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Law of Attraction Strikes Again

“Grace is always right there holding your hand.”—Jim Carrey

This is the bingo card for the Magical Mystery Manifestation Adventure. And, yes, we plan to manifest all these things!!!

When I first wrote E-Squared, when it was still called God Doesn’t Have Bad Hair Days, I had never heard the term Law of Attraction. This was in the early 2000’s before The Secret had become a household word.

I was certainly practicing the Law of Attraction, because well, you can’t NOT practice it. It’d be like trying to defy gravity. I was just coming at it from a different metaphysical angle, using practices I’d learned from Unity. Potato-potatoh!

At all times, we emit an energetic vibration that affects what we pull in from the big cosmic energy field. It may appear that things “just happen,” but, in reality, we constantly attract — to use that terminology — experiences that match our energetic frequency.   

That’s why it’s so important to practice gratitude, to focus on possibilities, to let go of old patterns and beliefs.

When you live on a frequency of trust, when you know that generosity, kindness and goodness is the state of the world, amazing things happen.

Essential to this state of grace is becoming willing to entertain the unknown. That’s not always comfortable–most of us prefer to repeat the past.

But once you really, really get it, when you figure out how much the universe desires to bless you, you begin attracting beautiful things, amazing people, oh-wow experiences.

And you really don’t have to do anything. This is the part that trips people up. Not do anything? But what about all those affirmations? What about my vision board?

Those things are all really fun. But the important component is always your invisible energetic frequency, your state of attraction, so to speak.

I’m at a point in my life and career where I just trust that cool things will come my way. Like I was just invited on a cruise to Portugal on some brand new ship that just debuted.

I don’t really plan these things, per se. I just trust that if my vibrational frequency is focused on gratitude, goodness and blessings, that’s what will show up. It’s classic Law of Attraction. Keep your vibration clear, loving and pure and voila! Awesome sh*t happens!

Recently, a fantastic opportunity landed on my doorstep with none other than The Universe itself.  Or rather the guy — Mike Dooley — who writes the oh-so-inspiring Notes From the Universe.  

He called, we brainstormed a bit and decided that it was time to offer something really exciting, really simple and really fundamental. Call it Law of Attraction 101. Call it Manifesting. Call it fun, fun, fun.

Together, we are offering a 21-day Magical, Mystical Manifestation Adventure.  It’s a three-week experiment, I guess you could say, in recognizing how your vibration pulls various experiences into your sphere.

Loads of opportunities come my way, but this one was a hell yes! because A) we’re going to raise some money for the Taz Grout 222 Foundation and B) because, well, we could all use a little fun right now.

This Adventure, as Mike calls his programs, is light-hearted, joyful and designed to demonstrate that we all have reality-creating superpowers. I do hope you’ll join us. Find out more here.  #222 Forever!!!

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World) that has just been turned into an app. Badass ACIM (badass-acim.com)

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  1. Thank you so much, Pam, for sharing another wonderful post. Just for the record, it’s easy to feel the “heart” with which you offer these insights.
    I was interested in the Law of Attraction for many years; but I had an incorrect perspective that hindered some of the results. I’ve found this far easier to explain when people can grasp that they have a deeper dimension of Self, beyond name and form. It is that “person” that often gets in the way of manifesting the good life that is eager and willing to come to us! 🙏

    1. So true! It’s not about doing at all. And, as I said in this post, that trips people up. When you try to DO too much, you actually cement in old patterns. I always appreciate your brilliant insight, my friend!

      1. Pam, you are so amazing! Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your writing. Several years ago (before I had a deeper understanding), I still “knew” that the law of attraction made sense–even from a practical point of view. Your books, E Squared, E-Cubed, really helped! Bless you!

    1. Hi again, Kate. I just heard from TUT headquarters that the coupon code is listed for those who might have a coupon. If you don’t (like me), just ignore that part. Hope that helps!!!

      1. Help! I cannot check out without a coupon code. Is it because I am on a Mac? Tried Safari and Chrome. Could you please send me a way to buy this directly?

