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My vision board for the planet

“If we don’t use this time for change, we will have missed an insane opportunity.”–Noah Elias 00001k

This may come as a surprise to some of my readers, but I’ve never been big on vision boards. Mainly because the stuff most people paste on them—fancy cars, oversized houses, etc.–don’t interest me all that much. The things I get excited about are invisible, non-material. You can’t exactly paste things like compassion, creativity and joy onto a cardboard poster.

But I do believe 100 percent in the theory behind vision boards. You make an intention, send out a request and voila! it manifests right before your eyes. Intentions, we now know, have causative power. Indeed, consciousness plays a pivotal role in the establishment of physical reality.

For three decades the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) lab studied the interaction of human consciousness on the material world. What they discovered is that individuals working alone to alter random generating machines had modest success, but the true power came when the whole world got involved. The machines literally went crazy during the Indian Ocean tsunami, for example, or after Princess Diana’s car accident. Four hours BEFORE the first plane hit the towers during 9-11 the PEARS machines “knew” something was about to go down.

I can only imagine how the machines (they’ve been duplicated at locations around the world) are reacting to collective consciousness now. So here’s what I’d like to propose:

Knowing that our thoughts create vibrations that determine the unfoldment of our planet and knowing that, if we work together, we can play an important role in the revolutionary changes that are taking place, I propose we create a planetary vision board.

I don’t care about the brand of car I drive or how big my house is, but I would be SO PROUD to create a planet, a society that:

  1. Recognizes the connectedness of all living things.
  2. Values the power of love and uses it to make all decisions at all times.
  3. Governs with principles that embody health, well-being, dignity and prosperity for all.
  4. Loses interest in accumulating wealth and material things. As musician Mikel Jollett recently tweeted, “After you reach $999 million, how about you get a trophy that says “I won capitalism” and we name a dog park after you? And every red cent after that goes to schools and health care.”
  5. Knows true security doesn’t comes from physical things, but from the unseen forces of creativity, spirituality and love. Yes, love–real love is the mightiest power on earth.

In the comments section below, please add your vision and know that your thoughts and consciousness are contributing to the future of humanity.

Love, only love,


Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

152 Responses

  1. That the world takes what it’s learned during the pandemic and continue to use it to promote positive change and growth.

    1. That the love and friendship I see each and every day continue to grow and encompass each and every human being on the planet.💗💗💗

    1. Yes, my vision includes a few political changes, as well. But mostly, I believe in invisible powers much bigger and more important than politics.

  2. That everyone on this planet will realize the power within themselves and will come together to create a new future that will be anchored by Love.

  3. A society that:

    treats each other as they would like to be treated;

    sees each other as spiritual beings on this journey TOGETHER instead of separately;

    is motivated by only love, peace and kindness.

    Thank you, Pam, as always, for so generously sharing your wisdom and love. Bless you! Wishing you peace beyond all understanding. XO

  4. This unprecedented period in time allows for a million different ways to be kind . For example, Thanking someone now for something as small as being there, working, showing up for each other, has an impact it never may have had even a month ago. My spirit is engaged and blissfully happy for this opportunity to help and connect. Thank you Pam and Taz for always showing up ❤️

    1. Thank YOU, Michelle, for acknowledging my ongoing connection with Taz who does ALWAYS show up. And, yes, a million (even a gazillion) ways to be kind. Let’s keep it going.

  5. An surge of love and protection toward our beautiful planet in ways and in numbers we never thought possible before.

  6. A society that:

    Realizes the underlying Oneness that is in each one of us and in everything, that when you hurt someone else, you are actually hurting yourself, and ultimately we are all droplets of that ONESS!

    That in Reality there is no death; no separation ~ EVER

    The opposite of death is birth, the REAL us just keeps going and having fun in the formless realm

    Pam I noticed I read this at EXACTLY 12:12 Sal’s birthday, I know him and Taz are in cahoots, having a great time watching over us! Much LOVE always for your wisdom 😉

    1. Much love back at ya, to you and Sal and Taz who definitely are in cahoots! I love that word. And I love the idea of all of us being droplets of ONENESS!

