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Five non-political reasons I support Bernie Sandwich

“Pizza makes me think that anything is possible.”–Henry Rollins peace-flowers

I try to stay out of politics here on the blog. My goal is to bring people together and well, usually politics does just the opposite.

But I’ve recently become so jazzed about the candidate commentator Chris Hayes, the other night, accidentally called Bernie Sandwich that I simply must shout it from the rooftops…or at least from my little public megaphone.

Here are the five reasons I’m feeling ‘the bern’

1. Bernie talks “we.” Other candidates spout I: “I’m going to work really hard for you. I’m going to change this. I believe……” Listen to his language. It’s all about “we, together, all of us.” Bernie knows change is a team sport.

2. Bernie talks possibility. Pragmatism, I suppose, has some perks. But idealism and optimism is the only thing that will really bring about the change we all long for. Anything is possible, but only if we wrap our mind and consciousness around it. I want to believe big things are possible. Why not?

3. Bernie refuses to talk smack about his opponent. Again, pragmatists and the “old story” insist the only way to win an election is to attack the other guy. Bernie, even when asked, even when his opponents start slandering him, refuses to go negative.

4. Bernie talks (and votes) peace. If little ole me here in Kansas could clearly see the futility of the Iraq war, I can’t fathom how any reasonable person in Washington could not see it. Bernie was one of a handful of senators who voted against sending troops to Iraq.

5. Bernie supports everybody. White, black, straight, gay, born here, immigrated yesterday. Bernie knows we’re all one. He knows you can’t really bomb that guy over there or wipe out that species down there without it affecting all of us.

I love his new ad and with that, I’m signing off from Lincoln Street.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and its equally-scintillating sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. Pam, I can’t tell you what a lift your post gave me this morning! Thank you! LOVE that Bernie Sandwich! 😉

    1. You go girlfriend! I’m 56 beautiful years young, have absolutely “refused” to vote (yes U.S.A. born & raised) but due to only nonstop, negative, deceitful, wealthy politicians running for office! When “The Bern” came along, I watched him closely & finally registered to vote, LOL! 😀

      I even noticed as a teenager in the 1970’s watching them on TV & thinking to myself, “We’re actually supposed to look up to & respect these negative joker’s? You gotta be kidding me!”

      A LOT of us have “The Bern” now, both young & old, alike! Time for change!

  2. I thought you were smart Pam. If you supprt Bernie then I need to opt out unfortunately. No more post from you… Good luck!

    2016-02-11 15:33 GMT+01:00 Pam Grout :

    > psgrout posted: ““Pizza makes me think that anything is possible.”–Henry > Rollins I try to stay out of politics here on the blog. My goal is to > bring people together and well, usually politics does just the opposite. > But I’ve recently become so jazzed up about the cand” >

  3. I love you and your books, Pam, but I just can’t feel the love for Bernie Sanders. I like all the things you mentioned about him, but the bottom line is that he is a socialist, and socialism is never successful. Forcefully taking what belongs to one person to give to another is not right. No matter what. I’m not a fan at all of any of the other current candidates, either. But that doesn’t mean that Bernie is right when it comes to running the country’s economy. He said he is okay with taxing up to 90% of our income. I’m not okay with that. I don’t feel the love from that. Taking more and more from the upper and middle class will not result in peace or progress. But hinder it instead.

    1. Couldn’t agree more with you. He sounds so good as he takes away your dreams , money, and any incentive to work harder and smarter to provide for your children. love Bernie, and Pam just concerned about socialisms over all impact. Unbridled capitalism sucks also. Balance is the key I guess.

    2. I think you have a serious misunderstanding of democratic socialism. This isn’t taking away from people its redistributing wealth away from the government and giving more to the people. Finland and Sweden and even Norway are all partly socialist countries. This isn’t about completely leaving capitalism behind it’s just making some system changes so that people are healthier and happier and well Norway’s people are immensely happy with their lives. Even in Denmark they turn to the private sector to find people to be able to emulate their skills in trades. They are the leading country that offers the most education to their people even if just technical skills or trade skills. We need to be able to get many people on board as to where we can utilize the skills in the majority of the USA. It’s not impossible.

      I think I am really disappointed with people on here because if they don’t agree with Pam on a topic it’s bye bye? What is wrong with people just not agreeing? I don’t let something about someone who has every right to an opinion let it bother me or stop me from appreciating their skills and attributes. One of my favorite actors is a pro-life advocate and somethings I have heard come out of his mouth are wonky and no I don’t agree with that since I am pro-choice but I do know that I appreciate his overall ability to give very selflessly to people and help where he can. He contributes his own skills and works to help those less fortunate then himself. That is something to be admired. He is a man of his word and so I respect him for that. You may not agree with pam but she didn’t get to where she is without not applying her skills and attributes and she offers them to you literally freely. She keeps people motivated. She is just stating unity is important and so is positiveness also. She is right I have not heard Bernie ever call any of his opponents names. That shows you he has integrity as a person. So let me ask if people in your life who you love but you don’t always agree with on every topic do you cut them out? Do you stop talking to them? It’s ultimately your choice to not follow Pam but maybe there is a lesson to be learned in tolerance and acceptance. I see so little of it now it’s very sad. I hope that you may reflect upon your own actions and see how they affect others and I am talking in general.

