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Judgments deter miracles

“The mind continuously creates hypotheses.”—Marilynne Robinson

A couple days ago, at a wonderful vegan pizza restaurant in Ajijic, Mexico, I saw a sign that said, “Listen to your heart, not your habits.”

That could just as well be ACIM Lesson 342. Our brains are on autopilot. They’re wired to look for threats. To automatically mobilize around anything we judge to be scary.

The Course says it’s all a bunch of bunk.

James Twyman made a great point at Satsang yesterday. He brought up medieval knights. With all their breastplates and helmets and other assorted armor, you have to wonder—how did they even move, let alone guard their castles?

And that’s us. Walking around with way too much armor. Our judgments, our hypothesis, our masks make it kinda hard to move. They keep love away.  They deter miracles.

So today, instead of galvanizing myself against something horrible coming at me, I’m gonna focus on the other story. I’m gonna commit to beholding beauty, to pointing out all the things I love.

And anytime my brain makes yet another hypothesis, I’ll laugh. And I’ll say, “But did you see the egrets stretching their necks to the sun? Did you see the sweet father walking hand in hand with his daughter to school? Did you see the look in that lover’s eye?

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. Thank you Pam for this message. I practice doing exactly what you describe. My heart is in constant conversation with my mind, giving grateful for its relentless desire to protect, but my heart has become equally relentless saying…Love’s got this now, you can take a rest 😍

  2. Wow-if this doesn’t go with your last message!!! I am making a true effort to write something down daily that has delighted me during the day!!! While stringing outdoor Christmas lights, I saw the nest a Robin couple built in my evergreen this past summer. I brought me sooooo much joy, thinking about the two baby birds that made it, how they developed, and finally flew from this nest! Yes—it has “happened” for me before-other homes, other birds… but this was in the now. I have not punched the nest. I was told there is a chance since the “home” was successful, they might come back and use it again!! Best part….it is right outside my balcony door, where I do my ACIM daily readings, each morning in the spring-summer-fall. This year, I’ll be taking a new perspective using your book as my guide!!!! Love you, Pam-love ACIM-love “my Robins”-Live All!

  3. Thank you Pam! Last night at our Course in Miracles group we were pondering just this same way of looking at life! God has given us the power to choose, why not chose Divine Unfoldment in all of life? This was my prayer this morning, I choose to live life embracing the highest possible energy that I can! Namaste!

  4. will your new book be out in book form? I’m eager to read it but don’t have a Kindle.

    dana lehman ________________________________

  5. You are so right on this! It’s perfect. We all wear too much armor thinking it will protect us from the hurts of life. What it does is stop life from happening. I love it. Great reminder. No wonder I’m so tired.

  6. I was just pointing out the other day how earth seems to hold more of a negative energy and that seems to be why our tendency as humans is to dwell on the negative, the fear, and to put on layers of armor. Perhaps ACIM is all about us learning to shift the energy of not only our own lives but of the planet as a whole. Maybe that is the shift we are all feeling is possible and necessary if we are to survive as a species. Wouldn’t it be great if our minds just kept repeating observations of all the good and loving things around us instead of made up negative hoopla that keep us stuck? Thanks, Pam, for your wonderful thoughts. I’m looking forward to your new book and of course, I wish you a happy holiday season.

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