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Why I’m the luckiest person on the planet, Episode Can’t Keep Track

“I cannot quite embrace the gods of antiquity. Gods so petty as to feel threatened by human hubris, destroy Babel, chain Prometheus to a rock, etc. Nah. Look around: there are French cheese and wine, Mozart and Bossa Nova, love and sunsets…all ours for the taking. Surely, He/She/It loves us some.”—Vivian Allvin fullsizerender-copy

Life’s many blessings, as I often say, stalk me like Freddie Krueger. Today, for example, I got to chat with Mike Dooley about the upcoming Soulapalooza. Tomorrow, I fly to Barcelona to celebrate my daughter’s 23rd birthday. It’s the same day as Louise Hay who, if I’m not mistaken, is turning 90.

Taz is fluent in Spanish, a skill she acquired through classes and lots of practice.

So today I’d like to share a story about learning a new language, the quantum field and how we can create new realities in our lives.

The quantum field, as you know, is an infinite mashup of possibilities. The Field of Infinite Potentialities (the F.P.) contains countless waves, dancing around in countless states, countless positions, countless possibilities. Each has its own energy and frequency.

It isn’t until the waves are measured–or chosen–that they coalesce into one material reality, thus destroying the original configuration where “all is possible.” Once we decide that say, “life is hard” or that “money is limited,” we’ve collapsed that wave and lost touch with all the rest.

Physicist say we “collapse” the wave of the quantum field by observing. We observe according to our beliefs and expectations.  Once we decide to “observe” something, the rest of the possibilities (the countless superpositions) are no longer available to us.

So what does that have to do with learning a new language? When Taz walked into her first Spanish class, she was given a new name (Luisa, I think it was) and a new temporary identity. The collapsed wave of Taz (or any other student) had already mastered English.

Since Spanish is a new skill (a new superimposition), every good teacher knows to leave behind the old name, the old identity, the old learned habits.  The “new person” has access to more of the possibilities, making it much easier to learn the new language.

So today, instead of being the same person you’ve always been, know that, at any time, you could uncollapse the waves and choose a new identity, a new superposition. You could let go of all beliefs and expectations that no longer serve you. You could collapse a whole new set of beliefs and expectations. You could rehearse and become a whole new you.

As for me, my new identity is this: a joyful creator (let’s just call her Persephone) who experiences an amazing two weeks in Barcelona with her beautiful Spanish-speaking daughter. Add to that my intention (out of the bazillion superpositions) of finally posting on Instagram all my #thankandgrowrich selfies.

So for those who are wondering, the old superposition of me being a luddite is now being uncollapsed and replaced with a Instagram savvy photographer named Persephone.

Thanks you guys. I’ll try to check in while I’m away. But in the meantime, play around with a new fun superposition in your beautiful, amazing life.

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed

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  1. Woohoo!!! LOVE this. “So today, instead of being the same person you’ve always been, know that, at any time, you could uncollapse the waves and choose a new identity, a new superposition. You could let go of all beliefs and expectations that no longer serve you. You could collapse a whole new set of beliefs and expectations. You could rehearse and become a whole new you.”

    One way that I live into being the “new me” I’ve always wanted to be is by wearing clothes that the new me would feel crazy charming and delightful in. It never fails. I dress my way into a new way of being! 🙂

    Thanks Pam for another great post. Happy Happy family time in SPAIN! It’s gonna be delicious!


      1. Thanks so much, in-search-of-it-all! One of the things I do is use Pinterest to collect images that speak to the me I want to be. While scrolling through posts, I pay attention to little sparkles inside me when I see certain styles/clothing. Then, when I go to thrift stores (my go-to shopping!), I look for clothing that has the same feel as what I posted in my “vision board.” Also, my friends and I have “push the envelope” days where we wear clothes that might feel a little out of the range of who we currently are. It offers a fun and safe space to “try on” who we wanna be. 🙂

      2. Thanks for the reply, Sherry. There was a time when I had “style”. Now I put on clothes to hide the weight and be comfortable. Kind of lazy and it needs to change. I may be old but I’m not done yet. 🙂 I’ll have to look for your Pinterest site. Thanks, Marlene

  2. Have the most Joy filled time! I have been to Barcelona ~ it was fabulous! I had shoes made with a mold of my foot. I bought 40 pairs ~ they were like $6.00 us dollars each. Best foreign place I ever visited. Great that you will be with your daughter and she speaks the language. En-JOY!