    3. I agree with you KC. This is very naïve and immature thinking. He is a socialist and that makes him very, very dangerous.

      1. At the start of Ms. Grout’s original post she said,

        “I try to stay out of politics here on the blog. My goal is to bring people together and well, usually politics does just the opposite. But I’ve recently become so jazzed about the candidate commentator Chris Hayes, the other night, accidentally called Bernie Sandwich that I simply must shout it from the rooftops…or at least from my little public megaphone.”

        I have no doubt Ms. Grout gave this post a lot of thought before she posted it, and that she did so with some sense of “maybe I shouldn’t.”

        Regardless of one’s political views what a shame to see the comments this post inspired, uninspiring and divisive. If Ms. Grout is jazzed about a particular candidate, so be it… to feel you have to shout it from the rooftops… I suggest you campaign for your candidate of choice, just don’t do it on the public forum which you have created to fulfill a very different objective.

      2. Once again, you seem to think that spirituality and political thoughts/actions have – or should have – nothing to do with each other. In my opinion, politics is one of the ways we express and act on our spiritual beliefs.

        It would be wrong to force, through political or other actions, our political or spiritual ideas on each other, but it is equally wrong to silence ideas because one disagrees with what is being said or where it is being said. All things are connected…and that includes ideas.

        In a way, Jaclyn, I appreciate your reactions to Pam’s post. You have provided an amazing mirror for us all to peek into and examine our own beliefs. How well we can accept ideas and actions that are contrary to what we believe they SHOULD be – as long as they are not destructive or dangerous – is a measure of how much we have grown and learned from our E squared/cubed experiments.

    4. Nuts…he just wants the 1% to pay their fair share of taxes back to the country they took it from! Their wealth is derived from their workers, the roads upon which their goods travel, and infrastructure which allows them to build their wealth in the first place. They have taken and taken and taken and have rigged the system so that they do not help support the very system that made them wealthy in the first place! It is time they shared their profits with the country that made them wealthy in the first place!!!

  4. Pam,

    I liked your books but Bernie is a Socialist. Government run everything is not in the Constitution. Your liberal views are turning me off.

    I love the environment. I love helping others. I love giving. But I don’t like how corrupt the government has become. “We the People”, not We the Government

    1. HI, Teresa. Actually Bernie is a Democratic Socialist which is not the same as what you mentioned and he is definitely not for government running everything. Far from it.

  5. Pam, I so appreciate your courage in voicing your support of this political candidate. In an atmosphere of such cynicism and disillusion, it is incredibly uplifting to hear a candidate speak in terms of “we” consistently. I am hoping that the “story of separation” is in its death throes, and, with the well-wishes and focus on all our parts, we can help usher in the new “story of oneness,” of who we truly are. I hope you get a lot of supporting comments. Speaking of politics usually takes people way out on a limb. I know of this personally, having worked for six years for a moderate democratic congressman in a very conservative rural community in western Colorado. People would spit on me in the grocery store, simply for doing the work of the government under the “wrong” party. Again, thank you for taking a stand, and waxing poetic for the cause of hope and oneness.

  6. He will work well with our new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau they are kindred spirits. Good hearts and clear minds. Canada would welcome Bernie and his beliefs.

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    1. Very disappointed to see you use your well-established platform to send a political message. Not a matter of whether I agree or disagree. I love your books, I am not interested in your politics. You owe your readers an apology.

      1. Actually no, she doesn’t own anyone an apology. Last I checked, this is Pam’s blog and it’s very purpose is for her to express her ideas – not just the ones you agree with!

      2. To Jaclyn and the others who feel offended:

        Firstly, I am a Canadian and I find these comments all very interesting and extremely telling.

        Secondly, I am an author and blogger as well. I give freely of my time and work as does Pam when she blogs. Her post was still in keeping with her work as a writer. She has every right to express her feelings and if you don’t agree with her sentiments, that is your right; however, she owes nobody anything.

        It takes great courage for published writers to write what’s inside of us. We know we will be criticized and it takes a deep well of fortitude to deal with it. Pam is writing from her heart with levity. Before you spew, ask yourself, have I had such courage? Do I freely give of my time and hard work? Am I dedicated to inspiring others or only myself?

        Think before you respond. This is another human being’s brilliant raison d’être you are messing with. Don’t tear it down with reactive thoughtlessness.

        Thank you Pam for your books (loved them!) and your writing. You are an amazing inspiration.

        Illegitimi non carborundum!

