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There’s a party going on right here

“A miracle is the answer to any problem.”—Marianne Williamsonducky

A Course in Miracles has lots of pages, lots of words, but it boils down to this: once we relinquish our old thought system, love becomes our M.O. and miracles and blessings are all we see.

As we let go of the creaky, has-been thought system that’s currently playing out on our planet, we move…

From fear to love.

From problem state to possibility state.

From limitations to absolutely anything can happen.

And it starts with getting Lesson 31: I am not the victim of the world I see.

The world out there is a result of the world in here. I hope you see my pointing at my head.

Once I let go of my belief (my thought system) that whatever problem seems to be plaguing me is ABSOLUTE TRUTH, a bigger picture (also known as a miracle) can emerge.

Since I happen to be a trained journalist (or as I’ve been known to joke, a member of the world’s largest terrorist organization), I decided to prove my point by reporting the following stories that recently dropped into my inbox:

1. Problem: Missing wallet

“I just finished E2 about 2 minutes ago. I just wanted to say thank you for changing my life (no big deal lol)

“I had lost my wallet for 5 days. I went on and on about it. Even my 2-year old was walking around saying, “Mommy lost her wallet”

“Finally after complaining for the millionth time about the horror of replacing my credit card (1st world problems), I smashed my finger and split my nail open.

“So I think to myself, what’s the message. And with my new found dose of adrenaline, the voice came in clear: “Have you not learnt a *!** thing?”

“You’re right” I silently replied

“So I went to the kitchen with my daughter, took out some paper and drew a picture of Mommy and Lo finding the wallet. I wrote a little story about how we would do a ducky dance.

“Five minutes later, the wallet reveals itself and we danced like ducks.”

2. Problem: Missing the bus to work

“I felt moved to add to your mountain of emails. I work at a library and accidentally sent a book to the wrong shelf. In tracking it down I noticed “Thank & Grow Rich” and decided to check it out. On the very day I decided to do your 30-day exercise, I was shocked to see one of the inspirational readers I use every day reaffirming your philosophy with, “If I fill this moment with gratitude, the next moment can’t help but bring blessings.”

“After doing my first AA 2.0 (note to reader: it’s a gratitude program I write about in Thank & Grow Rich), I was rushing through the snow to the bus stop, only to see the bus cruise past my stop and head on without me. I decided not to see it as problem or the end of the world.

“Then the weirdest thing happened. The bus slowed down, stopped, and BACKED UP toward me! I had never had that happen before. “Don’t tell anyone!” the driver told me, smiling. He had backed up to a gap in the snow banks, so I could easily board. The gratitude exercise was a great start to the day, and every day since. Thank you and I look forward to more blessings to share!”

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Celebrate good times, c’mon!

    Thank you…always.


    “Awakening Hearts & Inspiring Potential Through The Wisdom Of The Horse” Carol Marriott Ravenheart Farms Equine Assisted Learning Centre & Retreat Raven Horse Wisdom Life Coaching & Consulting http://www.ravenheartfarms.com

  2. I’ve been in pain for at least a decade, every day. I keep on working. I feel I burden people when I talk about it. I feel like doctors don’t help me. I have tried spirituality and gratitude, but it was forced. I had a crisis with my mother this past xmas that took me back to childhood. I did some tapping with Nick. I have an understanding now that I was raised being beaten up, emotionally and physically. I now hide myself with a few extra layers of fat, prescriptions, extremely brain draining work, and way too much shopping and clutter. As I am slowly figuring this out, I make a decision to stop all of it. I hope that I can. I read this email and see the note that says “There once was a beautiful girl names Lo.” I read it 3 or 4 times to be sure that’s what it said. That is my name. I am going taking this is a sign to go forward with being kind to myself. I am self employed, so I can take projects better suited for me. I know how to eat healthier. I’m going to make the appointment with the physical therapist. You wouldn’t think it would be hard to be nice to yourself, but for me it will take a lot of practice. I’m so happy I read your email this morning before starting work. Thank you.

    1. Dear Sweet Lo–I am so happy you’re beginning to be kind to yourself. You are truly a precious child of the universe. Never forget that! Sending love and light and healing!!!

