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The BIG reset

If you’re thinking, ‘but my life is upside down,’ don’t worry. How do you know down is not better than up?—Shams of Tabriz

This is the beautiful light that inspired the 222 Foundation. Taz Grout! 222 Forever!

We used to have lions and tigers and bears (Oh my!) to frighten us on our journey through life. Now we’ve got a little device no bigger than a deck of cards. As we navigate this new time in our planet’s history, it’s vital that we don’t debilitate our nervous system, that we don’t let thoughts of fear pitch a tent in our minds.

By all means, check in on the latest health and safety recommendations, but right now, while things are going down on the planet, it’s more important than ever to practice spiritual principles.

A Course in Miracles asks me to focus on this: I am complete and healed and whole. I am united with my brothers and sisters, secure in light and joy and peace.

In this week’s lessons, I am asked to remember these Truths for five minutes every hour. Now that sounds like a huge commitment (and in the interest of complete transparency, I’ve never once, in all my years of practicing the Course, remembered every waking hour), but making the intention to put spiritual principles above my addiction to my phone helps me retrain my mind. It makes it more likely that when some fear tries to flag me down, my automatic response is not panic, but a proclamation of the truth the Course is teaching me: That I am safe, that I am in perfect harmony with all there is and all there ever will be. Today’s lesson goes so far as urging me to do my part in bringing happiness to all the world.

While on the subject of happiness, I must tell you I have had SO. MUCH. FUN watching all the Stay-at-Home dances that have been posted throughout webland. So far Taz’s 222 Foundation, thanks to the first 22 dancers, has given money to orphans in Ghana, No Kid Hungry, Trans Lifeline, Reece’s Rainbow, an Emergency Rescue in upstate New York, a House of Hope, Warrior Dogs and a bunch of other amazing organizations. As Mr. Rogers advised us, Look for the Helpers!

Thanks one and all for playing along. It is my belief that our greatest longing is to be of service, to make the world a better place. And why not have fun while doing it!

So I’ll end today’s post with a quick question. How are you spending your mental time? Are you dodging lions and tigers and bears or are you stepping up your spiritual game?

Okay, one more question. I have considered moving these posts to my FB page. They automatically post there anyway, but I’d love to hear in the comments section below if you enjoy getting them as an email in your inbox (like this) or if you’d rather just find them on my FB page when you’re so inclined.

Love you guys! Stay safe! Stay happy! Stay kind!

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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      1. Love them in email. I’m always happy to see your posts and I am reading your Course in Miracles as well. Facebook meh not so much!!

      2. I like the emails… I try to stay off FB as much as possible!

        Thank you so much Pam for giving your light to all of us… Love you!

    1. Yes please!! It is an absolutely joyful part of my day to get your emails. In a time when we need all of the beautiful thought and joy leadership that you bring, having them delivered to my inbox versus me having to search your Facebook page is my idea of perfect.
      THANK YOU for all you bring!

    2. Thanks, Pam for your joyful and awakening post today…I love receiving them by email!
      Dance on!

    3. Hi- Just started getting your blog. I like having it come via email. Thanks for all you share here and in your books! You are a great example of being of service.

    4. I love getting them in my email. I have a special folder of all of them- thanks! I am reading your book- Course in Miracles and absolutely love it! Thank you so much Pam.

    5. Thanks for all the inspirstion. I like getting it in both places. I usually end up reading them in the email though. Seeing your name in my email is instant happy juice and I will click on it for inspiration.

    6. I love getting them as an email. Thank you SO MUCH. Also following a Course in Miracles, while I am really enjoying as well. Thank you.

    7. Hi, Pam. I love getting your fabulous notes in my email.
      Thanks a million for all you do,

    8. Like getting them by email….I always love seeing your name in my inbox…..means I have some important mail to read……I might miss seeing them on FB…..as sometimes there’s so much that comes through.

    9. Pam – I just love receiving your emails – I am not a great fan of Facebook so please keep sending the emails, they really brighten my day. Sending love from South Africa.

    10. I love having it by email as I don’t always go on my Facebook xxx but as long as they keep coming I will be happy to read them, thank you xxx

  1. I LIKE getting them as an email! My FB is so busy and crowded I would easily miss your posts and I don’t really want to do that.

  2. Hi Pam. I’m not on FB so I’m happy to get them via email. Just signed on for them recently and love them. Thanks and stay well!

  3. Hi Pam, please keep your blogs by email too! Love to get the beautiful surprises in my mailbox! I don’t do much FB so, that’s what I would love.
    love and hugs, Elke

  4. Hi Pam, I don’t use FaceBook anymore so I would really appreciate it if you would keep emailing your blogs to us. Thanks so very much for your writing and your inspiring messages.

  5. I like them here 🙂 and so appreciate your dedication to doing the work and being real and sharing yourself with all of us!!
    Mucho Love and Gratitude 🙏🏻

  6. please keep email! I rarely check on FB…especially at work….but I can get emails!

    1. PLEASE STAY WITH EMAIL PAM!!! I’m not in Facebook..found Facebook to be a way for people to spread negative feelings sometimes…I love getting your emails…they brighten my day:) and to answer your other question…I am reading your book
      “a course in miracles” to help me spiritually!!! AND IT WORKS:)

  7. Thank you Pam! Such a great perspective. Please keep emailing these! I have been trying to limit my time on Facebook these days and I always look forward to reading your emails when they appear in my inbox.

  8. I see your posts on FB but I truly love getting these posts in my inbox (by email)…don’t know why, just do. I am reading ACIM Experiment these days of staying in. They help tremendously. Every time I get a scary thought I go to the book and open it randomly to see what I need to know. Works every time. Plus there is so much FUNNY stuff out there on the internet about this and it seems to always shop up in my inbox or message balloon. Amazing how that works!!

  9. Please DON’T move to Facebook only! Your emails are a bright light in the midst of sales pitches, skewed news, phishing and “to do’s”

  10. I enjoy your posts A LOT and would prefer to see them coming through my e-mail. Thanks for asking.

  11. Hello Pam,
    I would love to continue to receive your posts via email (the way it is now).
    Thank you,

  12. Hi Pam,
    I love receiving your emails.
    I don’t like fb, so for me this is the only way.
    Thank you for your books and for the blog, I love your ideas and inspiration!!!

    1. Hello Laughter and Light Warrior! I got off the facebook train a while ago, so I would hope we could still get an e-mail, but you do what works and makes you tingle! They’ll find a way to get to me, regardless, I’m sure. 😀

  13. Keep sending the emails, much better than having to go to another website like FB,please and thanks for your positive messages.

  14. I like your emails. I don’t do FB very much because its too overwhelming — and its hard to find things once you’re on the page.