  7. I too use to love the idea of everyone working together towards a common good. However, the idea of every one coming into the US and being a melting pot, or tossed salad should I say, simply no longer works for our society. We have people being brainwashed over seas on “how evil the Americans are” and then sending them over here to take out as many of us as they can while blowing themselves up. It’s not just happening over there either, we have had our very own homegrown terrorists here. This is ONE of the reasons Bernie Sanders’ views will not work. We have a class system here whether we like to view it that way or not; to each his own, but it is a system that many have twisted, broken, robbed, victimized to work for them. Wellfare, Medicare, Long-term disability, Employer Fraud, Worker Compensation Fraud and the list goes on, this is the sad truth. The people that seriously do need these benefits are crucified, dragged though the coals just to get their basic needs met because of the Many others before them that have completely cheated the system. We do need someone in office with a thick skin and starts calling people out on their BS; not an extremist, not a hot head – someone that has the means and the support of people with common sense of right and wrong and FOLLOW THROUGH. We need to fix the problems within this country first before we can put an honest effort into helping other countries. The biggest issue is that every country has their hands in our pockets and we feel like there is so much in those pockets to give, but there isn’t. We are left with a tattered and torn country because of GREED. If you have FB please look up this video on a response that Jeff Daniels, (yes the Jeff Daniels), gave on Why America is the Greatest Country in the World?. It was asked by a college or high school student. https://www.facebook.com/serbevents/videos/10153709292087125/?pnref=story
    If you do not have facebook try looking it up on YouTube. It’s just the truth and telling people how it really is no matter how painful it might be. Stepping off my soap box in …..3….2…..1. =)

    1. You do realize the Jeff Daniels piece is pure fiction, don’t you? He was playing a conservative newscaster named Will McAvoy on a fictional television program.

      1. Hilarious! I have a feeling that Lisa and Cindy would have gone to the polls to vote for Pat Paulsen and wondered why his name wasn’t on the ballot.

  8. Pam — I love you books — but this totally caught me off guard. Others are right — socialism would mean the end of our wonderful country.

  9. Love your books, love your posts…but not this one. Whether I agree or disagree is not the issue…completely not interested in your political opinion and resent your using the platform you have created to espouse anything having to do with politics.

  10. Thank You Pam! This is wonderful support for Bernie Sanders. Let´s continue to create a true MIRACLE all together. All my best, Ann-Kristin*

  11. I just took a flash look at the candidates the other day and thought maybe I would look into Bernie. Then I read your post. Very timely.

    1. Uhhhh…Pam….I beg to DIFFER!. Hillary is a fabulous candidate, inspiring, caring, effective, and by far the best candidate for women–she has introduced or sponsored ELEVEN important pieces of legislation for women including the paycheck fairness act, choices in childcare act, resolution regarding sexual assault in the military, rape kit DNA analysis backlog elimination, and 8 more equally as important. Bernie has done NOTHING for women. Hillary is also smarter, more versatile, flexible, diplomatic, and overall qualified. The far right is putting tons of money into negative ads trying to defeat Hillary because they want Bernie to get the nomination so they can beat him. But Hillary has prevailed over their sexist rightwing attacks for 25 years because she is the REAL deal.

  12. Pam, politics is much much deeper than you think. The deception and manipulation goes to places we could not ever conceive, that people would ever go.
    History proves what I am saying, they will lie, they will cheat, they will take whatever they can.
    We are all Sovereign beings, we need to create a loving, caring, fair and just society, using the abilities you teach us, that we all have.
    Einstein said, you cannot use the same energy, to solve a problem that created it.
    You have taught us how to bring a better world into being, not by following a corrupt system, that has created the world we have.

  13. I’m sorry you brought politics into your otherwise uplifting blog. I always enjoyed getting your newsletter but I’m out now.


    On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 6:33 AM, Pam Grout wrote:

    > psgrout posted: ““Pizza makes me think that anything is possible.”–Henry > Rollins I try to stay out of politics here on the blog. My goal is to > bring people together and well, usually politics does just the opposite. > But I’ve recently become so jazzed up about the cand” >

  15. How interesting….I watched Bernie the other night and realized he represented the “old” way of thinking just as much as other political cronies. Taking from one group and giving to another is not right nor fair. Yes, we need a fair and even playing field but his answers are the old Marxists views (and we’ve seen, historically, how they at has played out).

    As you teach, Pam, this is an abundant and limitless universe who responds to our individual energy. Sanders is preaching limited resources and advocating strong arming the distribution of such.

    For true change, peace and prosperity, we must tend to or own vibration in order to manifest. A governmental agency cannot do that.

    1. You couldn’t have said it any better. My exact sentiments. I love Pam and happy she is comfortable with her choice of Bernie I believe it comes from a carring heart. Socialism can sound so very good and look how many Social programs we already have. Look at how many other countries have socialistic type agendas.. But I believe we have a better agenda as Suzanne so perftly stated. There no negative side effects as there is with socialism. Stay on the path Pam your right on. With much Love and gratfulness, Jerry.

