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“Sometimes you just have to put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched.” –Mindy Kaling

“The world will exhibit what you persist in affirming.”—Science of Mind

When I first wrote the following post, I didn’t yet know Mike Dooley. I’m happy to report that not only have we become friends, but he became my speaking mentor.

Enjoy this re-run:

I just read a wonderful story about Mike Dooley, the former Price Waterhouse CPA who now writes bestselling books and the fabulous “Notes from the Universe” to which hundreds of thousands subscribe.

When he first started his job at the Big Eight Accounting Firm (I guess due to mergers there are now only four big accounting firms), he was straight out of college, wet behind the ears and felt completely insecure about his job.

He had no idea what he was doing or how to get out of what appeared to be “one mell of a hess.”

But he did know his thoughts had power. So instead of composing a big scheme for fixing his situation, something we all obsessively tend to do, he began visualizing himself successful. For five short minutes every night, he’d picture his co-workers giving him high fives and telling him “congratulations!” He saw himself walking proudly down the hallway, feeling good about “a job well done.”

As he says in his book, Infinite Possibilities, it wasn’t long before he was transferred out of the department in which he was failing so miserably into the tax department where he became a company superstar, getting opportunities to work all over the world.

The moral of this story? The less you get involved in the “how” of your intention, the better.

Any time we start “figuring how things are going to work out,” we block the magnificence of Source. The F.P. has countless magical ways to make your intention happen.

So forget the how! Focus on the end result.

And while you’re at it, have the best weekend of your life!!!

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the about to be released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy

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  1. This came to me right when I really really really needed it I was sitting there trying to figure it out and now I’m visualizing as we speak on the end result I’m so successful I was going to say I’ve been so successful that I’m visualizing I’m still successful

  2. I am keeping this as inspiration. I hadn’t heard this part of his story. I just started a new job. While I am not wet behind the ears, there is insecurity in starting somewhere new. I will do just as Mike did and see myself as wildly successful. And there I am. Thanks Pam.

  3. Hi Pam!

    Wow! Unbelievable! (But actually really believable in the field of IP) I was just listening to that passage from Infinite Possibilities a few hours ago this morning!!

    Talk about a double shot of the universe. 😉

    Visualizing and not focusing on the “dreaded how’s” is an area of focus for me right now.

    I first heard about Mike Dooley from you a little while back. Since then I’ve been devouring as much as I can. I got to meet Mike in Toronto last month and thanked him for all the amazing magic that he shares. His “Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell You” really resonated with me too.

    I’m glad you and Mike are friends. You guys are 2 of my favourite powerhouses. 🙂

    Infinite blessings,


  4. Ah just what I needed to hear! Wow! Your posts always seem to bang on time with just the right message I need to hear lol! Thank you Pam.

    Love and blessings

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us…I look forward to each and everyone. I love learning “how to” from the Universe and always feel loved and supported. Now…where’s my lip gloss?!

    Thank you Pam, have an amazing weekend xo

  6. Hi Pam!

    I love all your posts! I love how applying these principles can be fun and how you are so great at embodying this in your sharing. Hence, I feel prompted to share some fun stories with you about fun stuff that happens when one is in “the zone” so to speak.

    I am a social worker and a life coach and was headed to a conference on Dream Building in Baltimore with my 15 year old daughter in tow. As life, or the F.P. would have it circumstances aligned for me to take her. I had been promising her a vacation this Summer but not sure where to go and not thinking she would be terribly thrilled to attend a rah rah happy event populated primary by a bunch of giddily happy middle aged women but she said yes(!!!!). Then a room became available at the hotel when another attendee cancelled and offered it to us. Then my boyfriend gave us stand by tickets he had for airfare. On the way, despite being on stand by from Seattle, we got on the first flight. When we stopped in Denver for the layover, even though the flight was full, they decided to keep us on. Then, they even gave us free reign to sit anywhere we wanted before anyone else boarded the plane. The universe struck again by seating a woman next to me who shared her own dream building story of following her love of running, and a magical host of serendipities coalesced into saving the town of Gunnison, Colorado after the mine had closed and the town was literally about to become another one of the ghost towns in the mountains of Colorado. (Gunnison Races). We spent an amazing 3 days at this fabulous event, basking in the company of so many who revel in, and are mastering working in the FP.

