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Just in: My monkey mind officially announces its theme song

“When you get stuck fighting small battles, it makes you small.”—Hank Greenego

You’ve probably heard it: Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” The all-time favorite line of my monkey mind (the Course calls it my ego) is “I like big but’s and I cannot lie.”

Monkey mind doesn’t just LIKE big but’s. It throws them out like parade floats toss candy.

Here’s an example:

Spiritual wisdom tells me I’m love, light, peace and joy.

Ego’s big but: But you often feel like the possum that got hit by the Range Rover over on Lyons Street.

It’s Monday and I want to dive into an ambitious new project.

Ego’s big but: But it’s already 10:41 and you’re just getting started.

My intention: To see my TV series produced.

Ego’s big but: But you live in Kansas…..

My highest belief:   Taz and I are eternally connected. Remember the Henry Scott-Holland poem, the line about her just being in the next room?

Ego’s big but: But she’s not available to go for coffee.

Luckily, I’m on to the ego’s theme song. Instead of buying into its “big but nonsense,” I choose to focus on love and light, to launch my new project anyway, to keep believing in my TV series and to continue meditating with Taz every morning.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. When you go for coffee, take the room with you. Taz will still be in the next room, sipping her heavenly drink. Blessings,

  2. dear Pam, sending you a virtual bunch of spring daffodils and birdsongs. May you and Taz keep on bringing your collective light to us all. Can’t wait for your latest idea to unfold! Thank you for your work. You bless the world. Many hugs and appreciation for sharing your journey and insights with us. Namaste.

  3. Thank you for yours and Tax’s beautiful energy and this gorgeous post.

    My Mum passed last year and my Dad really struggles sometimes and my sister really struggles with missing her but I don’t struggle or feel sad or miss her because I feel she is still her and everywhere so I resonate with your post so much and since the time Mum transitioned you are the only person I have heard describe it similar to what I am experiencing xx

  4. I think of YouAndTaz every time I see 222 (and those times are frequent). Thanks for helping us notice the Big Buts.

  5. Thank you for the fabulous reminder of Big But syndrome. I too have a TV series underway. I even have an awesome, award-winning producer I’ve sign with to shop the project. Very few people have their projects get even that far. What a blessing. Still, I’ve caught myself thinking, “but you’ve never written anything before…but you live in a small town in NY… but you’re 59 years old”, and so on. Now, with your little kick in the buts, I can’t wait to meet you at the Emmys! Thank you for the light you share. Blessings to you.

  6. I love you Pam Grout!!! You are so brave and strong in your daily defense of the Soul in us the is ever present, regardless of the challenges we face.

    The most liberating day of my life was when a friend of mine reminded me of how negative the phase ‘Yes, But…’ can be. So we declared right then and there that there would no more Ya Buts allowed in any conversation. We came up with “Yes And…” to continue the stream of thought without the annoying YaBut butting in. You have endured more than most beings could handle with grace and wonder. All my best to you, Neil


  7. Rootin’ for the light and love you!💕

    Val Brown Coach |consultant | speaker

    I show high achievers the skills they need to build their confidence on camera so they can grow their business, influence and authority.


  8. I am always delighted to see a Pam Grout email in my inbox. I’ve been listening to Thank and Grow Rich as a daily reminder. Everytime I see 222 I think of Taz. Love you Pam! I’m going to try pickball because of you!

  9. Pamela Sue Grout, I love you!!! So glad to have you back in the e-mail inbox! Looking forward to meeting up with you in person, again!
    Pamela Joy

  10. Dear Pam,
    Just as I clicked on your post to read it I looked at the clock and thought, ‘It’s 10:51, the day is a write-off, I haven’t accomplished any work towards my goal of finishing writing this book, wah.’
    Then I read your post and kicked that ‘but’ to the curb with the new thought, ‘It’s only 10:52, the day is still young, my intention is to see writing this book through to the end and I’m going to do it!’
    Thank you Pam!
    Love you!!!!!

  11. God love you, Pam Grout, for the beautiful soul that you are, and I now have “I like big butts and I cannot lie………….” stuck in my brain. Start your project, it will, as always be a blessing from the universe, and will be wildly successful.

  12. Sometimes, you are just a Godsend.
    I am constantly digging through the same thought process. My biggest is that, although I constantly intend and receive what I intend, the “big but” is always there saying, “but maybe not this time…”

  13. Go goddess go! I see you and you dream as so already!!! Blessed be Kati

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  15. Atta girl, Pam, hang in there doing your thang, I gotta stop hanging out with the big buts..lol

  16. You are the best Pam Grout/Taz Heart!! Needed this shot of Joy!

    You always “Bring your best game” as Michael A. Singer says.

    Thank you!

  17. Monkey minds are the worst. Affirmations are the best. Let’s keep reminding each other of this so important statement.

  18. Love to you…. no matter no matter… Despite the ego I know you to be someone who has shown me: Be realistic… expectt a miracle.
    Always: she’s always with you. And she’s there in your heart enjoying your coffee with you in a more intimate way than ever before.
    And she’s also teaching more of us than before too.
    And she’s sharing her hugs through all our bodies.