  16. How I love this post in particular – 5 excellent reasons to back Bernie Sanders – with you all the way, how inspiring to know that he is doing so well – may he continue to win

  17. I’m right there with you. I am so impressed by Bernie! I find myself watching him and saying, “I’m in love with Bernie!!” In a non-sexual way, LOL!

  18. Y’know, Pam, I’m trying SO HARD to escape the din of political ads that your choosing to use your mailing list to promote ANY candidate is beyond disappointing. I applaud your passion — and you’re certainly entitled to your opinion — but I feel duped; for this, I could subscribe to Bernie’s campaign feed.

  19. I agree wholeheartedly with Miel. I love your blog Pam, such an inspiring message over and over again. Tainting with politics just doesn’t work for me no matter who I like. Please no more.

    1. I do not agree. First time poster, here. Personally, I think that, since politics affect us all and are one of the ways we create our realities, it is as appropriate for her to post about that as anything else. We co-create our societal realities using the political process. What kind of world do we want to live in? Well, voting is one way we create it.

      Not sure that ANY subject should be off limits.

  20. I have heard Bernie talk a lot of smack particularly about Hilary Clinton so you may want to round down to four.

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  21. Yes I am pretty disappointed that you have ventured into politics…this perfectly illustrates though, that you “see what you believe”…YOU believe he is this wonderful benevolent man just wanting fairness and peace..I “see” and believe he is a very angry man..full of loathing for this wonderful country that allows diversity, freedom, opportunity for ALL..he sees us all as VICTIMS..I hear it in his voice and see it on his face when he dis’es Wall Street and the “1%” …he is hateful and fearful…he doesn’t believe in the individual…he believes that only government can provide..he believes that anyone with great wealth must have stolen it from ? so interesting isn’t it how we see different things…and wonderful as well…..with peace

  22. I think it is interesting how if one speaks their mind on politics or religion there are always others telling them they are wrong. Love your uplifting messages and can’t wait for the next one! Sparkle on!

  23. Bernie by his own admission is a socialist and no matter what the liberals say that leads to communism,take from the rich give to the poor and on and on,well it is good to let people know who you are.

  24. Ive discovered that I can have a great day no matter what political party is in office!! My happiness is not created by what’s outside of me I create it myself. So smile. It’s all an illusion anyway.

    1. YES!!! And it’s not Pollyanna or woowoo thinking. It’s truth. I create my reality and my own happiness. It IS all an illusion anyway. 😊 Kindred spirits.

  25. I am very surprised to have ready so many negative comments regarding this post. This is a site that is shared with the intention to uplift and express an individual viewpoint on any topic that the author wishes. And yes, Pam, I know you don’t need me to defend you.

    I know that when I have a strong reaction towards anything (as I did reading some negative comments) that is the time I know I need to stop, breathe, and question why I feel so strongly about something. Now that I’ve taken that ‘pause’, I’m rather enjoying how some of these comments reflect beautifully what you’ve been sharing all along about how strongly our beliefs have a hold on us.

    Not that it matters, but I don’t necessarily agree with your particular views on this topic and that’s okay. Disappointed and wanting an apology, really? We humans are a curious lot.

  26. I wish your reasons were true but he lied, talked smack and is a social eliteist. You should know this from you inner guidance. You really lost my support on this one. Another celeb weighing in on politics …

  27. Pam,
    You should remember that socialists want the Gov to be able to tell you what you can publish, read, where you can go, etc.
    They do it slowly so we won’t notice; like the frog in the boiling water. Are you willing to subvert the Constitution for that?

  28. Not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing with your point of view… Why in the world would you use the wonderful platform you have created to send a political message? I have been a fan for a number of years, enjoy your books and posts tremendously, but find your use of the platform for politics very disturbing and a huge disappointment. I am as disappointed by this as I would be if I went to a concert and the musician I went to hear spent the entire time espousing his/her political views. I am out.

  29. I love your books and will continue to follow you; however, I am disappointed that you took a stand politically. Instead of bringing people together in a positive forum you have polarized your followers.

    1. I completely agree with you. Very disappointing, it has soured my view of Ms. Grout. A shameful misuse of her platform.

  30. It is unfortunate that those who otherwise benefit from your message would turn away wholly because they didn’t agree with some small part.

  31. It is not that I don’t agree with some small part… this is not the venue for politics and I could care less what Ms. Grout thinks about any of the political candidates. I do benefit from her messages… about living with meaning, positivity, etc… her political views are completely irrelevant to me. In my view, Ms. Grout took advantage of her widespread following to espouse her political views… shameful and extraordinarily disrespectful. She has lost me as a fan.

    1. I don’t believe sharing one’s view is necessarily shameful or disrespectful of those who might feel otherwise. I doubt it was intended to be in this case.

