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The sky’s the beginning

“I am frightened and I am fearless. I am weak and I am a warrior. I am uncertain and I am confident. And by learning to embrace the paradox in all of it, I am more myself.”—Alicia Keys 00001aee

So I read an incredibly inspiring book this weekend. And, no, it wasn’t published by Hay House or any other self-help purveyor. The book, More Myself, is Alicia Keys’ riveting memoir that further proves there’s little this superstar can’t do.

Here are five reasons I now have a huge girl crush on this activist, Grammy-winner, entrepreneur and creative genius:

1. She knows that with every word and intention, she creates the masterpiece that is her life. That’s a quote, straight from the pages of her book. From the very beginning of her illustrious career, when she signed her first contract at—get this?—age 15, she has been aware of the universal energy that forms itself around her belief and thoughts.

2. She’s all-in as an activist. Her video, 23 Ways you Could be Killed if you’re Black in America is poignant and powerful and sadly, still as true as it was four years ago when she first made it.

3. She’s living proof that creativity is a synonym for spirituality. She has been using her art, expressing her truth to imagine a new world and design a new vision. As I write in my book, Art & Soul, Reloaded, the world will ultimately be bound back together not by politicians, but by thousands of individuals giving of their gifts, thousands of individuals becoming ambassadors of the possible.

4. She has been practicing meditation since 2015, using a Sanskrit mantra that translates to, “I bow to the Creative Wisdom, the Divine Teacher within.”

5. Like my gorgeous daughter, Taz, she eschews makeup. She even launched a movement (hashtag, #NoMakeup) that encourages women to be true to themselves. And I love that she freely admits that, like all of us, she stresses way too much about what other people think and has, for years, withheld parts of herself to make others feel comfortable. She details how all the photos of models and actresses and others we compare ourselves to have been heavily photoshopped. As she says, “I don’t want to cover up anymore—not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth. Nothing.

If that’s not a manifesto worth following, I don’t know what is.

Here in Lawrence, Kansas, I’ve been celebrating little things—like moonflowers (it’s so much fun to watch at dusk as they begin to pulse and shimmy and ready themselves to burst open and salute the moon) and neon green-throated hummingbirds who recently congregated around my hummingbird feeder as they prepare for their journey south.

No matter what’s happening out there, my friends, it’s important to remember that inside us all is a subtle, invisible wisdom stream that’s 24/7 available to assist with our journey.

Have a fab week, my friends. Sending love and 222 blessings from the heart of America.

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. Dear Dear Pam,

    I needed to read just this today 🦋🌻💖
    Thank you thank you thank you 🦋🦋🦋
    My Angel Number along the vibrant 222 has been now for couple Days been 444🌺
    And dragonflies 🦋💝💝💝
    Thank you and love From Finland 🦋🦋🦋🦋

      1. Thank you Pam, have been reading your books since 2013 and really enjoy them.
        Do you or the community have any prayers for a dog with cancer?
        Thank you from Gail and my dog, Claire in Brisbane, Australia.🐾🐕🙏

  2. This. Is. Fabulous. Thank you, Pam!!!

    (And for some reason that no one at the helpdesk can as yet figure out, I am unable to “like” any posts anymore! So here it is:)

    LikeLikeLikeLikeLike <3

  3. thank you Pam! I love your idea of looking for moon flowers! p.s., I see 222 EVERYWHERE, and always think of you and Taz when i do. The other day, i saw it on a huge billboard, it was an advertisment for “Lerner and Rowe”, teehee, they are attorneys, but we still love them, anywhere right there, plain as day and big and bright high in the sky on their bill board was their phone number, 708, 222-2222 🙂 i immediately thought of you. thank you for your work Pam! sending you big hugs!

  4. Thank you Pam! I was interrupted while reading this and happened to look at the time. I’m sure you know what time it was. Hello miracles! Thank you for shining the light. Xoxoxo

  5. Thank you so much!!
    I will definitely check her book out!!
    I’m so grateful that I found you, again.

  6. Pam, Thanks for sending out the emails of Light & Love to help us remember our selves. It’s so easy to drown in the news cycle. Deb

  7. I love this, I love her, and I am sure I will love the book! Thank you for sharing! 221,222… and all the hummingbirds in the world! 💕

  8. Thankyou Pam for sharing some of the truths you found in Alicia’s book. I’m inspired to read it myself. But I’m also inspired and grateful for your post today, and for your message that “the world will ultimately be bound back together…….by thousands of individuals giving of their gifts, thousands of individuals becoming ambassadors of the possible.” I totally needed that quote today so as usual, your post arrived at the perfect time for me. Thankyou for being and sharing YOU! 😁
    Blessings galore to you dear Pam. 🦋

  9. I really never knew anything about her. She sounds like an amazingly awesome person, and now I want to know more.

  10. I need to express a huge thanks for all your books, especially the latest, CIM, which has been keeping me on track with what’s real these last few months.

    A couple of 222’s. I like to play online solitaire. On two different occasions last week when I looked at the elapsed time for the end of a game, it was 2:22. But the extra special one was the collection of games I did in 1.11.11 and came in 11th that day!!! I was really lined up then.

    Keep leading us on the path we need to walk. I couldn’t have done it without you these past few months.

  11. Love this!!! ❤️🎵🙂 Moon flowers, hummingbirds and the amazing Alicia Keys! What could be better? I will definitely check out her book!

  12. Pam, I so appreciate your posts! I’m working on breath “cocktails” (love that!) since reading your last one. XOXO

  13. Thank you once again for these beautiful words. They came at the exact moment I needed them.


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