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Vigorously and relentlessly making new possibilities

“Joy is the ultimate act of defiance.”—Bono222

Three things have kept me going over the past three weeks. Losing the one person, the only person I couldn’t live without has shifted me into a whole new cosmos.

My books, my workshops, my whole mission has been to defy consensus reality. But to defy does not mean to deny or to resist what is. I am grieving. I consider it an honor to grieve someone I love so much, someone whose very presence brought me such indelible joy.

I’m grateful for these three buoys that have kept me afloat:

1. An outpouring of love. I have heard from so, so many people. My home looks like a florist shop. My freezer is filled with casseroles. People are sending reports of seeing 222 everywhere. A lovely artist from Europe is painting a flower for Taz for the next 52 weeks. Someone in India is writing a book about Taz. I’m so incredibly blessed to have this kind of support. Thank you one and all for all the comments, the letters, the love. I feel you. And it means so much.

2. A story Lorna Byrne tells. Irish mystic Lorna Byrne, for those who haven’t read my book, Thank & Grow Rich, sees angels, spirits and other beautiful things the rest of us miss. She was 15 before she discovered that her brother Christopher, who she played with daily, had departed the planet before she was even born, when he was 10 weeks old. Our strict adherence to conventional reality precludes us from seeing friends like Christopher, the angels and other things that, to Lorna, are an everyday occurrence.

3. The 222 Foundation. I have decided to start a 222 Foundation in honor of Tasman. As you may remember from E-Squared, Taz and I had a thing about 222. We often texted each other photos when we saw our special number. We frequently got room 222 at various hotels. It was a thing.

Because Tasman was infinitely creative and gave her all to changing the world, I plan to give a $10,000 grant (maybe more) every year on February 22. I will field proposals for any and all creative projects that make a difference on the planet. I’m still formulating the guidelines and working with my accountant/lawyer, but I do know these projects will promote the fierce love Taz always stood for.

Each yearly project will:

A. Disrupt the old model. The us against them model is kaput. Taz and I (and Sister Sledge) firmly believe that “We are FAM—O–LEE.” We are all interconnected and even tiny actions have great significance.

B. Support the idea of a generous and abundant universe. What goes for “good works” now sometimes promotes scarcity, lack and fighting for resources. The 222 Foundation believes in the fundament of miracles. We believe the invisible world is our greatest resource. We believe this is not an impersonal universe and that we are not separate individuals fighting for our survival. Force plays no part in our vision for the world. And there are no enemies. We stand for a beautiful sense of the possible.

C. Change consciousness. A change in perspective is our greatest need. We believe in a world that’s alive and sacred. We believe all people (no exceptions) long to be generous and that today’s hopelessness is based on false premises. We intend to rewrite the current narrow reality that blatantly defies the larger process that’s going on beyond our understanding.

I will make an official announcement about the 222 Foundation soon. While I’m sure the projects will be more creative than anything I can list today, I’ll throw out a couple ideas just for fodder. Maybe we’ll fund people who create free energy devices or build wells in Africa or give trees to every second grader so they can plant and tend a living piece of our blessed earth.

Mostly the 222 Foundation will be about creating new possibilities for love, for connection and for all of us living in peace and harmony.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, Art & Soul, Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. We all love you Pam. My own Pamela Sue (my cousin), who died several years ago, had a 222 thing, too. Her birthday was February 22. My family always interprets 22’s or 222’s as a sign from her on the other side. Perhaps her and Taz are having fun now together. I just sent this to Pam’s mom, Marcy, as I know she’ll appreciate and relate. Marcy finds such wonder now in seeing how her daughter is always around. Massive hugs coming your way!

    1. Yes, Taz is at work. My birthday was 20/11/2018 which reduces to
      2/2/2 !!! How is it I attracted this synchronicity ?
      Sending you lots of peace, love and hugs

  2. What a way to honor her memory and what a way to keep her spirit more than alive through all thes upcoming projects. I guess she will be working and enjoying just in a different vibrational format. Blesses to you.

  3. Blessings precious sister. May your grief open you to even more love and more joy. May the space that was Taz in your heart live profoundly on in your own life choices in oneness with a world where love and peace and joy prevail. So honoring you in your process. Blessed be, Katalin

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  4. “indelible joy” – you are such a Wonder. Hugs from here. Looking forward to following progress on the 222 Foundation.