      Appearances may sometimes deceive, but intention is at the heart of every matter.

      You can still be a fan – just allow there are differences to overlook.

      1. I own my own company, we do a very specific type of market research. I occasionally write articles, I speak at conferences and frequently make client presentations…when doing any of those things I have a captive audience. How would my audience feel if instead of talking about what they have come to expect from me,my area of expertise, I chose instead to discuss one of the presidential candidates? Like Ms.Grout, I too am entitled to express my personal opinion, right? So, what’s the problem? Completely wrong forum in which to express my political observations. Imagine if you went to see Star Wars, but before the movie began there was 5-minute video of George Lucas espousing his personal view of one or more of the presidential candidates. Does he have a right to express his personal opinion, of course! In that venue? Absolutely not. While innocent and I am sure done without malice, Ms. Grout’s post yesterday was completely inappropriate and, yes, she did owe her fans an apology.

      2. Well, Jaclyn, you do make a valid point. There are times when people have agreed to meet about specific things – and yes, that’s the extent of what you should deliver, IMO.

        So Pam offers her views on how to make your life/the world, better, and I would suppose that could include significant leadership choices.

        In prior writings she has included actors, writers, philosophers, even past world leaders, (like Mandela), religious, etc., exemplifying similar principles to hers. Most have been received benignly enough, but this one also happens to be an active politician running for office. Is there another difference I should be seeing?

      3. Jaclyn, this is a blog. A personal blog. Not a client presentation, not a movie meant to entertain you. A blog. Her captive audience consists of people who are wanting to hear her ideas. Her ideas on whatever she wants to write about. You can agree with her ideas, disagree with her ideas, but you don’t get to control her ideas or when she chooses to share them…

  32. There seems to have been an oversight by some that the name on this website is Pam Grout and not your name, or my name. It’s one thing to respectfully disagree and quite another to show so much intolerance for a differing opinion.

    Love the graphic with this post, Pam! Peace, indeed.

  33. I don’t understand the people who are saying that Pam shouldn’t be talking about anything political on HER blog or that she’s taking advantage of her platform somehow! This is HER platform with the very purpose of putting forward HER ideas on whatever SHE chooses to discuss. Whether anyone agrees or not, is beside the point.

  34. This is very cool and appreciate your spirit and optimism. I know people are scared of Bernie but in comparison to Trump or Hitler?

    In any event life is going to continue to challenge us whether we have FDR, George W Bush, Barack Obama or Bernie Sandwich. It’s up to us to create our realities, our happiness, no matter what. So I support everything you do in the name of light and love.

  35. I am not surprised by the negative vitriol. Pam I find that your take on the world to be refreshing. Funny I thought that a blog was for the owner to share their views, not just the views that folk believe you should or shouldn’t make. I cannot see a difference between a political view or any other for that matter. I personally do not find it necessary that you need to apologize for expressing your opinion about anything.

    Fear is a mind destroyer and negative comments show a deep fear in my view.

    Your lack of fear is one of the most refreshing things about your blog.


  36. Love this post. Pam, you keep talking about things as YOU see them! That’s the beauty of a blog post! It’s your ideas, feelings and observations. If people are so offended, then they’re missing out of other people’s unique perspectives on the world. Too many people seem to need information around them to only match their opinion; in other words, they’re blind to other opinions and viewpoints. I, too, am not threatened by by The Bern! (and, yes, he’s a Democratic Socialist…NOT the socialism most people wrongly assume he’s aligned with. LOL)

    1. I agree with you Elizabeth David! She has every right to voice her opinion….not everyone has to agree but that my friends is what made us free! I love how she took a stand! Good for her…we are all so politically correct now a days that we are scared to voice our opinions. I am definitely feeling the Bern! First honest nice person to run for president recently!

  37. One of the people that I admire most has helped me to stop worrying about what other people think – oh, and she also taught me that “The Universe has got your back and everything will be just fine!” (Seriously, Pam Grout, you are so awesome sauce…)

  38. The comments are funny. We want your to read your blog and hear your thoughts unless it is on a topic or something we don’t want to hear.
    I am a big believer that if you push someones buttons it is good for them because if they are awakened enough it gives them something they they know they need to look at.
    Love you work, glad I created in my life. 😉

  39. I’m with you Pam on every one of your points…and don’t let the naysayers get you down! You rock..and are more than entitiled to voice your opinion….KEEP UP YOUR AMAZING WORK!!!!! You are an angel sent from heaven!!!!!

  40. The comments weren’t as bad as I imagined. At least you picked a very relevant polarizing person for the opening quote – Henry Rollins!!

    Love you, Pam. Keep smiling.

  41. Hey Pam! I just want to let you know that I LOVE your blog and your books. Whenever I lose my way and forget about the FP your blog is the first thing I return to, to remind myself. It always makes me feel wonderful and get’s me into the positive way of thinking again. The way you write really speaks to me, you write in the language of my heart shall we say. So thank you!

