss in sharing miracles lately so I’d like to begin with a whopper of a miracle that recently dropped into my inbox.  

A reader was experimenting with the “Money is Nothing But Energy and a Reflection of Your Beliefs” corollary from E-Cubed: AKA: Your New B.F.F.   She described herself as drowning in debt, but decided to try my suggestion of seeding money anyway. 

She said she couldn’t bring herself to use fivers, like Taz and I did in Chicago, but conceded to plant one dollar bills attached with notes of abundance and joy.

I’m sure you can guess what I’m about to say. Soon thereafter, she received a completely unexpected check for $7000, a huge help in planning her wedding.

As the Course so clearly promises, by giving what we most want, we prove that it is ours.

Speaking of the Course, my dear mighty companion, Alberto Agraso, who illustrated the Manifesting Scavenger Hunt map for the 10-year-anniversary edition of E-Squared, has just come out with a beautifully illustrated book of the workbook lessons in A Course in Miracles.

If you thought my ACIM book made it easy to get the lessons, this is EVEN BETTER. I just ordered a copy in Spanish for a friend who, like me, is duo-lingoing the heck out of espanol.

Which brings me to the tale of the two cities. On Wednesday, I’m flying to Spain to spend the summer in Cadiz which is yet another miracle.

I woke up one morning a few weeks ago and found a sticker Taz had made that said, “Say Yes.” It was just innocently lying on the carpet. How it got there is beyond my paygrade.

Anyway, I opened my computer later that day to find an invitation from the one and only Alberto offering his apartment…on the ocean…in Spain…for the summer.

Needless to say, I took Taz’s advice and “Said yes.”

So take this post as your sign that miracles are all around you. Simply drop the old story of lack and separation and open your mind to all the beauty, possibilities and love that the universe so desperately wants to bestow.  

#222 Forever!      

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World)

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  1. It’s always an Amazingly Awesome Day when there is an email from Pam Grout in the in-box!
    Congrats on the 10 year anniversary of E2! I will always be Gloriously Grateful for finding you and your books, back in 2013! Life changing GOODNESS!

    I would like to ask all the lovely folks in this community to envision our Little Erin doggie back home…safe, sound, happy, healthy, and adorable as ever. She ran off on 6/30. No need to reply or comment, just please send some great energy her way. Thank you all!

    Pam, I wish you Extraordinary Epicness in Spain. Enjoy each moment!

  2. “How it got there is beyond my paygrade.” Loved how Pam framed the sentence, it reflects her wisdom, humility and most importantly her uncanny sense of humor.

  3. This message reaches me in the perfect moment. Could anyone please say more about seeding 5’s vs 1’s? I have yet to read E cubed, but this will catalyze me ordering it.
    A huge thank you for radiating your light, and have a great Summer in Spain!

  4. WOW, PAM!!! Great allowing in the GOODNESS.
    I looked up things to do in your new Abode this summer . Cadiz Museum is inspiring. All the best for inspired writing, breathing in salty air. So many new friends to be made, cool things to do. Congratulations for manifesting so very beautifully. Your loving heart keeps expanding other people’s worlds.
    I am the filmmaker. Loving community, thank you for envisioning Keanu Reeves signing. We are approaching him next week for our uplifting, joyous romcom.

  5. Thank you for the constant reminders! Have a blast in Spain, keep the miracles coming. Deepest gratitude for you!

  6. What a beautiful story about the little note from Taz ❤️so happy for you! Enjoy Spain – bloody hot in Europe at the moment though 😉xxx

  7. Thank you Pam!!! You continue to be my ‘guiding light’
    Have a wonderful summer in Spain,

  8. Thank you and enjoy Cadiz . Maravilloso.
    Y espero comprar el libro en Español
    Gracias infinitas
    Amor y Luz

  9. I’m currently walking another camino de santiago (this time the northern route); thanks for your reminder re abundance…have fun in cadiz! Buen camino x 😌🙏

  10. I’m so thrilled (and maybe a little jealous!) that you’re spending the summer in Cadiz. Enjoy, Pam. You give me so much joy with your emails, you deserve some joy in return.

    I don’t know how to crawl out of this dark hole I’m in. So I want to take your advice and test the Universe out. I hope something comes of it.

    Happy Summer,

  11. Your books have shown me that the Big Guy is always listening to me. Your experiments have proven it to me many times. I am going to manifest funds for getting my childhood home back.

  12. I love these miracle stories! Yes! And I love and am grateful for the reminder you shared from ACIM that “by giving what we most want we prove that it is ours.” I ‘got it’ then in a way I never have before so thank you for this reminder. I’m excited to ‘go seeding’ love, money and joy here, there and everywhere! 🥳 Have a splendiferous time in Spain thanks to Alberto’s gift and Taz’s ‘say yes’ sticker appearing magically at the perfect moment, and thank you for your delightfully uplifting and encouraging posts Pam. You rock, and it’s such fun rocking along with you! 😁🏖️💰🎁🎈💌
    PS the illustrated Course in Miracles workbook sounds kind of mind blowing. I look forward to checking it out 🦋🍄🌏

  13. On behalf of Alberto and I, have a fantastic time in Cadiz, and THANK YOU for your abundant and generous spirit. Un abrazo muy grande!

  14. Thank you!! What beautiful miracles are all around us! Have an amazing time in Spain!
    I was wondering, I’m documenting my E-squared journey on my social media accounts and it is so incredible!!! Although it hasn’t gone viral (yet😅), I have random people reaching out asking me questions and for more information! It’s so awesome! I have looked for your social media accounts everywhere but can’t seem to find so I can tag you and people can get more information. Are you on IG, Facebook or TikTok?
    If not no worries, I would just love to spread your teachings as far as my butterfly effect 🦋 can go!

  15. Dear Pam
    I have 7 as my happy number
    My circle of. Umbers 2, 20, 22,
    My three children
    10 cents I find is for my friend whose so died,
    I want to say travelled to another planet
    See you later
    Thank you Pam
    Your friendly neighbour to the north

  16. Hope you have an amazingly awesome summer in beautiful Cadiz, Pam!!! 🌺🦋🏖😎🥰

  17. I too am Duolinging the hell out of Espagnol as my daughter has lived on the island of Mallorca for ten years now and is pretty well fluent. I am so proud of her! The book looks fabulous!

  18. Hey everyone! Yesterday afternoon, our doggie came back!!! After 10 days of being missing and gone, someone finally found her and returned her. She came back safe, sound, happy, healthy, and as adorable as ever! Relief, gratitude, delight!
    I wish a magical miracle manifestation for each of you!

    1. Oh that’s such wonderful news Pamela Joy! I’m so happy for you! Thank you so much for letting us know. And amen to magical manifestations for each of us – may they surprise and delight us all! 🥳

      1. Perfect phrasing. Amen to the miracle manifestations. May they arrive abundantly for all.

  19. Thank you Pam! I always look forward to your emails. They set me right back on track. Have a wonderful time in Spain ❤️

  20. Truly beautiful 🥰🥰🥰
    De pronto yo también manifesto un viaja a España y allí nos veremos 😀🥰

  21. Oh Pam, I was in Cadiz in April and it was love at first sight. This place is everything magical. There’s a painting in the museum by Francisco Rizzo from the 1600s that made me cry. Have a wonderful time! I can’t wait to go back!

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