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It’s official: I’m not the poster child (nor have I ever aspired to be) for perfect human being

“The history of my stupidity could fill volumes.”—Czeslaw Milosz

wa190_cosmospeaceI believe in saying thank you for everything. I think there’s a gift (a pony underneath the dung for those who’ve heard the joke about the excited kid on his birthday) in every circumstance. Even those that might appear, at onset, less than desirable.

Yesterday (and I’ve been more or less obsessing about it ever since), I wrote a post about my excitement over a particular political candidate. I’ve been known to gush about many things—books I love, music, movies, other authors. I don’t expect others to like the same books, movies, music. It’s a diverse planet, something I celebrate daily.

However, this particular spurt of enthusiasm did the exact opposite of what I most want: to promote love and peace and understanding. Let’s just say, it was a huge fail. I was shocked really at the strong reaction it provoked. People were more or less shouting, “off with her head!”

My first reaction was, “well, fine. I’ll just quit writing my blog.” But that’s petty and little and not the person I aspire to be. My only goal remains to love to the very best of my ability. That’s it.

Needless to point out, I’m an imperfect human being. I make many missteps and will continue to make many more.

Since I believe change starts on the inside, the angry reaction I got prompted me to take a good look at the part of me that still feels insecure and easily hurt. As I always say, you don’t notice your mascara is smeared and try to fix it on the mirror. You fix it the only place where it can be fixed—on (or in this case IN) yourself.

So thank you, all—those who stood up for my right to express an opinion (one of the things I’m grateful for is that I have that right) and for those who basically acted out that part of myself that still feels like a poser.

I’m deeply sorry I offended anyone. And I hope each of you (especially those who took on the role of my inner critic) has the very best, amazingly awesome weekend of your life.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and its equally-scintillating sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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    1. Pam, I happen to agree with you about the first, controversial blog. But even if I didn’t you 1) have the right to write what is most passionate in your heart, and 2) if intelligent people are afraid to speak openly about politics, what hope is there!? Take notes from Marianne Williamson, who works in the spiritual realm, speaks in political arenas, and still sells lots of books and talks! In truth, even though it is painful to receive criticism and harsh feedback, creating a stir can be helpful to gaining a greater platform. So, take heart and keep going! Focus on these wonderful loving comments below!

    2. I Love this AC a wonderful reminder of how Pam has helped inspire our being. Pam you are perfect in your own perfection,as we all are(that includes perfect warts)…that is what you have taught us. Yes we have are moments, those moments allow us to grow and this tread I believe has touched everyone and reminded us we are our own poster child and those posters shine with IP the possibilities you have helped us recognize, the importance of being the best we can be even when that best changes. We pick ourselves up shake it off and do the work.. YOU ROCK!

    3. WAhoooooooo! Another lovely dance move by our dear Pam in a gentle sashay with the dissenters. May we all be so courageous, kind and intimate with our conflict partners.

      As Rumi, another great dancer, wrote: Live at the empty heart of paradox. I’ll dance with you there, cheek to cheek.

      What great good fun.

    1. Agreed. Pam, it’s disheartening you felt you had to apologize – just do YOU. A world where we hold differing views with respect and allowance is a good one. Perhaps the negative feedback is an indication of your works evolution not some internal thing you need to look at. Peace and blessings to you and all.

  1. Not sure if you’ll get this reply but I just wanted to say that I love you and how amazing you are!!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  2. I was initially surprised by what appeared to be support of a politician. But I also “got” what you were trying to say. I applaud you for your blog today and what growth you went through with this little “adventure”. It seems like peoples’ nerves are ultra sensitive and the “right to an opinion” lends itself often to negativity and condemnation.

    Thank you for being you! I think you rock!

  3. Hi Pam, consider the “offended” ones, the “peanut gallery” 🙂 Everyone has a right to their opinion, and here’s mine….I think you’re terrific, funny, loving, inspiring, and an all around great person! It’s good to stay in the energy of doing good, loving and having fun. The people who are choosing to whine and complain or cry about what your political views are, well that’s their choice! Thank you for all of your funny inspiring books. I love them, never stop being you! The peanut gallery will just have to “deal” 🙂 big hugs! p.s., the universe sent me a shiny convertible white mustang, with ZERO effort on my part! JUST what I asked for….luv ya! –Chantell Cameron

  4. Pam ! I loved your post yesterday on Mr. Sandwich. I may or may not vote for him, but your enthusiasm was contagious and the way you supported your opinion was brilliant. One might say you were spot on when you wrote “politics can be divisive”. If you don’t want to offend or provoke or inspire, do nothing. In my book, you are brave !

  5. Pam, thanks for taking a difficult lesson and handing it to us on a silver platter. I so admire your courage. And love you with all my heart.

    1. It’s Your Blog!!!!! You can say whatever you want! 😀😀😁😆
      People who are so insecure about themselves to lack out in anger will just keep attracting it. It’s not your responsibility to protect them. That’s so tedious…. Sigh..

  6. Yes, you absolutely have the right to express your opinion….but as far as politics are concerned this is not the place nor forum for that. You have a large fan base due to your unique view of the world and ability to make that view easily accessible to others…that is why people buy your books, read your blog posts, etc. Your political views are another matter, of no interest to me, and if you wish to express them feel free to do so but not to the captive audience you have attracted via your books. If you feel a need to express your political views there are two great ways to do so…vote or start another blog just for that. Please don’t take advantage of your fan base to espouse your political point of view. It was never a question of supporting your right to express your opinion, it was a matter of the forum in which you chose to do it which was inappropriate. To confuse the ire your post inspired as lack of support for expressing an opinion is a gross misinterpretation and disservice to your fans.

    1. I have to say that this forum is the right place to talk about life as a whole which also includes politics, death, and everything we’re afraid to speak of in order to make a positive change in this world. This forum is about the positive transformational powers we have as human beings.

      This is a forum of light, and to shed light on everything and anything. To run away from this principle is simply to live in the fear of darkness.

    2. It seems you didn’t read trying to understand what Pam said. As a foreigner, I could perfectly understand what she tried to express: a person in a high position (whatever the political trend, Pam stressed that point) to think for others, in teamworking, in a different way of thinking. As I can see (and Pam won’t say because she is in another level, but I don’t), you’d bettet take a comprehension reading course, take some Prozac pills for the hysteria, and read a blog where your ideas accomodate with the blogger. And no, I’m not a fan, but someone who tries to learn from others and from my mistakes.

    3. It’s HER. Blog. Even if she wanted the Trump for president, hasn’t she the right to blog about her thoughts??? I think you sound a little too judge mental. She has already been espousing her opinions – political is just one more. Agree or disagree – it’s Pams blog. She nee debt apologize for being Pam.

    4. Excuse me, but this is HER blog! While I understand that tensions run high and feelings are often hurt in election years, I look for honesty in the posts of any blog I read…whether or not I agree with the opinion expressed. A significant drawback to Internet/facebook life is confirmation bias; web servers are designed to guide you to more and more things that are aligned with what you originally searched for (hmm, kind of like the Universe that way). But part of maturity is accepting that other people have the right to their own point of view. If you don’t like what is said, take a break or (gasp!) start your own blog and see if you can be interesting and authentic without someone objecting sooner or later.

    5. I don’t agree with you….at all. The fact that politics stirs up egos does not mean you start being careful and calculating in what you say or don’t say on your blog. We don’t own Pam Grout – and she is certainly not running for office. The fact that we adore her and her books and her contribution does not now make it incumbent upon her to refrain from sharing her views about politicians. So….with all due respect, I simply…. heartily disagree.

    6. Are you actually telling someone what they may or may not blog about? Get over youself …better yet, just get off this site!

      Pam, you are wonderful. Keep on Keeping on. You make my day each time I read a post.