  7. May we demonstrate love, dignity, kindness, joy, and respect for ourselves, other global citizens and all creatures on the planet; May we be aware of everyone’s connection to each other and Spirit.

  8. A society that honors all people all the time.
    A society that respects all sentient beings all the time.
    A society that honors our Mother Earth.
    A society that realizes love is the power behind everything.

  9. THANK YOU so much for continuing to email!

    Who you are makes such a difference for so many during these times.

    Rock on, Jean ________________________________

  10. That our world and its inhabitants realize that we are one heart, one mind and one consciousness. That we choose love over hatred. And aim to help each other raise our vibrations for the betterment of all.

  11. Every person wakes up each day and says, “whatever I do, say, use, and think impacts everyone and everything.”

  12. Pam,
    I love this and I always feel inspired by your posts! Thank you!
    Our vision board could also include:
    1. We always think of creative solutions to ensure that our Earth is revered and never polluted.
    2. Our collective goal is: to see to it that every sentient being has food, clothing, and shelter, commiserate with their needs. We will assure every wild being has safety, freedom and pristine environs to wander in.
    3. All penal systems will be converted into restorative justice programs.

  13. My vision is for world peace beginning at the governing levels. Collectively we could have a huge presence if we all held the same vision at noon each day around the world. For hours on end, it would be noon somewhere.

    1. That’s beautiful. Some of us are holding the collective vision at 2:22 each day. We might as well hold it at noon, noon oh one, noon oh two all the way to 2:22. Heck, let’s just hold that vision every moment! Thank you!

  14. Amazing…..Couple weeks ago I found a board, I say I’ll make a vision board, however I don’t need any physical thing. It sat there until this morning…..you gave me the answer about what to put on 🙂 🙂 ……….Love Love Love Peace Peace Peace , for others and the whole world and some more for me.
    Pam I love that you come into my life when I most need your inspiration…..onward to create, and sending huge gratitude to you 🙂 🙂

  15. That the world learns to love and appreciate fresh clean air.

    And that we come to see that we are all one, all connected, all one life.

    “You’re not a drop in the ocean.
    You are the entire ocean in a drop.”


    1. ALL the above wonderful comments plus plus plus….plus Thank you once again Pam for lifting us UP 💖

  16. That we work with and listen to Mother Earth. We use only what we need and learn from the plants and animals/creatures about connectedness and just being.

    1. Both absolutely essential to our well-being. I’ve become very good friends with the trees on my street–and turns out, they are all wonderful huggers.

  17. We have been given a great gift here
    , the gift of knowing that we are all one, that we are all connected and for this knowledge to continue and to grow and for everyone to feel the connection and only good can come from that

    1. Yes, talk about a perfect demonstration of oneness. This big pause may be called a “pandemic,” but it is showing us so many truths. We are connected with everyone, everything. No disputing that fact now.

  18. “Mind is the Master Power that molds and makes
    and man is Mind and evermore he takes
    the tool of thought and making what he wills,
    brings forth a thousand joys or a thousand ills.
    He thinks in secret and it comes to pass,
    Environment is just his looking glass.”
    — from “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen

  19. Yes I see a world that is started by one person waking up to there true divine self and then looking at another and that person wakes up and looks to the next person and on and on it goes until the whole world is awake to our true selves of divine essence of unconditional love and light. The entire world is lit up and shining out to the universe also spreading that light on to infinity.

  20. Proud to live in a world where we practice compassion for each other all of creation respectfully existing on this beautiful earth treating her as well as each other as sacred and cherishing each encounter as we look into the soul and heart of love

    1. Yes, may we all be proud of our world–as it offers us the love, blessings and peace it has been offering always. May we open our eyes to see!

  21. I don’t think we need to figure out how it’s going to happen… I just love the idea of focusing on a planet and a people (all of us people on this here planet) loving it, loving each other, and loving ourselves. Happy birds, happy beasts of all kinds, and happy people. I do love the $999 million with the ‘I won capitalism’ and the dog park! That made my heart laugh!

  22. ❤❤❤
    You always inspire me and give me hope for a better world
    Be well, stay healthy and choose joy!