      2. I am not able to check out without a coupon code. The system will not progress without a coupon code. Please send me a coupon code so I can check out.. OR please let me know how I can sign up another way.

      3. Hi Kate–I’ve been told to just ignore that line or section (not sure how it looks) and you should be able to check out. Let me know.

      4. I cannot check out without a coupon code. I tried to ignore it but the system would not progress to the checkout. It kept asking for a coupon code. Please let me know if there is an alternative way to sign up for this class. Thank you

  2. Yay! I already signed up this morning, the moment I saw it in my Notes From The Universe email!
    So excited!!!

  3. I love hearing from you. So many things in my life are just beautiful. I am so lucky.
    There are things that are messy and protracted, too, though (I am mid-divorce), and I don’t really know how to shift situations like that.
    I am grateful for the Court Clerks, for the orders we have so far, for the judge we had, for spaces in between having to deal with this… but I don’t know how to shift into the vibration of recieving child support and obeyed court orders from my husband.
    I clearly know what my intention for our daughter is, and the parts of nurturing and providing for her that appear to me to be just on me… that’s all pretty lovely.

    But how can I consciously create the parts that seem to require the opt in or participation of my husband?
    I can’t get her her passport without his participation, even with the Court Orders saying he is now obligated to provide information.
    What do we do when what we need to create requires a co-creation partner who isn’t into it?

    I need either the child support, or a MASSIVE– so massive it would be magical– new capacity to create financial abundance for us, ASAP. I am totally willing to have the new financial abundance come from me– I have been the only financially supporting parent for her whole life.

    I just love this daughter of mine. She’s great. She’s totally starting to win opportunities due to her talents and passions, and I want to show up able to write the cheques that make what she’s already doing, what she’s creating for herself, flow smoothly into her life.

    It’s exhausting. I don’t know which thing to give my attention to first.

    How do we create when our own energy feels low ebb, and just coasting, even when it’s pleasant, but we need to move mountains?

    How do we get to that internal clarity that gives us a laser like focus on the most joyful and wholesome outcome for everyone?

    How can we remain in, or shift back into, creating from a powerful place of joy, when stuck in a grinding, adversarial systemic thing that just hurts?

    I am scared, and scared I will set the universe in motion to create my fears for me, instead of my dreams for us.

    What’s the best way to get up over this kind of situation?

    1. I always go back to the simplest of answers. All that you describe is happening now. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. You can put less attention on that reality and put more attention on all you’re grateful for. Your beautiful daughter, for one thing. What a gift. We really don’t know what tomorrow will bring but since we put all our attention on what appears now, we weight tomorrow’s reality to duplicate that. It IS possible to step into a completely different reality–it can happen at any time. Gratitude, for me, is always the portal. Hope this helps. I send you light!!! Bright shiny light!!

  4. Love the post,Pam. I read E-Squared many years ago, around the same timanlo.gra@comcast.nete I signed up for the “Notes from the Universe” and became familiar with Mike Dooley’s message. Over the past 7 years, both of you helped me manifest so many wonderful experiences -such as move through a difficult to an amicable divorce, meet and marry a wonderful man; choose an elective surgery that improved the quality of my life, find a new home that we loved and that was close to all of our children and grandchildren. The workshop with you and Mike is sure to be fantastic!

  5. Unable to sign up.
    We have no coupon code.
    Their site does not allow me to leave that question unanswered.
    It stops the whole sign up process.

    1. Okay, so I was told that the coupon code is just for people who might happen to have one — a coupon code. If you don’t have one, just skip that part and it should be fine. Give it a try and let me know. Thanks!!!

  6. I don’t use online to purchase anything. Can I send a cheque to someone? I really love your posts Pam and sharing life with you.

  7. I’m in, very excited! I’m going to involve the whole family and have some fun with it.

    Thanks Pam!

  8. I think THIS is the magic I’ve been trying to manifest most recently! Thank you, and thank ALICE (my name for the Universe — stands for A. Loving. Intelligent. Conscious. Energy) for co-creating it and offering it!

    Your heart, your books, and your events have inspired me more than I can find the words to tell you so!

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