    So much love

  19. Love you Pam! You are such a PHENOMENAL person. Despite the loss of your beautiful daughter, Taz, you both continue to uplift, direct and guide humanity to a higher spiritual plateau. Thank you for continuing to write & do the work that you “came in to do”. Your writing and witticisms pull us through challenging days. I bless you & Ms. Taz from the bottom of my heart. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Christine

  20. Thanks for a being a bright light 💡 in a sometimes gloomy place! Oh, and I’m now reading E3…so stoked 😀!

  21. I just love your wonderful sense of humour Pam – “I like big buts and I cannot lie!” !! Love it! It’s so true though – that we love our big “buts” and all too easily give into them. I’m glad to hear that you still suffer from Big But syndrome even though you are what I consider to be a Master in this life adventure. So despite this pesky mind game, you keep going for your dreams, and you keep believing in what can’t be seen and what seems impossible to our human mind. Its encouraging for me to know you struggle with the Big Buts ….. but you go for it anyway! Thankyou for sharing – it’s so lovely to hear from you again, and twice in less than two weeks. I think of you often dear Pam and send my love across the oceans between us, especially when I see 222. Big hugs to you my friend.

  22. The Ghost and Mrs Muir spirits walked through walls. Raise your vibration enough to do the same. Visit Taz as often as you like in the next room.

    How do we pr-order your next book?

  23. Well, it turns out I have the big but I always wanted …. just not attached where it should be!!! Will work on this… You be awesome! Love, Brig

  24. I am reminded of the story that each blade of grass has an angel saying, “grow, grow, grow. You are so loved and supported and count for so much good that you can give to the world, Your spirit and Taz’s changes lives.

  25. I am so proud to know you dear one. I will be in prayer and meditation with you and Taz every morning..no buts about it xo

  26. Hey Pam
    just to let you know I have become a member to Astrology Answers with a what they call a “transit Period guide” so what do you think?

  27. Thank you Pam! You always remind me to see love and light even if I find some reason to be anything but. I know that ‘down’ is not anywhere near what we truly are and we all need a reminder!
    Have a Blessed day!!!

  28. I feel so much pain in you. I’m so very sorry and I wish you peaceful nights and productive days. She wants you to be happy, do it for her. Try🥰

    Sent from my iPhone Sue

  29. Your message could not have come at a better time. Big but is acting out as I attempt to resolve an important issue and I am loosing sleep over it. I picked up your book at page 89 and read the chapter. I feel much better. Thank you so much.

  30. Hi Pam,
    Thanks for continuing to write and inspire through rough waters. You are a bright light and a powerful uplifter in the world, with Taz always by your side. The two of you have great potential to uplift. I still feel Taz and see 222’s. Stick with the course and KNOW nothing REAL can be threatened, ever. You are demonstrating that by being you! THANKS!!! BIG HUGS 😉 LOVE & PEACE

  31. Hi Pam,

    My name is Elizabeth. I am one of your Facebook friends, as well as a longtime reader. After reading your blogpost yesterday, I wanted to reach out, but did not want to be intrusive during this time, when I am sure you are just trying to find your way. While deliberating on contacting you, I was relaxing with a practice game of Words with Friends. As you can see from the attachment, I was pretty much nudged into writing to you! My reason for writing is simply to offer a helping hand, if ever you need it. I am Harvard educated with many writing classes. I am happy to put my eyes on anything, edit, chop, or cheer for projects you may need help with. I know you have a lot of loving support from family and friends around the world. Tonight, you have one more in Chicago. I’m here if you need me. Have a good night. -Elizabeth

  32. Ummmm you’re an amazing human! Getting your TV show produced is a snap! Because the more people who hear your message the better! I tout your loveliness all the time on a spiritual private fb group! Because Thank and Grow Rich caused me to level up… AND good! Everything’s a blessing! This is another attempt for you to love that part of yourself (your monkey brain) that needs the love and release (paraphrased by you 😉 ) you rock, Pam!! Thanks for being such a shining, shining, salt rock lamp of a light in our world!! KABLAAMO (and thanks for talking so much about Louise Hay!! You Can Heal Your Life is soooo doooope! Xoxoxo

    1. Ps. I always give you credit, when the share what I learn from you and your work!! credit where credit is due, thanks for being an awesome human, Pam 😀

  33. From the bottom of my heart and soul….. GO FOR IT!!! I can feel that your heart has SO MUCH to express (with Taz right beside you cheering you on!!!) Sending SO MUCH LOVE and BEST WSHES!! You are such a great example of how to shine our light! Sending so much love and amplified blessings!

  34. I love the way you share the ACIM teachings through your Pam-filter 🙂 It helps me put it into practice in every day life xoxo Your ego’s just like mine, keep forgiving and remembering the truth, we never really left god and no separation really occurred. xo

  35. Hi Pam – Just like Elizabeth above, I was inspired to reach out to you after reading your latest post. I’m a longtime reader and love your books and your blogs and your spirit. You inspire so many people and probably feel you need to be strong for them. But, you are at such a tough place on your journey yourself. If you ever need a listening ear, and some space not to be ok, and for someone to be alongside you – without judgement, not
    to give advice or to fix it – contact me anytime- You have a friend in Dublin. I’m here if you need me. x

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