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What would a being of light do today?

“If we only knew deeply, absolutely, that our smallest act, our smallest thought, has such far-reaching effects; setting forces in motion; reaching out to the galaxy; how carefully we would act and speak and think. How precious life would become in its integral oneness.”–Irina Tweedie      

So let me guess. The question I posed in today’s headline (How would you spend your day if you knew you were a being of light?) was not the first question you asked yourself this morning. Not with news to catch up on and precautions to take.

But what if we started every morning with that question, with that intention? How different our morning, our day and our lives would be.

Instead of penning a to-do list, what if we actually got up and began acting like the being of light we truly are? A being of light isn’t worrying about coronavirus or getting tangled in political knots.

As long as we seek to become something, to get something, we will forever remain in the energy of seeking, of not having. Why not just go there now?

“Be the change,” as Gandhi famously said. Taz directed me to listen to an interview I gave post-E-Squared as I was walking this morning and wow! Did I ever need to hear this again? I even mentioned something about death back then. Really?

I’ll be writing today (on my upcoming project) about a girl, now grown up, whose brother, her best playmate, died when she was young. For many months after, he came to play with her every night after everyone else had gone to bed. Her grief-stricken mother, who like most adults forgot the truth about who she is, woke up every morning wondering why his favorite truck was out in the dining room or his legos were strewn across the kitchen.  The young girl, who hadn’t yet mastered the dominant paradigm, tried to tell her mom, but she was far too invested in the old paradigm.

Eventually, that mom will be reunited with her son. Eventually, we’re all going to get there. It’s already a done deal.

But for now, for today, ask yourself “How would a being of light spend her day?’

And if you’ve got an extra 58 minutes, listen to this interview. It helped me. And I trust it will remind you of who you really are. #222Forever

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. I love this , just after I read it I found my sons shirt in my drawer . It has been there since he passed

  2. If I were a Being of Light, I would simply sit all day and send out beautiful thoughts to anyone who popped into my head.

  3. Hi dear Pam..I was hoping you would leave us a link to your interview thank you ❤
    I decided to spend my days as a being of light that took me and my two year old grandaughter to walking slowly around a pond examining the rocks, the grass, the trees, the geese, ducks, and swans. It’s all very simple right?!

  4. Thank you Pam
    I’ve just listened to your interview and it was brilliant. I have been saying ‘I’m so lonely’ so I guess I’d better stop that now. Lots of great lessons and suggestions.

  5. What stands out for me (well all of it does) in this post, is the young girl who still played with her brother. Reminds me of my brother: Its been 24 years since he has “gone”, forever 17. I guess this article is his way of reminding me about the light thing…thanks Pam x

    1. I love that story about the girl who played every night with her brother. And there are many, many more. The veil between this so-called reality and the bigger reality is thin.

  6. Bushels of gratitude to you Pam, I am totally smitten with you, your beautiful daughter, your incredible books and messages that you share with the world. Today, I just listened to your interview “The Importance of Your Thoughts“ on Wisdom Wednesday.

    I resonate with your energy and thinking and you have impacted me like no-one else has. Pretty darn amazing to be at this point in my life at 75 and to be so energized and excited about my future.

    With love and blessings from a very joyous grateful heart.

    Helen Heenan
    From the beautiful City of Victoria on Vancouver Island B.C Canada


    1. Thank you, Helen from the beautiful city of Victoria. I’m so happy to hear about your excitement and energizement–is that word? Love, love, love.

  7. Amazingly i read this at 22:21pm (now 22:22) 😉

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  8. A being of light would see the magic and beauty in all things be grateful for life and look upon others with only love 💓
    I love you Pam! Your blog posts always make me happy. Thank you

  9. Thankyou Pam! Perfect timing. I love this message, I needed this message, and I look forward to listening to the interview after work today. As a Being of Light today I will send love and light to all the people I speak to during my work day- even (or maybe especially!) to the rude, unpleasant people. Maybe they need my love and light. (& maybe I need to remember this!) Have a blessed and light filled day my friend. ☀️🌺💛

  10. Thank you, Pam. That was a fascinating interview.

    As a being of light, I would shine on all the shadows that that appear menacing, to show that shadows have no power but are a lack of light.

    Pam, will you write a book about Taz when you’re ready and tell us about your experiences with Taz before her transition and about her being everywhere now. You give a hint in your response above such as; “Taz directed me to listen to this one today”. There was another hint in another in an earlier blog post comment from you about something of Taz’s being in your bed in the morning. Love and Light, Ann

  11. Pam, Taz not only guided you to listen to this interview… but she guided ME to do the same (through your acting on her guidance and then sharing it.) I needed these words of LIGHT and am deeply grateful for them.

  12. Freakin’ amazing awesomeness! Question answered! I have been re-reading Thank and Grow Rich and I got to the part about texting three blessings, but got myself confused about whether it was three actual or wished for blessings. I thought, “Maybe I should email Pam and ask her.” This was the day before this blog post. Yesterday I read the blog, then listened to the interview. I just about fell off my chair and laughed out loud when you said in the interview “three blessings from the day before”, question answered! Thank you for all you do and much love to you!

  13. After listening to the radio interview yesterday I started anew today with your statement ‘ Something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me today and THREE amazingly awesome things happened so def going to do this every day from now on. Love ya Pam x

  14. Wow. Yesterday I was preparing for something very special to me and I know my dad would have been proud. He died 7 years ago. As I was preparing, I started talking to him and I asked him to give me a sign to let me know he was listening. Less than a minute later, a bird that frequents the bush outside my office window flew on top of my kids swingset and started chirping away. My dad did this special whistle thing and I heard it in the bird’s chirp. Tears started falling from my eyes and I told him I loved him and thanked him for everything he did. He flew away right after.

    You’re amazing Pam and I absolutely love your work. It constantly reminds me of my light.

    xoxo, Vita

  15. On days when I see 222 anywhere it feels nice, sweet, and last month when I saw it my mind was kind of blown about how I have a relationship with your daughter. It was a peak into how “large” and far reaching her presence is, even now, today. This experience, just like love, is really beyond words. Epic. THANKS for sharing.

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