    7. Respectfully, I disagree. This is a perfect place to express one’s political views, as politics is a way we all have of co-creating our social/political realities. After all, Pam and her books teach just that – reality creation. I would agree with you if she were trying to proselytize and convert anyone to her views, but that is obviously not what is happening.

      Personally, I find the various responses to her post very educational. I took the opportunity to look at my own inner reactions to both the original post and the rather strong posts that followed. Thank you all for the chance to do so!


    8. Jaclyn: Consider that you had an expectation of what Pam’s blog should (and should not) be, and that expectation was thwarted. It may not have been Pam’s post that triggered your negative reaction, but your thwarted expectation. If you find yourself reacting negatively to what I am saying, it may be your need to be right about this – a particularly human affliction. Try just “being with” what is being said – without judgement or expectation – no resistance. Hope this helps…Peggy

  7. I was wondering how that would turn out for you. People are either very passionate and outspoken about politics, or quiet. I hold my opinion to myself.

    An interesting observation – it seems the two parties either preach about lack or abundance.

  8. Hi Pam,
    I absolutely love you, and open your blog posts with anticipation. I also just kinda assume I’ll love what you say and agree 100%. As I did with your not political one.

    You’re the best. You’re my hero. Write more.

  9. Go Pam! One of the joys of living in a liberal, democratic (westernised) society is the right to share your opinion. I for one shared your post on my facebo k page titled ‘why I support Jeremy corn on the cob’ 😉 because I happen to think you’re right. These two men may be mocked / ‘out there’ but they’re bringing to the fore what some of is have been campaiging m, and been ridiculed, for for 20 years. Global warming, recycling,, nuclear disarmament and the right for us all to share the wealth (money, water, land, happiness) of which there is more than plenty right now. The U.K., apparently, has a housing crisis – yet only 2-9% of our land is built on. The backlash is the fourth dimension churn before we push to the fifth dimension where we all get to have what we what – the anti/Utopias won’t be laughing then. Because no-one resents anyone else having peace, abundance and love when they have all those things too. X

  10. Well I personally loved your posting,and I don’t know why people have to panic when they hear about a candidate they might not like..lol anyway (I happen to love the “Bern”)and as always I love reading your posts,they’re so inspiring and helpfu!

  11. You (we all!) must speak our truth! The true measure of a human being is being comfortable with that, regardless of what others think or say about your truth and regardless of what others’ truths are. They are all truth!

  12. Maybe it’s because I love Bernie too. Maybe it’s because Bernie really seems to have the interests of ALL the people at heart. It’s not because I love you, your books, and your unbounded enthusiasm. Maybe it is because I am an American and believe we have the right to voice our opinions. Anyway, I love you now more than ever! Don’t tell my wife.

  13. Hi Pam, Just wanted to say thank you for the gifts you have shared with us. I think you are perfect and love how you are always shining!

  14. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for sharing your thoughts on Bernie Sanders and thank you for bringing to light the reaction some people had. I personally shared that post with all my friends and family because I thought you were right on (even though I may not be endorsing the man politically). I also know that I have buttons that need to be disconnected. All I can say is that I stand in faith for you! You expressed your authentic self, you are daring greatly and I honor that in you. Thank you (one more time) for sharing and being Pam! You’ve changed my life and I am grateful for that!

  15. I loved your column on politics. You have a right to your opinion and you presented it beautifully and with love. I’m sorry you received such negativity in response. Wish them all well and move on.

  16. Great post, Pam. I too was wondering what your response would be. I am not surprised at how you rose to the occasion! Thanks for helping me restore my faith in you!!!

  17. It gets down to this; we have this amazing human life.What is the difference between being a perfect human and a non perfect human? Makes no sense, we human and we’re human on the beingness of it all. Some being differently than others. It’s ingrained in us to apologize for being human. Well, if we weren’t human, should we be something else–apologize for being a Panda when we thought we were human. Where is the mistake to have an opinion. In fact our country is founded on free speech. Every post I read on this blog is about the amazing freedom of spirit we get to experience while on this crazy human trip. “Shoulding” is a big red flag taking away the perfection we have within each moment of life we’re given. Good for Pam–to keep us on the path of miracles, love, and knowing life always has something amazing waiting for us.

  18. There are fools and then there are fools who know they are fools. You might have lost some cool points with some people but when your heart wants to make an omelette, you’re going to crack some eggs. There’s simply no way around it, even the most wisest of spiritual teachers point to this Vniversal truth and it is perfect.

    Thank you for postings, it reminds me to appreciate the fact that you’re a real person. Stay up girl.

  19. Post to your heart’s content! This is your blog – your opinion – your chance to say what is on your heart. Others may agree or disagree… and that’s ok. Please don’t stifle or filter your passion to please others. You are exquisitely creative and inspirational. Hold your vision, dear friend… Joy that bubbles up and overflows blesses us all.

  20. Pam, Interesting strategy here. I read your other post and thought you were only expressing your opinion of things that you felt about that candidate (and I was impressed with the way you did it). Politics and religion are sure fire arguments awaiting the opportunity. However, they expressed their opinion in response and so be it. They’re entitled. And, so are you. The apology is odd, but I understand. When it gets to the point that your opinions and written thoughts are offensive to me, I have to take a hard look at my own thoughts and feelings, but I always have the option of opting out as we all do. I’m not a big fan of controversy, but I enjoyed your tip-toeing through the tulips with the rainbow in your hair. Much love to you. Keep up the awesome work, ur, play..

  21. loved your blog yesterday and today . you just had a few cranky people, we should be able to talk about many topics including politics. your amazing !

  22. I wasn’t offended by your post. I honestly don’t know who I’ll vote for yet, but it’s your blog and you’re allowed to put whatever you want on it! You’re allowed to be excited by whatever/whoever you want. People don’t have to agree, but to criticize you for it seems unreasonable to me since it’s YOUR BLOG! 🙂

  23. Freedom of Speech is everyone’s #1 Right! This is what this (once) great Country was founded on. If I were in Pam’s shoes, on her platform, I’d have conveyed the exact sentiments about Bernie! Anyone ever listen to Marianne Williamson and her talking about the Politics in our Country? What’s the difference? I thank FP there’s now brave souls who’re willing to “speak up” for her/him, now. You go girlfriend! ♥

    I’ve said for 30 years, “I’m going for the most perfect & highest expression of “Cindy” that I can possibly achieve!” I could care less what other’s say about me. As long as “I know” deep within myself. I’m doing my very best, with the knowledge I have at the time & not doing intentional harm.

    If we stood by (especially women), didn’t speak up, we’d be heading back into the dark ages!

    I’m quite impressed & salute you Pam! Be yourself and a Big High Five girlfriend! ✋

  24. Hi Pam, it is just so ironic that you and one other of my beautiful mentors had a similar week. I so appreciate the vunerable women that you both showed me that you were this week and showed us all what being authentic is all about. I don’t think you need to apologize for expressing your beliefs. They got you to where you are today. Thank you so much for being you. I will continue to read and follow you forever!

  25. Oh my dear mentor and friend and spirit animal Pam… Do you know what my roommates and I say about you behind your back? That P.A.M. stand for Potent A** MotherF***** 🙂 I realize that may not be well-received either but it is simply how YOU show up in my perception. If there is one thing you have shown me, it is that we must show up and express authentically and joyfully – even if others are not in the space to tolerate our expression. I appreciate so much that you continuously show up authentically and raw – RAWTHENTIC! Joyful and Genuine! I personally am only aware of one debate that is happening at any given time – the ongoing battle between good enough and not good enough. The fun illusion and cosmic joke of a question “How do I vote with my internal “currency”? You have made me aware of the best opportunity to cast in my vote time and time again. I choose to spend my energy on JOY and I VOTE FOR PAM – in all her expression, and in whatever capacity you choose to show up as an instrument of FP 🙂 P.S. for the love of Sasquatch, don’t stop b-logging! (queue Journey parody…)

  26. Wow! How awful! Just ignore the negative. We all have things to learn about what we say & how, to others. Thankfully, you are beyond that. So, let your LIGHT shine! May your weekend be magical!

