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“Everything is lit with hope and sparkles with a gentle friendliness.”—A Course in Miracles

“I tie no weights to my ankles.” –C. JoyBell C

When my friend Robbin was a little girl, she had two burning questions: 1. How were the giraffes getting to Kansas? 2. And why don’t we want them peeping in our windows?

Every night, Robbin’s mom insisted she close her bedroom windows to avoid….well, Robbin always thought she said giraffes. Needless to say, she eventually figured out it was “drafts” her mom hoped to keep out, but for quite a while, she was extremely puzzled why her mother wouldn’t want those really cool, really tall animals stopping by for a visit. After all, they paid good money to see them at the zoo.

I thought of this story the other day when someone on Facebook mentioned they had set the intention to manifest a giraffe. While I assumed it was a joke (although that is one of my new intentions for this week), I later saw that indeed a giraffe showed up in, not 48 hours, but in four days. Pretty powerful manifestation either way.

But the reason I share this story is because Robbin’s innocent misinterpretation is a good metaphor for the perceptual mistakes we make every day when we get up expecting difficulties and unhappiness. For that matter, getting up every morning and expecting “this day” to be a repeat of yesterday (and we all do) is a huge misinterpretation and a giant fence that keeps the world’s unlimited abundance from flowing in the windows.

We do ourselves a huge disservice when we don’t open up and allow for magic and joy. Because we cling so tightly to “what we know,” the world’s largesse is locked out along with the drafts and the giraffes.

As for me, I let yesterday go and open the windows, the doors and maybe even the roof so blessings and new possibilities can come rushing in.

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the about to be released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy

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    1. Wonderful story and indeed when we wake up with expectations we will certainly harbour a resentment likely premeditated.
      I was taught awhile back to change my “Good God it’s morning” to “Good Morning God” and my ego is certainly more in place today 😀

  1. Wonderful story and indeed when we wake up with expectations we will certainly harbour a resentment likely premeditated.
    I was taught awhile back to change my “Good God it’s morning” to “Good Morning God” and my ego is certainly more in place today 😀

  2. You are so cool Pam.thanks for keeping the high watch for us all. Dr Di

  3. Never once has an email from Pam Grout failed to elicit joy in my heart, even on my grumpiest days. The joy lasts a while, too…usually a couple of hours.., so whatever her intention is, it’s working on me! Go Pam and many many thanks!

  4. See this? Ummmm, I need to rethink each day as a New Beginning.

    And … as I came up to my computer to try to figure out how I was going to pay to have my hair done tomorrow …. I got notification that my SS money had been deposited to my bank account! Amazing how that happens 🙂

  5. i’d like anybody’s opinion on something i call Reality Flash”, here’s an exemple of what i mean: Imagine you are walking on a trail that passes by an old abandoned house that you have seen a thousand times and maybe more but all of a sudden you look at the house and you say to yourself what is different about it (but there nothing new) it’s as if you were seeing the house for the first time like a veil was removed from your eyes and see it more clearly” that’s what i mean by that. oh and i am saying this for the fp to hear i will meet Pam Grout in person someday.

  6. Wonderful malapropism through a child’s perception. When I wake up each morning the first thing I say to the Universe is “Thank you for the gifts & wisdom I intend to receive today.” Then I go about my business clear that miracles do abound and surround me always. As the Course in Miracles states “A Miracle is just a change in your perception”