  15. Please keep them on email! I have never succumbed to Facebook and hope never to do so. If I can’t read it in email, I’ll be cut off!
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  16. I don’t do Facebook, so would much rather have them in my inbox. In fact, I am blocked on Facebook because some drunk person complained that I was too demanding for asking him to treat me with dignity and respect.

    Thanks so much for CIM book. It is keeping me on track of being aligned with Spirit and who I truly am. I also look forward to your emails in the inbox as a light in the darkness.

  17. I love getting them by email. I don’t always see them on FB. I would hate to miss one – I think you are amazing. I aspire to be as bright a light as you are. 💜

  18. Pam, I am not on FB so I absolutely Love to see an email from you in my Inbox! It makes my day! Please don’t stop the emails! Let the magic continue!! 🌟Catherine

  19. I prefer email. It´s more relaxing. I really enjoy reading your posts, the positive viewpoint you represent. Thank you <3

  20. Hi Pam! I LOVE getting them in my email….sometimes I don’t go on FB…YOU ROCK!!!!!! Thank you for EVERYTHING you do! XOXOXOX!

  21. Pam my heart aches for you.
    I know you don’t want to hear that but allow us our compassion .
    Please keep these messages coming on our phones!!
    Thank you
    Dr April L’Heureux

  22. Please continue to send them via email as I am not a FB user. Each time I see your name pop up I get another jolt of joy and send much love to you and Taz.

  23. Email is the only way for me. Please continue sending emails. Thanks for all your words of wisdom and inspiration!

  24. Hi Pam,
    I love receiving the emails. I look forward to them. So please keep them coming! Thank you so very much. I am so very, very grateful for all you do.
    Much Love,

  25. I enjoy seeing your posts pop up in my email. They always seem to come just at the right time! Please continue with the emails.
    A huge fan of the life you are living and inspiring in others,

  26. Thanks for the email! Yours is one of the few I read so I’d appreciate continuing to get them here. I rarely get on FB because it’s way too much trying to get my attention and it’s overwhelming.

    Thanks again!

    Sent from my iPhone


  27. I too enjoy them in my inbox. Not a big facebooker and they always bring light and love!
    thank you thank you thank you

  28. Love your posts and have for along time – read all your books and currently into The Course in Miracles Experiment. I don’t use Facebook regularly and would really miss your email posts. Your messages help people understand how to deal with their issues, including the current pandemic. Please don’t take them away.


  29. Hi Pam,
    Vilma here.
    I enjoy getting them in the email as well. If it doesn’t impact your time, I would love to keep receiving them through email as well.

    Much love, light, kindness, courage, fun and freedom.

  30. I agree with Noreen. I really like getting them by email. Especially these days, I don’t spend much time on FB, except to post writerly events for my area (I’m a freelance writer, workshop leader and writing coach) and up beat, positive info. Such as your column. Which I adore to the extent that one of my e-doc files is “Pam.” Many thanks for sharing your wisdom in such a fun way!

  31. Hi, Pam! I would very much like to continue receiving these messages in my email, please. Thanks so much!

  32. Don’t trust Facebook so don’t interact on it — pls keep sending in e-mails — thanks!!

  33. Yes I would love to receive this by email as well.

    Thank you soooo much for all that you do.

  34. What another amazing post – again! I love getting emails since I’m not married to FB or IG, but i’m always on email. THANK YOU. Sending you energy of love and light to surround you!

  35. I much prefer emails, it gives me something to look forward to, especially right now when fear is trying to win. I appreciate your candor and honesty about how you feel. And Pam, words can’t describe how much The CIM Experiment is helping me and my sister. Thank youi.

  36. Hi Pam,
    I don’t use facebook and it would be a great loss for me if you stopped sending your posts out via e-mail.

  37. Hey Pam
    I absolutely love your osts which I sent to my husband too. I am not on Facebook for a number of reasons, the biggest being I can’t keep my mouth shut. So I would be in FB lockout every week at least! Thanks for all you do. I always feel like Taz hangs out with you.

  38. Since I rarely have time to check FaceBook, I appreciate getting them in my email inbox. It’s a great reminder to switch my attention during the course of my day. And FB is not at all a priority for me, so most days I do not ever get over there . .. Thank you!

  39. I’d like to receive an email, and, of course, to remain on your website. Thanks so much, Pam. <3

  40. Hi Pam, I prefer getting them via email. FB can get to be too much and sometimes I forget to look for the things I really want to see. I’m afraid I’d miss them if they were only on FB.
    Thanks for asking!

  41. Love your emails, Pam., and thank you for them🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I “don’t do Facebook’, so, please continue the emails!

  42. I would like to keep getting emails since I have a folder to keep them for future reference. Once isn’t always enough!

  43. dear Pam, thank you for your posts, very uplifting! Yes please email your updates as I don’t do FB. Also, not sure if you know, but your home and phone numbers are easily found on the website familytreenow.com . For your privacy, I suggest opting out on the website. This is one of many websites that post our private info, very annoying. Please delete this comment as I’m sure you don’t want it posted. I have many of your books and am very much enjoying your latest on TCIM. Thank you and many good thoughts to you!

  44. I don’t use Facebook and would greatly appreciate if you still sent your posts via email. Your posts help me to keep my eyes on the big picture in these uncertain times. Thanks for all you do.


  45. I love getting your posts by email. I try not to go to Facebook as much as possible. For me it becomes a black hole where time is lost, never to be regained.

  46. Too many things on FB, hard to find you. I appreciate the emails and can read it when I have time. Thank you for your inspiration!

  47. Taz Forever! I consider her one of my many guardian angels, even though I never met her. Through you, I feel like I’ve always known her. I’m sure many of your readers (fans!) feel the same way. I have upped my spiritual game, and wholeheartedly “believe in the good things coming” (Thank you, Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People!), and that we are coming out of this way better than we went into it. I guess I can only speak for myself on that, but I have high hopes for the rest of humanity and Mother Earth. Your book came out at just the right time to help out with that.
    And your e-mails are precious to me. I am on FB more than I’d like to be, and prefer to read your posts by e-mail. I often save them in a special folder for magical/miracle inspirations.
    There’s my 222 cents!
    Pamela Joy

  48. Although I am on Facebook, I really like receiving your e-mails. I would miss them if they were gone!

  49. Your posts feel like an extra-special gift when they arrive in my email. An invitation to and reminder about the BIG PARTY! Thank you and I love you!!!

  50. Pam – thank you for emailing the posts I have filled all your emails – look forward like little gifts personalize and then connected to all you send out. I am not a FB – fan – though I get it – Hope you are well – Thank you for all you do – and are doing Prayers and miracles !