  27. Wow Pam. I feel so bad that people made you feel bad for sharing your joy with your candidate of choice. I am inspired by your bravery and you don’t owe anyone an apology. I wasn’t so brave. I wrote a piece this morning for Facebook and started out by saying how much I hate politics because it’s so devisive and we never sway those who disagree with us so I have always chosen to stay apolitical on FB. Today, however, I felt compelled to ask some question about the plan of one candidate and even said I was going to use this medium to ask questions about all the candidates. It is an election year after all so why not? I spent an hour researching because I wanted to be factual and then an hour crafting my two paragraphs – I even added a dose of humor to keep it light. As I was writing, certain Facebook friends would come in to my awareness – those who would applaud me and those who might unfriend me. I care about them all – they’re great people and I don’t have that many FB friends so I didn’t really want to lose any:-) I pushed them all to the back row of my mind and continued on, finished my little piece and bravely pushed the share button. I clicked on my page and read it and then I read it again. I felt anxious, and I told myself that I didn’t say anything bad about the candidate so it’s okay, right? Well, I kept remembering my personal commitment to only use FB to inspire and encourage people and I knew that no matter how neutral I tried to be, my words would encite some people so after about two minutes I decided it wasn’t worth it and I deleted my post. Shame on me.

  28. My comment is in defense of free speech, which everyone seems to want for themselves, but have no hesitation in browbeating someone else for doing the same. “I’m just not that interested in politics” is an often expressed statement that we all hear from the well intentioned ignorant masses who don’t relate the government of today being almost solely responsible for how our lives play out tomorrow, next month and next year. Federal policies dictate how many jobs and hours you and I will work to pay the rent and buy food and clothing.
    The (time and place) people who suggest that there is a time and place to talk about things like political views, but not here and not now are the same folks who ardently fail to see any synergy, harmony or eternal connectedness with you, me, nature, the earth and the cosmos, thoughts or that quantum entanglement theory. They even see the body made up of lego like pieces that can easily be removed without affecting the other insignificant pieces.
    I would hope that simply not commenting on something you aren’t that keen on yourself, but still allowing those others that are, might be a more equitable way to allow everyone their right to free expression.
    Censorship in any form is not conducive to freedom as it was intended to be.

  29. Thank you for coming back today with your lovely blog. I didn’t understand the response by some to your opinions and thoughts yesterday. Why is anyone’s opinion a threat to someone and why should you not express your opinions in the spirit of caring and sharing? Sharing is always a gift and whether it’s politics or literature or anything else, where there is love, there is a gift. Thank you, Pam and bravo for your bravery!

  30. not sure how that could actually offend someone.  really, i admire your personal expressions. that’s why i bought your books and recommend them to others.  its called freedom of expression and speech  for a reason.  We don’t all have to agree.

    Unfortunately people get quite passionate about politics and aren’t always civil.  Please do NOT consider stopping your blog because of some bullies.  Also no need to apologize for being sincere and genuine.

    Look forward to reading your next blog and book!


    Bonnie Cady

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    From:”Pam Grout” Date:Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 3:06 PM Subject:[New post] It’s official: I’m not the poster child (nor have I ever aspired to be) for perfect human being

    psgrout posted: ““The history of my stupidity could fill volumes.”—Czeslaw Milosz I believe in saying thank you for everything. I think there’s a gift (a pony underneath the dung for those who’ve heard the joke about the excited kid on his birthday) in every circumstance”

  31. Wow-I guess some of your followers still don’t get it Pam. I’m not American so not sure who this guy you were talking about is-but it doesn’t matter really. I thought you were simply taking out the good points in him. Those characteristics we all should try and emulate to lead a life of bliss. Thanks for that post and all your posts to come!!!

  32. Pam… You’re statement “I’m deeply sorry I offended anyone” is not possible. You did not get inside of any person who “CHOSE” to be offended. You are amazing, awesome and just willing to put out to the world how “You CHOOSE to feel”. All reactions (in my opinion) are just the world mirroring back to us the things on the inside we feel.
    I love all of the stuff you share. I allow you to be just the amazing individual unique person, only you can be!! Bravo for you to state anything and everything you choose to put out here for the rest of us to peruse.
    You are magnificent, gutsy and so empowering by sharing what you know and have learned for those of us who are searching to know ourselves better.
    From one aspiring human being to another… “YOU GO GIRL!!

  33. Hi All….just thinking what if Jesus…Budha…Mohammed…fill in the blank of your higher power….if he was running for President, I wonder how many voices…opinions…rants…raves…What would we the people be saying?

    Dear Pam….thank you for your voice and to all the people that comment thank you….you have all made me begin to question my reality and question the importance or
    Lack of importance in everything.


  34. Pam! You are amazingly awesome! I get why some folks may be turned off by a political bent on your blog, but why on Earth anyone would take such offense and threaten to unsubscribe to it, is beyond me. That is truly throwing the baby out with the bath water, but it is their loss. If they don’t want to be joyfully inspired by your unique – and I think, superior – view of the world, they are missing out, I have similar political beliefs as you, but I also really, really enjoy having a diverse set of friends, many of whom do not share my political leanings. Even if someone says something that offends me, it does not mean that I would shut them – and the things I love about them – out, completely. Loving does not mean always agreeing.

  35. Yay Pam!! If you had written the same words about someone who was not a politician I believe the reaction would have been vastly different. As someone who has become very disenchanted with our political system, I try very hard to avoid any discussion about politics, candidates or anything that smacks of having an opinion or label. However, when it comes to supporting a common good, more love, more peace, more kindness or more of anything that brings us together I heartily support keeping that dialog going publicly! I’m sorry you received so many negative responses but the intent was good and honorable and you deserve a great big pat on the back! Thanks!

  36. I completely agree with Jaclyn above! I love your blogs, your books and your messages and I’ve shared them with a host of other loved ones. I was so glad to see your post today because, I have to say, that I was very disappointed in yesterday’s post on Bernie Sanders. It’s not that I disagree but I hope that we keep politics out of this forum. We ALL have different points of view and to bring politics in the mix will bring in a totally different, and perhaps a separatist, point of view. Thank you, Pam, for everything, and I hope you also have a wonderful weekend!

  37. Pam

    Another wonderful post! Love your honest reaction and have to admit that I’m still a little shell-shocked by all the negativity on your behalf. Guess I need to look a little deeper within 😉 You have absolutely nothing to apologize for and I look forward to reading all your posts, no matter the topic or whether I whole heartedly agree with you or not. The beauty of this human experience is to have individual experiences/opinions, is it not?

    Hoping your weekend is full of love, joy and crazy dancing!

  38. I’ve always liked the quote, which was also the title of a book a friend of mine wrote, “What you think of me is none of my business.”

    I think if anyone was deeply offended by your Bernie post, they should get the hell off your list and everyone else’s for that matter. But what I think of them is none of my…well, you know. I’m really sick of people who are offended. I guess I’m offended at that. Self-love will help me, I’m sure.

    I was surprised at your post and while he’s the polar opposite of my politics, we do live in a country that should have free expression. But the right of free speech only means that the government can’t (probably) come after us.

    My definition of a socialist, no matter what its prefaced by is; “A communist who hasn’t amassed enough power to take your stuff while promising to give you other people’s stuff until he/she gets enough power to take your stuff too.”

    There’s no way B.S. can make those promises he’s making come true without first decimating the job creators (the wealthy) until there no more money or incentives left to continue such programs. That’s when the axe falls with the government taking over everything. Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, etc., should be worthwhile models to look at.

    Write on!

