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Important news flash: There is only one problem left in the world.

“Through His power and glory all your wrong decisions are undone completely, releasing you and your brothers from every imprisoning thought.” —A Course in Miracles


This will probably come as a shock, but there is only one problem in the world today. Despite all its many wily manifestations, this one problem is the same for all of us.

It’s a problem of perception. Our perception is the ONLY thing we need to heal. If we pray for healing of the body (or money issues or relationship struggles or any of the other myriad “problems” we think we have), we only reinforce the belief that there’s a problem.

There is no problem. There is only wrong perception.

As you know if you’ve read my blog, I’m all about smooth and easy. Joy and fun. Anything else is but wrong perception, a story we made up to entertain ourselves or frighten ourselves or… heck, I don’t know why we persist in investing all our energy into solving all these problems. Why we spend so much time identifying problems and coming up with 7 steps to get rid of them.

A few years ago, I became Facebook friends with a beautiful, wise woman named Ley Love. Her story so inspired me that I asked her permission to share it with you. If you’d like to hear more from Ley (I lap up her every word with relish), she can be found at https://www.facebook.com/ley.tog/

And, as promised, here’s Ley’s story:

Twenty years ago, i was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. It had been apparent that i had suffered the problems that come with the label for all of my life. After being diagnosed with the condition, i set out to discover all there was to know about the subject, so that i could be informed about my own condition. I read countless books, read websites, pamphlets, talked to others with Bipolar, anything i could find to understand why i was the way i was. I wanted to heal and thought that information was the best way to do this.

Today, i can see that all of that reading, the years spent pouring over information that would inform me of who i was being, was totally counter-productive. In fact, all it did was to teach me more about ‘How to be Bipolar”. I noticed that as time went by, i began to develop even more of the symptoms i had been reading about and life began to become unbearable. I suffered major anxiety, deep depression, panic attacks, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, low self esteem, OCD in many many forms, Agoraphobia (I didn’t leave my house for two years), I had countless problems in all of my relationships, self harmed and had basically completely closed down and given up on life. I had no hope of ever recovering and wanted to die.

This was the ego’s story.

Today, since studying ACIM, I am symptom free of nearly every one of those problems! I am happy, healthy, in love with life extremely grateful for all that ACIM (and god of course) has done for me. My only want in life now, is to be able to share this wonderful system of healing with others. To show people that there is a way out of the seeming nightmare that life can be and to give hope that what the course in Miracles insists can happen, DOES happen! I am the living proof. 🙂

I encourage anyone that wants to exchange the nightmare for the beautiful dream, to study this course. It is truly life-changing and has saved me from the depths of the hell that i thought i was living in. You can have this too. All it takes is a little willingness to see things a different way, God will do the rest! 😉

Let love lead the way :-

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy.

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    1. YEP! And you’ll want to go through it over and over again, each time a new layer appears. When I was bedbound during my healing from a stroke after by-pass surgery, my husband would read me an excerpt each nite. It helped me soooo much!

  1. I get what Ley is speaking of. The ten years following my mother’s death at the hands of a drunk driver, I researched everything I could about this violent crime resulting in remaining a victim and living in the dark. slowly I came to the realization that being in the dark was not me, not what I wanted for my future. With the fear of letting go of that person in my heart and my soul, I made the choice to see light again and begin stepping towards it. I have never looked back! Thank you Pam for sharing Ley’s story!

  2. Although I have not taken the course ACIM, I fully relate as I had a brain tumor,(meningioma) removed 11 years ago. I had allowed it to be my identity, my story, then I realized what I was doing and stopped the “pity party” and embraced the new me. At times I may struggle but I am grateful for people who write books like Pam Grout, Mike Dooley,Paulo Coelho, and many others who help me stay focused on my path. I am happy you found your path Ley Love, what a beautiful name.
    #Thank and Grow Rich,xo

  3. Hi Pam, Thank you for sharing this! I’m 3/4 of the way through my 5th time doing the Course, and as I happen upon each new lesson, I think, “well, of course!” which I take to mean that I’ve learned it, but that i need regular affirmation and daily practice. Your books all came through to me as a manifestation of the course, so to me, everything is all really, really connected! I’ll leave you with today’s lesson: “My heart is beating with the peace of God.” 🙂 Keep up the wonderful work!

  4. Pam–

    I love your books and am having so much fun with this process! I am grateful for you!! Thank you.

    I wanted to share that your friend, Catherine Behan’s website is having problems which she may not be aware of. When you put your email address in to receive her free Law of Attraction kit, the site claims the email is bogus. Tried multiple times and it comes up every time. Maybe let her know?

    Thanks again.

  5. Great story. Personally, though, I’ve had a LOT of trouble with ACiM… After reading E2 and E3, I really wanted to read it, but I found it so dry and just… boring… that I couldn’t get through it. I tried to force it, but could only manage a paragraph or two every few days. I have up after about two dozen pages.

    I’d love to find a more reader-friendly version.

  6. Thank you so much for this!

    I needed this email!

    I have to admit something that I haven’t been able to admit for a while out of shame. Out of feeling like a failure, like I did something wrong. Today I paid our bills for this past month…and today is the day we ran out of money. n the past year we moved, and my husband ended up having emergency surgery to save his life. Despite the fact that he is a veteran, we couldn’t get much help from the VA and after paying off our medical bills…we’ve been wiped out. Just like that. I wanted to believe everything would work out for us (still do) but it’s extremely scary and hard to believe when your bank account is zero and you’re trying to figure out which almost-maxed out credit card to put next month’s bills on while you get a second job.

    Admitting this -that we ran out of money- is so incredibly difficult for me because it makes me feel like a failure. I’m scared, I’m worried and I’m stressed and this is 360 degrees from who I am….but my fear has completely taken over me. I’ve never been in this position before and I don’t know what to believe in anymore..that was, until I received your new blog post. I ordered ACIM and hope it is the answer to my prayers.

    Thank you so much for sharing this divinely timed email!

    With love and wine, Connie Trowbridge Holistic Nutritionist | Writer | Wellness Rebel http://www.connieville.com

    1. Hi Connie,
      You truly find yourself in a difficult situation, but difficult and scary can also be seen as challenging, right ? (all about perception…) I believe you did the right thing by ordering ACIM. Will you let us know how things turn out ? I will be thinking of you and keep you in my prayers. I’m sure everything will be allright, because all is well 🙂 Not denying your struggle, just trying to remind myself that only good can come our way. Wishing you confidence !

  7. Thank you for this post. My husband was dxed with Frontotemporal Dementia and Pulmonary Fibrosis this year, and I realized I’ve been looking at both things as something I have to try and fix so he can have a better life. Now I am wondering how to change my perceptions about both.

    I have also been working on changing my perceptions about myself. I was raised by two narcissists, one with hardcore anxiety disorders and the other a sociopath. I still wrestle with the anxiety and feeling like I can never do enough of anything, never mind that I feel like I burden others just by breathing. I want to have a joyful life and allow myself to have fun, and it’s hard to unlock the mental cages. But seeing them is a start. Thank you for all you do.

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