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Love or fear? The only decision

“Clinging to what you already know is the path to an unlived life.”–Parker Palmer 00001j

A Course in Miracles says we all have a mighty purpose. The reason we don’t recognize this is because we’re trained to listen to the ego, the voice of fear. The other voice, the voice of love, the voice that instructs us on exactly what to do, what to say, etc, is always available. But too often we let the ego drown it out.

I heard the coolest story yesterday that illustrates the simple decision we continuously make. Do we listen to the voice of fear or the voice of love?

Elizabeth Gilbert, in a recent Ted Talk Daily interview, talked about meeting Amanda Eller. She’s the hiker who, about a year ago, got lost in Maui’s Makawao Forest Reserve. Her 17-day ordeal made national headlines. Because she had intended an easy three-mile hike through the 2000-acre reserve, she left her phone, water bottle and wallet in the car.

Instead, she got lost in the dense forest of steep ravines, giant ferns and vegetation so thick it requires a machete to cut through. As you can imagine, she was a tad bit FREAKED OUT.

On the third night, after falling off a cliff, losing her shoes in a flash flood and experiencing other assorted terrors, she finally closed her eyes and begged for help. From the universe. From God. From whatever might be big enough to hear her, to help her. Mostly, she told Liz, she asked to be delivered from fear. She said something to the effect of, “When I open my eyes, I want the fear to be gone.”

Well, guess what? When she opened her eyes, the fear was gone. And in it’s place was a gentle voice (call it intuition, call it God, call it the Dude, as I often do) that clearly told her “It’s okay. I’ve got you.” It went on to guide her: “Eat this, not that. Head right, not left.”

The voice came through LOUD and CLEAR once the fear was gone.

Although I have no idea if Amanda is a Course student (as the Course plainly says, there are many different bus drivers to deliver you to your destination), it is a perfect example of what is ours to claim once we eliminate fear. Specific, clear guidance. But we gotta get the bully fear out of the way.

So that’s my bedtime story for today, kids! It has a happy ending–Amanda was rescued and, as she told Liz, the fear has never returned.

Big shoutout to all of you who so clearly urged me to keep sending these posts through email. It appears to be unanimous. So I will continue to send these from time to time, whenever I feel there’s something important to share.

The story about Amanda is one of many fabulous things I picked up from the interview with Elizabeth Gilbert. If you have an hour (and who doesn’t these days?), it is SO WORTH a listen. You can find it here.

Until next time, keep smiling, keep dancing and keep asking to be delivered from that pesky, persistent voice of fear.

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. Keep the emails coming ❤️. Not everyone is attached to the social media world of Facebook, some are and some aren’t. Even though I am, my partner isn’t and we’d love to get those love-filled and love-fueled messages. Thanks for you, Pam, thanks for you.

    1. Thank you, Lisa for those kind thoughts. I was a bit blown away by the outpouring of love I received when I asked: email or FB? So thank and thanks to everyone who responded.

    1. May I add the rest of the sentence?………..Fear knocked on the door, Faith answered and there was no-one there!

      I heard this on one of the episodes of that wonderful series – Larkrise to Candleford –
      Love always!

  2. Thank you Pam for contining to do this on email and the regular reminders of what to NOT focus on

    1. Yes, I hope it’s not like the old joke where you tell someone “don’t focus on the yellow ball” and yellow balls are all you can see.

      1. Nah, otherwise I would be seeing purple elephants all the ti…oh look there’s another one, sorry where was I, got a bit distracted by the 55 purple elephants I can’t see.. oh, yes faith . it takes far prettier than fear so keep your eyes on the pretty sparkling faith ball.

  3. Please keep these emails coming often. I know it’s work, but during this trying time, I need to read more from youl. Though I read The Course In Miracles Experiment daily, I find myself looking forward to your emails and positive, uplifting stories. Thank you so much!

    1. Ya know, I don’t really view it as work. I truly enjoy sharing my thoughts and my heart. In fact, I believe that the mighty purpose given us by the Dude is exactly what we’re good at and what we would be doing anyway.