      1. Yes. I first met Terry when her church was meeting in a Jr. HS in San Diego. Neil Donald Walsh attended every Sunday and always tried to sell me advertising time.

        When I moved back to LA I still drove down occasionally on Sundays. It was dynamic and powerful. Terry and I have crossed paths frequently over many years, though not lately. I’ve always loved her energy and inspiration.

        Where did you volunteer?

      2. at her office in La Jolla. I was in the Navy on Coronado, and it was the highlight of my life at the time. An exciting time. I didn’t know that about Neale Donald Walsch – how funny!

    1. I liked Pam’s original post because I know America has been so divided and obviously we don’t all agree on the solutions to our problems. What inspired me about Bernie’s campaign isn’t the rather unlikely possibility of America developing democratic socialist programs like the successful ones in Western Europe. I know with half the electorate opposed that won’t happen. But Bernie like Pam has this fabulous optimism about America and humanity that is infectious in such a good way. Unlike the my way or the highway politicians who have gridlocked our country-he also knows how to listen to others.

      I believe that listening can turn things around for us all. The technique called NVC (nonviolent communication ) allows people who have gridlock because of total opposition to get past it by learning to listen to one another.

      Realizing we are all the same in important ways-that our political views, choices etc are always attempts to meet our needs -and we all have the same needs-we can move past opposition and gridlock to love, acceptance and then creative solutions that transcend our

      I believe people who read Pam’s work and love it are perfect point people for this new way of doing things. We are aware of the more amazing abundant loving universe we live in so we don’t have to be afraid of those who think a bit different from us.

      I believe the greatest strength of America is not only our diversity but our ability to bring those diverse people and ideas together in creative NEW configurations that have never been before.

      Acting from fear, resentment or dislike of differences never creates better societies but bringing opposites into dynamic play together in positive ways nearly always does.

      I’m so grateful to Pam for her courage in putting herself out here subject to hurtful reactions etc to bring her wonderful ideas and perspective to us all.

      I’m grateful also to everyone of all political views who is reaching out to others in spite of differences to keep working together for a better world. Our different perspectives are EXACTLY what we need to make things better.

      If any one style really worked perfectly we would already live in a perfect world but obviously each extreme has it’s own limitations and failures but our creative combinations keep moving us closer to awesome; -)

      (NASA = government funded, huge innovations, benefits industry and society, depends on individual work and excellence ie complete intersection of liberal and conservative ideas-awesome result. Also, Social Security and Medicare created by that same tug of war between opposing perspectives ending up with imperfect but very functional and helpful to society outcomes.)

      We shouldn’t be afraid to talk about politics-we just need to return manners, civility, kindness and respect to those conversations. What will make “America Great Again” is relearning how to listen to one another with genuine respect and actually work *together* for the common good.

      Thank you Pam!

  39. Funny thing. Maybe not funny, but interesting. Just two days ago I overheard two people at work talking about the candidates, NH primary, 2016 election in a very roundabout way. I asked “So what types of comments are people saying? What are some observations?” One person touted “This is work. Read the handbook.” I was stunned. I retracted to only observe and think to myself. I silently questioned “how can we learn anything from each other if we can’t discuss or exchange ideas, comments?” And, “how will we ever see positive change if we continue with silence, stated rule behavior, etc?” Unlike you, I retracted, turned inward. My internal observer came forward looking out and looking in…doing double duty. Pam, you are my hero! I admire your openness, authenticity and courage to keep being!

  40. I love your work. As an Australian, I am often bemused at how ferocious Americans can get when the topic of politics is raised. My observation is that Americans care passionately about leadership. We Aussies often ignore our leaders entirely when we are not having a laugh at their expense. I don’t think that your post was a mistake. You are entitled to have personal opinions. I would suggest that the response you received is cultural… and that people so strongly identify with your work that they are shocked when you have a different perspective to their own. Love and blessings to you for being a light in the darkness.

  41. Pam, you have nothing to apologize for! If anyone was offended by your comments about Bernie Sanders, that has everything to do with them, and nothing to do with you. I know you know that. You have the right to say whatever you want. It is, after all, YOUR blog.

    I too am a blogger, and sometimes get pounded by my readers for opinions I express. So I know the feeling.

    I love your writing and the deep insights you share with us. You’re a great gift to us all. Don’t ever stop being yourself.

    With much love.

  42. Hi Pam! I am still a huge fan and find it incongruent to get my panties in a wad to judge others while at the same time embracing universal law. It is a good thing there is room enough for ALL these expressions/reflections of our source. You are awesome…….of course, you already know that! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  43. I was sending you Thank you vibes after reading your ‘political’ blog post!! I realise now they might not have been strong enough to withstand the crazy folk out there that seem to have expressed their craziness to you! I felt very thankful for your perspective and your good words about another human being who might potentially be the next American President. (Im irish living in london!) I felt hopeful, excited and on a higher vibration after reading your blog post. I honestly dont think you should have apologised for speaking about how you felt. You said you wanted to share thoughts that might be hard for some people and i say stand by yourself and dont apologise! Everything you teach says be yourself, own your power, see the power in action. You’ve transformed my life with your books and blog, i love your blog, i look forward to hearing the stories that go against every norm and im currently doing the experiments from both books with 12/13yr old students at my school (im a teacher!).

    I dont accept your apology because i dont think you need to apologise. Thank you for being AMAZING AWESOME INSPIRING TRANSFORMATIONAL HONEST and FUN!!!!

    With all my love, Seainin


  44. No need to apologize Pam. We live in my opinion, the greatest country in the world! You have the right to express yourself and I admire that you did! Have a wonderful weekend!

  45. Pam, I don’t personally “Feel the Bern”. But I will defend your right to say what you did in you post. I think most of the candidates have some good positions and ideas. I won’t say which one trumps my statement and that I do not agree with. So lighten up! There are much worse things you could have said. Your fan forever…..

  46. Your blog, your business. Honesty and authenticity are the most important thing to me, as a blog reader.

  47. I loved the post. If you offended some people, remember that you delighted some others (like me!). You are never going to be able to please all of the people all of the time. I am glad you wrote it and glad you put into words what I have been thinking. You are a wonderful writer and I look forward to you blog posts. Thank you!

  48. Pam, I found your post yesterday totally appropriate. Although, I don’t support Senator Sanders or any other candidate. In fact I don’t plan to vote. I believe the work you do is infinitely more important in the overall scheme of things that any election. Really. I pursue my own positive agenda for change that improves the world and our lives, regardless of any electoral outcome.

    However, I read what you wrote about Bernie and It felt sincere, positive and good. Ultimately, by expressing your opinion you did no harm and, in my book, a lot of good. You showed me that it is possible to acknowledge positive aspects of any personality, even a professional politician, without compromising yourself.

    Rather than simply tee off on the various candidates, as has been my preference, I think I’ll try to find something positive to recognize in each one….even Senator Cruz.

    Thanks for the posts, both of them.


  49. When I saw the subject, I simply chose not to read your post. This quote, attributed to Evelyn Beatrice Hall, “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it!” states what democracy is all about. You have every right to your opinion, and I have the right to disagree. I do love your writing and sharing your point of view, and hope that you’ll continue to shine out you light on all!

  50. It’s ALL good Pam! I myself, don’t talk politics, or should I say, I don’t speak about politicians. We evolve at a snail’s pace, because we are a society of Know-it-all. Yes, we have millions who can read their local newspaper, watch the evening news, and know the facts and truth about anything and everything. You see, since we know it all, we don’t need to learn anymore and anything outside of our beliefs is nonsense, rediculous, crazy, new age mumbo jumbo, something surely from a cult and so forth. Evolution is crawling! So then, what I “feel” is truth, is that there is in fact a Gang of Gangsters and Elites who really and truly run this world. I believe politicians are told what to do and have their lives and their family’s lives threatened. I believe JFK was taken out because he was about to do some really good things for us. While we argue over which One is best, the real “Controllers” are laughing up a storm. When we shut things down and go into the street like those in other countries, and demand changes, we will bring down those losers who really run the Show. Peace!