  23. Kindness & love rule & people smile & laugh in joy as a greeting to each other- everyone’s a friend- no such thing as bullies exist- animals aren’t afraid of humans, there is no pollution, rivers run clear water, skies are void of vog, food is in abundance so no one goes hungry, being healthy is epidemic & exercise is fun!

  24. Everyone treated with dignity and respect
    Food on the table, clothes on your back, a roof over your head, and someone to love for everyone
    Clean air, clean water, clean earth
    Peace, love, joy

  25. That all the birds and trees have a conversation with each other and agree to carry the seeds to the lands that need more trees where the soils are sad and lonely and in need of life. As the trees grow they create life, shade, food, and beauty that attract love and harmony and return the lands to their former glory of peace and tranquility for all to stand above rebirthed soils and beneath a canopy of love.

    Thank you Pam for being you.
    Love Linda x

  26. That Mother Earth heals during what we may be calling chaos. May the trees grow even where moat think they won’t. May all sentient beings and that includes ALL animals live together upon this beautiful planet we all call home. 💖

  27. That we are all connected and through love shared we can have a beautiful and peaceful infinite existence

    Soooo much love and gratitude for you Pam xxx

  28. That individually on a global scale we open up to a new level of consciousness. Perhaps by being forced to be still and by facing our own mortality and our own fears of death it’ll allow more of us to see who we truly are. That this awakening causes a ripple effect as more and more people awaken to their true selves. That kindness becomes the new pandemic as we realise who we truly are and that we are all connected and all in this together. That the collective consciousness shifts its focus on creating a world that cares for its people, its wildlife and nature, and the well-being of all. That our next generations have a hopeful future 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏

  29. Instead of the ego’s plan (if only this were different, I’d be ok), we live our higher power’s plan…everything IS ok.

    (And everyone reads “the course in miracles experiment”!)

    1. Thanks! More than everyone READS the Course in Miracles Experiment (thanks for the shoutout) I vote that everyone practices its principles.

  30. We are all here at this time for a reason, and I believe we are here to take part in a quantum jump of humanity realizing we are indeed one and also we are divine. And as we are all waves of the ocean of Divinity, we will understand this and act accordingly going forward. Act with love and heal this planet that is also part of our Oneness.

  31. That the “forced” interactions within family units becomes a continued part of life. We have had some fantastic conversations around the table that might have been missed previously. The connections are beautiful xo

  32. I read somewhere that if the square root of the population of the world would pray the same prayer, at exactly the same time, you could change the world. World population 7.8 Billion; sq root is 88,317! That is a doable number. Let’s get started!
    Thanks for the great post, as usual.

  33. Thanks Pam,
    I hold the vision to manifest a country that values every child, adolescent, and adult regardless of race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. Once we are able to honestly live this Truth instead of just “making believe” that we can, we will extend this Love to children in every corner of the world. Instead of an “us vs them” ego-based mindset, I long for an all-inclusive, Religion of Love: No Words, No Hierarchy, simply Loving One Another because we enjoy expressing the Truth of our Nature.

  34. A loving and caring community not only in times of pandemic. Even, if we don’t travel right know, I can feel the global connectivity- that’s what I wish to deepen. It’s our conscious choices: how we treat others (with love and kindness) and the things we buy (from sustainable companies). Love and positive change is a choice.

    Thank you for your post 💖

  35. Thanks Pam. ACIM 112 Today’s lesson: ’light and joy and peace abide in me. I AM as God created me’. This Is on my moodboard for the whole world. I do make moodboards for non material things (never made one for material things, have a house and food on the table which I am very grateful for) I start with a prayer and than put colours and pictures and quotes on it. I love to take the time for that and think about the prayer, the intentions while doing it.
    As a teacher (and former nurse) I also set the intention that the renewed respect for teachers and nurses also remains.

    1. A shift to taking care of our beautiful precious environment and all it’s non human species.

  36. I envision that the technology to make cars completely green is swiftly put in place, so our air stays clean and clear. I intend that my actions, thoughts and deeds from this point on are based only on Love, and that fear is no longer motivating me to long for things that really do not serve my highest purpose. My dearest wish is that everyone really gets how we are ALL one, and treat each other with courtesy and fairness moving forward. Stay safe and be well!

