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Raising a holy hallelujah!

“Everything’s miraculous if my heart is open enough and I’m present enough to receive it.”- Mark Nepo

It’s official. I have the most generous, open-hearted (not to mention stunningly attractive) readers in the entire known universe. I posted a tiny notice on FB and Instagram about the 10-year-anniversary edition of E-Squared that debuts in six days and wow! Just wow!

I mentioned that I’m on what I’m calling a “book tour” which technically means I’m posting a few photos of me holding the new book while sipping cappuccinos and walking along a two-mile beach in Cadiz, Spain.  

It totally fits with my intention that my real “work” is to embrace bewilderment and wonder. To prove that by undoing unconscious conventions that push me towards productivity and speed, I can find true contentment and meaning.

So far, my “book tour” is getting lots of praise. People on social media have been showering me with compliments:  evidently E-Squared was a game changer for an awful lot of folks. Many claimed it was their favorite book of all times. So, yes, if I appear red-faced in my “book tour” photos, it’s not because I failed to apply sunscreen. It’s because I’m seriously blushing to think my words have changed so many lives.

Some people even included manifesting stories from when they were doing the experiments in E-Squared. Like manifesting $100 bills or a brand-new house or thinking about scones and clotted cream and suddenly spotting a British flag and grocery store in the most unlikely location of Grapevine, Texas.

My dear friend Lisa Natoli is planning a pop-up Facebook group for posting miracles and stories from the new tome.

So anyway, I’m sheepishly gratified and super excited to hear about all the new miracles that await readers of this updated 10-year-anniversary edition. Besides a new forward, written by moi, it includes a brand spanking new manifesting scavenger hunt complete with treasure map created by mystical artist, Alberto Agraso. He and his amazing wife, Mony, are the ones who so kindly offered this incredible opportunity to spend the summer in the south of Spain where I almost hesitate to add ocean breezes create average high temps in the mid-70’s.

So miracles are afoot, my friends!

I love and adore you all so much and am so grateful for your continuing kindness and belief in me.

#222 Forever!

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World)

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  1. Wow Pam that is amazing, I didn’t know it was 10 years and again amazing! Congrats and will get my book out and start manifesting again!!! 🥰

  2. Well, count me in with the group of people whose whole lives were changed entirely after reading E-Squared. The trajectory of my life was forever changed. Having read many books on manifesting and engaging the Universe in my daily life, I never expected those nine experiments would dramatically impact my life, but it happened.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Pam, for everything you do to encourage and inspire us. And thanks for mentioning my E-Squared experience in Thank and Grow Rich. It is my continued passion to share your work with the world.

    Congrats on the re-issue of E-Squared! Well-deserved success!

    Love, only love,

  3. I love this! I will be ordering the 10-year anniversary edition (I loved the first one but want to read every new word!). And–part of what is happening for me is that my lifedream of having a book published is happening in April of 2024, and I will be borrowing your idea about a photo book tour. I love this idea and love your work–you have inspired me many times over the years and my life is filled with magic and miracles as a result. (My book, Journey to Everland Bay, which will be available at some point for preoder), is filled with magic, visualization and manifestation!). –with thanks, Lynne Shaner

  4. Hearing all this lovely news makes my heart soar! Anything is possible! Thank you for sharing your abundant and magnificent journey❣️☮️💕

  5. Pam, I love your books and I have them all. I already have the original E-Squared. However, I see there is a new scavenger hunt in this 10 year anniv edition. Do I have to re-purchase the book in order to get the scavenger hunt? It the “hunt” available for purchase separately? Thanks in advance

    1. The Manifesting Scavenger Hunt is an added bonus for the new book. There’s also a new forward, but they won’t be sold separately.

  6. Shining your light back to you, Pam! You’ve helped so many! We love and appreciate you so very much. Enjoy the salty fresh air, cool breezes and tapas too!