    Speaking of socialism I find this post and it’s comments super interesting! I am from Sweden myself and it is a very socialist country with high taxes and a very big safety net for all the people living in Sweden. Obviously I think Sweden is a wonderful country and there is no where else I’d rather raise my kids. Because no matter what happens to them they will have the same chance to succeed in life as anyone else. Isn’t that beautiful?

    So when angry commenters say that socialism would be the end of your country, I think – huh? It’s just a matter of perception isn’t it?

    Thanks again for being awesome Pam!!!

  42. You’ve stated your opinion about one of your political candidates. (If I were American, I’d probably vote for him too.) What exactly is wrong with people that they would “opt out” or consider your opinion inappropriate? Ridiculous! You’re entitled to your opinion and if people think less of you for it, who needs them. I just don’t understand what the big deal is that they have to get so hot under the collar. Please. Just continue on the way you have and ignore those people. I don’t think you owe anyone an apology for stating an opinion about someone who actually seems to be decent and intelligent. But then maybe Canadians just don’t get as worked up.

  43. I am SO disturbed by some comments on here. Basically what I get from people here is : ‘ as long as you tell me stuff I want to hear and they make me feel good I love you. But if I read something that makes me feel uncomfortable or that I disagree with I not only question your motives but also turn my back on everything positive you’ve ever done or given me and decide this one thing completely cancels out all the other things and even dare to say you owe me an apology for not doing what i expect you to do for me ????’

    How appalling !!! People who reacted like this do not deserve a single bit of the good vibes you ever received on here : For free, just because she wants and likes to share – you’re supposed to take what you like and leave the stuff you don’t that’s how it works no judgement, no expectations because Pam Grout actually owes you nothing !

    Pam I’m sorry you felt the need to apologize after this disappointing wave of self entitled humanity. I for one care for sandwiches without Bernies in them … But I still think your blog, your rules … The critics come to teach you that sometimes people won’t get it .. And that’s okay. Maybe this time it wasn’t about question yourself … Maybe this time it was about standing for what you believe and not being phased by intolerant inconsiderate behavior.

    Sorry for the rant … Just so appalled … #rantover

  44. Hi Pam LOVE your blog and books. Your joyful heart shines through every paragraph. Your inspiration to many has far outweighed this “slight. ” Everyone has become so thin skinned from their armchairs. To the ones who left, your loss. Toughen up, get off your butt and use your energy for issues that could really make a difference.

    1. Ms.Grout, via her books, speeches, blog, etc. is running a business. While the nature of her business is somewhat ethereal, intangible…it is a business nonetheless and we are her fans and her “clients.” It is poor practice to interject politics into business. Yes, everyone has a right to their opinion, everyone has a right to express their opinion…but just because you can doesn’t mean you should… it was foolhardy to do so in the manner in which Ms. Grout did. Using this venue to make a political statement alienated many of Ms. Grout’s fans/clients, not because they don’t support Sanders but because of the forum in which she chose to make her statement.

      1. Jaclyn,

        It’s all good. You are who you are, I am who I am, Pam is who she is, and on, and on, and on … let’s just include the whole of humanity here.

        You’ve made your point over and over and everyone gets it; truly. Let it go; live your life the way you see fit and everyone else should be able to do the same, sans any critique or criticism.

        Peace and love.

      2. Yes, and I will continue to defend my opinion when it is being attacked. I thought you were all for free speech, or is that only when it is convenient, politically correct or spoken by a celebrity? I am done, so no worries. The dialogue Ms. Grout’s post generated has so denigrated the tremendous value she typically shares. What a shame.

      3. Jaclyn it’s amazing you’re claiming free speech when you’re actually the one not respecting Pam’s freedom to speak.

        The double standard is just too convenient … Bottom line is : you can disagree and we will all respect you for having your opinion. But going over and over your point expecting us to join you on some validation witch hunt because your truth is the only one you seem willing to consider is just not going to happen…

        Cathy’s right dear, it’s time to get your frozen on and just let it go…

  45. Hey Pam,
    I’m reading thru these posts….wowzers! Listen, I was surprised by your subject matter, but, I sooooo respect where you come fom, and I soooo embrace the freedom we have–the right to express our opinions on how we feel. There are no accidents–this blog posts gets the conversation moving! May your “fan club” recognize that and see the wonder that comes from communication! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING AND HELP MANY TO OPEN THEIR EYES WIDER, DAILY!

    Love you,

  46. I was a fan of yours until now. I teach art lessons but do not use my audience to espouse my political views. I am also a nurse, but the same rule for me applies. My father fought 7 years in WWII to keep this nation a Democracy, and it appears you are willing to throw away all the efforts of him and all the others who gave their lives. So, in Socialism, the rich people’s money is taken away and given to the poor. You have worked hard for your success, right? So go out under a bridge and find someone to give it to. Oh, you don’t think that is fair? Hmmmm…….then you don’t understand socialism. You should have stuck to your area of expertise, Pam. I am out and am throwing out your books.