  3. Hi Persephone, Have a super fabulous time in Barcelona!! This post rocked it! 🚀 ✨⭐️💫🍀💚👍😇 Deb


  4. Always delighted to be inspired by joy! And you reflect it in such happy, easy, not heavy ways! Thank you!!!

  5. Yay! Think I’ll just change my name (again) and start over!
    Seriously, when I was coming up to my 40th birthday, I decided to change my name. My ex was about to remarry so I wanted to lose his name, but I didn’t want to go back to having my father’s name. I didn’t want a surname as ordinary as Smith or Jones, but not one as “Californian feminist” as Firewoman or Rainbow. Then one day I was reading a book on Greek mythology and this name just leapt off the page at me. So I did change my name. And you’re right – having a new name made me feel as if I’d been reborn as someone new with a whole new life ahead. Enjoy being the Persephone who uses her camera like a pro and picks up Spanish like a native Spaniard!
    Wendy Aridela

    1. Ms. Aridela, I LOVE your name change story. So great!! And it is a beautiful name!!! 🙂 I changed my surname to that of my maternal grandfather when I was pregnant. I liked the idea of choosing my own name + my grandfather was a very kind and generous man. Also, when my beau and I are having a hard time/in a fight, we will often choose brand new names and “meet again” as new people. I’ll send a text that says, “Sherry can’t meet you for dinner tonight, but she’s sending Ginger in her place. You’ll like Ginger. She’s fun and sexy.” Then I get to show up as fun and sexy instead of sour and angry!

  6. Have a wonderfilled time in Barcelona, both of you. I’ve changed my name many times and changed it on Pinterest and my blog. Good places to try new personas. Great ideas I’ve found here.

    1. Back in 2001, as I was discovering the Internet, I used to talk on a chatroom where we were allowed FIVE different nicknames. Well, I used them all, and they were all very different, and each had her own personnality. I had a lot of fun, and sometimes I ended up talking all alone having funny conversations with me, myself and I…
      (“When I was young I had schizophrenia, but today we are much better !” 😉 )

      1. ha ha. I love this! “I had a lot of fun, and sometimes I ended up talking all alone having funny conversations with me, myself and I…”

  7. Another wonderful and fun post about creating your life, the way you want it. Thanks and have a fantastic time! Looking forward to hearing about your adventure.

  8. This is also called mindset. There are many articles about it, some of which I’ve written.

    However, what makes Pam’s article unique, as are all of her writings, is the spiritual joy that is infused, injected, or however that works, within her words and ultimately, her intentions.

    Every article of hers has a wake-up call. And if it doesn’t seem that way then consider this, It’s always darkest just before you awaken.

  9. Well dear Pam. I had to reply to this because of a couple of good reasons. First, I come from Spain (even though I’ve been living in 8 countries so far, yeah! and I’m now writing from Copenhagen). Barcelona is awesome and somehow I feel that it could be my next destination. Have fun there! Insider tip: have a drink at the rooftop bar at Hotel W Barcelona; the view is impressive, and you’ll literally feel on top of the world. Second, I do research on identities and yes, what we consume changes our identity. To me, shoes are a total game changer. I can immerse myself on different identities/roles based on the shoes I’m wearing; nail polish also makes a great change, not to mention underwear charged with super powers for situations which require to kick some asses haha. Pásalo bien en Barcelona! 🙂

  10. Perfect! I have a couple of different names I use but I want to add this idea to my repertoire. I was born Laura Elizabeth Roberts. Given the spiritual name Sadhu Kaur Khalsa at age 17. Still go by Sadhu, but mostly Elizabeth……use Sadhu as my last name…..It is my name, not my hubby’s or my dad’s. I use L. Elizabeth Sadhu. My hubby sometimes calls me Elizabetta……..My kids call me Mataji. Beloved/respected mother. I may use Pele as my other name. Pondering…….

    Funny related things for me:
    I am back to practicing/learning Spanish by my app, Duolingo. So fun. I practice 10 minutes a day.
    I have been experimenting with clothes that are comfy and make me feel good/beautiful!
    Decided to start wearing a turban again occasionally. When I feel called. Not just white but with sparkly pink or turquoise colors.
    Working on new ways to wear my hair. Been wearing two braids.
    Practicing my cartwheels.
    Been posting selfies on #thankandgrowrich Instagram

    Love you, Ms Persephone and I AM Living BIG!
    Elizabeth Sadhu aka Elizabetta aka Pele aka ?????

  11. “Persephone in Barcelona”….sounds like a romance novel, doesn’t it?
    hope you have a completely fabulous time. 🙂

  12. OMG… you write with such clarity and lucidity that I finally ‘get’ it when it comes to collapsing waves. I was asking myself the wave question last night and was going to google it to get more clarity. Today I decided to log on to WP and check the posts and here is the answer. Have a wonderful time with your daughter. 🙂

  13. Dear Pam:
    One of the things I love about your writing is that you make everything I have learned and read from Dr. Dyer, Depak Chopra, Florence Scoviel Shinn and Louise Hayes “click: into place and I say “Oh that’s what they meant!” and now I know HOW I can apply it in my life. Thanks Pam. Enjoy Barcelona!

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