    Ps thank you for all your books – writing – inspirations – eve the share of your loss – our loss Taz – yet she keeps speaking – so thank you for sharing all of you !

    Kind Regards, BarbaraJayne DeGolyer Sassy Palate, LLC 561.274.7499 kitchen 561.212.9444 mobile info@sassypalate.com bjayne1@me.com


  51. Thank you Pam! I love reading you. (and now I do everyday with ACIM experiment 😉 ) I love receiving your posts as an email; Each time I feel like I receive a personal message from you. I open it when I have real time to read it with my full attention. So I’d be happy if you keep sending the mails (but it’ll be ok on fb too if that s the choice).
    Thank you and I’m a hugger so big hug from France.

  52. Please keep the email. I love your emailsI! I check my email daily but sometimes don’t get on Facebook very often.
    Thank you

  53. EMAIL FOR SURE!!!! I never go on Facebook. Love, Love, Love getting your bright and cheery missives via email!!!

  54. I do enjoy the emailed post. I’m not on facebook much so this is the only way I read your latest insights.

  55. DEFINITELY email. It’s like a little gift when it appears in the midst of all the garbage that comes in!!! 🙂

  56. Please keep sending these through email. I got off Facebook last year and this is the only way I get them. Thank you for doing them!!!!!

  57. Oh dear Pam!

    PLEASE keep the emails coming! It is always such a welcome pleasure to see an email from you! Amidst all the other emails, yours I open with distinct anticipation as something that will brighten up my day and bring me joy.

  58. I love your posts on email and would probably rarely see them on facebook. I vote to keep the emails!

  59. Emails For Sure!! I never go on Facebook and I love getting your bright and cheery emails! Thank you so much for all your love and wisdom!


  60. I love your emails and hope you will keep sending them. I am finding right now I am happier if not on Facebook so go there as rarely as possible. Hope you will keep up the emails!! You are a bright spot in my day! Thank you! Susan

    Sent from my iPhone


  61. Pam ,
    I love getting your emails !!! Truly , I get a smile on my face when I see I have an email from you .
    I’m not a big FB fan , but I will certainly join to read your inspirational and sage advice and support .
    Thank you for all that you do.

  62. Hi Pam,

    Taz is so beautiful she radiates here and over the rainbow 🌈🕊

    I love receiving these emails – I do my best to stay off social media so this is the I my way I get to hear from you.

    I am on instagram but don’t see too many posts from you. Am I missing something on there?

    You always give me that extra boost of love & light & honesty that I most adore.

    A huge cheerleader in your corner always ~ much love 🙏🏻💖🙏🏻🙋🏻‍♀️🕊

    P.S. Don’t forget to let me know when Confessions of the Ego is in a format I will happily purchase. I’m stuck at # 6 ~ 🤨😳🥺👹😂

    Sent from my iPhone


  63. I prefer the emails, because I always want to hear from you… I’m afraid the FB posts will get lost in the shuffle.

  64. I prefer the emails. Thank you so much for sharing! I always look forward to reading your email posts and learn so much from them. I’m not on Facebook as often but I can retrain myself if that is the best for all. Love and Peace.

  65. Oh please keep the emails!! I am not on facebook and would lose you forever. 🙁 And I love getting the emails, it’s like a nice surprise waiting for me to change my whole day for the better!

  66. Hi Pam,

    I prefer getting them in my email, as that is what I’m in all day. The only time I go on Facebook is when I receive an email from them that someone close to me has posted something. Then, I’m in and out—like a ninja. Otherwise, I’d never get any work done. But if your posts can send me an email, that would be fine too.

    By the way, I’m a big fan. Have a number of your books, including the latest.

    You find and share the joy in your life – even when it’s hard, and I admire that.


    Annie Galvin Teich
    The Teich Group, Inc.

    Content Marketing for
    The Education Industry

    From: Pam Grout
    Reply-To: Pam Grout
    Date: Monday, April 6, 2020 at 2:13 PM
    To: Annie Galvin Teich
    Subject: [New post] The BIG reset

    psgrout posted: ““If you’re thinking, ‘but my life is upside down,’ don’t worry. How do you know down is not better than up?—Shams of Tabriz We used to have lions and tigers and bears (Oh my!) to frighten us on our journey through life. Now we’ve got a little device no”

  67. I am not on Facebook anymore and would love to keep receiving these lovely posts by email. Of course I understand if you choose FB only. Blessings to you 🙏

  68. Hi Pam, I definitely love getting these in my inbox. It would be great if they are on Facebook too but I love when they hit my inbox. I always read them as soon as they come in. Thank you

  69. I love the blog and far prefer it to FB! Currently I also can and do, forward the blog to others not on FB for security reasons. Thanks for being open to feedback.

  70. I love getting your emails! I always stop what I’m doing to read them and they usually help me adjust my thinking if I’m not having a stellar day. Please keep sending the emails! ❤️❤️❤️

  71. Hi Pam: You and your writing bring such joy in my life. Thank you for asking – I really do enjoy and appreciate receiving your emails.   When I receive them – I feel like they are a spiritual gift from the Divine, they stop me in my track and causes me to Pause.  I would indeed appreciate if you would keep sending emails. With thanks and sending you love and energy from Canada! Jennifer

    1. Please keep sending them by email. I am not on Facebook — strangely, they have deemed me a terrorist and will not let me join. I look for this email, and they keep me connected to a greater Truth! I dependent on them. Thanks, Suzanne

  72. I love getting these through the email. Something I so appreciate from you. It can be somedays the bright spot in my email.

  73. I love Getting them in my inbox! It’s one of the only emails I always Open and read. Would hate to miss one by not checking Facebook

  74. Please keep sending your emails, Pam!!

    You’re a Light in my life who always shows up at the exact perfect moment—and—I will go to your FB page & post there, too.

    Meanwhile, I’ve accepted your invitation to spread my Light in the world, so I’m hosting a FB LIVE every Friday at 1 EST. Sometime when you want to join us, I would welcome your visit—and anytime you want a peek, the 30-minute videos are always recorded. This Friday is my second one—we call it Simple Shifts for Uncertain Times…

    And finally, thank you so much for TCIM Experiment—OMG, it is lifting me up daily. Today was Day 61: “I am the Light, Baby!” And I am stepping into that space with both feet—because your Light helps me shine mine, and my Light helps others shine theirs. It’s a wonderful thing—and I thank you with ALL of my Heart!

