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Why I’m rooting for the Seattle Seahawks and why their new game strategy has the power to change the whole world

“There are so many things telling you that you can’t do something but you take those thoughts captive, take power over them and change them.”—Russell Okung, Offensive Tackle for the Seattle Seahawks

I don’t consider myself a football fan. I’ve probably watched one game this entire season.

But I just found out (okay, so I’m probably late to the party) that the Seattle Seahawks meditate, that their coach Pete Carroll believes his players should quiet their mind and focus on the now moment and that their star quarterback regularly gets out a yoga mat.

Is this frickin’ awesome or what?

I mean this is a sport known for brutal behavior, where guys like Bear Bryant were ballyhooed for refusing to give water breaks, where coaches throw balls at player’s heads.

So when I found out that Pete Carroll is completely rewriting the sport of football, I got excited. It’s one more notch in my viewfinder that says the world is changing for the better.

We have a new pope who believes in love. We have companies like Patagonia who actually run ads urging us not to buy the jacket. Not only did their fabulous ad campaign own up to the environmental cost of making their R2 coat, but it urged all of us: “Don’t buy what you don’t need. Think twice before you buy anything.”

And now we have a Superbowl team that gets it. A team that is winning and succeeding because they know life shows up according to your thoughts.

Now that I know that the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks recruited his team partly on positive attitude, that he actually cares about the personal lives of his players and that he knows that having a quiet mind and positive thoughts is every bit as important as lifting weights and performing on the field, I’m yelling, “Go Seahawks!!!”

Tell me in the comments section below how you’re going to follow the Seahawks’ stellar example.

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

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  1. Wonderful post Pam, I am a major football fan, and I am also a major GO SEAHAWKS fan as well. I have learned to always be for a team and never against a team. So until the final whistle blows, I am forever cheering GO SEAHAWKS.

  2. I am rooting for the Seahawks for the same reasons. I am someone who has lost interest in football due to the intolerable character of most players being tolerated. Because of the fan enthusiasm at Seahawks games, this team is the only I have sat down and watched all season. It’s great to see these good guys being rewarded, and would be even better to see them and their wonderful fans awarded with the ultimate prize 🙂

  3. Hi Pam, I am an avid college and pro football fan. Not really for or against either Seattle or Denver. You bring up some very interesting points which caused me to pause and think….higher selves versus brute force…will be very interesting which one wins. Namaste’ nj

  4. Reblogged this on Power of PIES and commented:
    I am also rooting for the Seahawks for the reasons mentioned in this article. I have lost almost all interest in the NFL because the intolerable character that most players have is being tolerated. The only team I have put aside time to watch is the Seahawks because of the positive enthsusiasm of their fans. The leaders of this team are indeed doing things the right way, and it would be great to see them and their fans rewarded with the ultimate prize.

  5. Pam,
    Your books have launched me into the most amazing whirlwind of creativity and spirituality and awareness. Love your books. Love your blog. Love you! You just never know how your magical words will ignite the spirit inside someone else. Thank you for sharing your spark!!!

  6. I am not a football fan, so I had not heard of Pete Carroll at all until last weekend when I bought a copy of “Hero” from The Secret, Rhonda Byrne. I was reading the book when the last game was on so I followed it with the sound muted, so I could read and pulled for the Seahawks.

    I am always amazed with the synchronicities in my life. I had gone to a shop to buy a pocket Angel. The only one they had left was the Angel of Dreams, following your dreams not dream state. Later the same day at the Sam’s Club, I had a feeling to look at the books, but couldn’t find one that interested me. My friend walked over, saw Hero & pointed it out. When I saw it was about people following their dreams, I knew that was the one the Universe wanted me to read. So I’m reading the book, holding my pocket Angel, wondering what my dream is in life when I get an email about this post referring to someone in the book and talking about meditation. Yeah i know the Universe is not so patiently waiting for me to find the answer on the inside.

  7. First off Pam, it is an honor and a delight to be reading, “E2”. I am anxiously awaiting each turn of the page. It is fast becoming one of my favorite books of all time! Bless you, and thank you! Regarding the Seahawks, I too am a rather unenthusiastic fan of the football circuit. However, after reading your post, if this incredible football club can meditate with astronomical results, I am going to dust off my meditation mat and join them vicariously each morning. I use to meditate, somehow found myself off the path, but I’m about to rejoin its ranks! With much light and gratitude, Cher xo

    1. P.S. I am a newbie to the blogging world (2 1/2 weeks in) but I am so glad I found your wonderful blog and am now following. I’m also going to use what I learn in your incredible E2 book to attract a writing job! That truly, is my passion! Cher xo

  8. Thanks Pam for the heads up on this years Super bowl. I love to meditate and this will give me a reason to watch and Be in the moment with the team!