  51. I knew exactly what you were saying in your post about B Sanders… He makes me feel important and loved when I hear him speak.. Just like your writing does to me Pam… YOU give me hope for a better today and tomorrow… I was kind of feeling sad for the negative commenters for they still have A LOT to learn about what you are teaching us… Sending good vibes to you Pam… thank you so much..

  52. I loved your blog on Bernie. I thought you took a wider view of the way a politician (or any of us) act. You pointed out qualities of Bernie, not his political views, which is what I believe will be the most important aspect of anyone–certainly someone who holds the trust of the nation. Thank you very much! I shared it with friends and am glad I did. I didn’t even see it as particularly about Bernie–but about what people show us in their behavior.

  53. Hang in there, Pam. Someday more folks will appreciate the candidate(s) who love and celebrate the oneness enough to actually say “we” on occasion. Keep up the good work. We love you AND Bernie.

  54. What a different world these last several years. I miss the discussion. I get bummed that the common response is to attack. I’ll have to read the other post and cringe at the comments. Please don’t stop writing as I appreciate your perspective and energy. You ars perfect with all your imperfections just as I am!
    Take care, Lynne

  55. I don’t even care about politics – especially American ones since I am Canadian. I just thought it was another interesting post and might take an interest now – if only I could remember what you said! Wow, all the fabulous things you give to us and you are berrated about an opinion – off with THEIR heads!
    Almost every day I see a pink it magenta car and a monarch butterfly. Did you know there is an artist in Seattle who makes a monarch butterfly dress? After that gift from you wow, I might even vote for trump if you asked me to!

    Keep going for the magic! And thank you for bringing it to us!

  56. Pam,

    I’ve been reading your books and blog for a few years and absolutely LOVE your work. This is your blog and you should write about whatever makes your heart sing. If someone doesn’t like reading what you have to say because of their own beliefs then they can easily click somewhere else. Please don’t ever let any of these comments change your beautiful soul. Keep spreading the love!

  57. People should just all relax and go with the flow. What’s the big deal?!?

    If I don’t like your post then I won’t read. If I like it I’ll read it and enjoy it.


    Pls keep on writing your blogs.

    PS manifested butterflies (e2 exercise) last week.

  58. Hi Pam,

    Thanks so much for your comments. I thought it was brave of you to express yourself the way you did. What I love about you is that you choose alignment over and over and over again. You teach by example that we can indeed choose how we respond.

    You rock, girlfriend! Let the freak flag fly!!

    Catherine Behan

  59. Hi, Pam, I have to say I’m a bit shocked at the responses too, when all you were doing was telling people the non-political reasons why you are a fan of this candidate. Not why you think everyone should vote for him, why he’s the best, what his policies are – just things about him as a person that fill you with hope. I am disappointed that people are so quick to take offense, to claim you are polarizing your readership (huh?), that politics have no place in a forum such as this (again, huh?) and that you should apologize for celebrating him for any reason, even the reasons you did. It makes me very sad that we can’t have these conversations without this heat and offense taking over a post that even in this unfortunately volatile topic, celebrates the good and the positive – just like every post you write. Keep it up!

  60. Dear Pam; I must have missed the post you refer to in today’s offering…no worries. However, I really appreciated your blog today because it’s a perfect model/lesson for how I want to handle the challenges and contrast in my own life when they come up. This is a gift for us. Thank you so much! As Abraham says, “Everything is going right.” 🙂

  61. Pam,
    Never stop being you! And don’t lose you head; too much good comes out of it! We may not agree politically but differences are what make the World go ’round (literally), and I love them.
    “We are all One”.

  62. Oh, I must respond! I don’t know where to begin! How brave you are! How truthful! How humble! What insight you have! Oh, please, do not ever stop blogging. I love your posts, they are so uplifting, this one too! I am sorry you received any criticisms, just for posting your opinion! I applaud you. Everyone is fed up with our government and this is a different year in politics! May God help us. It will turn out all right, I believe that. Bless you, dear Pam, I think you are wonderful and I love your books. Indeed! You Rock! Much love to you

  63. I also got attacked for retweeting the Bernie Sandwich piece you tweeted. What the heck has happened to this country that many are so thin skinned that a hissy fit is thrown especially if it even hints at a political opinion? (Your piece was Not an endorsement of Bernie Sanders anyway.) It was a positive five point commentary on positive things a candidate is saying/doing that is different and refreshing. So why the apology? Would I feel the same if you had said these things about one of my not so favorite candidates? I’m seriously meditating on that! My mantra in my roller coaster life has become “The Universe has My Back” and “Everything is Going to be Okay”, thanks to your books and blog. If I can be so bold to say so, Pam, please, PLEASE continue to inspire us and yourself as well, and walk the walk. You are fantastic! Peace Love & Light!

  64. Hi Pam….you inspire me !!! Bernie is not my favorite candidate but I totally admired your positive twist ….and you need never apologize for having an opinion. People are just a bit touchy these days…what is the deal with political correctness….it actually stifles the right of free speech. Keep on being you….it is refreshing!!!!
    On another note….when are you going to narrate E3?? I love listening to your voice.

  65. Pam,

    I was one of those, who wrote, expressing my concerns, at your blog.

    Forgive me, if anything I wrote caused you upset, it was not my intention.

    We all have the ‘Divine right”, to our individual opinions, but the jury is out, when and where we choose to express them. Perhaps, I should have kept mine to myself, in hindsight.

    *We know, just about enough to know, that we know nothing at all” , is allegedly attributed to Socrates, and is a reminder, that I must always remember personally.

    Bless you, and your opinions.


  66. Please don’t worry Pam, as a previous person has said, “the universe has your back!.” I am at the point where I hesitate to write anything at all because of backlash and that is not good either.

  67. Pam you are a writer-once I invited a guest to my home and the local reporter came to interview him. The reporter said the article caused a flood of letters to the editor. Who would have thought a Buddhist Monk blessing a lake could cause such an up roar of opinion. I learned more about my community and business partner from that one visit then I had learned in 40 years. Some think politics is tabooooo – how can it be? We need to write and speak about it so we can be informed when we exercise our vote. Great post! Write ON – as a wonderful Malasian Guru said “In my love you are”

  68. I have been reading a lot of the other comments — including my first one (which was wrong). They are right — it is your blog and you can write what you want to. If I don’t agree — I don’t have to read it. Lesson learned. The world is a better place because of you — thank you! I look forward to your future posts!

    1. Thank you Barb for seeing this differently. Pam is a wonderful person who shows us how we create our on reality through our thoughts. She makes me smile and look at things with new perspective. It always gives me something to ponder…love her! And she was excited to see that Bernie Sandwich gets it too! She wanted to shout to the world. What enthusiasum!! Wish we all had her spirit!!

