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The universe is like the order taker at McDonald’s. It can’t give you a Big Mac if you keep ordering an Egg McMuffin.

“Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.”–Plautus

I’ve missed you guys. I’ve been busy polishing up E-Cubed, the follow-up book to E-Squared, and decided that since I haven’t been here on the blog for awhile, I’d post a brief excerpt from the new book.

It’s from an experiment about how our words have power and how they prophesy the future.

In a nutshell, it’s an experiment to prove that you can’t talk lack and poverty and expect an abundant life. You can’t continue to harp about how bad everything is and expect it to get better.


When I turned 50, I threw my hands in the air and basically decided that my life was over. My many years of being a tall, hot blond were about to come screeching to a halt. Or at least that’s what I kept telling everyone.

Having supported a friend who is older than me through menopause, I knew good and well what was coming. My skin was going to wrinkle and shrivel up, my ovaries would do a disappearing act and my emotions were about to compete with the Coney Island Cyclone for number of ups and downs.

I was like Paul Revere, riding my “woe is me” horse through the night, “Menopause is coming. Menopause is coming.”

One day, while rigorously going through yet another book on how to cope with this horrible affliction, I finally got it. I am prophesying the future with my words and expectations.

My insistence on looking for signs of impending doom, my repeated chants of “Is it me? Or is hot in here?” were paving the way for a difficult transition into a new phase of life. Even the name of this very natural life cycle (crone, anyone?) lays a stone in the road ahead.

I snapped the cover of that book closed, called my friend and said, “Thanks for loaning me that book on the symptoms of menopause, but I’m coming over right now to return it.”

From that point on (except those times–yes, Taz and Jim, I did occasionally still get bucked out of the saddle), I began to declare and still declare to anyone who will listen:

“My best days are ahead of me.”

“Girl, you are looking SO GOOD today!! (that’s when I was talking to the mirror)”

“I’m getting stronger and younger-looking every day.”

“Health is flowing through me like the River Jordan.”

Joel Osteen tells the story of a high school buddy of his. This guy was the star of the football team. He had thick, curly hair. What we girls used to call “a real hunk.”

Every time, Joel asked him what he was up to, he’d say “Oh, not much. Just getting old and fat and bald.’

“I must have heard him say that 500 times,” Joel says. “I hadn’t seen him in 15, 20 years and ran into him the other day. And you know what? He ended up being a whiz at predicting the future. He was old and fat and bald.”

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

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  1. I adore this post!
    As a woman who might also stumble into that trap…I love the path of ever increasing pulchritude that I’ve chosen instead….when I was young I had short short hair and suddenly in my early forties it all started turning silver and I grabbed for the hair dye until it started coming in so fast that 3 or 4 days later I’d resemble a skunk…I decided to embrace it and eschew the dye and the pixie cut and now I have a glorious silver mane to my waist…I am so happy that I told the Big U to bring on the hotness! : )
    Love the Joel Osteen story, too and can’t wait for “Cubed”!
    Loveloveloved Squared!
    XO Wendy

  2. Great post and I have missed your posts! For me No more talk of my anxiety/panic now it’s only and calm seas, prosperity and a new amazing job straight ahead…..avanti aventi tutto bene! (love Italian puts me in a better mood :))

  3. Great post pam….am reading E2 now and this is what I needed to hear…I am almost 63 and am a bit fear-ful and this post turned me right around,,,,many, many

    thanks and much gratitude!!!
    YEAH!!! to being stronger, younger-looking and healthy!!!…not to mention…the best is yet t o be…hurray!!

  4. Wonderful post, as always! Christiane Northrup says she won’t tell people her age because everyone immediately comes up with a comment of “what’s coming,” and she doesn’t want those thoughts in her head. I love the title of this post–just perfect!

  5. I was always telling a friend at work about the power of the spoken word & she would laugh at me. One day she called in sick & I told her she had manifested the illness. She was shocked when I reminded her that she was constantly saying “I’m pissed off with working here & want time off”. Guess what !!! She had a UTI (urinary tract infection) She was convinced after that!!!

  6. Thanks, I need this right now, because I’m feeling sorry for myself about being 65 yrs. young,

  7. Pam, this is still one of my most favorite recent books..and I pull it out when I feel stuck and need a reboot. I am using it with my weight loss clients and they are loving it! Thanks again…anxious for E-Cubed.

  8. I SO needed to read your post yesterday 🙂 Sometimes I forget & start listening to other people’s voices in my head instead of the quiet soft one who tells me how wonderful , beautiful , prosperous ,lucky, loved & all the other glorious . too many to mention here things , I am & have in my life :):):) Thanks Pam…:):) When will E cubed be available for purchase ???!!!!