  9. Richard Sherman, the LCB for the Seahawks, went off on a rant minutes after winning against the SF Niners. His behavior was immature at best; many are calling it ‘villanous’. Also, the Seahawks are known for taking PEDS (performance enhancing drugs. They have been dubbed the Seadderalls.
    Now I realize that one can choose to focus on the positive aspects of the team (and I realize that one player does not represent the entire team’s mentality). Nonetheless, I struggle with the notion of ONLY focusing on the positive while ignoring the negatives (or even just the reality of it…that no team or person walks on water). To do seems like one is choosing to live in La La Land instead of an well rounded reality.

    Another example: In Grout’s last post, she stated that she was going to California where the weather is currently beautiful. I live in N. CA and can’t agree more: it is gorgeous weather right now. However, as a result of our warm winter, we are facing catastrophic drought conditions this year and what will most likely be a horrendous fire season. I am a farmer and a rancher and many of my fellow farmers are struggling big time as a result of the drought. Many ranchers are having to cull (that’s farmer’s talk for kill) most of their livestock (and these are permaculture, organic farmers mind you…I practice ecological farming techniques with my goats and chickens for example—all free range, happy and very healthy). But animals and humans need water to survive and Californians are watching are water dry up by the day.

    So it seems like there is a ying and yang to every situation, but how do we continue to stay positive while faced with very challenging (and very realistic) situations?

    1. I believe we should never judge by appearances and instead focus on what best serves all. We can continue to focus on “what is” or “what appears to be” or we can focus on what we can better imagine. “What is” is simply what we’ve been focusing on. What could be is much more interesting. At least to me.

      1. Thank you for your response…I will focus on the possibility of what may come and remind myself that, as with everything, this too shall pass.

        (and if you want to will some of that wet, cold weather over to the west coast, please do!!)

  10. When I was going to Unity on 58th St. in New York City several years ago Justin (the Associate MInister to Eric Butterworth) gave a great meditation on Wednesday afternoon) and at the end he mentioned that when we are all through meditation and are “in the flow” we can walk down the famed “42nd Street in the Big Apple” with all of its ramifications and continue to be in PEACE!!!!

  11. I’m a huge football fan, New England Patriots particularly. This gives me yet another reason to be behind the Seahawks. So cool the knowledge of the power of our minds and thoughts is spreading!!

  12. Pam: Really interesting post–a unique way of looking at football espoused by Carroll and the Seahawks. I write the GreenSportsBlog here in NYC about the intersection of Green & Sports and thought you would be interested in my post from earlier this week on Green Super Bowl I, comparing the Seahawks and Broncos from a variety of green metrics: http://greensportsblog.com/2014/01/21/denver-broncos-vs-seattle-seahawks-green-super-bowl-i/

    LMK what you think!


  13. I’m Canadian, so that probably explains why my first response to the idea of yoga and professional athletes was to think, “Hockey players have been doing this for a while.” Yes, hockey players. They started doing yoga for the physical benefits and flexibility, but they discovered the other benefits that go along with it.
    Now, obviously hockey has a long way to go before it becomes a Zen sport, but it’s a start!

  14. LOL this “stuff” really does work. Yesterday I gave the Universe clear directions that I wanted a front parking space right in front of the hair salon. I didn’t see one where I expected it and I chastised the Universe for not responding. After walking from the 2nd floor of the parking garage to the salon in 20 degree weather, there was a parking space RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SALON DOOR, I had seen it open but figured it was for valet parking and I was looking in the “regular area” I usually try to park. Nope, it was front and center dead on. It was still waiting on me in a very busy shopping center. I just started laughing.

  15. WOW that is frigin AWESOME, and SO RIGHT ON…..i ALSO LOVE seeing this world evolving to the world i IMAGINE it in the very near future, what an awesomely forward thinking coach, ROCK ON and yep I’m going for the SEAHAWKS! and I’m an aussie 🙂

  16. Yea that’s pretty awesome, even though I’m rooting for Peyton and his Broncos. The sports world has always understood and been more accepting of your mind having an impact on the outcome of games and individual results. I remember being told by many coaches in school to visualize shooting free throws and practice plays and moves in your mind before going to bed. Mind over matter is huge in football and basketball and just about every competitive sport. Arnold Schwarzenegger said he liked to visualize his muscles getting bigger. Pretty cool.

  17. This is such great news – Thank you for sharing! I meditate everyday and am hooked on starting my day this way…just have to miss a day to reinforce that – totally different day without it!