  69. Dear Pam, are you in contact with Marianne Williamson? You two would be wonderful together. She is a big supporter of Bernie Sanders, too. Spirituality and politics is the most important theme right now. All my best to you! Ann-Kristin*

  70. My darling, my special precious, my Pamela;
    I love you with the breadth and depth of my being. My love for you is as deep as the Marianna’s Trench. My love for you is as high as the star of Betelgeuse. You are my North Star and setting sun.
    However, my sweet, there have been some things that you have said that have strained my undying love for you. When you talk about men, I so love THAT about you because we have a mutual love of men–I am GAY so, girlfriend, you can talk about Ryan Gosling’s rippling abs or Ryan Reynolds dimples or Zac Efron’s tight ass for days. BUT, when you start talking about heterosexist stuff, then you are straining my everlasting love for you pointing out where we have nothing in common–and we just can’t have that now, can we? When you reference your child (it’s a daughter, right? I don’t pay that much attention because I don’t have kids or dogs or houseplants as dependents so it kinda crushes my buzz when you write about her), you again point out something that we have nothing in common. My dear precious darling, the more things you talk about that have no interest for me continues to strain my unfaltering love for you. I know you do not want to jeopardize my genuinely eternal love on frivolous topics like children or relationships. So let’s discuss it in a broader context–it would probably be better for my everlasting love for you if you just avoided asserting any individuality on your part whatsoever. I think that would be better for all of us. I think we have seen the ill effects of your opinionated blog on Bernie. I mean, seriously, love o’ my life, how could you? How could you state so publicly that you like Bernie when it was so clearly obvious that Hilary is the best man for the job? Dear one, I was appalled that you have been so misguided to lean towards such a doddering, ill-informed codger who spouts platitudes appealing to the mindless emotions of an illiterate electorate and could not answer any of the simple questions poised by those PBS commentators. Dearest sweetheart, I thought it was obvious that Hilary is such a better deal–I mean, SERIOUSLY, America is getting two, (yes, TWO) presidents for the price of one with HRC. That is just smart political economics, precious darling! But, even more importantly, how could you even put such a harsh strain on my unfaltering passion by introducing your political orientation? It was a bad and pretty stupid move on your part, my lovely darling. SO you see how precarious this situation has become — my eternal love for you is in tatters from so many abuses? Wait—I think you may want to bring up some absurd reference to Freedom of Speech (Is that something to do with the Constitution or Bill of Rights or First Amendment or Aaron Sorkin? Didn’t you just love The West Wing! Of course you did!) Oh my silly valentine, of course, the First Amendment has nothing to do with my love for you. I buy your books, your audiobooks (it’s so cute when you mispronounce big words!), and attend your convention appearances so, of course, you owe it to me and my boundless love, to keep your individuality in check and only speak on those topics referenced in your books. I love you so dearly that I am prepared to send you my universally popular and acclaimed list of Critical & Responsible Attitudinal Points or C.R.A.P. I believe my C.R.A.P. list would benefit you and your blog so you don’t stray into points that are not critical to me or irresponsible. Others may have their own C.R.A.P. lists that they may want to share so you don’t write anything so stupid in the future. I only do this for you because I care for our love and am fighting for our love and know you want to avoid increasing the strain on my inexhaustible love for you. Well, I feel SO MUCH better now that I have gotten this horrible issue off my chest. And I know you feel so much better, too, now that you know what is expected. In fact, we should have more of these talks where I can ensure you govern your opinions that seem to bubble up unexpectedly. After all, you don’t want to put any further strain on my infinite love for you, do you? Seriously, do you? I think not. So, let’s put this sordid business behind us. Maybe in your next blog, you could effusively praise Hilary and eviscerate (sorry, too big a word?) then screw the Republicans in general and misogynistic, racist, pompous Donald Trump, in particular? Just do it with kindly and righteous indignation so you don’t come off as mean-spirited. Kay? I am so glad we had this time together. You are my radiant angel and I love you with all of my body, heart and soul forever, my lovely (or at least as long as you don’t fuck up like you just did). Love you! Mean it! Sardonically Yours, Dave

    1. Dave,

      Reading this during my first cup o’ coffee and just about spewed it out I was laughing so hard! Love the tongue-in-cheek!

  71. Pam, I often post pictures on my Twitter account that has the same reaction and I feel terrible. I’m not American and I don’t really understand the politics behind this but I do understand how you feel. I know it makes me feel bad to upset people but if it comes from your heart you are doing the right thing. So chin up and put it behind you. We love you just as you are.

  72. Thank you, Pam, for standing in your integrity. I’m now in an Integrity Cleanse with Martha Beck and you are the perfect role model of this. I agree with your political view so I don’t know how I’d react if I didn’t; at any rate it was refreshing to see a candidate’s views presented in this way.

  73. Hi Pam,

    Hugs from me, sending your inner critic some love and kindness (as you have often done for me without even knowing it).

    Love Toni (from New Zealand)


  74. I really love every blog that you write because it’s so pure, so open. And every one of your blogs gives me very important messages. And every time about a subject that plays part in my life at that time. Thank you!!!!! From the heart. Since I read your book E-Squared (together with stuff from other wonderfull teachers) my life turns really ups site down. Now I am in the middle of Ecubed…. WOW life is amazing. And it is great that there are beautiful people like you who show us how amazing life is.

  75. Thank you for reminding me that even Pam Grout can get reactive immediately and then step back, come back to SELF, and have compassion for the hurt child in all of us who wants to lash out.

  76. Dear Pam, I wanted to take the time to say I LOVE your work, it is changing lives, including mine. The message from Bernie was beautiful regardless of party politics – I’m in the UK and shared it on FB because his words made me feel good! I did hesitate because it was a US politician, but in the end it’s the message, the vibration, the frequency. That’s what I am aligning with, i.e. We are One, together anything is possible. Let us not be divided, including by politics! In the end the critics are responsible for how they feel about stuff, and I am responsible for how I feel about stuff and so on. It’s called Free Will. One Love XX

  77. Pam. I love you!

    There is no ‘perfect’. You wrote your TRUTH. And that is as close to perfect as I can imagine.

    Your blog is YOUR blog. You share yourSELF and that is why we love you.

    Speak your truth! Those who love you will love you.

  78. Pam, I love your books and your blog, it’s gentle, insightful and inspiring. However people have a tendency to be reactionary, usually in my humble opinion because they choose to! The Internet has provided a fantastic communication tool, but the downside of course is that people are able to use it to express their darkness and attack anything and anyone. It takes a lot to put yourself out there and express joy and love because the cynical naysayers will always try to beat you down. So please please don’t hold back, you have a right to your joy and your opinions, when you express those opinions with love and care and someone attacks you for that, well that’s definitely about them, not you. Thank you for the fantastic work that you do and for being you. Don’t ever stop xx

  79. hi,

    I wrote in haste yesterday because I was upset that you were harassed.  I forgot to say that I was so sorry that that had happened to you.  I felt that it was a very sweet heartfelt post and enjoyed reading it.  it doesn’t reflect on whether you are a perfect being, everyone basically is.  it showed you are a very positive person.

     I am rambling a bit, but still can’t figure out how people were offended and so judgemental.

    Bonnie Cady

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    From:”Pam Grout” Date:Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 3:06 PM Subject:[New post] It’s official: I’m not the poster child (nor have I ever aspired to be) for perfect human being

    psgrout posted: ““The history of my stupidity could fill volumes.”—Czeslaw Milosz I believe in saying thank you for everything. I think there’s a gift (a pony underneath the dung for those who’ve heard the joke about the excited kid on his birthday) in every circumstance”

  80. Geez Pam! Go easy on yourself! I loved that post about Bernie Sandwich and I’m Canadian so it prompted me to be more aware of the US election–how can you not-it’s everywhere and we get tired of listening really…but I also want the new representatives of everywhere to speak “we” too.
    Please keep writing your blog as it feels like you’re writing just for me sometimes and at the perfect time too to remind me to keep my chin up and that all this stuff that claims a lot of my attention isn’t even real! Thanks for being part of my power posse!!
    Cheers to us! XO

  81. Hi there Pam! I thank you for this email! I was also taken back by your enthusiasm for your particular candidate. But I say “BRAVO” to you for coming clean and taking responsibility! You rock! Being a minister, I learned the hard way…that there is always 50/50 (Conservatives and Liberals) in every gathering of people. (I’m always surprised by that…but it is true!) Many years ago I mentioned a candidate that I was passionate about in a sermon…and a group of people got up and left…never to return again. I learned that I cannot use ‘the pulpit’ to influence others…and if I being honest…that was what I was trying to do…OY! I learned that my job is to teach the High Vibrational frequency of Spiritual Principles…and not the Lower Vibrational frequency of Politics in any way shape or form. So kudos to you and thank you for your honesty! God bless you. Cathy