  4. Albert Einstein said we can choose to live in a hostile environment or a benevolent one. Of course, I choose the benevolent one. Because of all the experiences in my life that have proven to me that I am cared for and protected, no matter what, I choose to still live in a joyful, miraculous universe. I have to say, though, lately I feel like I’m living in another dimension.

    Thanks so much for keeping this going. It has been saving my life. Really enjoying the new book as I have all of your books.

  5. Thank you, once again, Pam. So grateful for your emails too. I am memorizing the quote from a recent one “I am complete and healed and whole. I am united with my brothers and sister, secure in light and joy and peace.” Every time I go into fear, I say this, go there and the fear is gone. Much love to you.

  6. Hi Pam, Thank you so much for your emails and wonderful books. You always inspire me at just the right time in just the right way. Much love, Beth💚🌻

  7. Thank you for reminding me to take a deep breath and remembering…..All is Well

  8. Thank You Pam! I just love this! I am on my lesson 20 in ACIM and today I saw some humanity, love and peace! We are all so destined to see!
    With Love, Teija

    1. Isn’t that so beautiful! We are all destined to see it. We can choose now or later, but we are all destined to get there.

  9. You always add something special to my day. Thank you! The Dude bless you! Audrey

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  10. The emails often feel like a lifeline, sent when I need it most and least expect it. Thank you for that.

  11. What a wonderful article–as usual. Truly inspiring. We can reach out to That Power, which is also within us; It’s nearer than the pulse in our neck. Be well. Namaste.

  12. Great story and a wonderful reminder of the power that lies within each of us. It’s nice to know we can access it in everyday life and not just in meditation. Thank you!

  13. Hi Pam.

    I look forward to your emails and I gain so much insight and comfort during these incredible times we find ourselves in.

    I’ve read all (or most of) your books and like “Thank and Grow Rich” the best. I was a big fan of Napoleon Hill in college and your book really resonated with me.

    Please keep sending out the love and please know that there are many, many people like me out here rooting for you.

    Thank You. Bob Walles Merrimack, NH

  14. Hi Pam, I look forward to and love your posts . Could you please add my new email address, mickcorker@gmail.com This current one will be unavailable soon. Warm regards Mick Corker

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  15. Thankyou Pam. What a fabulous story! Thanks for sharing it – and for the link to the ted talk. That story just feels perfect for right now when there is so much fear going around, but it’s perfect anyway. It’s one of the best and clearest examples I’ve ever heard of how asking for help from The Dude will always be answered and that it will be life saving if that’s what you need. Fabulous. Thankyou for the timely reminder. Have a delightful day! 😁🦋🎈💛
    PS yay for the unanimous vote on keeping your posts in email as well as Facebook. I love them! ⭐️

  16. I always need whatever message is in your email. I don’t read them immediately but wait tell I can sit quietly and really hear what you are saying. Thank you for passing on encouraging and uplifting messages.
    Love and Hugs
    Linda Brame

  17. The talk with Elizabeth Gilbert was excellent. One thing I am remembering to do when I feel overwhelmed is to put on some favorite music, and “dance it out”. It only takes a few minutes to feel centered again.

  18. Pam,
    I Love this post!! Thank you for sharing the post and the link!
    My wife and I are just starting a 40 day transformation and the stuff arising is just heavy and overpowering. So simple, ask for the fear to be removed. This isn’t a new concept to me, but I reboot every morning and need to be reminded! Ask for help, ask for the fear to be removed. Love, I am love.

    Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us,

  19. Pam, thank you for sharing yourself and all the wonderful things you post, the ripples from them are changing my life!!
    Grateful, so grateful
    Love to all,

  20. Dear Pam…as always, thanks so much for your wonderful work!!!
    I have no problem with having peace inside me and have been a meditator and a lover of the Dude for the last 28 years…
    During this lockdown, i have been doing a lot of research into this COVID-19 and what im finding is very disturbing!!
    Im not into conspiracies, im into facts, and the facts are scary ….it seems there are powerful people in this world, more powerful than Governments, that are pulling the strings..and if we don’t want to believe it, look where they have got us..in Lockdown!!
    Four weeks ago, I had a job, now im waiting to receive my “handout”, like so many other people.. and they will tell us what we can and can’t do
    What I want to say to you and your community, is don’t believe everything you are hearing about this virus.. it is designed to put fear in us, so much so, that people are running to get their toilet paper!!…and when you put fear into people, they will do anything that the authorities say…and its happening right in front of our eyes…our freedom is being taken away from us..

    and what concerns me, is that we may never get our lives back like they used to be..
    I highly encourage everyone to listen to people like..
    Dr Shiva Ayyadurai…Del Bigtree on his show ‘ the Highwire”…David Icke …these people are doing the hard work of bringing the facts to us, not conspiracies!!

    This is such a crucial time for all us humans on the planet, to stand together, share the truth to empower ourselves!!..because if we sit back and do nothing, we going to have the embarrassing task of telling our children and grandchildren, that we did nothing, during this time of crisis because we thought everything was going to be ok!!

    Please Everyone, go out and educate yourselves on whats going on..we’ve got a lot to lose if we don’t!!
    I live in Australia, and our Government is saying, that we might have to stay in Lockdown until they find a vaccine…which is absolutely insane, considering we have had under 100 deaths in this country !!
    I mean no disrespect to anyone who have lost loved ones to the virus, but i don’t understand how we can bring a country to its knees with under 100 deaths!!

    Im no expert in all this, im just learning..please please, lets WAKE UP everybody xxx

    With the Greatest of Love to my fellow Humans..lets not let a group of very nasty people ruin the beauty of what us Humans truly are..

    Lets start a new Conversation!!

  21. With love you receive security and strength with fear you will certainly feel weakness and vulnerability. Thank you Pam for presence in a positive collective consciousness that I am proud to be a part of. With sincerity in love

  22. Hi Rob
    We’ve had 50 but the Great Toilet Paper Caper is happening everywhere , not just here in the Great South Land. It is rather hilarious isn’t it? Actually while it seems quite devastating at the moment and I wouldn’t say I exactly enjoyed literally watching people I like and know losing their jobs in front of me or that I cannot go anywhere to see my friends or family, the government is just doing the best it can faced with an something we haven’t seen since the Dude knows when and while they talk about 6 months I wouldn’t believe everything you hear. People be crazy at times and a bit of drama on the etch a sketch makes the viewers turn on! If you take a deep breath and look around most people are behaving rather well (dogs don’t do Social Distancing AT ALL) and the children around my area enjoy themselves looking at all the teddy bears on every ones’ verandas! Husband’s eldest grand son says he is bored with “fake” school though which is hilarious considering all the earnest work being put in to distance education. Me, I feel rather sorry for that poor little virus . We managed to visit Spain, come back via Dubai , my husband was in New Guinea 2 weeks ago and we visited Weipa and got out literally on the last flight! Not a virus in sight. Keep smiling and your heart high Rob. Wash your hands but keep on laughing . People and life tend to walk through the door of your expectations so expect the best and you will see it.

    1. Thankyou so much Ysabel..that is a beautiful reply, I feel better already!!
      Im usually very good with staying chilled, and have a great connection with the Dude, but i think some fear got stirred up in me and i lost my centre ….
      Im personally not scared of the virus at all, i know that a strong immune system will look after me, im more afraid of losing the wonderful life we had before all this happened
      You’re right things will be cool again, just got to keep connected
      Thanks again Ysabel.. I found your words very comforting
      Take Care and yes, Keep on Laughing!!!

  23. Pam thank you for sharing this story. I really enjoy this “proof” as I call it. It uplifts me every time.

  24. You the best! I sure needed to hear that tonight ❤️

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

  25. Thanks for holding my hand through this time Pam with your inspirational stories and faith so that I might do the same for others. Only Love❤️💫

  26. I’m here with you, Pam. My daughter has decided to take an extra few minutes in the morning to read our lesson of the day out loud before going off to her workday at home.;) I don’t think she has EVER been so happy. Who would have thunk you could make ACIM student out of my little Celtic Pagan. She has taught me so much too.