  18. Well, I was a big fan of football at one time. However, over the years I became more and more dissatisfied with the behavior of so many in sports in general. I will definitely give the Seahawks a better look after what you have mentioned they are doing and the coach is doing. That is a whole different focus. Someone mentioned about the one player that made that intercepting deflection that one them the game. He was “high” on the adrenaline play. Just got hugged from team mates then ran over to the opposing SF team player to offer his hand for a hand shake and the other player grabbed his helmet mask and shoved him not only once by twice by the mask. I would say the Seahawk player should have allowances for his response. I don’t think his was such a bad response in light of it all. And, now, I shall take a better look at them for a team to watch and cheer for. Thanks for pointing this out.

  19. Unless you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen the Sherman response after the game ended, I don’t you’d believe this was a man that practiced mindfulness. He was a terrible representative of his team. Although he has apologized the damage was done. Ego was in his way. I do not think allowances should be considered for this bad behavior.
    My opinion is his meditation should be continued for future responses since he is supposed to be a role model.

  20. Gosh Pam – you NAILED it! While watching the Super Bowl yesterday, I felt that there was a Divine presence there that was working on behalf of the Seahawks. It seemed as if there was a dark cloud hovering over the Broncos during the entire game. Now, I know why.

    1. I just keep wanting to know if anyone else thinks that the divine presence could/would respond to enough people meditating and believing that it could bring rain to the desperately dry parts of California.

  21. very interesting the last night Super Bowl…. I know the game was offer after the missed catch and the safety. It was clearly a lack of focus by the Broncos and will power by the Seahawks.

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  23. Love this, Love you, and my sentiments exactly, LOL! I truly not invested in this game, but the lovely wind from the west, meditating away touched my soul…and so, Seahawks…Go Baby, Go!

  24. Well having lived in the Boston area for 18 year it may be challenging for me to root for those Seahawks, but then again I am not that much of a football fan. What I AM a fan of is positive thinking. My favorite word is ‘believe’ and I intend to keep believin’-in miracles, in manifestations of my dreams, and to spread kindness and loving energy.

  25. Hi Pam, great post. And, thanks to Dr. Joe Dispenza, I learned only a couple of days before you that the Seahawks meditate. So, I am definitely rooting for them. However, I did want to remind everyone that Phil Jackson, coach for the Chicago Bulls and later, the Lakers was a big believer in meditation and also got his team to meditate, of if not meditate be more mindful during the game. Glad to see that more coach are so enlightened.

  26. Fab post Pam – I know nothing about football but I love meditation – meditation is awesome – I am from the UK and am definitely adding my energy to : GO SEATTLE SEAHAWKS :-)!!! The energy of all your post is amazing – Pam, you are amazing!!!! Thank you 🙂

  27. I’ve been rooting for the Seahawks since Richard Sherman’s “rant” last year (though I’m also a Broncos fan). When you singlehandedly win the Superbowl for your team, you should be able to cheer for yourself…especially in those first few minutes while the adrenaline is pumping through your body. Richard Sherman’s “rant” should be a lesson to all of us to celebrate when we do something well. To hell with being modest to not make other people feel bad or seem too proud…the only reason to take offense to someone’s celebration of their achievement is because of your own belief that the FP is limited…and if you believe that it probably will be for you.

  28. Oh my gosh!!! This is fricking awesome! I know Little about football but how wonderful to read that the players connect and “touch down” with the mat often! I’m inspired now to make my own “field goal”… That is, the goal to visit nature and walk a few hundred yards each week!!!

  29. I have never been a sports fan……….until I watched the Seahawks win over SF last year. Then I discovered how Pete Carroll coaches his team. FINALLY, we have a professional team that provides a positive role model for our young kids. GO HAWKS!!!!

  30. Also on the positive side of football, the coaches at the University of Oregon, Ducks, do not yell at the team. They found that treating them with respect goes farther.

  31. I have been practising yoga on an off for years, this year it is becoming a routine and my husband who is now almost 70, has started to join me! I love that is is one more thing we can do together, and we are healthier and stronger for doing it! The Seawalked didn’t have anything to do with our transformation, but I want to thank Seahawks for setting a positive example for fans on the couch!

  32. I’m a Green Bay fan. I have almost manifested a GB win two weeks ago, but at 16:0 I asked some excitement. As you all NFL fans know I got that excitement. And a little bit more 🙁 Sorry GB fellow fans, it was because of me 🙂
    Seattle made history (won from 16:0 behind). Now I know why 🙂
    They must win the Super Bowl after a performance like that.

  33. I don’t watch football either, but I may watch this game just to see how these guys handle the “competition”. Seattle may not consider it competition at all, but a form of…….I don’t even know what they would call it.

  34. It’s like the San Antonio Spurs. The coach is big on his players being strong leaders in the community. Those players do mass amounts of community service (and seem to love it!). I am not a follower of sports- except when my boys are playing 😜- but I will follow teams like the Seahawks and the Spurs based on their personal practices off the field and court.

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