  7. I am so glad you are having so much fun and enjoying every moment of your book tour. I love that you are doing it your way (as you are so good at doing and role modeling for us).
    I am one of the very many that had my life changed and upgraded by E2, and I have been enjoying the benefits every since.
    You, Pam Grout, deserve all the glorious goodness that you have given to all of us, comin’ right back atcha!
    Pamela Joy

  8. I am calling my local bookshop (Maria’s…where I took you and Jim!) to order my new copy, right now!

  9. Can’t wait to get the new edition and go on that miraculous scavenger hunt 🙂. I do LOVE a treasure hunt 💖🤩

  10. I loved the first edition of this book and love you, Pam. So delighted with how you are conducting your book tour. ow will we know when Lisa has the FB group up for miracles? XOXOXO

    1. Hi Karen! I sing your “Amazingly Awesome” song every morning, as I stretch before getting out of bed!
      Thank you so much!

  11. I pre ordered the book and can’t wait!! The first book was exciting and I can hardly wait for the scavenger hunt in the new book. Thanks Pam. Love you!! 222
    Michele Carter 🙂

  12. My favourite book of all time too💗 Can’t wait to receive my new copy.👏👏 Thank You Pam🙏 Sending love and gratitude always😘

  13. Congratulations Pam! what you have accomplished by teaching others how to do what you did… is really generous. I can tell you my mother devoured E squared and loved it, she’s 89… It’s interesting to notice that basically women are commenting on this blog, may everyone learn from you gals, more power to you 🙂

  14. We love and adore you too dear Pam! You are my favourite ‘spiritual blogger’ and your books and writings help me stay inspired, and help me to keep believing in endless possibilities, even when that feels impossible. I love your version of a book tour (so fun, just like you!) and I also love that it fits with your desire to prove that “by undoing unconscious conventions that push us toward speed and productivity we can find true contentment and meaning.” A big YES to that. Congrats on the 10 year anniversary of E Squared and thank you for writing it in the first place! Happy Book Touring Pam! 🥳📕🏖️📘☕️🎉

  15. I highly recommend experiencing some sort of flamenco performance before leaving Cádiz (if you haven´t before), as well as tasting the ¨ortiguillas¨ at a restaurant called ¨Balandro¨. Delicious, and not common in other parts of the country!!! 🙂

  16. Having been a devoted fan of your spritual (and funny) insights, I will most certainly buy the revamped version of your book. Thanks so much for your wisdom and the love you are spreading across the world! ❤️😘💫

  17. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I thank you for E-squared AND for The Course in Miracles Experiment. Both of these books have helped shape my thinking during the day and change my world for the better. I manifested $35,000 to finish converting my commercial van into a camper and enjoyed 2 months traveling across this beautiful country. Mostly, I love how just listening to the books being read while I drive change my mindset. Now I am manifesting meeting you in person.
    Namaste baby!!!!

  18. No question for me. E-squared was a game-changer for me. Thank you so much, Pam Grout! I may have to buy the new edition to go to another level of manifesting!!!

  19. E-Squared is one of the funniest books I have ever read, in addition to being super uplifting!!!

  20. Hello Pam
    Wanted to let you know your E-Squared helped me through my breast cancer diagnosis. That was 7 years ago. I attribute your book with helping me to manifest wellness and here I am 7 years later working and living a healthy life. Thank you you have no idea how much I relied on your words.

  21. High five to your intentions being your living truth Pam!! I’m liking your pace. Everything can be done with ease .
    Your E-Squared ideas have helped every step of the way with my feature rom com with multicultural harmony angles. We continue to attract one more, then three more uplifting people in crew or actors…..the ball is rolling toward production for Christmas release.
    For the fun of it, I share a 2.5 minute showreel of my co-producer who came to me by a meeting on a plane with a friend. He has opened the back door to Hollywood and now the NBA are on board. http://www.jeffolm.com/showreel
    Jeff has participated in over 130 top films such as Titanic, Harry Potter, The Revenant and now OURS that I wrote. I say ours because this community lifts me up to be my best self which includes writing.
    Kreista Grace

  22. I woke up to day to read my lesson of the Course experiment, and felt really amazed at all the ways in which you express the truths in it Pam, in an incredibly creative manner, with humor, citing amazing nuggets of wisdom, and then presenting these little “packages” to us the readers to incorporate into our lives —little shortcuts out of the maze. It must be an incredible feeling to know you have helped so many. I am sure you get a lot of this kind of message, but could not pass the opportunity. How cool is knowing you probably will read these words?

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