    Sending you very much Love & Light & Great Big HUGS! Your Friend, Maia

    Maia Beatty, CPC, BCC, ELI-MP Chief Inspirator Certified Leadership Coach Chief Reinvention Officer

    Maia Beatty & Associates We help good leaders become extraordinary http://www.maiabeatty.com 330-573-0526

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  75. PLEASE keep sending these as an email! It makes me happy to see it in my inbox when the rest is mostly spam and marketing, AND I’m trying to avoid FB in an attempt to not get sucked into non-productivity. Thanks!

  76. Emails please!!! I don’t want to miss them as I could on FB.
    Your words do me so much good – both here and in your books. Thank you so much!

  77. Hi Pam

    I always read your emails above many others so I prefer the email way for you to send these messages.. thank you from the deepest part of my heart for what you do for me and for the planet 🌎

    From Aurora Ontario

  78. PLEASE don’t stop the email version. SOME of us are not on Facebook, believe it or not.

  79. I prefer getting them by email; I was on FB at one time but left it about 10 years ago, and would prefer not to go back there. Thanks.

  80. I love receiving your emails Pam. Please keep them coming. Thank you so much for the love and wisdom that you spread via your wondering writing. Sunil x

  81. I look forward and LOVE finding your posts In my email in box. I always find them just when I need them! I’m not a social media person so please continue sending!!! You’re the best!

  82. I definitely like getting them as an email because I rarely check people’s Facebook pages. And I love these frequent messages from you, they help keep me on track.  Love cheryl


    *yoga and senior fitness classes

    *overnight stays in Guest Suite and Bohemian Bunkhouse

    785-640-4059 mobile/text

  83. I love your posts and I would love to continue to get them. I am not on Facebook so if you could please keep sending them to my email I would be so appreciative. Keep up the good work you are one of the lights that shines in this world and especially now!

  84. I’m another of your “I don’t do Facebook” fans, and I hope you’ll continue sending your messages via email because I enjoy them. And I do have to add (with a smile): a message that suggests putting down your phone is a good idea but then promotes hanging out on Facebook confuses my brain like some sort of 21st Century koan. I’d even assert that largely avoiding both just might be something that helps me stay in the “complete and healed and whole” zone. 🙂

    I really loved your dance, mi amiga, and I also hope that you keep being your beautiful self!

  85. Hi Pam, I’d love to continue getting your posts in my e.mail inbox. I would likely miss them if they only went to Facebook as I only tap in on FB occasionally.

    With much gratitude

  86. I love getting these in my inbox they brighten my day. Thank you so much Pam 😊💕

  87. Hello Pam.
    Please keep sending your posts via e-mail. Somehow it feels different, as if addressed to me personally.

    Thanks a lot!

  88. Love receiving your posts in my email. They always brighten my day when I receive them.

  89. Please use email!!! I am a never FB Non-user permanently!!
    Thank you for your very enlightened posts.
    You an Taz are unending treasures to us all.

  90. I love getting your missives pop up in my email account. I don’t really use Facebook and I would hate you to drop out of my life, you bring much joy.

  91. I love receiving your posts and I love receiving them in my mailbox. FB can be a sneaky time suck so I do my best to stay away. Anyway that’s my vote! ❤️

  92. Pam,

    Please keep sending the emails. I get them at work and they make a world of difference.
    take care , be safe. Gratitude and love

  93. Wow, it’s really nice to know that I’m not the only one who either is NOT on FB or finds it overwhelming or both.

    Agreed ~ your emails are a lovely light in my inbox (and I am also on Lesson 61 today). 🌈 🌞 Please continue providing that option if possible. Many blessings and much love! 💜

  94. Hi Pam
    I would love to keep getting them in email. It is alway such a pleasant surprise to get an email from you.
    Thanks for keeping us all on track. Since you asked my husband and i start the day with your course in miracles then spend the rest of our day doing work refinishing and or finishing rooms in the house. We decided to make the best of being sucluded by finishing thing we just never got to before.
    We are truly blessed.

    1. Pam,
      Your posts are a joy to me, and I read and enjoy them without fail. I admire your magnificent energy and spirit. Please keep the posts coming via email. My family frowns on FB, and I only use it to check on certain friends. You are a treasure.
      Much love,

  95. As so many have already said, FB is so busy I know I would miss some (if not most) of your postings there – so I vote for email.

  96. Hi Pam and thank you for your inspiration, grounded striving, love and light. 🙏🏻❤️ I prefer emails because I’m not on social media a lot but if that’s where you go, I’ll look for your posts there. I need all the reminders I can get. I resonate so deeply with what you share. Thank you for all you share and the gift of who you are❤️❤️ Warmly Pam

    ***************** Pamela Flynn pamflynn2@gmail.com 650/533-9057

    “Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames” ~ Rumi


  97. E-mails, please, but whatever makes it easier for you!! I’ll follow you wherever you are – you are such a beacon of light, hope and love. I look forward to reading everything you so generously share with us! Wishing you love and peace beyond understanding. Thank you! XO

  98. Dear Pam,

    Thank you for asking. I would prefer to receive by email.

    I love your messages and books! 💕


  99. I LOVE getting your post via email. I’m excited when I see your name in my Inbox and it allows me more space to let it penetrate and easier to find for later references.

  100. I like getting the emails. I am not on Facebook.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts of inspiration and love with us.

  101. I LOVE getting you in my inbox!!!! I have been off of Facebook as a way to keep my mind clear, and you are about the only non-business thing I get in my inbox (again, keeping down clutter and welcoming clarity), so I LOVE getting your updates. All the beautiful organizations reached through the first 22 dancers brought a tear to my eye. Thank you!

  102. Love the emails! With so much negativity and polarization on Facebook these days, I spend far less time there and choose to take my time reading emails instead.

    Love your books…love your blog…love your emails…and love your inspiring, indomitable and intrepid spirit! Thank you for all you do to bring us the spiritual teachings the world so badly needs right now!

  103. Hi Pam, no FB only, I am not there As I want to stay healthy. I treasure receiving your mails as I know they will make me think, ponder, laugh, cry all for the sake of my sanity and spiritual health. Thank you, keep dancing Pam

  104. Inbox please! And I’ve been on many levels enjoying this inward time for deep transformation as uncomfortable as it is, as terrifying and sad as it can be. The global meditation the other night was profound, I felt more connected to my fellow brothers and sisters around the planet more than ever before and got a sneak peek dose of our human potential. I’m finding myself being sillier than ever and slap happy with my 10-year-old daughter. I’m planting, creating, walking, listening, observing the physical and non-physical world. I love your emails and love Taz brightening up my day with them. Keep um’ coming! xo

  105. Hi Pam, love you! And I like getting them as an email because I am not always looking at my Facebook! ❤️Julie Q

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

  106. Please keep sending the emails! I would probably not see them all if they were only on Facebook and they always brighten my day when I see one in my Inbox. Thank you! Love to you and Taz always! I’ve been seeing 222 all the time lately. It’s lovely and I send you both a virtual fist bump when I see those numbers.

