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We are all Thomas Edison

“There is no beginning. There is no end. There is only the infinite passion of life.”- Federico Fellini

chickenIn the quantum world, there’s no such thing as absolutes. No one reality is truer than any other.

When the observer gets involved, starts looking for certain things, a material world begins to coagulate around their beliefs.


ACIM Lesson 32 talks quantum: I have invented the world I see.

So I have to ask myself, do I want to invent a world out of my complaints?

Or do I want to invent a world of oneness and joy and peace?

The world being presented today is based on fear. It’s based on the belief that everything is out to get us: our politicians, our food, our bodies (which we examine regularly for breakdowns in yearly checkups), other countries, even our lovers, whom we’ve been warned to examine for signs that “he’s just not that into us.”

Every news report, every commission, every political speech, every self-help book is based on our unending fascination with “what’s wrong.” We take pills, we buy energy drinks, we twist ourselves into yoga poses, we chant, we meditate, we pray to some nebulous deity in a fruitless search to correct all the wrong in our lives. Or the wrong we’ve been warned is coming.

History books are filled with lurid recountings of war, famine, and political unrest. As Patch Adams once joked, “Where’s the party chapter?”

The Course tells us that by treating, analyzing, and working so diligently to annihilate problems, we give them the power to govern us. By exercising such extreme efforts to “avoid” our inevitable demise, we actually facilitate the very demise we’re hoping to avert.

So today, we acknowledge that we “made this world up” and we commit to using our brilliant inventor minds–not to complain or winge or look for problems–but to envision a luminous, happy, beautiful world for everyone.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. The poster above with the chicken made me laugh out loud! Thanks for that at the start of the day. I didn’t remember the quote from Patch Adams but I think I’m going to watch it again or maybe find the book. This is a good one and so very, very true. I can’t undo what I’ve already created but I can take a page out of the party chapter and see how that works. You are correct. We are being fed a steady diet of fear of everything. Where is the fun in that. I decided last night to quit making to do lists and just do what feels good at the moment. (Other than make sure there is gas in the tank and food in the fridge) Even that can be done with a party atmosphere, I’ve never done “fun” very well but it’s never too late. Have a good one and thanks for the giggle.

  2. Thank you thank you for your wonderful emails. I hope if it is meant to be that you will compile your lighthearted take on the course in miracle lessons and put them into a book. ❤ You are a blessing in my life.

  3. Pam I am loving your CIM series and very much appreciating how the FP has delivered something I found myself wishing for last year when I gave up around lesson 200. “I wish Pam would write a CIM book,” I thought. But you’re doing even better than that! Thank you so much for making it all so clear.

  4. Pam thank you so much for working through ACIM everyday with us!! I have the book and attempted it some time ago, but your sharing is bringing it to life and i look forward to your email blog post every day! I LOVE ACIM NOW! No pressure, when it stops feeling good, of course stop! But imagine we made it to the end of the year together?!! How frickin awesome would that be!! That would be some story! And i really feel shifts happening reading each lesson and especially from your insight on it! Because it can be kinda abstract, even though i know what its getting at, but you make it tangible. Im so thankful! Such an awesome start to this year!!

    A mini tiny story inspired from the post from yesterday! I read the story of the lady and the daughter and the wallet! And the lady with the bus! And i realised this isnt my first sign today about the frequency of gratitude! So i was pondering it all day, and i loved the bit in the story about the duckie dance, because you know why the heck not! And the small things in life IS life!! Later that day i watched a video of dr joe (dispenza) and he was also talking about gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership! Ok soul i hear what you’re telling me!! I was thinking how do you know if you’re in a state of gratitude, and the duckie story was swirling in my head and the bus backing up, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE this sentence that lady shared: “if i fill this moment with gratitude, the next moment cant help but bring blessings”, and all of a sudden remembered a time when i experienced this in real time. It helped me remember what it feels like, the difference between the frequencies.

    Some years ago i was in a dark place and i needed help. I noticed that hay house had their i can do it event on in london and i thought that might be exactly what i need to help me right now, inspiring speakers to remind me of truth! I had already missed one day and i couldnt afford the ticket but that night i thought i want it i want it i want it. I sent them an email and their out of office reply came back so i looked them up on social media – they were posting images from the first day of the event on instagram! So i sent them a message with my mobile number saying please call me! The next morning, saturday, at 8am a guy from hay house called me and i explained my situation and that i really needed to go to the event but couldn’t afford the ticket, does he please please have any spare empty seats? He said the usual no, sorry, i could volunteer but i’d have to wait until next year! I said no probs. That was that. I thought maybe im not supposed to go. I was still lying in bed and in that moment i realised how flippin cool it was that this guy even called me from my random instagram message! I started to type him a thank you text because i was like hell thank you for even calling me, thank you for even doing that!! Before i got the text finished he called me back and said a lady JUST left a ticket at the desk, she had to leave the event because of an emergency! He said i think you just manifested a ticket, come on down now, your name is on it! I was BESIDE myself! I had the fastest shower, no time to eat, trained it to the event and made it in time for the first speaker! I was able to attend two days of the 3 day event FOR FREE! And it was exactly what i needed to get me out of the funk i was in. When this memory came back to me i thought about the frequency change. From wanting wanting wanting to being in a state of pure thankfulness. And it has really hit me on the head, about being in this state of receivership. Wanting a ticket is a frequency of being separate from the ticket. But being thankful, for anything, everything, and feeling it not just saying it, allowed the ticket to come to me. I was on the frequency of having already. I think this confuses people, it confused me until now, that it doesnt matter what you’re thankful for, its like a wave, the things you want can come to you on that wave! The thank you wave! It usually hits me on the head every so often, but this time soul is trying to whack it in there so it stays!