    *Rev. Cathy Jean Norman*www.unityofventura.org *“You think this is just another day in your life? It’s not just another day. It’s the one day that is given to you…today. It’s the only gift that you have right now. And the only appropriate response is gratefulness.” Br. David Steindl-Rast*

    On Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 3:05 PM, Pam Grout wrote:

    > psgrout posted: ““The history of my stupidity could fill volumes.”—Czeslaw > Milosz I believe in saying thank you for everything. I think there’s a gift > (a pony underneath the dung for those who’ve heard the joke about the > excited kid on his birthday) in every circumstance” >

  82. Pam, first of all, thank you for the two books you have written and all the daily posts you take time to share with us. You are a shining light in this world. Please continue to share your opinions and comments. I personally look forward to anything you want to share with us (me). If people get upset about your comments, they, too need to look in their own mirrors. It’s the most difficult yet productive exercise we can all do. Looking forward to more information and challenges. Sending love and light.

  83. I have firmly entrenched my behind in the “I’m 100% Apolitical and I Don’t Care Who Gets Offended By It” camp, and I’ve found it so peaceful here (except for the occasional overspray coming from The Left and The Right, but meh) that I was a little shocked at the load of criticism you received. Write what you will, when you will. We just want more of and from you.

  84. Pam, I loved your political post! I thought it was full of positive thoughts and facts about the candidate. You have nothing to apologize for but unfortunately, because you choose to put yourself out there, you get ridiculed. Should we also start burning every book that isn’t agreeable to us?
    You just keep on doing what you do. You’re a beautiful soul!

  85. It’s official. Pam Grout is brave enough to write about how she feels, and what she perceives, in the moment.

    And it’s also official that some people relish picking apart those feelings and perceptions from the safety of keyboard anonymity and with the luxury of ample time to carefully and deliberately deconstruct and critique each word.

    Pam, those who matter don’t mind. And those who mind don’t matter. Giving others leeway to grow and learn sometimes seems like a one-way street. And, in the end, someone like you learns, grows, and keeps being the bold, brave voice who shares from her heart.

    We love you for that! Don’t you dare stop putting yourself out there!

  86. This was great but quite frankly, I don’t think you should apologize for anything! You have a right to YOUR opinion. I was surprised how angry people got. We should be able to have different political beliefs and still love one another or at least be friends. This whole blog is about tapping into the pure positive energy of the universe and some people completely lost it over your post! At any rate I love you, this blog and your work.

  87. Pam: You NEVEREVEREVER have to apologize for speaking your peace. Sanders is an exceptional leader and will be for our country. I think the misstep is actually being sorry for the truth you spoke. That is your right (not your wrong) so hold that pretty head up and shout your GREATNESS to the rooftops. I’ll hear ya!
    Cheers, Paula

  88. Love ya’ Pam! May we all love who we are (warts and all), allow others to be who they are, and always look for the best in each other. We are all doing the best that we can do and it is good enough. While I’m here, let me share the FP’s response to my first successful experiment. I asked for confirmation that the Universe has my back. I knew I could only keep my optimism going for one day, so that was my time frame. That afternoon, I found an adult coloring page with a paisley design and the following words: “You have enough, You do enough, You are enough.” At first, I thought, ‘this could be my answer’, but it didn’t feel very powerful. But, the more I thought about it the stronger the feeling got that this was, indeed, my answer. The more I thought about it the more I realized that this was tailor made for me. This was the Universe telling me that the feeling of inadequacy I have long had is an illusion. Sometimes, you just have to trust, gather your courage and leap. The Universe does have your back.

  89. Rock on Sister! The negative reaction of others just shows that we ALL have work to do on getting our undies in a twist and promptly untwisting them before we launch our unresolved angst upon others who mean well. Personally, I liked your post because I hadn’t given much though to Bernie…I don’t support either party (my own undie-knot issues), so it was nice to read something positive in relation to politics. Hope you’re feeling the love from all of us who support you and revel in the insights you share with us!!

  90. How can people say that Pam can’t share whatever she likes on her personal blog? Of course she can! It’s her blog, her life and her opinions. She has every right to voice them, as have the rest of us. She isn’t plugging her political views or trying to sell us anyone’s politics, but simply sharing her ideas and thoughts from a non-political point of view. Why is it ok for her to share her views on some things, but not others?

    People are entitled to their opinions and that goes for all of us. No one is forcing you to read any post in particular that you disagree with. I disagree with my family and friends on a lot of matters, politics included, but that doesn’t meant I stop respecting them. Embrace your differences. Imagine what a dull place this world would be if everyone agreed on everything.

    Pam, I am incredibly grateful that you choose to share your blog with us. It’s a fountain of knowledge, love and good vibes and reading these posts is a highlight in my everyday life. You are a rockstar! Keep doing you and don’t ever apologize for that.

  91. I am glad once the realization of the fact that you have as much of a right to write whatever you are passionate about sunk in. Especially after the hurt of people telling what you can and cannot write about on your own blog, which you probably already knew when you brought politics into your blog. You let yourself experienced the anger, let it flow through you and stood up and basically told yourself, “What other people’s EGOS think of me is none of my business.” Keep being the inspirational writer you are and always remember the freedom of expressing your views belongs to everyone.

  92. Pam, you inspire me with every post and I am so grateful for your insight. I’m glad you shared your thoughts on politics because I appreciate reading and hearing various opinions that help me hone in on what I think is most important so I can make a careful decision. I wish now that I had thanked you yesterday! But instead, today I will add my voice to all the others to remind you how much you are loved and appreciated for so many things, including openly sharing of yourself. Thank you!

  93. Pam, I love your posts — they’re always positive and inspiring! Whether or not we agree about a particular candidate, I completely agree with the practice of seeing the positive in every situation. Furthermore, I’ve found that resisting the impulse to judge, label, or disagree brings me so much peace. Ultimately, I’m looking to be a light in the world, not a critic. The world already has plenty of those.

  94. You should not feel the need to apologize to anyone ever for speaking your truth….
    As my Grand Pa use to say “Those who matter don’t mind & those who mind don’t matter .
    Please keep blogging for those of us who love you & your work :):):)!!!!

  95. Hi Pam! Before I comment just wanted you to know that I rarely comment even on Facebook. I appreciate (even if somewhat surprised about) your reaction to everyone else’s reactions. We can read about and practice mindfulness until we’re blue in the face, and rage against that crazy little monkey–but sometimes the zoo animals become restless and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. You think you poked a stick in between the bars of the cage. Well–I think, in this climate, there are a lot of monkeys just waiting for an excuse to pounce and scream. Just a reminder of a mantra you mentioned in a post several weeks ago– “IT’S OKAY.” 😄

  96. Pam, as a very important person in my life, one who reminds US all that we are connected and need to share Love and Light, finding a Political person who will do that is a GOOD MENTION!!!! I support you and I support your right to share your view. Keep Shining

  97. Hi Pam –
    I love and look forward to all your posts. This is the first time however that I felt the need to reply. Please don’t ever feel the need to apologize for words you speak/write that come from a place of love….for that’s what you are.

  98. Hi Pam –

    This is the first time I’ve ever replied to your posts even though I’ve been a follower and fan for quite some time. Please don’t ever feel the need to apologize for words you speak/write when they come from a place of love……for that is what you are!

    With heartfelt appreciation for all you are and do.



  99. I was SO excited when I read your Bernie Sandwich blog!
    I loved it and I loved that someone so in tune with the universe was feeling the same vibes. Don’t give another thought to the dissenters. This is all working out exactly the way it should. And you CAN write whatever you jolly well choose in your blog. Especially when it’s ALWAYS so positive.