  107. PLEASE keep the emails. I don’t follow FaceBook intentionally. But I agree with Veronique (above response) ….when I receive these emails I take the time to think, laugh, cry and consider what you’re teaching us from ACM. FB certainly doesn’t do that. Feeling the joy and sharing it…thank you.

  108. Pam, I guess I don’t need to post this since I see there are lots of people who have said they like getting your posts via email. I just like seeing your name in my email feed. I don’t check into FB very often anymore.

    Thanks for the encouragement,

  109. I love, love, love your emails…no matter how frequent. I would prefer receiving an email because I rarely go to Facebook.

    Thank you for asking…

    Love to you! Stay well!


  110. Inbox please! I deactivated FB Sept. 5. No looking back! (Wow; having just scrolled up through prior comments, it looks as though I am part of the 99 percenter’s!)

  111. Please keep on sending by email. I rarely have time to go to facebook. Furthermore, I prefer to read and contemplate this type of material on a larger screen.

  112. I love your emails, I don’t always remember to go on FB.
    Thank you for being so open with your feelings and your inspiring words of encouragement. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say it helps keep me on track. When I find myself being taken over by emotions of fear all I have to do is think of your words.
    Thank you!

  113. I love getting them in my inbox as I do not have Facebook.
    Thanks for the awe-inspiring. you are a true gem!

  114. Please continue to send as email. It’s too easy for these messages to get lost in the myriad of FB stuff! Plus, trying to “cut back” on time spent on FB!!

  115. Please keep up your emails. They are a bit of refreshing Truth delivered to my email box regularly and I love them. I don’t belong to FB because it seems like a net loss to me. I’ll be grateful if you help me continue that decision with your decision to email! Thanks and Blessings, Janis

  116. E-mail! So much of what I “follow” on FB is filtered out and I only see posts from the same folks/orgs over and over. I worry yours wouldn’t show up in my feed. Thanks!

  117. Hi Pam, I am not on FB often. I would rather continue to receive your posts via email. I do enjoy them very much. Thank you, Ron

  118. Please keep sending emails. I don’t do Facebook. I thank you everyday for The Course In Miracles Experiment and also look forward to your emails.

  119. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send them on e-mail!!! I love opening my e-mail and finding a gem to start my day with!!! Thank you!!!!!

  120. I love love love getting this in my email. I also begin and end every day with your Acim. It’s my salvation.
    I stay off Facebook in general.

    Thanks for you!!!!

  121. E-mail. I LOVE getting a reminder to keep my head up and my shoulders back!! I rarely look to Facebook for inspiration, because there is so much on there that is not.

  122. I love your posts and look at them like a personal daily message, something that it wouldn’t feel like On Facebook. Please keep them in my inbox!

  123. Please keep sending emails! I try to limit my time on Facebook. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  124. I’d love to receive this beautiful reminders that the world is wonderful through my inbox ❤️🌻🌸 much love!

  125. Hi Pam! I don’t have Facebook so I would totally miss out on your posts. I look forward to getting them in my email and hope you can continue to send them. As for me, I’m upping my Spiritual game and not allowing fear to rule my roost so to speak! Thanks for all you do!

  126. I really enjoy receiving your post as an email. They are so inspiration and fun.Thanks so much.

  127. I absolutely LOVE getting your emailed messages! I don’t frequent Facebook too much, so really appreciate finding your amazing take on the world coming right to my inbox. When I get your emails, it kicks up the day for me — an extra dose of love! — please keep them coming!

  128. Hi, I don’t usually reply to posts but I just want to say that I enjoy your posts very much, plus they make me more confident regarding that there is love around the world and that not everyone is selfish nor only looking out for themselves.
    I would like to continue getting your posts in my email inbox since I don’t open FB everyday.. I might miss your post. It would really be a pitty.
    Thx for you and your work. Showing goodness in the world is not the usual news you get.
    Paola (from Peru)

  129. Hi Pam. I am a terrible facebook person so I love/need to get your emails.
    Thank you for your wonderful words!

  130. I like getting your email. There’s so much in FB to filter through. I like the special invite to read your email. My two cents. Thanks for sharing your light and wisdom. Hugs!

  131. I love getting your posts by email…. I read them right away and store the post in a file for future reference. If they were only on FaceBook, I’d surely miss most of them as I don’t tend to spend much time on that platform. Thanks for all that you do to brighten my day!!

  132. I would definitely prefer email, FB is something I’m trying to do way less of these days. Thanks so much🙏🏻

  133. PLEASE Continue with the email delivery– I don’t do FB 🙂 Trying to stay off it during these times… Thanks for all you do! XO

  134. Hi Pam, I enjoy getting your emails, but whatever works for everyone else!
    Much Love, Kelley

  135. NO1. Please keep them in email – Google has much better security than Facebook (which is selling way too much personal information, still). Thank you.

  136. I like receiving the emails. I’m reading your Course in Miracles Experiment every day. It helps keep me grounded. Hope you are well. 😊

  137. Hi Pam. I love getting your emails in my in box ! Much excitement! Its like getting a gift in the post box! Im rarely on FB Thanks Janet

  138. Hi Pam – I rarely go on FB (which would be a “pull” operation … all your readers having to “pull” it vs. a “push” operation — the content gets pushed into our inbox.) The best marketing is push ones … you’re not dependent on users having to do the work; chances are most won’t — not b/c they don’t love your content but b/c “life happens.”

  139. Yes, please please keep sending me emails! Facebook does not show me everything I want to see, they only show me what they want me to see! Aargh!

  140. YES! I enjoy receiving your posts via email! I always know where they are, so I can easily find them later! Thank you!

  141. I so look forward to your emails and those heartwarming photos of Taz. Plus I am not on Facebook and would miss your uplifting messages.

  142. O please stay here in my inbox. I don’t like fb and I would miss you so! I am just re-reading thank and grow rich. So positive 🙂

  143. I love the emails! It’s a bright spot in all the other junk mail I receive!! I always go “yay” when I see your name in my inbox🤗

    Sent from my iPhone


  144. Oh please stay sending emails!
    I don’t miss them, then, and they give me joy to see them in my inbox. Fb is so haphazard, and overwhelming and cluttered. I would completely miss (not stumble across) your blog there.

    This way I neatly see, and read with great pleasure, each and every one.
    I cherish reading your emails, Pam.

    You need to do what’s right for you, but as you are asking, I am on my knees – please, please, please stay in email form!