    1. I love the idea that all my actions, thoughts and deeds from this point on are based ONLY on love. That’s it! That’s all there is. Thank you!

  37. That people let love be the guiding force in their lives, realize the power of thought, and wield that power wisely.

  38. Wow! About half an hour ago I was thinking about thoughts as I have an assignment due for my Mindfulness course. Anyway, Louise Hay’s quote came into my head – “Every thought…” & I gave that some more thought. Then I open my emails and there is your email with this quote looking back at me. Thank you 😊

  39. Honestly, I think your list encompasses everything I desire. I can find different words but when I look at your list, Yup, its in there! My heart still beats to the drum of “kumbaya” since I was a very young girl. I carry that song with me, ALWAYS! Not sure exactly why but it sorta has my name on it. It’s also what can simultaneously isolate me if you get what I mean.
    Thank you for your letters, I love how you expand my thinking and introduce organizations(anytime you mention one, I go researching and get so excited at what I find) that I never knew of that also help me expand. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

    1. My song, since I was a little girl, is “Let there be peace on earth.” I used to play it on the piano and when I was growing up, when the Vietnam war was going on, I thought, “If I could just get a helicopter and fly over the war zones playing this song, wouldn’t everybody get it? Wouldn’t war end?’

  40. Thank you, Pam! I want to live in that world! Love rules the day everyday has been my mantra lately.
    Thank you for outlining a perfect world!🌻
    Much Love!

  41. Okay….my all-time favie wish/intention is that “we all get along”! ☺☺☺ We can always be nice to each other, even when expressing ourselves and our opinions. Respect, compassion, and LOVE. Like my Mom would say….”You girls just get along!”

  42. I recently put out the thought that I wanted to help out somehow during the pandemic, just in my community. So I put together a mask for me and my wife to wear, and it was good. So we posted in our Neighborhood app that we could make masks. $5 each. We don’t have the intention to get rich making masks. We just want to help save the world, starting with our little community.

    In my Facebook post a couple days ago, my wife and I have made over 80 masks, and the orders just keep coming in. Also, the generosity of people along the way has been amazing: a dinner a neighbor brought to us to eat while we sewed, people paying more than their bill saying use the difference toward expenses, fabric donations. The generosity just keeps coming, along with more orders. I tagged you in my Facebook post, Pam Grout, saying how your books have completely changed my life. And I am grateful, both for your life-changing books and how the Universe is always conspiring in our favor.

    1. I just LOVE this, Sheryl! Thanks for making the masks and thanks for demonstrating what is possible! And thanks for your kind words about my books!

  43. Thank you once again for your beautiful words Pam. I pray to leave a cleaner more peaceful planet. I pray that political parties will come together for the well being of all. I pray to represent courage, strength, love, and well being.
    I want to know God’s thoughts. All the rest are just details

      1. Makes my heart soar that you are with me..still doing our 2:22 prayer/meditation time on long island💜

  44. My VISION Board: Music is my PASSION. I want to use music, based on LOVE, kindness, courage and compassion to communicate, encourage and help the entire Universe. Music is vibration, the language of the entire universe. <3. Thank you for helping us clarify our path. It absolutely confirmed what I have been in deep thought about this past month.

  45. My vision for a better world would be that all people on this planet dare to think, feel and act like kids do… honest, grateful, with no prejudice and full of love for all and everything.
    I am so grateful for having three of those world changers and for having the opportunity to learn from them. I am love, I am light, I am one with all!
    Thanks Pam for all the inspiration!

  46. My vision has always been to help the planet and people. I Wendy to school for environmental Geologist and work on many post disaster work. I want to make money during what I love 💕 to give back and share the wealth.
    I love playing music and creating. I would love to get our collective vibration of music going.

  47. I love this planetary vision board!! Let’s have a planet where we gather at sunrise and sunset to celebrate the sun and our day, where we can visit anyone’s home no matter their ethnicity or race and we share love and celebrate our gifts and beauty. We move slowly and we savor our experiences and the whole point of everything is the joy, the light in our eyes, the full feeling in our hearts, the tears and laughter, the tenderness and openness of our hearts and our trust in the unfolding of life. We feel connected. We are connected. Death and life are the same-heaven now, heaven then. All is celebrated. So many wise teachers and guides and storytellers and artists and musicians. There is beauty everywhere and we take all the time we wish to absorb and appreciate beauty.

