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Who’s on your board of directors?

“Your creator is itching to contact you.” – George Washington Carver 00001aaad

One of my first books, commissioned by a national seminar company, was about mentoring — how to be one, how to find one.  SkillPath, the company that hired me to write it, sold it at the seminars they trotted around the country giving.

Upon reflection, I realize that most of my mentors dispense wisdom from what many call “the other side.” To be fair, I don’t really believe there’s an “other side.”  Rather, the potential to connect with anyone, dead or alive, is available to all of us.

Like Napoleon Hill, who appointed his own personal “Cabinet of Invisible Counselors” including Luther Burbank, Leonardo da Vinci and Abraham Lincoln, I recently opened a conversation with George Washington Carver.

I’ve written about this great scientist and inventor before. Not only was he one of the first Americans to be invoked into Britain’s Royal Society of Arts, but this brilliant man practically saved the economy of the South after the boll weevil devastated the cotton crop.

I love him because he KNEW he was deeply connected to God or what I call the “Field of Infinite Potentiality.” Anyone, he said, can “tune in.” The vast broadcasting system is available to every single human.  The very air around us contains an energy current we can plug into.

YouTube and Google are fine, I suppose, but they show us “old news,” stuff that humans have figured out. Carver’s broadcasting system offers brilliant NEW ideas, ideas with the power to rewrite the apparent “what is.”

In case you hadn’t noticed, the apparent “what is” isn’t looking so sunny right now. So, as of today, I re-up my commitment to tune in – to the higher idea, the loving, generous broadcasting system that, as Carver said “is itching to make contact.”

Every single thing he needed to know was easily revealed to him — starting as early as grade school. He had been praying (and begging his adopted parents) for a pocket knife. One morning, he woke up, ran out to the garden and came back calling “Aunt Sue. Aunt Sue.” He found an ivory-handled knife in a watermelon, exactly as he’d dreamed.

Every morning, before the sun arose, George Washington Carver, got up and walked. His communion with nature, he insisted, provided the recipes, the formulas to create the hundreds of products for which Henry Ford, Albert Einstein and three presidents lauded him. He didn’t do it for the acclaim. He did it because this 24/7 broadcasting system was telling him — here’s how you can help.

This energy broadcast is there for all of us.

We are connected to every single thing we could ever need to live a fulfilling, abundant  life. All we have to do is tune in. #222forever

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. Pam thank you for what you share with us. That was so inspiring💜💜 I am so open to spiritual communication!

  2. Thank you Pam. This is very inspiring. I am committed to open my spiritual communication. I have been walking more and talking to the little animals (and my dog) and also with myself. It helps clear my mind. I have been trying but need a good clearing of my communication line. It seems to be a little clogged. Will continue to clear it out. Sending love to everyone and the world. xoxo

      1. My son says grace with history year old daughter and at the end they say Amen Ahlady. I thought that was precious.

  3. Great inspiration again Pam. It’s all within and it takes practice to listen. When I listen I know I am always more in joy and time flies.

  4. Dear dear Pam,

    This is so in tune what I have experienced today. I finished my first Pelonne book English translation today.
    I feel like It wasn’t even me, I feel I had help and assistance. 🤩🤩🤩🦋🦋🦋
    Thank you universe.
    Now Pelonteet will rock on also in English 😍🤩🤩💝🦋💝
    222 forever 🦋🦋🦋🦋

    With love, Teija

  5. I so love how you reference Taz every blog with #222. Bless you and your beautiful daughter and thank you for your wisdom and faith in the FP. I still struggle with believing which is my problem! X

      1. I emailed you today but you might be more likely to see this. I sent you an email about a white hedgehog and Taz and today being September 1st and being on lesson 93 in ACIM and your book where you mention Taz and the hedgehog and it being Sept 1st. Hopefully you can find the email now. Synchronicity!

  6. Hi Pam,

    Wow! We are sharing the same connection!

    One of my most precious books is “The Man Who Overcame”, the 1966 biography of George Washington Carver by Lawrence Elliot.

    How often I have thought his incredible life would make a super live action movie.

    It’s 4:30 on Friday, and I have no appointments until tomorrow at 12:30. I’m going to reread it as soon as finish this email.

    I get it that our lives are meant to be joy-filled and exciting as we plug into the Universe of love and unlimited potential that yearns to connect with us.

    Here’s to a fabulous afternoon and evening for both of us,

    Linda, the songwriter and p bon vivant

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  7. Oh man, I LOVE the quote! “Your creator is itching to contact you.” Really? Truly? Yay!
    (& right now I’m getting this hilarious image of The Dude sitting at his desk, head in his hands, saying to himself “What do I have to do to get them to hear me? To see me? They ask for my help, they want answers, but then they tune me out and tune into YouTube instead! I mean, I even send signs, hoping they’ll open their eyes and recognise that I am right there helping, but they walk on by, glued to their devices, and miss the miracle they asked for! It’s just about sending me crazy up here! I think I might have a chat with Jesus and see if he has any suggestions.”) 😁

    So, now that I know that the creator is ITCHING to contact me, I’ll relax, open my eyes and ears, and await communication. How exciting!

    Thankyou Pam for your uplifting, inspiring and warm-hearted posts. They are often exactly what I need that very day, and they always touch my heart. May you have a splendidly blessed weekend tuning in to the creator’s frequency, and following your bliss. ☺️
    Much love from Jenny Louise 💜🌷🦋

  8. Thankyou so much dear Pam, this is so lovely and inspiring! What would be one tip to start opening the lines of communication… would sending your thoughts out and asking certain people for guidance be a good beginning?
    Sending oceans of love from Western Australia 💜

    1. Morning quiet asking for guidance throughout the day. Be open to that still small voice within you.

  9. When I was a child, my father brought home a book about GWC written for children. I was amazed that this man was able to figure out so many things that could be made from peanuts! Thank you for sharing his FP side with us. Stay safe and be well, dear Pam.

  10. Great post Pam! And for the record, you can be on my board of directors anytime!

  11. I’ve read about GWC and he was AWESOME. Thanks for the reminder. I always have these personal conversations with the big S and at one time heard clearer. I like the idea of my board of directors. You are certainly on the top of our list. I read mostly for inspiration daily and look for the good in everyone. Including, you know who. The one that brings to focus the how much we need more light. Positive aspects are there if we look. You are doing good work here, Pam. Thanks. You are much appreciated.

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