    With great respect,

  145. I absolutely love receiving your email, it’s a real treat to see it in my in box. I would miss them on FB.🌈🌈😘

  146. I love these emails and would appreciate getting them as I do not use Facebook. Thank you for your light love and crazy dancing!! 💕👏🏻🙏🏻🌷

  147. I prefer email. When I go on Facebook, I end up wasting too much time playing games.

  148. Hello Pam!

    I prefer emails; I am not on FB.

    It is always a big joy to see an email from you in my reception box.
    Thank you for all the good you bring!

  149. Email please. Facebook is overloaded with too many uninvited posts -I just skim thru FB occasionally

  150. I love getting them in my email– your words are the BEST things I ever get in my email.

    1. I love getting this as an email, it always puts a smile in my heart, makes my day.
      Thank you so much, between these and your books it keeps me in a happy place.

  151. I love getting the emails in my inbox. I save them for when I’m ready for an uplift!!

  152. I love getting them either way. You always make my heart smile. Thank you so much. Love you. <3 <3 <3

  153. Like most, I prefer email. FB is like reading a newspaper (which I quit getting years ago.)
    You have to go through so JUNK to get to the GOOD STUFF!!!
    Love hearing from you!

  154. Please keep emailing, you are one of the true shining lights.
    Most emails I receive are fearful, angry or misinformed.
    I love opening your emails, they are honest, truthful and sometimes funny.
    We need more of you, not less!
    Light and Love,

  155. Love, love, LOVE getting them by email. The notification makes me smile and after reading them I know I’m in a great place. Thank you Pam 💜

  156. I enjoy receiving the emails 🙂 I don’t always go in FB but I alway check my email. Thank you for your positive outlook on life, I have read and continue to reread all of your books. I own them on audible as well as hard copy so I can listen while I drive and highlight what helps me most.
    Deb Fossati

  157. Dear Pam,

    Like most of us I get way too much email etc. I have FB but have used it more in last 2 weeks than my entire life. Not even sure how to get to your FB page. I guess I would you and then what? We have to be FB “friends “ for me to see your page – right?

    I guess a long way of saying I prefer the email. I am always glad to see one from you and ALWAYS read them cause I know I will feel uplifted.

    Thanks for Keeping on Keeping On!

    Stay strong and healthy Inanna LaFevre

    Sent from my iPhone


  158. Email for sure. I get a lot of emails but when I see yours in my inbox, it is the First one I open! Oh, and I rarely, rarely go to facebook – like once a year maybe. Keep up the great work!!! Love it.

  159. Hi Pam,

    I would love Taz Grout 222 foundations donation to go to the no hungry kid fund. The dance was such a great idea! How fun. I had the chicken dance video!

    Anddd answering your question on that last email, I love receiving the emails. Things get lost in Facebook land for me!

    It always warms my heart to see your name in my inbox. I enjoy your thought process and getting a snippet of your wisdom pieces. 🙂

    Warm regards, Jackie

  160. I like mine by email because I am not on FB. Love you Pam. You are amazingly awesome!

  161. Hi Pam, I enjoy getting them in my email inbox as well. However, I’m on Facebook all the time, so either way is Ok! 🙂

  162. Hello beautiful Pam I LOVE receiving your emails in my inbox, please keep sending them. I don’t use Facebook much but the emails I check every day. I’d much prefer you to keep sending your articles via email. Thank you so much for all the inspirational stories and Miracles, they are so appreciated.

    Wishing you success & abundance Myia Cleggett

    Rapid Transformational Therapist Master Clinical Hypnotherapist & Success Coach Author of the Gratitude & Success Journal Phone: +61 408 954 629 Skype: myia21


  163. Hi Pam–EMAIL Please–I seldom go on FB and would probably miss the latest–Ohhh Nooo. Thanks!

  164. Please please please keep emailing! It’s one of the bright spots when I check my email and find that you’ve written, and I’m also trying to avoid Facebook. I am in the review of the first 50 lessons, enjoying my course and passing it on to others. Thank you for the reminder that I can focus on the love instead of the fear.
    In anticipation of giant, squishy and unabashed hugs…

  165. I don’t go to FaceBook very often. I love getting your messages in my email. Thanks for all the thought directions you have given me.

  166. I really like them coming in my e mail like this. I’m not big on face book..
    keep it here PLEASE

  167. I love the email version because I am one the few people on the planet who does not do social media like Facebook

  168. Hi, Pam: I LOVE getting your messages via email because they are so special to me!! I don’t check FB every day (!!), but I certainly do a daily check on the email. However, where ever you post, I will find you!! Thank you for being an amazing YOU!!

  169. I also really look forward to getting them in my e-mail. I just don’t use Facebook all that much. Thanks so much for asking and for all you do to bring light and laughter to the planet.

  170. Thank you Pam, I don’t use Facebook. I do really enjoy getting your e-mails though. They always seem to just what is needed at the time! I have read all of your books, will be ordering The Course in Miracles Expereiment now.
    Thank you for all you have done and continue to do!

  171. Email please. FB is overwhelming and I am trying not to use it as much. Thanks!

  172. Pam, you are my heroine…thank you for posting your amazing daughter in today’s post.
    I am not on FB as much as I check my mail and your email is always a relief to open. If you choose to go FB only I will follow you wherever you go.

  173. I love getting your emails Pam. Always perfect timing. I then share to family and friends. But it is nice to be going through work emails and come across yours. Love and light to you and thank you for being the earth Angel that you are. 🙏😘💗💗💗💗

  174. Pam, please continue to publish these on email. It is such a sweet treat to see your name in my email inbox. It’s easier for me to forward your musings to so many on my email chain. Please continue with the emails. Thank you – Love you. So happy to have you in my life this way. Thank you.

  175. Hi Pam,
    I enjoys your posts so much!! Please keep the email format as I do not participate in FaceBook anymore. Ok since I’m
    emailing you now……we moved in December and I have no more excuses not to unpack all the boxes! I unpacked a box of books which just happened to have your book Big Magic in it. What perfect timing! 🤭 Thank you for all you do and for your inspiration. Big hugs, love and blessings to you,

  176. Please continue email. I love checking my mail box and see what new and amazing story you have to share.. I have Facebook but don’t use it much. This way is more personal, if you know what I mean 🥰
    Thank you for everything you do!!!

