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Bursting with possibilities

The things we believe carry a charge.”—Rick Rubin  

Joyous 222nd day of the year. I’m still in Spain on my ‘book tour’ and my sister is here for a week before commencing a trek on the Camino de Santiago.  

Yesterday, we visited two archaeology museums, one showing the ancient Roman Theater I mentioned a couple blog posts ago and the other, the site of a Phoenician settlement from roughly 1100 B.C. Both were fabulous.  

Archaeologists at the Phoenician site, because they’re only able to excavate a small section, are unable to determine a lot of important facts. Yes, they can tell the age of the pottery shards and the bones, but they can’t even begin to speculate about population size, for example. There’s simply not enough data.  

Which is how I feel about any assumption or judgment I might be tempted to make. I don’t have enough data to accurately know that so and so is “wrong.”  Or that such and such shouldn’t have happened.  

In our human minds, we often conclude we have everything figured out, that we know exactly how things should be. But never do we have all the “facts.”  

The only “fact” we can absolutely know for sure is that the Universe, the Dude is going to show up with amazing, beautiful, perfect gifts.

If—and this is key–we don’t block it with erroneous assumptions we’ve made from the tiny section of life we have so far let into our awareness.  

Whenever we judge, whenever we resist, whatever we think we have figured out is never the whole picture.

All we can ever really know is that, when it comes to the Dude, peace, joy, freedom and love will always be the only items on the menu.  On that, we can depend.  

#222 Forever!  

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World)

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  1. Facts are overrated. I remember accidentally impaling my foot when I was a child. The doctor said two of my toes would be paralyzed forever because nerves were severed. I was simply too stubborn to accept that ‘fact’ and told him I would just grow some new nerves. He said it was impossible.

    I am wiggling my toes right now. It only took me a few months. To anyone that’s being told to ‘face the stone cold facts.’ Just be stubborn and grow some new facts you prefer instead.

    1. Wow!! That’s so cool!! Good on you for believing in yourself and ignoring what the ‘expert’ believed was true. You proved that the ‘impossible’ can be possible if we BELIEVE! Yes! And I just love this idea of yours – “be stubborn and grow some new facts you prefer instead.” Brilliant! Thank you for sharing your ‘miracle’ story with us Eva-Lynn. 🥳🦋💜

  2. OMG!! I LOVE the new book! I can’t put it down! Best Ever! I am so excited about my new life! I can’t wait for all the new found peace, joy, freedom and love that are flying at me! Thank you for your amazing insight and way with words!

  3. I was amazed when I did the experiments in E2 – and ended up buying many copies for my friends. I do find ‘old ways’ get in the way but I’m working on that! Glad you’re having as great time in Spain. If you would like a change come to Torre del Mar – my little Spanish Paradise! Best wishes for everything you do in the future.

  4. Thank you once again for the perfect showing up for the moment! It never fails!!!
    I’m loving doing E 2 again…What a GIANT Blessing it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Always Love,

  5. What a wonderful post, as always, inspiring, joyful and beautiful x Thank you Pam you are utterly amazing x x Enjoy your time with your family x
    Di xx

  6. The Dude’s menu sounds delicious to me! 😁 Thank you for another inspiring post, and for the photos you’re sharing from your trip. It sounds – and looks – like you’re having a fabulous time. Blessings galore and more to you dear Pam! 🥳🌷💜

  7. This couldn’t be a more timely post. Today, the part of my psyche that criticizes, picks on mistakes, etc.. ,whom I call Miss Pickems, the Old School teacher in my head, was picking at me for every mistake I made. You didn’t do this right, you goofed at this, wrong, wrong wrong. I saw this and, yes, the Universe is glorious and I have been listening to Miss Pickems again. Your post is inspiring, and miraculously on time. Love it, as always.

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