  9. Love this, Pam! So true, and I’m glad you explained that you had the talk with yourself first. I can’t count the times I would try to watch my words and speak in only positive terms yet inside the exact mirror opposite was going on. I had to get firm with my negative self-talk too. It wasn’t easy. I was so used to putting myself down it was just another crappy habit. I addressed it by really paying attention to what I would say to myself and if it was a put down, I would find the closest mirror and apologize. Yes, as if I had said that mean thing to a beloved friend. “I’m sorry, that isn’t true. You are amazing and I love you.” Needless to say, I got pretty darn tired of finding mirrors and apologizing. The negative self-talk slowly but surely went away and I found myself throwing in a compliment or two. It was worth all the work. My autumn years are much more exciting than my ‘hot’ blond years and I feel much happier too!

  10. i believe we are the only country who has a name for menopause, thus we get all the “facts” and such (pain, discomfort, wrinkles etc. ……….where as other wiser countries believe that this stage of life is the time of great respect and wisdom, hence great things to look forward to …..

  11. Pam, you are probably already aware of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water molecules – and now rice – demonstrating the connection between thoughts and the physical world.

    He labeled jars of cooked rice with positive and negative statements and then directed corresponding thoughts toward them, on a daily basis.

    The results were quite remarkable, and have since been repeated by others.

    I’ll forward an e-mail with a picture of the rice jars.

  12. My mom (almost 90 now) said her best years were after 50. Though she did say it wasn’t much fun after 85….lol. At 47 myself, I’m looking forward to it!

  13. Thanks for the reminder. I think we all slip up. You should have seen how upset my new doctor was when I told him I don’t get flu short or pneumonia shots. “I don’t get sick,” I told him. At 65, I don’t even catch colds. I did get Bells Palsy and that was stress related and helped me out of a bad marriage. The body responds to what’s going on in the mind. My daughter is reading your book now for the second time. Guess I’ll have to read again on my e-reader. Looking forward to “cubed” Yes, words do have power!

  14. Well said, as per usual Pam. Listening to the words that slip out of our mouths is like listening to your body and knowing when your full. But words actually call things into action. That’s the scary part. Me and my writing partner wrote our “want lists” yesterday and then contemplated them before bed. I made myself a promise to stay on the “most wanted” list. What you say is what you get. ~ Thanks for all you do!

  15. Love this!!!!
    I, too, thought my life was over at 50 although I went the route of mourning ALL the people in my life that would die! Yeah, I was just a ray of sunshine and light! 🙂
    I also say that the BEST is yet to come!!!!
    Love how just tweaking little words, phrases is SO powerful!

    And eat again….thank you!

    Huge congrats on this next book! It, too, will be AMAZING!!!!

  16. What a breath of fresh air and a well needed smach in the back of my head! Due to the change in our medical insurance, I have been having nothing but aggravation in having my family’s medical needs met, starting with no insurance cards, to cards with incorrect #‘s, medications not being approved even though I went with a platnium plan and was told all was covered! My first mistake, I was listening to the naysayers. As of right now, I will readjust my thinking, grab my bible (E2) and know all will be well in my world, Thank You Pam for your wonderful and continued enlightenment!

  17. That was awesome! I am 54 and menopause has been the greatest door opening experience of my life. The chapters in my “life book” get more intuitive and I get younger every day. May every woman work towards personal growth and fullfilment!!! NAMASTE

  18. Yep! I needed this reminder as well. It’s Sunday morning. I woke an hour ago and I have been lying in bed in the darkened room listening to my thoughts……………bad idea!…………this has been one of my indulgences ( or so I thought! ) for years on a Sunday . However! I just realised what I’ve really been doing instead of sorting out all my problems……is..listening to the chatter in my head which after an hour gets more and more negative and critical!! Until I feel anxious and panicked!!! Oh my goodness!
    So! Feeling crap, anxious worried about my life I sat up and said to myself STOP! I don’t want to fell this. I picked up my i pad to send a message and when I opened it up this page was open and the first thing I looked at !!!!
    Well! If this isn’t a sign I don’t know what is?
    Today I stop indulging my critical voice with this act. I am going to get up instead when I wake and meditate, go for a walk or go to yoga. Thank you pam grout and thank you universe for this reminder. Xxx

  19. This is great! Pam, I’m a huge fan. You have turned my life around. My outlook on Life, my writing and my positive thinking are all thanks to you. And your experiments work!!! I can tell tons of examples of how your experiments have worked for me over the past few months. It’s all in our thinking. Can’t wait for E Cubed

  20. Pre-menopause, I remember saying to friends something like, “I’m always cold, so looking forward to hot flashes warming me up.” Well…I found out later that was NOT the right thing to say because when the hot flashes came they were awful.
    I’ve watched a lot of Abraham-Hicks videos online and from the library, and now constantly correct my thoughts and am very careful to chose words that support myself, my dreams and desires.
    Now I’m really looking forward to reading your book, Pam. Thank you!

  21. The next time someone says ‘What do you expect when you get to our age?’, I am going to challenge it……… we are the new pioneers……why should we be limited by an idea of what is expected or appropriate that’s been passed down by our grandparents! I am 60 and am looking forward to many more adventures.

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