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The body is overrated

“If you want to make yourself miserable, you have endless opportunities because always, someone will do something you do not like.”–Sadghuru dude

Hey, my friends. I’m heading to group (I guess it’s my Mexican Possibility Posse) and, after that, to a natural hot springs. So I thought I’d post this excerpt from one of the two free books you get if you preorder The Course in Miracles Experiment.

I wrote this funny little freebie with 25 strategies created by the ego to keep us from the peace and joy to which we’re entitled. Enjoy!

Strategy #5: Create defective containers.

To separate God into the illusion of many parts, like the many pieces of a flower pot dropped on the floor, they’ll need containers. They will begin to believe these containers (they’ll call them bodies) are their identity.

And since these bodies choose not to live in Eden, not in the moment, they are not of God and, therefore, not eternal. In other words, they are defective or will seem that way outside Eden. These container/bodies will need constant attention. They will need to be fed, watered and rested on a daily basis. They will take so much time and attention (read: distraction) that their true identity will be lost.

They will name these bodies (I’m Sue and you’re Frank) and spend countless hours providing for their upkeep.

They’ll spend one-third of each day working at jobs they don’t like to provide feed and shelter for these containers. They’ll spend another third of their day resting their containers. They’ll protect them from what they perceive to be constant dangers with locks and protective clothing. They’ll go to doctors to find things wrong with their containers. They will be so distracted with all the things that “could go wrong,” they’ll forget that it is only their “wrong mind,” their “not of God” mind that created the whole thing. They will soon believe the container, the always-vulnerable container, is who they are.

A body could never contain God, so therefore, it will be my greatest invention, my most potent tool. Fallible, aging bodies that require constant attention are the ultimate distraction. The irony, of course, is they will be so distracted by caring for these bodies that they’ll never know their bodies are their own doing and that, at any moment, they could return to Eden.

The blueprint of who they are in Reality can never be interrupted. The separated ones, if only they knew, contain order, harmony, balance, peace and wholeness.
They wear bodies in the illusion according to the image they hold in their thoughts. They change their bodies by their beliefs, but they believe they are victims of these bodies.

Reflective note (Or addendum now in the 21 st Century): Like Dorothy, who had the ruby slippers all along, they can come home anytime. But they’re too busy looking for the Wizard and wandering all these yellow brick roads to ever figure that out.

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. Pam, thank you so very much. You just lit up my mind. However, I’ll change your words to tell you the illuminated truth. “A body contains God always.” And, trust this: as soon as we see God within our bodies, we don’t have to die. The separation in soul, spirit and body lead each part of ourselves to be so weak to die. The connectedness will guide us to live.

    1. Thank you both for helping me through my
      Body challenges. I totally trust God is within me. Trusting to manifest health so that I can do what is mine to do in peace and love.

  2. Look for the Rigpa! (or the ring pop, whichever helps you remember) The reality beyond the veil! we are here to learn how to grow and to come back to that reality through death. The more we know, the more we grow, the better we do when we get there.

  3. Happy Monday, Pam and everyone!
    My daughter recently changed her name from Carter to Eden! Though I love the name we gave her, I am trying to be supportive and respectful of her decision. Each time I see the word/name Eden somewhere, it reminds me that this is a lovely thing. Thanks for several reminders in just one e-mail! Excited for the books!
    Pamela Joy

  4. Pam, I’m confused, I went to preorder the ACIM book and there are two? One is experiments and the other for Badasses? Are they essentially the same book? Thanks, Brenda

  5. You are absolutely brilliant. Thank you. You make everything so clear to me. And amusing too!! Much love.

  6. This is wonderful Pam. Thankyou! I’m a container for God! If I can remember that image I think I’ll be a lot less judgemental of my container. Blessings and thanks from Jenny Louise 🌺💛

  7. HMMM,

    Don’t get this one???? SO we all just commit suicide? I’ve tried. Harder than one might think. Then again, if you don’t eat or drink anything that “container” will cease to function fairly shortly but is that really what we’re meant to do? Aren’t there “karmic repercussions” for taking your own life? Or perhaps you would say simply “abandoning the care of one’s container?

    Interesting notion…


    1. Maybe reading it out of context (again, it’s an excerpt) makes it seem weird. The point is we are all so much MORE than our bodies. We focus on our bodies instead of on our true Divinity. That’s one of the ego’s tricks, making us think that’s who we are, all we are.
      Thanks for your response!

  8. I get exactly what you are saying here. Not sure how someone can totally misread this but I guess we see what’s in our vibration. I just pre-ordered your book. Yay!!! I can hardly wait to read it. You have been down in Mexico quite some time now. Beats the cold up here. 😉 Of course, I’m the oddball that loves the cold. Happy Everything, Pam.

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