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Gratitude is my bullet-proof vest

“I wake up curious and every day I’m surprised by something. I try to recognize that surprise every day and say, “That’s a new gift that I got today that I didn’t even know about yesterday.”—Michael J. Fox 66def852a7e6954c1a78c056375b684b

I was thrilled to learn that Mike Birbiglia keeps a gratitude journal. The comedian whose recent film, “Don’t Think Twice” is getting Oscar buzz says noticing simple things, like watching his baby daughter sleep, keeps the crazy silverback gorilla in his head quiet. It allows him to stay sane.

Gratitude is like windex in the movie,  “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”—an all-purpose cure-all.

Recently, I’ve been using gratitude to rewrite stories that no longer serve me. Rather than get bogged down in what the silverback gorilla tells me, I reframe my story by using gratitude.

For example, I am so grateful that I am a sleeping superstar. I might use this affirmation if I’m plagued with insomnia. Rather than moan about the fact I can’t sleep and worry about all those “bad things” that supposedly happen when you don’t get adequate Z’s, I plant a seed of gratitude. For what’s to come. For what’s possible.

Because remember, whatever is happening now is only one superimposition in the quantum field. We can collapse that wave with our attention, turn it into a festering problem or we can remember there are a gazillion other possibilities. Possibilities that we can call in with seeds of gratitude.

We don’t ignore problems (I prefer to call them incidences with mistaken identities). We just know they’re one story out of an infinite number of stories.

Here’s a cool one that recently popped in my inbox:

“So my friends and I planned this trip to Washington DC to visit the White House and the Grand Opening of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Sept. We planned it in July and were just counting down the days. Well in early September we got an email saying that our White House Tour was denied! Then literally 5 minutes later another email saying since so many people were coming to the museum they were going to have to give out timed passes to enter the museum. So between the 4 of us we figured we’ll get online and call and get the passes. Well that didn’t happen and we struck out!!!

““We didn’t want to cancel the trip because we were excited to see DC and no to mention the President and former President and Oprah and everyone was going to be there for the dedication ceremony and we wanted to be a part of history so we continued on. I just knew somehow I had to see the museum while I was there. We had one day Saturday to get in!

“After the ceremony the museum opened, we asked 100’s of people if they had any extra tickets but we were still unsuccessful! We decided to go back to the hotel room and regroup and plan our way to sneak in (seriously).

“At the same time, I just continued to be grateful for going to DC and attending the ceremony. Never once did I throw a pity party for not getting “timed passes” because I just knew FP wouldn’t let me down!!!

“We get back to the room to find a Facebook message from a person with extra tickets. And to top it off she had exactly 4 tickets because her friends canceled. Can you believe it!!?? Exactly the number we needed!!! There were more than 300,000 people trying to see the inside of that museum that day. And we got in! We were a part of history all because I knew the Universe (aka FP) wouldn’t let me down on this one.

“BTW if you are ever in DC definitely put it on your to do list. It is the most spectacular museum I have ever been to!!! It is absolutely breathtaking!!! It’s 7 stories starting from slavery to Obama being President! After reading your books and seeing my ancestors in this museum I know that my ancestors did not have time to throw pity parties or feel sad they simply believed in love (and saw love in others) and that things would change… and they did!! Had they not been grateful for what they did have they would not have been given more.”

Thank you so much, Chastity!!

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless

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  1. Thanks Pam, you showed me how to phrase an event into a positive focus. Sometimes I find it hard to stay focused and use the right phraseology (not sure that’s a word)to keep myself going in a positive direction. I am working on the habit of semantics and phrases we say as a society, that actually are in conflict with what we want. So again thank you for the story. Appreciated in many ways.

  2. Pam, Pam, Pam…. I’ve spent the last several weeks feeling like I’m spinning my wheels, still trying to solve an issue that’s been plaguing me for ages, and not getting anywhere with it. Last night I wrote in my journal that Dude had 24 hours to (among other things) give me a sign that I’m actually being heard when I ask for help.
    Today I saw your post. Apparently it’s going to be okay. :D.
    Thanks. I’m really really grateful.