  3. Always grateful to read your blogs. Thank you for the lessons, I appreciate them more than I can express!

  4. “A celebration to last throughout the years…” Pam I loved your stories and LOVED the Cool and the Gang video it really spoke to me! Thanks for the Inspiration!

  5. From reading one of your books, I think it was the E-Squared, I put on a happy song and dance every morning. This morning I was reading Thank and Grow Rich and when I finished the chapter “Celebration” was the song I chose to start my day! It has been running in my head all day and here it is in your post today. Love that FP.

  6. Hi Pam! I am on this daily… however, you may be able to answer this best… Is is true or untrue according to your journalistic mind that words of negation confuse the brain? That “they” actually affirm? Don’t think of a butterfly…😊

  7. I believe I have shared this story here before, but the second story in your e-mail reminds me of it. Years ago, after shoveling the entire driveway the day before, huge winds drove major drifts across and completely covered the driveway in very heavy snow with a hard crust on top. I had started to chip away at it. It was so hard, so slow going. It would have taken me a few hours and wrecked my shoulders and back. I kept repeating the word “insurmountable”, as I worked at it. Then I realized I needed an attitude adjustment. I started repeating “This is amazing! I love this!” and similar positive statements. Not five minutes later, a neighbor I’ve never met drives by with a plow on his truck. He backs up, starts plowing my driveway. It takes him just a few pushes to completely clear the majority of the drive. I thanked him and thanked him, offered to pay. He would not accept $. I went in the house, delighted that I had instantly changed my fate by changing my attitude, proving that all this “nonsense” works!

    1. Great story Pamela Joy! Thanks for sharing it 😁 Jenny Louise 🦋
      PS I love how you call this spiritual stuff “nonsense”!! It’s perfect because it really does seem nonsensical that a change in our thoughts can dramatically change our experience. It totally amazes and baffles me. But I’m learning to truly believe this nonsense and it’s so much fun! Have a great day 😁

      1. Glad you enjoyed my story. I very much enjoyed YOUR story! Being grateful when things originally don’t “go your way” is a great way to find out how it may be even better, and we always come out with yet another story to “prove” to ourselves that this “nonsense” works!

    2. If you have shared that amazing story, .I don’t remember it. That’s really a great example. And speaking of coincidences, just the other day somebody (I have no idea who) plowed my driveway. I made a big sign and put it in the front yard, “Thank you mysterious kind stranger for clearing my drive.”

      Still don’t know who it was!!

  8. I have an amusing delightfully “coincidental” story to share that happened as I was reading today’s post. It began, though, when I decided this morning that today I would begin the thirty day experiment in amazing gratitude from Thank & Grow Rich. So, firstly I realise I’m going to miss my usual bus. Bummer! But I decide to be grateful for that. So I’m at the bus stop waiting for the next one reading today’s post, and I get to the part about the lady who missed her bus! And then how the bus backed up to collect her. Amazing! Well as I’m reading that, I hear my bus coming and see it driving straight past the turn for my street!!! I think “oh no! Now I’m going to miss this bus too!” But I find it hilarious and decide to be grateful. Next thing I know I hear the sound of reversing beeps……and then I see the bus going backwards so it can turn into my street! I just could not believe the hilarious “coincidence” of what was happening in real time to me as I was reading about what happened to the “miss-the-bus-lady” in the post! I’m actually now GLAD I missed my usual bus so I could have that hilarious experience. Day One of shameless gratitude is off to a fabulous start!! 😁👍🏻
    PS And isn’t it also interesting that the “bus lady” was doing the Thank & Grow Rich exercises (I mean party games! 😉) and I read about her on the day I decide to start them! I’ve got the book in my bag and am about to read chapter one. Thankyou so much for sharing your joyful delightful spiritual wisdom with us. I’m sooo grateful for you Pam! 😁🦋💛

  9. Thank you for giving me a push to read ACIM every day. For I don’t know how many years I’ve put ACIM next to my calendar, vowing to read the daily lesson, and I never make it past the first two weeks of Jan. But reading your fun introductions to each lesson makes it much less onerous. Not saying I’ll finish ACIM any time soon, but at least I’ll get a little closer!

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