  177. Dear Pam, I love receiving your messages via my work email, when I see your name I read through all my other work-related emails and leave yours until last as I know it will uplift me and put a smile on my face and in my heart. That being said I will be happy with whatever decision is right for you. I will follow you no matter what forum you choose to use, your light is too valuable to my life.
    Much love Linda x

  178. Thanks for the emails. I am not on face book. Love you, please be safe. Tha ks,Shirley.

  179. Love to get them just like this…they pop up unexpectedly JUST when I need them!!
    Please keep emailing me!
    You are one of my most important anchors – now and always…
    AND I ADORE your sense of humor 💜🐶🐾

  180. Hi Pam, I love getting the emails so please keep them coming. It’s like getting this awesome love letter that keeps me going and reminds me of what really matters. 🙂

  181. Please please keep the emails coming!! I rarely go to FB anymore. But I never fail to feel excited when your posts hit my email box!!
    Course, I’d follow you there. But not sure it would occur to me so often.
    Thank you for all your inspiration. Talk about ‘doing good in the world.’
    Much love,

  182. Love your posts Pam! Really appreciate your insights and viewpoints (especially during this ‘upside down/right side up’ time in the world! I love getting your posts as emails as I’m rarely on Facebook. Hugs to you 🌸

  183. If it’s not too much trouble for you, I like them in email. Thank you for all your encouraging words. Audrey

    Sent from my iPad


  184. Hi Pam! You asked for feedback on moving your posts to FB only. As a former FB addict (I wasted too much of my life looking at other people’s lives, or getting angry at someone I’ve never met because of ridiculous undending food photos. So I quit FB about 5 years ago. Please keep sending emails to me. They light up my day and inspire me to keep reading your Miracles book. That’s just me, but I hope to continue hearing from you. You’re a unique human with so many wonderful perspectives that can change lives. Keep it up!

    Susan Cowart Williamsburg VA


  185. Email, please. It is so much easier for me. Thank you for sharing your work. I love your version of the Course in Miracles.

  186. Hi Pam,
    I love getting your messages via email. I’m not a big user of Facebook so I feel I would quite often miss your post if it was only on Facebook. Whenever I see an email from you, I’m super excited. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh, sometimes your words really resonate and I hang on to the email for a long time. Thank you for sharing. I hope you are able to continue sending emails.
    Vanessa (south west of Western Australia).

  187. Dearest Pam,
    No, pleeeease keep sending the posts by email. I don t have a fb account.
    Lots of blessings

    1. Please don’t stop the emails…I’m not a fb fan and I would be shattered to become disconnected!
      Love and health to all xxxxx 222

  188. Pam please don’t stop the emails. I’d much rather prefer you continued this way. Receiving it directly in my inbox is best for me. Thanks beforehand.

    Selma ( selmamartin.com )

  189. I LOVE them emailed. I am new to facebook and i have a hard time navigating and finding things…. i save all your emails and can easily find then here. Seems more personal somehow.
    Hmmm how am i spending my time??? Well, it’s not cleaning lol… i’ve stepped up my daily practice for sure with ACIM etc and have joined in on a few zoom dance parties, planting seeds for when the snow melts and pulled out my wool. Checking in, when my rural internet works, with kick ass inspirational light beings that help make the world shine brighter, Thanks Pam,,, i adore YOU!

  190. In my email please! I do not use Facebook and I don’t want to miss out on your inspirational posts! On a side note. My husband And I were sitting outside in our backyard swing today just watching the world around us. The clouds, trees blooming, the doves, finches, wrens, mockingbirds and a hawk sitting in one of our trees. We watched white puffy clouds turn into darker ones and before we knew it-there was rain, hail, harder rain, thunder and more hard rain! The fresh clean air, the sounds of the rain, hail and thunder were like a natural symphony. It was so incredibly beautiful and so much fun to have all our senses engaged at the same time. Anyway…that’s how we’re spending our time… 😊. Keep those emails coming..

  191. I have so much going on in Facebook that I would rather have your words of advice by email. Thanks.

  192. I love receiving these emails. They make my day! Please keep them coming. I prefer them to Facebook.

  193. Do not stop sending the email please. I am not going to ever see them on Facebook but I will take time to sit and read thoughtfully when I see an email. Then I go back to work renewed. Please keep sending them.

  194. Thank you for an uplifting post reminding us to tune in to what matters. Regarding moving these posts to Facebook- please don’t! I’m sure many others are in my boat; they have sworn off Facebook and appreciate the emails! Keep them coming!!!

  195. I do enjoy email as I try not to be on FB too much (although that’s hard during quarantine time). I also forward the email to a group of friends who like to read your blogs too. Thanks so much for writing them! Virtual Hugs to all!

  196. Wow!! Look what happens when you ask us a question Pam!! By the time I opened my email this morning (in Oz) and read your post there were 312 comments on it!!! My thumb was sore from scrolling through to the last one so I could comment too! Haha! Anyway here’s my response:

    I LOVE receiving your posts via email. When I see your name in my inbox I feel a jolt of joy and I know I’m going to receive inspiration, encouragement and delight to start my day. (And it appears I’m just on of many who feel the same way ☺️)

    I’ve been reading your Course in Miracles Experiment (love it!!) to inspire me in this time. If I’m feeling myself slipping into fear I randomly open your book and get the perfect message for that moment. I’m also ignoring any fear based, sensational media on Facebook or television and only watching the half hour evening news for updates on further restrictions in relation to Covid-19. I’m also doing a meditative drawing every few days and posting them on Facebook to bring a little colour and beauty to my friends in this time.

    Thankyou for this post with the gorgeous photo of Taz included. Her light shines through with a warmth I feel in my heart. And I love the quote too: “If you’re thinking ‘but my life is upside down right now’ don’t worry- how do you know that down isn’t better than up?” Perfect!

    Blessings and thanks by the tonne dear Pam – you’re my “Wonder Woman” 😁

  197. I prefer emails as I don’t open Facebook very often and I do enjoy your messages thank you.

  198. I love receiving these via email! I rarely go on Facebook as it hooks me in and I would rather not be on my phone or tempted to do so. I, too, forward these to friends. In fact I eagerly check my email for your posts! Thank you!

  199. Please continue sending your posts by email for those of us who don’t use Facebook. Your emails are always uplifting and a definite anticipated highlight. You are a shining light! Thank you!

  200. I love the posts by email. There is not many emails I read all the way through but yours is one and I thoroughly enjoy it!

  201. Hello Pam. I am a big fan of your e-mails because for one I have divorced social media for awhile. Thus, I would love to have you continue sending your emails rather than have to delve back into the FB world. Just my opinion. Thanks for reading. Melissa

  202. Emails please.Don’t much like FB.These times on social media are not so great. Please keep sending the emails.

  203. Please keep sending the emails! I miss a lot of things on FB and don’t want to miss a single word you write! Please! 🥰😃🙏🏻

  204. Hi Pam , I’m not on Facebook so I would miss reading your posts if you decided not to email them like a newsletter . Thank you, Debra 🍀🌸

  205. I like emails too…even though I´m on Facebook, sometimes I miss posts there, but it´s harder to miss an email. 🙂 I look forward to reading your emails!

