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Escape from the trance

“To save the planet, we don’t need technological breakthroughs or vast amounts of capital. Essentially, we need a radical change in our thinking and behavior.” – Rob Hopkins

My wonderful interviewer, Carolin, made this backdrop for me the other day.

German mystic Meister Eckhart said, “God is at home. It is we who have gone out for a walk.”

Because we are distracted by a long litany of misery, we don’t even notice God or the truth about who we really are.

The world we’re seeing now is a byproduct of decades of enculturation, decades of believing that we are limited to these physical meat suits. Most of our fear comes from trying to protect them. Until we turn our back on all that is emerging out of the chaos of our current thoughts and beliefs, we will continue to miss the light.

One of the main lessons from A Course in Miracles is “I am not a body. I am free.”  It’s repeated A LOT. It says that if we can just get that one lesson, if we can learn to embrace the part of us that’s bigger than our body, our lives will come alive in a whole new way. Our bodies are nothing but a resource, a tool, a conduit for a higher level of consciousness.

What’s missing for many of us is the wisdom to recognize we are much MORE than our body. Once we get this, we can travel through reality in a whole new way.

Let’s take Taz, for example. As I’ve mentioned before, we had a ritual involving hedgehogs. Whichever one of us said that silly word first on the first day of each month won the prize of a lucky month. We started this game when she was in junior high.

To this day, she sends me a hedgehog on the first of every month. Sometimes, it comes as a photo or a text from her old phone. On May 1 of this year, I was doing a podcast with the wonderful Course teacher, Lisa Natoli. While we were chatting, a hedgehog crawled into her back yard in Maine. She said it had never visited before.

Tasman McKay Grout, even though she’s busy doing her God work out there in the cosmos, still finds time to bless me with this monthly reminder. Yesterday, September 1, she must have been in the mood to show off. Because she sent me not one, but four hedgehogs. Two of them came from readers of this very blog—one whose daughter dreamed of a white hedgehog and another who was sent a pair of socks tricked out with, you guessed it, dozens of hedgehogs. She said, “I knew right away this was meant for you.”

During the first months after Taz’s passing, I failed to notice the hedgehogs. But as Meister Eckart points out, “it was me who was out for a walk.”

Meister Eckhart also said, “If the only prayer we ever say is thank you, that would be enough.”

So thank you, Jodi, and thank you, Rosa, and thank you, Taz, for helping me realize that I am, that you are the energy, light and consciousness that animates the body, not the body itself. Love you forever. #222Forever

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. Hedgehog pups play at my back shed.
    Great video – is there a way to upload? Thanks for your playful influence on my work, loved your workshop at Omega years ago.

  2. Wow. As usual Pam, this post came to rescue me from myself. I have had a very ‘down’ day today of my own making. I’m usually very positive and am able to focus on all of the miracles that come my way (yesterday it was a double rainbow; the first I’ve ever seen!) But today I felt fear for the first time and I didn’t like it. Having said that, it was still tough to turn the channel, that is until now, when you showed up in my inbox. A thousand thanks and ten thousand blessings!
    Much love,

  3. Perfect timing – I open my inbox to check for my work email and voila- Pam Grout is there, blessing the start of my work day. Thanks Pam – I love you, love 222 (I see it a LOT!), love the universe, and I’m finally learning to love me too! Yay! 😁🦔🧡🌼

  4. I have never seen a hedgehog in person, but after reading your post I realized I saw a baby hedgehog while watching a toddler show with my granddaughter on 9/1 🤗
    It makes my heart smile how you and and Taz connect💕

  5. Hi Pam,

    After reading this post, I picked up a copy of Nature Conservancy which came in the mail yesterday. I never ordered it.

    The first article is called “Hog Wild” and begins with a two page photo of a long-eared hedgehog in the Gobi Desert! I’d never even seen a hedgehog before!

    After my giggling settled down, I decided to share this with you!

    Love multiplied,

    Linda (I will be professionally recording “I Will Look for Miracles” next week and putting it on YouTube!)

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. This read was so beautiful and moving. I love your unwavering content in the power of returning to ourselves.

    Thankyou for writing from true sources of inspiration. Yours are the number one emails in my inbox that I read with no doubt. Some I just want to swab across…. But when yours pop up I literally jump a little with glee when I see it. Normally I’ll read it right away too, but if I am heading somewhere I may also save it to read in a nicer place and calmer time, so I can enjoy it even more.

    You inspire me Pam.

    I will start writing too.

    Thankyou, Jackie

  7. I love reading your posts. And I love Meister Eckhart also. I love Taz is if she was my own. Oh well she is part of me. I was with my grandson at the bookstore this past Friday and low and behold I went to the stuffed animals and there was a hedgehog hand puppet; same one that my grandson had as a baby. We played and talked about the hedgehog. Yes life is wonderful. You just have to look for the miracles as they’re all around us every moment.

  8. I so need a hedgehog today during this political turmoil…I find myself in a sea of despair, torn between not wanting to watch the news, but feel the need to be an informed & responsible voter. I’m usually more positive & hopeful, but am finding it more difficult with such racial unrest, hatred, & violence.

    However, your posts always help. Thank you

  9. What a wonderful reminder!  I sure needed this….and it just validates all the other “stuff” that is reminding me of this, ACIM, etc.  Thank you, Pam!!!!!  You are a Treasure and a Gem in so many of our lives “out here.”  Thank you!!!! Love, love, love! Diana

    “What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other?”  …George Elliott


  10. YES. It’s Pam here and it’s 78 I’m recovering from Covid plus double pneumonia and this was so perfect for today. I am so much more than this body. Thank you Taz and Pam

  11. Thank you, Pam for the hedgehog story- that’s awesome!!

    And “you’re not going to believe this,” but guess what, yesterday my aunt sent out the monthly family newsletter and one of the pictures was from a family reunion 21 years ago and it was a picture of a cousin who I hardly ever see holding her pet hedgehog!!

    I never think about hedgehogs- but then this photo yesterday, which was the same day you sent
    out the hedgehog story!! ….. Something’s going on here….. We are ALL going to have a lucky month!!!

    And that is so cool how Taz still sends them to you every 1st of the month!!!

  12. THAT IS MEEE!! 🤩🥳😍 I’m the “wonderful interviewer”!! In all those years that I have been visiting your blog to read the newest post, I never thought that one day, I would find myself on it!! Literally! Thaaaank you for giving me this enormous joy of talking to you for my PlayerzPod! Love, love, looove from Germany!! 🥰

  13. I can not leave this page without recommending “The Elegance of the Hedgehog”, a novel by the French novelist and philosophy teacher Muriel Barbery. A wonderful and unexpected love story that takes you to the cultural journey.

  14. Thank you Pam! Having the freedom to exit my flesh suit (accidentally typed flesh shit and maybe that’s more suitable) makes me feel very free. I will watch for hedgehogs today. Also just reporting back on an intention that I set and posted here recently. The matter has been completely resolved pursuant to the intention and with absolutely nothing done by me except setting the intention and waiting for it to find us in the physical. Most importantly, my dear friend and I both emerged from the situation happy. SO FREEING to create instead of force. So much better for everyone. Thank you Pam!

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