  5. Yes! Thanks for letting us know how you are doing and your plans! You have articulated my discomfort for “fighting” anything or anyone. Thanks for your fierce love and acknowledging your grieving.
    I think about you often as I take my walks in North Lawrence.

  6. My own blessed mother was the one person I thought I couldn’t live without. Thanks to your inspirational teachings I have been able to find joy again and look at life anew. Sending much love your way, dear sister 💕

  7. Sending you so much love. You have been so much for so many people, and since I see Taz was your teacher in many ways, I now know she has been there for us too. The 222 Foundation will be a very beautiful thing, and I am looking forward to hearing how Taz and you create even more goodness in the world. I too have a project to create love and goodness and connection, and I will reach out to you sometime soon (not for a grant, but to help you spread the word about your foundation) but for now just sending you love.

  8. Pam, I love you so much. You are a life changer. I can’t begin to imagine how horrendous it is to loose a child. I have two amazing sons and can’t even begin to imagine loosing one.
    I love so much the ideas about the 222 foundation. you reminded me that the little things we do make a difference. I sometimes loose track of that. I do know we have no enemies. The ones we say are enemies see us as enemies. it’s an insane idea that we have enemies. Yes, there is no more us against them. It is my dream to live in harmony with all living, everyone have everything they need and we all create what we create for good and peace and harmony.
    so much love
    22 Jan is my birthday,1948 is my birth year, multiples of 2. Always been partial to 2’s

  9. I don’t know if you’ll ever see this, but since I read about Tas’s passing, I’ve been seeing 222, also. After reading your post just now, I clicked over to a CNN video to hear some breaking news and saw this:

    [image: Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 11.51.14 AM.png]

    Sending you so much love, Pam.


  10. Pam once again I am so sorry for your loss, for Taz leaving. But I want to tell you that your writing since she transitioned is just extraordinary. Thank you for sharing even during this really challenging time. I love the 222 foundation!

  11. Dearest Pam,

    It seems that sometimes FP decides to throw us a curve ball in proving “she” has our back. My 45th high school class reunion was this past Sept 28 & 29 …. very small class of around 30. A good friend asked me to help with entertainment and specifically asked me to pantomine Sister Sled “We are family”! She is also one of my only ‘enlightened’ friends. We both are strongly connected to Angels.

    You were there for me, personally, in one of my darkest moments. I’m here with you!

    Missy LaMastus

    1. Pam this just came directly from my heart: If you need me there by your side, at any moment, now or in the future, for whatever, just shoot me an e-mail. I’ll be there in a matter of hours, as fast as the plane from Spain can make it to you. This is a serious offer of unconditional love and support <3

  12. I also have luck with number 222 and more recently 22. My yahoo mail has that number, my license plate has “love22” because 222 wouldn’t fit. I was number 222 in Boston marathon, camp lot is 22, etc. This number is special.

  13. I just read this post in my email. When I closed my email, my phone displayed the time: 2:22. 🙂

    As another single parent of a beautiful and lively daughter, my heart aches for your loss. “Sorry” barely conveys my sympathy, but I am, nonetheless. What a wonderful tribute to Taz’s memory to establish the 222 Foundation. I look forward to watching your expansion into new and different directions as you continue your journey.

    With love and support.

  14. Love never dies. It’s a gift ~ that our love ones give us and we give back. We are blessed to experience it Pam. The 222 foundation is another sign that Tasman is present and her love is still surrounding you and her friends. Pam you bring joy to this world we are all her for you.
    My prayers are with you.