  206. Dear Pam I love having them pop into my email. I don’t go to Facebook too often. It’s like a marvelous gift when they come in my email. Thanks for all of your insight. Debbie

    Sent from my iPhone


  207. Dear Pam,
    Thank you for uplifting my soul and being my mentor, I admire your courage!
    I don’t have Facebook (it’s a choice I make :)) so I prefer and absolutely love receiving your posts via email.
    Thank you 💝🌈

  208. Im not on Facebook – never will be – so please continue sending me these funny, inspiring Posts in my emails. Thanks so much from Calabasas California.

  209. Please Pam, email inbox, it brightens up my day just to see your name there …. and I’ve deactivated my Facebook account 🙂

  210. I am not on Facebook so I would prefer to receive your teachings on The Course in Miracles via email. Thank you for all that you are doing to make this world a better place!

  211. Oh, Please! Keep sending these posts in an email! I might miss something on Facebook. But I always read my email Thank you so much for posting. Y our posts lift me up, Alway! Thank you and Bless you!

  212. Pam! I LOVE the email in my in box, as well as seeing it on FB! What can I say? I’m great at receiving 😎 AND….It’s double the miracles…M Squared! ✍️👀 and I LOVE this post!! And YOU!!

  213. I love hearing from you on email I smile and open it immediately and pass it on to friends. Have all your books love what you do. Thank you Barbara 👌

    Sent from my iPhone


  214. Hi! I really enjoy seeing them in my inbox. I go to facebook as little as possible and didn’t even know you had a facebook page!

    These are a ray of love in my otherwise ‘to do’ box.

    🙂 Thank you! Holly Jaleski

  215. I don’t use FB often, so I prefer an email so that I won’t miss your posts. Thank you.

  216. Pam, please continue to send via email. I don’t do FB much and would just as soon not start. Tis delightful to have your ray of sunshine show up in my inbox.


  217. Email. For me FB can be a hole that swallows me up.

    Walk In Balance, Shari Joyce Sent from my iPhone


  218. I love getting them in email. I keep them all together in a file titled “E” (for E-squared so I remember where they are) and I go back to read them when I need inspiration. And FB is SO distracting. Thank you for considering our input! XXOO

  219. Call me a low tech dork but I love finding your emails in my in box!!!
    Wishing you health, peace, & joy!!

  220. Ahola Sweet pam! Yes I prefer email. I don’t facebook. I always remember I’m fully connected. Your post give me joy and especially when I see another photo of Taz my heart leaps! Mucho mahalo for taking the time so frequently to share your thoughts of Light and Love. All Blessings

  221. Pam (and Taz),

    As I am not a member of FB, I can only receive your spiritual light via email. Please continue the emails.

    Thank you,

  222. I Love finding your emails in my inbox! It is like finding a treasure amongst all the chatter I get. I don’t do Facebook unlike my spouse, relatives, etc. please Don’t stop sending them…I copy and paste them to my 82year old mother as a text. She loves them Along with all of your books. My siblings and I received E2, E3, and Thank and Grow Rich for Christmas one year.💕💕

  223. I Love getting your e-mails in my inbox too….I’m never on Facebook….Thank you so much Pam ..

  224. Hi Pam,

    Please continue sending via email. I don’t do FB. To me it’s just another virtual place to get sucked into. Email and text are plenty enough ways to do virtual communication. From other comments I’ve read here there are many others who agree. Thanks!

  225. E mail only please. In FB it gets cluttered with other not so important stuff.Many of us ethier moved away from FB or rarely using.

    I have just finished reading the latest book “Death” by Sadhguru . It gave fantastic in sights on life, death and after life, I recommend all of
    you to read this book

  226. Pam,
    Please continue the emails! I’m not on Facebook, and your emails always show ip at the most-needed times!

  227. Definitely prefer email. I try to use Facebook with intention, so much better for my sanity!

  228. I LOVE getting these emails! I get too many bills and too much junk in my inbox, and your emails are little treasures amongst the trash. They are inspiring, soothing, funny, touching little reminders to vibrate on the frequency of joy and gratitude. Your work has changed my life! I love you!

  229. Email, please. I don’t use FB.

    PS: I’m on Lesson 97 today, doing my best to put in my 5 minutes/hour. I get in a lot more than I expected and tonight as I was dragging my feet, I figured it’s the very least I can give back to The Dude.

  230. Your emails always find the perfect time to present themselves. I look forward to opening them like a child on Christmas morning :).

  231. I really like getting them by email – particularly as I don’t do FB. They are a little light of amazing that I store in my Joy file.

  232. Hi Pam, I absolutely love getting your posts by email. I am hardly ever on Facebook. Please continue with email. They are so helpful for me. Lots of love and light from Zambia, Africa.

  233. Hi Pam,
    I enjoy your blog posts so much, and I‘d rather you keep sending them via email. FB tends to overwhelm me, and I‘d end up not reading them anymore I guess ☹️ And that would be sad!
    Keep shining your light, and have a very joyous and hopeful Easter!
    ACIM student Myriam

  234. Dear Pam,

    I love your e-mail updates every day. I hope you keep them by e-mail too and not only FB.

    Thank you for being the light in so many peoples lives <3

  235. I love email! I’m not much of facebook user, so keep ’em coming! I always look forward to your words of truth.

  236. Please don’t change. Your emails are inspirational, More than you probably realise. You do really make a difference.
    Love and Gratitude

  237. Hello from Brisbane, Australia. Look forward to the emails and not into FB much. With love to all in the current crisis. Gail

  238. Pam, who doesn’t love emails from family and friends? I think I speak for us all when I say we want you as part of our family. You are important to your readers. Please let us look forward to your emails. Thank you. Bless you.

  239. Please carry on with emails, a lot of us don’t do FB. I would be really unhappy to lose your amazing words. Thanks for everything.

  240. Please keep these posts coming by email, Pam. I always seem to receive them in my inbox when I need my spirit lifted or when I have to take time to reconnect spiritually and, although I am on Facebook, I very rarely go on there.
    Please continue to be the inspiration you are to our spiritual community.
    Sending love from Scotland

  241. I love getting your wonderful emails. I always think ‘Oh good!’ when I see your name in my inbox. I even save them so I can read them again if I wish. I am on FB but I try to limit my time on it because I don’t care for its energy at the moment, so I would much prefer to continue to hear from you by email. Thank you for everything. xxx

  242. You are the only blog post notifications I have allowed to my email. So I’d love to keep it on like up to now. If I stumble upon your posto on FB it would be ok too. But with the email, I am sure not missing any.