    1. Hmmm. That seems like a very mature and appropriate response to disagreeing with someone on a topic. Let’s throw out everything they’ve ever done that is valuable to me because I’m upset with them that they dare have a different view than me on something.

      1. Wow! That seems rather harsh! This is her forum…so you do not agree with her liking a politician who happens to be a good man…you are willing to throw out the baby with the bath water! How noble of you? And as far as taking from the rich to give to the poor…I find that this is in my version of the Bible. However, Socialism in the democratic sense means, to me anyway, that the rich pay their fair share…which they have not been doing. The middle class pays for everything…and then gets no help. I am truly sorry for you that you have taken what she said so personally. Maybe you need to take a look within and rethink your very unpleasant comment.

  47. Dear me. Does everyone in your life receive such harsh treatment? I come from a large family, and married a man who also has lots of sibs, aunts, uncles, and cousins. The diversity of political opinions among so many people is breathtaking. If I had to banish people from my life on the basis of political opinions, I might feel more complacent, but I would be missing out on so much (as would my kids, who love their relatives). If people can set aside political differences within families, within marriages, within friendships, how much easier it should be to set aside differences in social media!

  48. Wow, you simply don’t get it or you choose not to. I could care less who Ms. Grout supports politically, her stand on the right to choose, bear ams or any other issue of our time. Stating her political point of view was simply the wrong thing to do…here on this blog. Does she have the right to do it? Yes, of course. Was it the right thing to do… no, quite ill-conceived.

  49. I don’t think you have the right to continue bashing Pam over this issue either Jaclyn…get over it already! Talk about sounding off on your own point of view! We get it! Unfortunately, most of us do not agree. So let’s agree to disagree and leave it alone.

  50. This backlash is crazy. You can’t dictate to someone what opinions You prefer they share. Politics completely has a place in spirituality- when you become more aware, you develop more of an understanding of our connectedness, how our actions impact others and that impact is very often through politics. The more abundant you feel, the more you want to share, the more you share the more you realise that current governments aren’t doing that very well. That impulse to share (play nice kids) is the essence of uncorrupted socialism. It works well for us in Europe until Wall St comes to try and privatise everything- lo our happiness falls.

    Politics needs more tuned in spiritual people to balance out all that greed and ego.

    The happiness of others lifts your own personal happiness to greater heights- it’s not just about manifesting for yourself a Rolls Royce yo. The ability to attract what you need in life, that your needs will be met, that you can trust the world, that there is more than enough for everyone as Pam advocates works against the fear-based scarcity mindset of right-wing thinking.

    Get your heads out the fluffy sand and use the powers of attraction to co-create a happier world for all.

  51. I read that you have gotten beat up a bit over this, I have to say that you are right , your reasons are right and I also feel the Bern, I don’t know why people would criticize your openness in the fact that he also speaks Love and Light, Forgiveness and Peace. For people who believe we are all in this together and LOVE is the only way, he is the candidate that conveys this message. I support your right to enlighten us every way you do and I am sorry if you got a backlash for being you. Love and Light Pam!!!!

  52. I haven’t read your political post and I will not. I read the headline and left it unopened until today when I read some of the comments. Your apology is a loving example of compassion for those who are not yet to a point where they look within when they feel agitated by something external. I find politics yet another form of mirroring one’s belief system. Your post prompted some readers to point at you and say “You are the cause for my upset. I’m taking my ball and going home.” Those who opted out will continue to learn, though, because they’ve already said “yes” to being on the path, probably because you shone a light on it for them. Keep up your introspection and belief in creating your reality. You’re doing a great job and providing a needed lift. Wishing you much love and light!

  53. I disagree wholeheartedly with Pam’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders. In fact I disagree with quite a few of the things she says, especially about the nature of God. However, as far as I know, I am not required to agree with everything she says in order to read her stuff or put it into practice. That being said, I wonder how many of the people defending her would do so if she endorsed Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz.

    1. yes…exactly…I have been wondering as well….and wondering why those who protest the protesters do not seem to see the irony of their protestations…

      1. For those who “protested” the issue was not Bernie Sanders, the issue was using this blog to promote any candidate. Just because we have the freedom to voice our opinion anytime, anyplace doesn’t mean we should; most of us take care and are quite deliberate about the venues in which we choose to discuss politics. Other than appeasing her own need to “shout it from the rooftops” Ms. Grout gained very little from her post but she did lose quite a bit…many of her fans have chosen to walk away others will stay but with a more cautious eye…either way a very poor decision on Ms. Grout’s part.

      2. With a great sense of disappointment I am walking away from the blog, from Ms. Grout’s books, etc. The more I have thought about it the more outraged I have become at the use of this platform to espouse political beliefs.

