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Staying present to reality

“The whole universe stands on tiptoe waiting to assist you in miraculous and amazing manifestations.” –Constance Arnold

I’m sure nobody but my editor noticed that I deleted one of the paragraphs about Barbra Streisand in the anniversary edition of E-Squared.

In version one, I mentioned that her intentions to be a glamorous movie star were SO STRONG that she, with her unconventional looks, had little choice but to manifest a voice powerful enough to lead her to stardom on Broadway and eventually the movies.

Yesterday, I heard an interview with the multi-hyphenate superstar where she basically said the exact same thing.

“Thoughts transcend matter,” she told Robert Rodriguez when he asked how she could possibly have achieved all she has over six decades. “With a strong enough will, you can manifest anything.”

“People wonder how I can hold notes for as long as I do,” she said. “I will it to happen. Like the Goethe quote says, ‘at the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to work with you.’”

She also mentioned that she gets very quiet and listens, that she tunes in to what feels right.

What feels right to me these days is exactly that–to be very quiet, to erase all ideas I learned about what is and isn’t possible. And especially to walk away from fear.

Fear is rearing its head across the planet. Everyone is dividing up, taking sides, casting blame.

We humans are capable of such atrocity. But we’re also capable of such love, such beauty, such creativity, such light. And since, as Barbra pointed out, thoughts transcend matter, I’m putting all my thoughts and energy into love only love and the life force that holds the infinite.

Any other thought is wasted distraction.

#222 Forever

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World)

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  1. Pam, Wow, I truly first time responding to your beautiful messages and love this story about Barbara down to truthfulness and compassion within each of us. Thanking you and everyone in our world with Peace and Love.

  2. Hi Pam – I hope you enjoy the book that I sent you and as usual, I agree so wholeheartedly with your post. The most challenging part about writing the new and improved stories for humanity is our challenge in moving beyond appearances with a 24/7 news media that knows they can capture more eyeballs with horror than happiness. When you are constantly being told how horrible everything is, it is very challenging for most people to give their attention and energy to imagining and having any faith in the world of love and compassion and balance that exists all around us. I lovingly agree thoughts transcend matter, and I too am “putting all my thoughts and energy into love only love and the life force that holds the infinite.” Much thanks for all the PositiVibes you are always beaming out to the Universe. We got this, a new world is being born.

  3. Thank you. I have been a mostly positive, grateful, happy person for the bigger part of my 80 trips around the sun but after reading E squared, E cubed and Thank and get rich I have taken it to the next level. It’s not about the “stuff”, it’s absolutely about love and joy. I thank and appreciate all “my stuff” for being in this form for me to use while in this “time-space reality”.

  4. Your words are so true, so soothing and so very important, dear Pam. I have a vision in my mind and heart – as a yoga teacher 🙂 – “The OMMMMMM that lit up the world.” When the vibration of all the love comes together, we can accomplish anything. See it. Feel it. Know it. Thank you soooo much for the peace and love and magic you share. Much love, Maureen in Birch Bay, Washington

  5. Thank you dear Pam. Perfect timing. Thank you for the reminder that whilst we may be capable of dreadful things we are also capable of wonderful, delightful, love-filled, magical things, and that love is what the world needs right now. Here’s to transcending matter with powerful thoughts of love and peace, that we may all light up the world with our love. ⭐️💛

  6. Dear Pam
    Thank you for this powerful message
    Everyone needs to remember this!
    Why did you take that out on the new addition? I was a personal fitness trainer for Barbara for a week. When she stayed at a hiking Spa/retreat center I was working at in the Santa Cruz mountains. She is a powerful cool goddess ❣️
    Sending you love and hugs 🤗
    Hope you had a fabulous time in Roma!!

  7. Thank you so much for this powerful words. I should read it every day. It changes my Future. Hugs Heidi
    (Big Pam Fan from Switzerland😃)

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