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Override the programming

“Each of us should allow our mind energy to strengthen and expand, not keep it imprisoned within the confinement of limited beliefs.”—Betty Shine

So I’m going to tell you a story that was relayed to me. After you read it, I simply ask that you notice your reaction.

It’s about a woman who needed an extra $83 to pay a bill that was due in four days.

She wasn’t sure where the money would come from, but she knew, as I often like to say, about the power of a wealthy universal benefactor.

She put out the request for the extra moolah and felt immediately called to go to her own bookshelf and open a particular book. It fell open to page 36 where, a crisp $20 bill was lodged. Hmm, she thought.

The next day, a different book beckoned, again from her same home library. She opened it to the second chapter where another $20 bill was being used as a bookmark.

I don’t know what stopped her from immediately going through every book in her possession, but she didn’t until the next day, when a completely different book came to mind. It, too, contained a $20 bill.

The next day, same thing. Later that day, she opened her front door and there on her welcome mat were three one-dollar bills.

So notice. Does this story sound way too far-fetched?  Are you scratching your head and thinking, as many admittedly do, that this Pam Grout girl is plum cuckoo?

Well, that reaction is a snapshot of your reigning belief system. We all have one. The limits of what we think are possible. We’re all programmed by our culture, our families, our religions to believe certain things can happen and others cannot. This programming is especially prevalent when it comes to money. We’re taught there’s only a couple ways to get it.

If we can’t perceive something to be possible–guess what?–our little ole’ brains will be unable to see that thing happening. Even while it’s happening all around us.

Let’s take visible light as one small example. Visible light makes up just 0.0035 of the electromagnetic spectrum. That means, even if your belief system is wide open, you still can’t see much of what’s really happening.  The energy all around you is more or less invisible.

Compound that with the fact that our belief system, often centered around fear and protecting the body, blocks even more potential. What we “experience” constitutes an oh-so tiny band of frequency.

Right now, with so many fear-based stories floating around in the ether, I, for one, am recommitting to overwrite all old programming. I agree with what Maria Popova recently wrote in her blog, “If we don’t wince a little at our former ideas, ideals and beliefs, we ossify and perish.”

Fear is a low-vibrational state, maybe the lowest. And right now, none of us can afford to stay stuck in old programming. Anything is possible. Absolutely anything.

The Course in Miracles advised me just yesterday to “let no false perception keep me in its hold.”

False perception is really our only problem. Today, I commit to what the Course calls serenity, unclouded, obvious and sure. It can only happen when we override antiquated belief systems, when we allow ALL energy to flow. Peace is possible. Abundance is possible. Right now, I feel both accumulating breath.

Old programming, begone!

#222 Forever

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World)

20 Responses

  1. I totally believe your story. The Universe has capabilities our fear based ego cannot comprehend.

  2. I was raised in a low-vibration family, surrounded by fear thinking parents. It’s a dog eat dog world, was my father’s key belief. It has taken me six to eight decades to trust in God’s miracle working power and create a healthy belief system. Yes, it does sometimes take that long.
    I believe in that anecdote whether it was on a real life situation or not. True belief is solid, no doubts, even a smidgen. As the song in “Flower Drum Song” goes, ‘a hundred thousand miracles are happening every day.”.

  3. So true Pam. I truly try manifesting believing there is no fear but it doesn’t happen so I must have a disbelief somewhere. Now to find it. So glad you posted this. 😊

  4. Old programming begone indeed! All things are possible, only believe! Here’s to believing the “impossible” and seeing it manifest all around us, whatever the impossible might be to each one of us. Thank you Pam for reminding us of the magic of life, and sharing these magical miracle stories with us. Our world needs our belief in magic, peace, abundance and love. Amen! 🎉🦋🌺💛

  5. Once again, exactly what I needed to hear today! I have been so stuck in a state of fear for the last few weeks and feeling so overwhelmed over some financial issues. I know fear is going to keep me stuck in a lower vibrational state and this was the wonderful reminder that absolutely anything is possible. I have personally witnessed the miracles and abundance beyond my wildest dreams when I have been faced with similar financial worries in the past so I know I need to change my vibration and trust that everything will work out. Thank you so much for this Pam!!! Abudance IS possible right now!! I hope you have an extraordinarily epic weekend!!

  6. We need stories (truths) like this to fill every news program, every media outlet. Thank you, Pam, for this wonderful reminder of the infinite ways of the Universal Source (that loves us eternally and without limits.) Let’s all send prosperous thoughts to Kathleen, who needs to manifest a chunk of abundance soon! Have a bountiful weekend everyone, filled with all good thoughts.

  7. Oh holy shit, Groutski…that’s some divine timing and perfectly, exquisitely aligned with what I’m writing right now. Remind me to flip you a copy of the book when it comes out!! Giant hedgehog hugs!!

  8. Dear Pam,
    Thank You, thank you, thank you 💫🦋💫💜🫧💦🫧🪶🪽🩵
    I loved and believed the story 😍🦋🩵
    We do need more these stories and I am tuning in the abu-dan-quency. The frequency of Ever abundant Universesmess 😍😍😍😍😍😍
    With pure Love, Teija and the pelonteet 🦋🩵🪽💦💜

  9. My programming is saying who the bloody hell is using $20 bills for bookmarks 🙂
    A good reminder to be open to the unlimited possibilities & potentials we can’t even conceive of.

  10. After watching some documentaries recently & reading this it feels like we’re collectively leaving beyond inherited thinking and moving more into a soulful world!

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