      3. Jaclyn, Pam hasn’t lost anything from this. I hope you’ve read and understood enough of the principles she’s espoused on her blog and in her books to understand that this extreme reaction you’re having to her post is a reflection of your own issues and self-created. Maybe once you have a chance to reflect, you’ll see that.

      4. Yes, read the many posts of those who expressed similar points of view as mine (not to mention those who felt similarly but chose not to comment and just walked away)… she has lost credibility in the eyes of many of her fans. My extreme reaction is a “reflection of my own issues and self-created?” My extreme reaction is a reflection of my belief that Ms. Grout took advantage of her fans by using this platform to promote political views. So, is that your take-away from Ms. Grout’s work, that a strongly held belief is a reflection of “issues?”

      5. Perhaps issues was not the best choice of word, but yes, in Pam’s and similar work, the concept of the Universe as a mirror of your vibration certainly holds true, and I’m just saying that you are having a very extreme response to disagreeing with what she wrote and there’s certainly something to look at there, should you choose to. Others have disagreed but not taken it quite as personally as you appear to be taking it. Anyway, I don’t know you, just an observation from all of your comments.

    2. I would defend her right to voice an opinion if I disagreed with what it was.

      And I don’t think everyone who does assert her right necessarily holds her same view.

      I haven’t actually decided yet. There are things I like (and don’t) about several of the candidates – on both sides. Nobody seems to be a perfect fit (lol).

      Anyway, I think Pam’s personal alignment with Sanders is merely an endorsement of the principles she espouses already – and believes she sees reflected in him.

      IN THAT SENSE he stands with the many other historical and contemporary names she has brought to make a point.

      But, in hearing a differing opinion, we all get to grow stronger in our already held conviction – or (at least) consider something anew.

      That’s good. And choice hasn’t gone away.

  54. AMEN!!!

    On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 9:33 AM, Pam Grout wrote:

    > psgrout posted: ““Pizza makes me think that anything is possible.”–Henry > Rollins I try to stay out of politics here on the blog. My goal is to > bring people together and well, usually politics does just the opposite. > But I’ve recently become so jazzed up about the cand” >

  55. Love this post, thank you so much pam!!!!

    On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 6:33 AM, Pam Grout wrote:

    > psgrout posted: ““Pizza makes me think that anything is possible.”–Henry > Rollins I try to stay out of politics here on the blog. My goal is to > bring people together and well, usually politics does just the opposite. > But I’ve recently become so jazzed up about the cand” >

  56. Ok, I had to come back here and read this. I can’t see what all the fuss is about. You were looking at the positive aspects of someone and you admired them. I think that’s a good way to look at people. Focus on the positive. I like what you saw and have never looked at the candidates for the most part. I avoid anything that smacks of name calling and back stabbing. I liked this and I hope you keep doing your wonderful work. We need it more as you can obviously see.

  57. Uhhhh…Pam, I beg to DIFFER!. Hillary is a fabulous candidate, inspiring, caring, effective, and by far the best candidate for women–she has introduced or sponsored ELEVEN important pieces of legislation for women including the paycheck fairness act, choices in childcare act, resolution regarding sexual assault in the military, rape kit DNA analysis backlog elimination, and 8 more equally as important. Bernie has done NOTHING for women. Hillary is also smarter, more versatile, flexible, diplomatic, and overall qualified. The far right is putting tons of money into negative ads trying to defeat Hillary because they want Bernie to get the nomination so they can beat him. But Hillary has prevailed over their sexist rightwing attacks for 25 years because she is the REAL deal.

  58. Dear Pam, a vote of support here. I didn’t read everyone’s comments (above) but read some. As a political-scientist-turned-community-acupuncturist, I’d like to point out that every citizen of this great country is supported by some very socialist things. We are all quite literally card-carrying socialists, whether it is our Social Security Card, our Medicare Card, or our public Library Card! Unbridled capitalism (aka Robber Barons) and greed foster corruption. Back in the day of the DuPonts and the Vanderbilts, these Robber Barons built hospitals and funded universities. Today’s robber barons build monuments to their greed (Trump Tower) and for the purpose of making them richer.

    Take heart! Thanks for being unapologetically you.

  59. Pam, I have read your blog in the past and was just rereading one of your books when I saw the link for your blog and clicked on it. I’m actually so happy I did! All I can say is this is showing me you are weeding out the negativity, clearing the space for the new! Unity, love, compassion, and equality is your message and there are obviously people who were subscribed who have a problem with that. Well good you are releasing that now! I probably wouldn’t have been drawn to this blog at this time if that we’re not the case. The old way doesn’t work, we must bring in the new. Love is the answer. You are amazing and a brilliant writer. I was already voting for Bernie along with everyone else I know who can feel the power of unity consciousness. Keep shining your light and speaking your truth, that’s how we change the planet!! Love you, sweetheart!!

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