  100. Pam, I for one really enjoyed your political post. I don’t have cable and thus had to look up who you were talking about. All I have heard anything about this election is the one who shall not be named. Thank you for your post, I now know my neighbours to the south aren’t doomed.

    Thank you also for showing me how to play with the Universe.
    Your Northern neighbour (with the hot Prime Minister)

  101. Dear Pam Your blog was fine. Truth is good. Keep on doing and being what you are. much love Michaela

    *Michaela O’Driscoll Integrative medicine, Homeopathy and Sound healing http://www.crystalbowls.net +44 7446 018612 Another world is possible, she is on her way, On quiet days I can hear her breathing.*

  102. I, for one, am not at all offended by your post. In fact I agree with you. I want someone we can trust, not someone so embedded in this political game whose pockets are filled with corporate cash. I truly enjoy your posts. I never delete them. Thank you. Yvonne

    Sent from my iPad


  103. I was thrilled with your enthusiasm and public support for Bernie and a tad dismayed you (of all people) received flack for your commentary. We were talking about you, your incredible blog, the American public and the candidates over Valentine’s Day Eve dinner. The conversation was turning debate-like when I glanced down at my plate and there between the roasted asparagus and the amazing mashed potatoes were these little heart-shaped green onions sending out a big fat love vibe.it was such an FP moment… it sent us into fits of laughter. And how does it get better than that? Thank you for being Pam Grout.

  104. Pam, I appreciate your willingness to put yourself out there and be vulnerable-to share what you think, how you feel and yes to gush about the things you are jazzed about books, music, movies, authors, people, whether other people agree with you not. After all it is your Blog. Brene Brown writes in her book Daring Greatly,” DARING GREATLY IS NOT ABOUT WINNING OR LOSING. IT’S ABOUT COURAGE.” Pam you were and are willing to walk into the Arena and Dare Greatly Thank You! YOU ROCK! Many Hugs and Blessings to you……

  105. Don’t beat yourself up over the reactions of those with little tolerance for the opinions of others. Bernie is not my first choice as a candidate, but I believe he has many good ideas. I find that I can learn a lot from listening to others who I disagree with. I loved your enthusiasm. Please don’t allow those who disagreed with you to cause you pain. Keep on doin’ what you’re doin’. My wife and I have been married for 35 years; we disagree on many issues, political and other subjects. I will continue to support her right to be wrong.

  106. We are blessed to live in a country where each of us are gifted the rights of freedom of expression and individuality. You needn’t apologize or regret your enthusiasm for what you convey!! It’s part of the gift — and I do mean gift — of living in this great Nation. There are thousands of American men and women buried on foreign soils that have fought for our way of life and freedom of speech. Keep writing Pam. You’ve touched millions of lives by what you’ve written. I’m grateful for every one of your written words and look forward to meeting you at Omega. God bless you. Keep expressing and we’ll keep dialing inwards and onwards!

  107. Pam, I felt I was hearing myself in your words…the exact way I relate to those that attack, for lack of a better word, my opinions.

    I was once told to pick my battles. Then not to pick so many battles. I hear that “previous me” in those that wrote you. I feel you touched something in each of them that caused their comments. Not a bad thing, but just something they needed to get out and you were the one standing there at the time to receive it.

    The current political climate is one that I’ve never experienced in my life. I don’t like it. It scares me. I don’t know who some of these candidates are as human beings, how they got to where they are with their beliefs. This in itself is causing a lot of lashing out from the voters.

    I’m hoping that those who decide to reply in a non-loving manner to ANYONE learns to take the advice that I was once handed…”Pick your battles.”

    And more important, that the way to bring us all together at this time is through love, not anger.

    Thank you again…

    A BIG fan of yours!


  108. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, for goodness sakes. Can’t see what the fuss is about. Thanks for all you do! Sylvia

    On Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 6:05 PM, Pam Grout wrote:

    > psgrout posted: ““The history of my stupidity could fill volumes.”—Czeslaw > Milosz I believe in saying thank you for everything. I think there’s a gift > (a pony underneath the dung for those who’ve heard the joke about the > excited kid on his birthday) in every circumstance” >

  109. *huggles*
    Sorry you had to deal with that.
    So much negativity in the world right now. I truly truly hate election years.
    Can it be December 2016 yet please and thank you?

    Love your blogs and fwiw, I agree about Bernie!

  110. Are you kidding me??
    I was EUPHORIC that someone had the guts to salute a candidate who’s calling out the system. Pam– yours was a superlative, heartfelt endorsement of Bernie, backed up by sound, well-articulated reasons. (Peace graphic –exuberantly spot on!)

    Millions of us are fed up with oligarchy. If we cave to public ‘opinion’, gleaned from corporate-owned media, government by and for the people will cease.
    How many more countries will we decimate with our profit-driven war machine? (60% of US budget) How many more illegal foreclosures, solitary confinement blocks, police killings, wildlife extinctions? I can’t imagine anyone believes the rhetoric (lies) of candidates backed by Goldman Sachs.
    TREMENDOUS THANKS for your vision and heart Pam!!!!!

    “The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.”

  111. I totally agreed with your post on Bernie. Too bad some folks were offended. Politics is such a touchy subject. I love your posts and look foward to receiving them so please carry on. You are a great inspiration to many.

    With Gratitude Debbie

  112. Please don’t stop writing about topics that can polarize people. You are not responsible for other’s thoughts, beliefs, and reactions, and more than you are responsible for my hating lima beans. Rubbing up against people’s beliefs is something I’m getting a close look at lately in my own life. It’s a tad bit scary; and then I remind myself of what’s mine and what’s theirs, and that line of responsibility becomes clear again.

  113. I have not read the post that you refer to. I can’t imagine what would cause offense to others, being that you are the most loving being I have ever been touched by.
    Every post you present makes me love and respect you (and myself) even more.

  114. Wow, I’m obviously just catching up here… Your post was cohesive and certainly, you are entitled to feel connected to a particular candidate – especially one who does approach this cynical world with grace and love. Please don’t leave and ROCK ON!!

    On Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 6:05 PM, Pam Grout wrote:

    > psgrout posted: ““The history of my stupidity could fill volumes.”—Czeslaw > Milosz I believe in saying thank you for everything. I think there’s a gift > (a pony underneath the dung for those who’ve heard the joke about the > excited kid on his birthday) in every circumstance” >

  115. Jaclyn: Consider that you had an expectation of what Pam’s blog should (and should not) be, and that expectation was thwarted. It may not have been Pam’s post that triggered your negative reaction, but your thwarted expectation. If you find yourself reacting negatively to what I am saying, it may be your need to be right about this – a particularly human affliction. Try just “being with” what is being said – without judgement or expectation – no resistance. Hope this helps…Peggy

  116. I didn’t read that post…yet. Still catching up. People are crazy when it comes to politics. They are right and everyone else is wrong. Geez Louise, what will become of us if we can’t just let go of our own precious opinion and keep an open mind. The man that fathered me said there was nothing more dangerous than a closed mind.

    I’m in the middle of E cubed again. I was sitting in the bottom of the well again and couldn’t figure out how to climb out when your book kept staring at me on the headboard. It’s full of pink post-it’s now and more highlighting. I’d like to find a group in my area to keep me clear of that darn well. I think that will be one of my experiments. Since I don’t drive anymore, and am still a virtual stranger in my area, it’s going to be a grand test. I’ll let you know how it goes. Don’t let them get you down. You do good work here and that’s all that matters. Giant hugs to you.

      1. I’m in Oregon City, Or. Just outside Portland. No luck online so I may have to try and start my own. I don’t drive anymore so it would be easier for people to come to me. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion. Listening to Bob Marley in the mornings now. It’s an ear worm. ):

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