  27. Thank you Pam!!! This post is exactly what I needed to hear. These are crazy times but I know if I stay home, stay in the groove and keep remembering what we truly are, things will all work out! I love the idea of asking to have my fear removed.
    You’re the sunlight for so many people!!!🤗
    Bless you!!!!!

  28. Dear, dear, dear and funny Pam!
    I am so glad I found you/your books. I tried to get throughout the ACIM for a few years now and oh so may times I put it back in the drawer again. Although English isn’t my native language (I am Dutch, live in the Netherlands) your version is for me so much easier to understand. Also the feeling it gives me, the ACIM (in Dutch) always makes me feel a bit ‘heavy’ and serious which is not my normal nature and your book is more as I am.
    Thank you, love you,

  29. Hey Pam, Your post is exactly what I needed to hear this morning also. Until I read your post, I didn’t recognize the fact that fear had sneaked (snuck?!) back in! I’m now stopping my work to meditate, knowing for sure that all will be well. Many, many thanks, Katherine

  30. This reminded me of my own epiphany. Many years ago I suffered greatly from panic attacks. They would come out of nowhere and just shut me down. One of the things I feared was crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. I had to do so regularly and just white knuckled it each time. One day while coming home I got on the bridge and a few minutes later found traffic completely stopped in both directions due to a huge accident. I was about mid-span, over the deepest part of the Bay, and I started to lose it completely. Then I noticed that the people in other cars were getting out, chatting, laughing, and generally having a great time. That’s when I clearly heard a voice say to me, “Your choice-you can freak out, or you can get out!!” So, I opened my door, and started chatting with another driver. And I never suffered another panic attack.
    Thank you Pam for yet another wonderful post. Be well!

  31. HI, Pam, I just listened to the link from your blog, and it was an interview with Liz Gilbert (excellent) but no mention of the Hawaiian woman Amanda. Can you provide that? Or I will try Googling it… all so good. That story was totally inspiring and thank you for sharing it!

  32. Hi Pam,

    I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to send out your emails. As someone who isn’t on Facebook, I appreciate it. I really enjoy receiving them and appreciate all you’re doing to spread joy and help calm people’s (mine own) fears during this unusual time in our history.

    Since you’re connected with Hay House, I was wondering if you’ve heard about the intention experiment that Dr. Bruce Lipton, “The Biology of Belief” author, is asking people to participate in this weekend. Beginning this Sunday and for the next 48 hours after, he’s asking people to hold the intentions of love, health, happiness, a beautiful garden for the planet at 11 am or 11 pm. We could certainly do it all day, if so inclined, but doing this collectively at a set time enhances the intention. At least that the way I understand it.

    He explains it in this video: https://youtu.be/MvRAwKu0QIE

    Again, thanks for constant encouragement to trust in good even when you can’t see it.


    Donna King


  33. These emails have carried me through my darkest hours. I cannot express how grateful I am for you & Taz.
    I am ADD and find it almost impossible to set a schedule that I adhere to day after day. As the Eagles said “your voice keeps whispering in my other ear”… so I keep trying. Whoever said there is no try, only do… obviously wasn’t ADD

  34. Thank you so much Pam for keeping us all on track, your emails are so appreciated ALWAYS …. not just at the present time! Sending you love,
    Jane xx

  35. Hi Pam,
    Vilma here.
    I’ve had my own magical 222.
    I wrote a song a few days ago, and made a vid clip. I’ve shared it on FB, and Instagram.
    Today, June 1st, I sent to Berklee College of Music ((My school)
    and shared the video. When I was reviewing it, I noticed the time stamp 2:22
    WOW… I said. “Thank you TAZ!!!”

    That definitely had deep meaning.
    Thank you so much!!!!

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