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Wonderful beyond imagination

“It is quite possible to leave your home for a walk in the early morning and return a different person—beguiled and enchanted.”—Mary Ellen Chase  

One of my favorite things about traveling is that I don’t have a car.

Here in Cadiz, I take long walks beside the beach. To the market. Through the park.  

Walking opens up a bigger world than the one allowed through the modern lens of seeing.

It reaches beyond our normal habits of zooming by, minds awhirl, barely noticing life’s countless gifts. In a car, I’d never see the neon pink hibiscus, the lime green parrots flitting in and out of palm trees, the gleeful children chasing seagulls.

When you walk, life extends beyond its normal constraints. It seems rife with possibility, infected with infinity.  

Which also happens to be the intention of my writing, both here on the blog and in my books.

As many of you may know, today, August 1, is the debut of the 10-year-anniversary of E-Squared. It was my 16th book, but the first to fly off into the stratosphere, having, at last count, been translated into 40 some languages.  

Although I’ll never know for sure which powerful genie took that book under its watchful care, I often credited it to the affirmation I etched into the beach on Tybee Island, Georgia.

On New Years Eve 2012, one month before it debuted, I wrote with a big stick in the sand: E-Squared will be an international bestseller. And then I let the waves take it out into the universe.  

This morning, as the sun was rising here in Cadiz, I took another big stick and wrote yet another beach affirmation. This one said: E-Squared=Peace and Freedom for All.

That’s my highest hope. That it will open new possibilities, that it will shift the balance of the world from separation and limitation towards authentic freedom and love. In other words, towards who we really are.

Some of you asked about the E-Squared Pop-up Party being curated by the inimitable Lisa Natoli.

Here’s the scoop from the email she sent out to her pals:  

I am a Pam Grout super-fan – and I recently heard that her book E-Squared has been updated with a 10-year anniversary edition. I GOT ALL EXCITED!!  

I did all 9 of the experiments 10 years ago when the book first came out and every day and every experiment was mind-blowing and magical.   

It was like being a kid again. It’s a very playful book and it will bring you back to being a child again.   

So when I heard that there was an updated version, I knew I wanted to do these 9 experiments again.   

My initial idea was that I would do it by myself. I love reading and it was just going to be my own private book study.   

But then I thought: WHY NOT INVITE OTHERS TO JOIN?????    Why not create a book study group??   

Why not throw a party??   

So I have created a pop-up Facebook group for the month of August 2023 for the Pam Grout E-Squared book.   

It’s free. It’s private. But you do need to be on Facebook. And you do need a copy of the book or the audio version.   

Pop-up means this is a temporary group – it will be up for the month of August – it’s a place for us to share our experiences with Pam’s book.   


If that’s you … come join me and others on Facebook.    Here is the link to request to joinhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/pamgrout

All my love to you,


So you are officially invited to join the party. But most of all, I want you to know, I remain forever grateful and overjoyed to be part of the extraordinary awakening happening right here on Planet Earth.  

#222 Forever!    

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World)

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  1. 10 YEARS!! THAT WENT BY SO FAST’!!!!It feels like just yesterday i was seeing all the orange cars!!! I’m going to take a walk about.!!! See the world in a different way..just wanted to say Thank you for all you do!!!

  2. Thank you SO MUCH Pam, for sharing Lisa’s FB link. I was also going to re-read E-Squared and do the experiments again BUT it’s so awesome to know I won’t be doing them alone this time. I’ll have others to share the fun and inspiration with! ~*~*222 Forever*~*~

  3. Peace, freedom and hedgehog joy to all on this planet and the entire universe! Have an awesome month, friends!

  4. This is gonna be so much FUN!
    I wish everyone a day, week, month, year, and life full of glorious goodness!

  5. Pam!!!
    (Hedgehogs abound!! I mean, they are all over-on clothing, book covers, my “grands’” toys, lol!!)
    I sooooo connect to the “travel-no vehicle!” When this Jersey Girl goes to the Jersey Shore, the car is parked and doesn’t move until it is time to head back. Walking, biking, and occasionally skipping gets me where I am going!! Coins, seashells, stones, flowers, birds, dragonflies-joyful overload!!!! Sounds and scents, too!!
    E-Squared was my introduction to YOU!!! I am so excited for all now and ahead!!!!!

  6. Happy Hedgehog Day! What a glorious day as it is also our sons 66th birthday!
    I’m buying the revised edition of E-Squared as I gave my original 5 copies to friends. At the moment I’m enjoying ACIM by you – most days bring a giggle to me.
    Time to celebrate ……222 – forever. Love you Pam and all you friends out there.

  7. Walking yes! I can’t count the number of times I have said “good things always happen on dog walks” (which happened every single day and sometimes twice a day). E-squared rocked my world! This is always my go-to recommendation book when somebody is starting out on their positive thinking, manifesting journey.

  8. I just had to come and say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
    I joined the Facebook group and will go get my book from the library from other side of the town.
    I have been moving with E-Bike since 2018 and I really can see all the amazing stuff and smell the amazing scents. 😍🦋💝
    I sometimes just laugh out loud how much the peeps in their cars are missing out 😂😂😂🤩🤣
    I love You, Pam 🦋🩵🦋
    With Pure Love and Joy, Teija and Pelonteet 🦋💟🦋
    And Happy Hedgehog Day! 💝🦋💝

  9. Peace and freedom for all. Wouldn’t that be amazing? May your beach affirmation be just as successful this time as last time so that in the days to come we will all be living in peace, freedom and joy, sharing in the beauty and abundance of this wonderful planet, free from fear and filled with love for life and each other. Amen! Thank you Pam for your part in helping to make this happen. 💜💖🦋🌷🦋💖💜
    PS and happy anniversary!! 🎉🎈🥳

  10. Dear Pam, your book E2 has brought me a lot of joy. It’s been ten years, feels only like a few months ago, max. I remember being successful at the Cup of Coffee and a certain color of car experiment. I also realized after reading about a lady who was upset about transportation and did not see the bus right next to her that how many times in life it has happened to me, that what I needed at the moment was right there, yet I did not see it, could not realize it. Now a days when I need something, I talk out loud such as ‘ alright, where are you (whatever I need), where are you hiding in plain sight? Make yourself visible now please ‘. It is so easy to lose that feeling that whatever you need is already there, that’s why we get amazed by ‘miracles’ which are just our birth rights waiting to be claimed by us.

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