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My secret weapon

Hate, in the long run, is about as nourishing as cyanide.” Kurt Vonnegut
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First of all, I’ve got to gush about all the AMAZING visions y’all (yes, I was born in Kentucky) added to our planetary vision board yesterday. Thank you SO MUCH!

That’s why I love possibility posses where all of us join together, play together.

One of my local posse members did me a solid yesterday by reminding me of some of my own words. (Yes, I need to re-read my own words). I find they are particularly useful when dealing with the political situation several of you mentioned yesterday in your visions for the new world.

Therefore, I decided to run the lesson from my new book, The Course in Miracles Experiment, that she said helped her so much. Enjoy!

Lesson 135 (If I defend myself I am attacked) is one of my favorite lessons. I use it ALL the time.

It comes in handy whenever I’m tempted to play victim. It’s the perfect antidote when I notice myself feeling offended by something someone says. It’s particularly useful when I forget the truth about myself.

Because anytime I defend myself, I take on a role that’s not really me.

To defend myself is to pretend I can be hurt. It’s to make believe that my perception, the hologram that proves itself over and over again to be incomplete, is somehow more accurate than the truth I’m learning here in the Course.

If I defend myself in any way, I forget that I am a beloved child of the Universe. I forget that everything is FOR me. Nothing is against me.

I forget that every single thing that happens, every single person who pushes my buttons is a gift.

This lesson doesn’t suggest overlooking something someone did to me. It says it’s impossible for anyone to DO something to me.

If my perception stays fixed (which it will once I start defending myself), nothing—not a miracle, not a sign, not an evidential slap in the face—can allow any other truth to manifest for me. All I can see, all I will ever see, is what the viewfinder of my limited perception shows me.

Instead of attacking back when my viewfinder shows my fellow humanoids spouting inanities, misinformation, and what looks like hate, I use this lesson to remember: they’re simply replaying old tapes and desperately need my love.

Radical actions such as choosing not to attack, to justify, to see the “crime” upsets the going cultural position. It creates a resonant field that goes out into the ethers making our world a little sweeter, a little safer, a little more beautiful.

Also, I’ve been meaning to mention that Hay House is sponsoring another You Can Heal Your Life Summit. I’m one of dozens of authors who will be included in this FREE week-long summit. If you haven’t already signed up (did I mention the Summit is absolutely free?), you can do it here.

Thanks, everybody. 222 Forever!

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. Awesome, Pam! I love this! And as for my vision for the board….that humanity really GET’S it. That our only real currency is energy, that it is abundant, and designed to be constantly flowing through love and gratitude. I am forever grateful for you, my friend.
    2❤️2❤️2❤️ FOREVER

  2. I don’t know how you do it, but this is exactly where I came to this weekend when attacked by people for not having the same fear they have about what is going on now. When it happened in public, I just turned and walked away. In an email, I just deleted it. It still bothered me, but I decided that passive resistance and doing my best to radiate peace, love and joy were what the world needed now more than ever. We have more than enough of the other stuff going on as it is. I don’t need to add to it. I choose peace (and a happy dance).

  3. For me, it is Lesson 75 and 81 in the Course that I use when I believe my government is going to hell in a hand basket. I visualize the person I feel is responsible and he starts to glow in brilliant light and I play Manfred Mann’s Blinded By The Light in my mind and I see the Dude actually…..it’s amazing.

  4. 1st of all let me say that I do about 3 chapters of your new book every day and consider you one of my fun cheerleaders and have for a long time. You and many of my friends so dislike the president of our country who I think is doing a phenom job. I’m not a New Yorker. I’m a Texan originally but now live in the absolute beauty of Hilton Head. I listened to a couple of his updates along with the VP and Dr. Birx especially like yesterday. Wow. They are working their little butts off for a good solution. I have friends who post unkind things about him and other Republicans who I believe are all trying to do a good job. I just hide their unkind posts and go one feeling such good things for their other aspects.

  5. Fabulous as always.
    I had a crazy busy day yesterday so I never got back to write my vision for the world, so I’ll do it today instead. My vision is that we will steadily reconnect with nature across the globe; that we will slow down and appreciate simple pleasures more fully; that we will all be kinder to each other because we know we are connected and that we’re equal; and that governments across the world will work together to create a sustainable, supportive, prosperous global community where differences are respected – and celebrated – and all peoples have equal rights and opportunities. Oh, and where acting with and from a place of love will be normal in all circumstances! Amen!
    Thanks for all you do for us Pam. You are a beautiful bright light encouraging us to be beautiful bright lights too. ☺️⭐️💛☀️

  6. I thought you had the vision board pretty well covered along with all the other comments. Because I know we will always have contrast, I make it a point to be on this side of the contrast. I’ve taken lesson 135 to heart even though we aren’t there yet, in your book. I’ve done the regular Course before so I get it. Some get upset that I’m not more upset with people behaving the way we wouldn’t. I would like to just put on my board ” a local Possibility Posse”. Other than my daughter, I have found not a soul that sees life from this vantage point. Virginia has it right, Energy is the only real currency. Thanks for this online community at least. It sure helps.

  7. Hi this is mad I came home from
    Work and has a bad day with a person
    I work with me.
    When I came home I seen this email.
    But as you know
    When you are so wound up I
    Didn’t read it properly the next day I read this and it is so good to read this and I know The universe knows
    What’s going on
    In my life and a big massive thank
    You to you Pam
    For All the emails keeping is
    All in the universe of love ❤️

  8. Thank you Pam. Love you so much. You words of wisdom and compassion, courage and kindness are my emergency toolkit whenever I fall into forgetfulness.
    Thank you for reminding me always to focus on the good.

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