  7. Great, as always! These past weeks I made the intention to let things go, be accepting, not get upset by stuff and to just flow…and it has been an incredible week! This year has been not the easiest financially due to my health stuff. I was so saddened that my flower boxes, garden and planters were bereft of plants – something not in the budget. I did what I could dividing my existing plants up and ‘let it go’ – it is what it is…These past few weeks I have received 5 lavenders, an acer – the size and colour I wanted for the Japanese area I was making (the person didn’t even know this and randomly brought me one!), 12 other plants, 2 tomatoes, 6 chillies…I felt I needed to get out into nature, but without a car not a possibility…a friend arrived on Monday and said, ‘we’re going to Tir na Nog (a true fairy woods and holistic centre). It was closed – but the woods weren’t! We were the only ones in the forest filled with fairies, (literally fairies placed in the trees, dragons here and there, doors, eyes…) whilst the sun shone down on us. It was FULL of mosquitos (midges here in Scotland) that were swarming around us. Not once did we get bitten! For the past few years I have been desperate to move from where we are – but realised it’s important to appreciate the abundance we already have! Which is a beautiful home in Scotland, overlooking the hills that are the start of the highlands. I was feeling that the friends I had in my life were lovely, but we didn’t ‘connect’ on a spiritual level – within a week I made 3 incredible friends who ‘get it’ and they have become like true sisters. Last week was my birthday and I was SO overwhelmed by the number of cards and good wishes – and a bbq with amazing people…and there was so much food leftover, instead of hoarding it, I packed 2 big bags of it and brought it down to a homeless man I saw the other day -and feeling GOOD knowing that I hopefully made his day…oh…and several weeks before it was our anniversary, we didn’t have the funds to do anything special…and 4 friends turned up and created a bbq for us! All we had to do was sit and enjoy! And yesterday…well, I have been having problems with a carpet cleaner – had a real fight with the company to get it exchanged…and the new one also broke. So yesterday I was bracing myself for another long few days of getting things resolved and chasing them. It was resolved within minutes this time – with a full refund AND picking both duds up. Oh, and the 2 rooms we have been trying to rent out? A lovely French intern student is arriving tomorrow and we were called yesterday to see if we would host some students for the next 3 nights – resulting in an unexpected cash injection almost immediately. Being happy, grateful for the abundance we HAVE already in our lives and having an attitude of gratitude TRULY ROCKS! A.x

  8. I think I better be careful as I found myself wishing for a giraffe nosing into my window!

  9. Pam,

    I just want to thank you for continuing to write. Everytime I get a new post from you in my inbox, I am eager to read it. Sometimes you can capture with words what I’ve been struggling to wrap my brain around. Other times, it’s just the needed boost. And still other times it’s like having a conversation with a kindred spirit. I believe in big, powerful things. And sometimes your words keep that flame alive when everyone else wants to poopoo on it.

    So thank you!

    Bob Gardner

  10. Pam,

    Let me apologize in advance for the length of this letter, but I feel its important for me to share my story because it may help others to know that the LOA truly works. Every time. Please indulge in my story and know that I am forever grateful for you, Abraham Hicks, Louise Hay, and Dr. Dyer for sharing light on this world.

    I was introduced to the LOA about a year ago but really struggled with the concept and believing it because I was stuck in a beyond horrible job with no way out. It was affecting every facet of my life and I was truly the most miserable I have ever been in my 30 years on this Earth. I was even in pursuit of a double Master’s degree in hopes that it would provide me a ticket out of that wasteland. I was in this job for 3 1/2 years. I tried everything and nothing worked to get me out…until I practiced and truly BELIEVED in the LOA.

    I started telling myself in November 2015 that I would let things go and allow the Universe to figure it out for me. I started envisioning myself in a job better than I could have ever imagined.I didn’t even really bother with the details because I wanted the universe to surprise me. The only specifics I did ask for was that the job allowed me to travel overseas to nice places and that my salary would not drop. I gave myself and the universe a deadline (January 2016) so that I could stay in the vortex of excitement in waiting for it. I also told the universe I’d really like my new job before my 30th birthday, which was March 7th.

    Fast forward three months from November. A friend of mine told me of a job opening available at the company where her husband works and said she would see what she could do to at least get me an interview. Mind you, I had ZERO experience for this job as it would be a complete career change for me. Long story short, I interviewed with the Division Chief (aka THE BIG BIG CHEESE who is notoriously difficult to please), interviewed in a field I had NO experience in but wanted to get into, and also interviewed against four other highly qualified candidates. When the interview was over, I was told it would be several days before I would hear anything. Well, an hour later I got a call from the next big cheese and I got the job!!!

    Thee months after the offer I am in the best job I could have ever imagined….its awesome in every way, and now I am a FIRM believer in the LOA. Not only did my salary go up a little, but I will be traveling overseas this fall to the Netherlands for my job. That’s pretty darn awesome, right? I believe in it so much that I am manifesting my dream home that is for sale in our subdivision. Theoretically it is OUT of our price range, but that is NOT stopping me from believing it is mine!

    Thank you Pam for sharing your stories and keeping us all uplifted and encouraged! I promise you, the LOA DOES work….every single time….in every single way. You just have to be careful what you wish for! The Universe does have a sense of humor….the job offer came to me one week before my 30th birthday….but I didn’t get to start until….you guessed it….one month to the day after my birthday…April 7th.


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