  48. I love this, Pam! Thank you. For a while now, I have practiced imagining a happy, whole world, and I believe (along with you) these dreams can come true. Part of my vision board for the world is that we will create societies where everyone can flourish and that we will learn to care for the earth as one of our most valuable possessions.

  49. Every one of us wakes up each morning saying “This is the day The Lord hath made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” All of us. Every morning.

  50. I see a world where everyone is doing what they love and compensation is a natural consequence. The only need for politicians/government is to spread news of joyful interaction and guide and support our world in innovations.

  51. Hi Pam,
    Great post! Agree with all 5 points, but particularly no.4. Sometimes, I can give a few pounds (uk) to a charity and have a general policy that when I order something on EBay, I pay using PayPal and donate with each purchase. It’s true that we regular bods, give much more as a percentage of our income than most millionaires. Just imagine what multi-millionaires and billionaires could do to change the planet and everyone on it! As we know, before that can ever happen, they need to ‘wake up’ and realise they’re part of a whole.

  52. My vision is for renewal, health, peace and clarity for all beings, of mind, heart, soul, body, planet, for true connection, courage and compassion to enter our selves, families, homes, local and global community, for faith and love to grow collectively beyond fear and for everyone to be seen and held as the precious child of God each of us are, created for joy and abundant life. Peace be with you and all.

  53. Not a huge deal but the day before I saw this post I actually selected that very same quote from Louis Hay as the screen saver on my desktop at work. I hope that means something very positive is coming my way. Lol

  54. Planetary Vision Board
    1. In recognition of the connectedness of all living things, I envision a world where we learn to reduce our use of fuels that pollute the planet.
    2. I envision a world where our leaders and families lovingly think seven generations ahead to determine the merit of our decisions: how will this decision impact people seven generations from now if I make this choice?
    3. I envision a planet that is green, glowing with good health, healthy people, plants, and animals. Clear blue oceans and skies the color of blue we have never seen. I envision a planet that values all life, not just humans, above all else, and lives in harmony within and without.
    4. I envision a planet where unconditional love and positive regard are so commonplace that we have to read about hate, jealousy, and greed in books.
    5. I envision a planet that will be known and recognized by our future generations and space travelers as the most beautiful blue planet in this universe and beyond.

  55. Like many who have responded, I envision a world where all beings and the Earth are respected and treasured. And, as a society, in addition to spending resources on education and ways of improving health and well-being, I would love to see the creation of the most beautiful public spaces (i.e., libraries, community centres) possible, as well as an expansion of beautiful trails and spaces in nature.

  56. Love this idea and vision board so much Pam!!!

    My intention is for all things to be loved, respected, cared for and actively nurtured. Babies, toddlers, young adults, adults, people with even more wisdom because of their years on the planet. Rocks, trees!, sky, clouds, mountains, streams, birds, frogs, microorganisms, bears and lions and elephants, ants and snakes and animals we don’t know about yet. The oceans team with life and fun. Joy runs rampant. Appreciation is the new normal. Delight abounds. We welcome our experiences, whatever they may be in the moment, head on and have loving and wise support around us that we acknowledge and rely on. Bam! So it is and so it shall be 🙂

  57. I hope people start to understand…embody…that we are all connected, no matter where on earth you live; that what I do affects you and what you do affects me; we all affect each other. We are global citizens and the earth and all animals, including people, must take care of each other. We’re all connected. I’ve never believed it more than right now.

  58. I love the documentary series called “Thrive” — the ideas put forth to create a thriving society are so inspiring! I feel like he creating that series in a similar attempt as a kind of vision board for our world. He plants seeds for a better planet! If you haven’t watched this free documentary — please consider checking it out!
    Having just healed from cancer – I pray that all natural cures for this scourge and all disease are released ASAP without being suppressed any longer!
    I envision a world where we all of Source’s creations can THRIVE in health, harmony, love and light!

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