    Then I took my daughter to Washington DC to see the sights. We had one day to do it all so we bought tickets to go on the Hop On Hop Off bus for the day. Of course there is so much to see that we wore ourselves out walking all over and ended up getting off of the bus towards the end of the afternoon at the Lincoln Memorial. Then we discovered that we might make the Holocaust Museum if we hot footed it across the National Mall. We closed the museum and we told the Natural History would be open another hour so we rushed over there and discovered it closed and also realized that our Hop On pass had expired for the day. As we were walking along, trying to sort out how to walk back to where we had parked the car, we discovered it was 2 miles away. The street was lines with tour busses parked outside of the museum with drivers awaiting their charges to take them wherever. One driver overheard us talking and came out of his bus to strike up a conversation. Of course, he started talking about faith and the universe responding, and was as excited about all of this as we were. Well, he then insisted on the 2 of us climbing into the tour bus so he could drive us all over Washington DC and back to our car! So we ended up with valet parking, tour bus style, and an extra tour of the sites to boot!

    When we got back my daughter had one evening to find a dress for the freshman prom. We had been lazily looking and found absolutely nothing for 2 weeks but now had a new intention. On the way to the mall, I had declared to my daughter and mother “we WILL find the perfect dress, quickly and easily tonight. In fact, we WILL find SEVERAL to choose from!” I shit you not, there were 15 f’in dresses that all fit her perfectly. But it gets better. When she finally decided which one we took it to the counter and it was 40% off. Then the clerk decided to give her own discount and take off another $20, then for signing up for the store card, we got off another $20! The dress ended up being just $38.00 so grandma insisted we should get 2 since there will always be more dances. The second dress was only $36.00. But oh, there’s more! When we went back to the other store to get the shoes she picked out they were closed. Grandma decided it was no big deal cause she was feeling it now too and offered to come back to the store the next day while Tasha was in school and pick up the shoes. Grandma calls the next afternoon all giddy saying guess what, you won’t believe this, “I got the shoes for free!” Yeah, the store just GAVE them to her for signing up for their card. This is FUN!!!

    I am now directing my attention to finding the perfect kayak to buy this weekend to go kayaking in Puget Sound and to attracting 5 new coaching clients. Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW, I am so excited waiting for your next book to be released. You are a goddess my friend!

    Laurie Sterling MSW, LICSW, ChT Dream To Reality LLC lauriesterling.dreambuildercoach.com 360-908-0031 >

    1. this is a lovely story…i can feel your excitement shining through so lovely you can share this with your daughter and teach her so young xx

  7. I love your emails and posts Pam and try to embrace your words…..I read this email and thought yes I can do this 5 minutes night and morning visualising people congratulating me on my successes and achievements and living the life I dream about…….I got severe anxiety! Which I am not really prone to…very unpleasant…felt i was panicking!!! is that normal? Doe it lessen the more you visualise ???

  8. Hi Pam. Love your rerun today. I used Mike’s method to manifest the house of our dreams. The results were so beyond my imaginings. I didn’t picture what the house would look like, just the elements… I saw myself walking around a space that had lots of big windows with deciduous woods outside, warm woodwork, our dogs running free, sunshine pouring in, listening to the quiet. After doing this exercise for about a year, the house came to us, easily and simply. It is beautiful beyond my dreams, originally built by a master wooden boat builder with infinite care, filled with light from its scads of windows, surrounded by 27 acres of deciduous woods, dogs able to run free, every detail on my list fulfilled even down to the radiant heat floors. My my, the FP is simply amazing!

  9. Pam- your posts have a way of reaching out to me at the perfect time. And this one is SO incredibly relevant to me today. It is a lovely and fun reminder to let go of the “how” and focus on the “what”. Thank you, thank you! You rock!!

  10. BRAVO!! I have been a Notes from the Universe subscriber for years, and it’s the first thing I read every day. You’ve captured Mike’s message so succinctly. Forget the dreaded “how’s” and keep the picture of what you intend firmly in your mind. It’s truly magical how manifestation works!

  11. Dearest Pam, when will your newest book be released? Thank you so much for opening my eyes and mind to proving I indeed had the power all along! You helped me changed my life. Mary

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