    I was pondering all of this while walking in the park today and enjoying the sun and cold wind and in one part of the park theres trees and bushes and it was so peaceful i stopped to absorb it. I really was feeling thankful! I heard a rustle in the undergrowth and thought i want to see a mouse, i want to, i really do, i stood for ages, and i could hear something but nothing came out. I thought this is crazy, its cold, so i walked on, and kinda just thought ah well, im enjoying the walk so much, the birds, the trees, and as i approached a small clearing only moments later, there was a mouse, just going about its business! I have never seen one in such open view before!! And i stood staring thinking HOLY BANANAS!! And when it went away, i walked on thinking oh my god, that was ANOTHER exact moment of wanting wanting wanting and then i let go of it and just felt thankful and peaceful and then it appeared out of the blue. And i just laughed all the way home (thinking about my own duckie/mousey dance!!) knowing my soul is desperately trying to tell me to let what i want go and just enjoy this moment! And let the universe do its magic! Let the wave of gratitude roll!! Thats all i gota do!!

    Wanting is separation, gratitude is oneness! Having is evidence of that!

    Anyway! This was supposed to be a quick thank you but this wee story just burst out! Please dont stop sharing, Pam and everyone, because it only takes one ponder before magic happens! It only takes one ponder to change the world! And imagine we pondered all day long, magic would flow all day long! Thank you Pam, thank you duckie dance lady and thank you not cursing the bus lady! There are no coincidences ever! Giant love and hugs always and forever! Seainin


  5. Sometimes I struggle to understand the the CMI lessons as they are written. Thanks for making them understandable and doable!!!

  6. I opened E3 randomly this morning and got page 49, the quote by Rob Brezsny….and then this lesson for ACIM. Perfect synchronicity!! Thank you!!!

  7. I love this one, pay attention to what you focus on, what you are creating, where you spread your energy. Sometimes it seems like such a huge responsibility but then again it is empowering. I am listening to the book “The Untethered Sou[” by Michael Singer, which helps one focus on observing their thoughts which are non stop and keep us distracted from who we really are…just like a movie or book, our focus is drawn to it and we block out everything else. When our focus comes from our self, who we really are ()as we are not our thoughts, we are just the observer), we live life through all our senses. He talks about thorns we carry around, protecting ourselves so we don’t feel them but gives great tools to let them go. We don’t have to analyze, go over the story etc., we just have to pay attention to the disturbance we feel when someone says something, pause, relax, lean behind the feeling (anger, shame or ?) open our hearts and let it go. I did this with Rich, was lucky to recognize it before I reacted and it worked. Have a great day, Love, Barb

    1. Ooohhh, I’m a Michael Singer fan, too. Especially love the chapter in Untethered Soul about enlightenment through deciding to be happy.

  8. Pam, keep up the good work on these meaningful blogs. I am an ACIM group leader here in KC and a Board Member at Unity Temple. There is much potential collaboration between us as relative neighbors. I would love to grab a tea or phone visit to explore your work, my work and connections at Unity.

  9. Great post, Pam. This series is reminding me about my need for Gratitude. I recently read a book called “We” co-authored by the actor who played Sculley in X Files, Gillian Anderson.The book suggested the reader keep a gratitude diary and I took it on as an assignment. I am searching today for the note book I used to write in my daily “10 reasons I am grateful”so I can start again. I am also CIM student, have the book and know I can benefit from using the two together. Actually, the 3 together, your inspirations + the other 2.
    I am a 3 yr. survivor of stroke, Today is my 3 yr anniversary of open heart triple bypass surgery with a new valve which left me repaired but weak. I had a stroke in ICU shortly after the operation. I am daily trying to find inspiration that will help me heal my mind as my body is reluctant to co-operate. Some days I am tired of trying so hard to get my walk, 1/4 mi. without my cane, recumbent bike machine for 30 minutes, difficult floor exercises, etc. Keeping up a good attitude is critical, but challenging. I cannot afford rehab and physical therapy I live on Social Security and it is minimal. All that to say: Please keep up the daily posts. They are so helpful to us . We need them. Thank YOU!!!

    1. You are such an inspiring woman. My best thoughts and energy go straight to you at this moment. Thank you for your post.

    2. First of all, Patricia, thank you so much for the book recommendation. I can’t wait to read it.

      And second, I want to honor you for your courage and beauty in this life. I send love, healing and peace, especially peace.

      1. Hey Pam I think winge might be an Australian term! For example you night hear someone say “Stop your bl@@&y whingeing mate!” Most people I know use it and I’m an Aussie girl so I reckon that’s the origin of the word 😉👍🏻
        Also, thanks for today’s post – this is a totally fabulous daily journey we’re all taking together. I love it. I’m learning heaps and feeling more positive and peaceful about life with each new day, so thanks for sharing your delightful take on life with us. You’re a pretty cool dude Pam! (Or perhaps that should be dudette!) 😁💟🌛

  10. These postings, which for me translate The Course lessons into comprehensible/applicable/useful insights, are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    HELPFUL!!!!!! Thank you for continually offering them. I’ve gotten so much more out of the Course lessons with the addition of these posts! Thank you again and again!

  11. Yahoo! That was a good article Pam. Thank you. I think the people of New Orleans have it right. Their motto is, “Let the good times roll.” They practice what they preach too. I’ve noticed after many visits to my husband’s family that NOLA goes from one festival to the next. They find a reason to celebrate just about anything not just Mardi Gras.

  12. Gosh, these lessons speak to me like no other. I totally see where in my life I have invented the world I see!! Now working hard to start with gratitude and live with gratitude!

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