  3. THANK-YOU Pam Grout, In April 2008 I came across Jerry & Esther Hicks’ The Astonishing Power of Emotions. It was the very first time I heard that emotions could be positive. Also I was lucky to have come across A Course in Miracles in 1991 & it flew right over my head. Your work has combined for me Esther’s words and ACIM in a way that this all finally makes sense. I am so so grateful. Please continue your inspiring journey and allowing us to come along. Love “Gratitude is my bullet proof vest.” It is an awesome feeling, Jan

  4. I love your stories, and I love that you give us songs that make me want to hop all aver the place, thank you very very much. Please keep ’em coming !

  5. Pam, Loving your books! I was shopping and had set my intention that I would get a clear message. I wish I could post a picture here. I storage box with “Gratitude ~ turns what we have into enough!” Well that almost knocked me down. What a fun box, so of course I bought it and every time I walk down my hall I do a little grateful dance.
    I live with my son and grand daughter ~ he is a pilot and gone a lot so I am full time Grandma. I was letting her seep into her pity parties ~ poor thing her mom abandon her. Well, NOW we know that she can be do and have anything and she is the luckiest girl alive because she has a dad and grandma who love her and she just has to think different thoughts about that. It was just a grandma that did not recognize that as a “incident with mistaken identity”!! Now with her very own Fairy (Enchanted Fairy Door – Amazon) that comes every day and leaves her “magical Fairy Post” with messages straight from Pam Grout and gives her adventures (find a purple and pink butterfly) she is on a whole new life adventure finding magic and getting so excited with gratitude! She now knows no one (not even a mom) can take your power away unless you let them. Thank you! Thank you!
    Thank you from Haley and I! We are so grateful for you and your messages to the world.

  6. What a wonderful message from Chastity. Thank you for that! Please let her know that she struck a chord in me this afternoon. I needed to hear that.

    Thank you!

  7. Hi, from Puerto Rico, Pam! I love your posts and your books inspire me like crazy! I do wish your books were translated to Spanish so I could share the love, gratitude and awesomeness with my Spanish speaking friends. I’m just starting on this journey and I’m thankful for having found your writings.❤

  8. Love the story and loving the new book. Being into LOA for yrs I have to admit I’ve never been consistent with my ‘gratitude’ practice (oh my! lol) But half way through the book I’m realizing it’s been a missing piece of the puzzle. 🙂 So glad I’m realizing this and for your book for helping me do just that! 🙂

  9. This is where I could spend my whole day. The last 20 minutes listening to songs, the story of religions coming together and reading comments about fairy doors and all the rest has started my day off with pure delight. 2 weekends ago, my daughter and I took a much needed break at the beach. We each brought our own copies of your book(s), all 3 of them, and that’s what we talked about. We’ve decided we need to find our own posse here who are willing to look at a bigger, fuller life. I am so proud of her. She has always been kind and generous and knows it’s all as it should be. Gratitude runs deep in us both and we love how you explain things in your books. Just bought another to send to my former sister-in-law. (much loved friend). You articulate what I want to say to her so much better. I too, follow Abraham Hicks and studied ACIM for many years now. There is a sign my sister bought for my birthday. “She believed she could – so she did.” I bought my own home after my 35th move and 2 marriages that had run their course; at the age of 66. It’s a happy place to welcome all. You are doing good work here. Just wanted you to know it’s appreciated.

  10. Pam, I absolutely enjoy your writing and I especially love putting on my lab coat for your experiments in E-Squared and E-Cubed 🙂

    For years, I looked for a easy solution or a magic button. Gratitude has to be one of them for sure and I love how you likened it to the ‘Magic Windex’ from My Big Fat Greek Wedding 🙂 Now I just blast a spray of Gratitude whenever I need a little magic 🙂


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