  15. Pam you truly are amazing. What an inspiration. In the middle of deep, deep grief you come up with a wonderful idea to carry on the work your beautiful daughter Taz began here on earth. I totally love your 222 Foundation idea and I’m sure Taz will be blessing it (& you) abundantly from her new place in your life. Thankyou so much for all you do for your “family” here on earth. For inspiring us with your words of wisdom, your humour, your strength and courage in your grief, and for including us so intimately in your journey. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. I’m so glad to know you have received an outpouring of love and support at this time of such huge loss. You (and Taz) are in the hearts of so many of us, and we will continue to send you our love, and our gratitude for all you do for us and our world. Big hugs dear Pam from Jenny Louise 💖⭐️🌺

  16. I love you, dear Pam. A day hasn’t passed that I haven’t thought of your remarkable Sparkly Twin Taz, whose LIGHT grows even brighter in the Northern Sky of Humanity as so many thousands of us have been affected by her passing. I have been praying for her everyday and for you to grow in strength & your spiritual roots to deepen as a Sequoia in the truth that LOVE IS EVERLASTING. While I hadn’t the honor of knowing Mighty Taz, I have such a feeling that this RBOFG (Radiant Being of Ferocious Goodness) is a force that will look over the Earth and Go To those areas where her energy can uplift humanity. She will bring her RADIANCE to many, just like Mom. Apple/Tree Theory. Proven. So much love to you, dear Lady.

  17. Pam I’m sending love… more love.
    I have a Buddhist friend who said that when we feed the birds after a loved one dies, the birds will fly our messages to the spirits of our loved ones. Each day my daughter and I are doing this… we don’t know your Taz… we are sending our care and love and wishes and asking her to share that with you.
    I can guess at the magnitude of your grief, with my little girl who I am raising on my own. I send my prayers and hope.

    I also pray that somehow we can add to your 222 foundation in some way.
    (Our thing is 11.11, her thing is 5 and my thing is 23. We now know about 222.)

    More love… more care… more prayers to you, dear person.


  18. wow – you are a beautiful and strong person – thank you for sharing with us and the 222 Foundation sounds wonderful

  19. Just as I started reading your email I looked up at the top of my phone and the time was 2:22 💜💜💜

  20. Wow, you are amazing. I can’t begin to imagine what you’re experiencing. All my love to you Pam, you deserve to receive back all you’ve given to the world of your wonderful, smart, and real wisdom. And thank you for the beautiful community that exists here because of you…this is my true tribe, even though it’s online! ❤️

  21. Thank you, Pam! you are such a blessing for the whole world and such a strong and beautiful person!I bow to your big spirit of love!

  22. LOVE! This World IS alive and sacred. I’ve tried so hard to get this message out. We – WE – in human form at this time – are more than the media and politicians allow us to believe. As I type this from the other side of this Big Blue Marble (temporarily for work), I hear you. I try to put myself in your place; losing my son. I’d like to think I am strong and trust in a bigger picture/higher power/Universe. YOU are flowing through this time with love and grace. Yes, we do love you and support you. Blessings and (((HUGS))), my friend. Love You.

  23. the 222 idea is great, you are amazing. My number is 1’s, they too crop up everywhere and my sons spot them too. That and flamingoes, when in any doubt, one or the other pop up. If you’re still seeing 2’s you are doing good. Unbelievable strength and resolve, she would/is so proud of you. Kxx

  24. I am so very sorry for the earthly loss of your daughter. I know our loved ones stay with us even after transitioning. My husband passed 22 months ago, we still feel his presence. Blessings

  25. Leave it to Pam Grout to turn mind-blowing grief into good and love and progress. You are amazing. Still sending tons of love your way. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Oh, and I’ve been seeing 222 too, once just as I was thinking of you both.

  26. You are my inspiration! To come from the depths of your grief to birth something as brilliant as the 222 Foundation– it is so Pam! What a beautiful vision and what a perfect tribute to Taz the foundation will be. You and Taz will continue to change the world together and we are all blessed by your efforts. Sending love and light your way and deep appreciation for all that you are.

  27. I think of you often Pam. I lift you up with my prayers and good thoughts and know that Taz is nearby.

  28. Hi Pam

    Sending you my deepest condolences with the passing of Taz who is an exquisite being.

    Grief is part of my biggest challenge and biggest lesson. You inspire me to overcome mental blocks and traps that try to pull us under.

    Pam, as an author, mother and lightworker raising the planets consciousness you inspire me every single day.

    God bless you xx



  29. Dearest Pam, from preachers kid to preachers kid, the only thing I can do is send you this recording of me singing …Be Still My Soul…

    I have you loved you and I am grieving in ways I cannot comprehend … your work and words are so close to my heart is it unspeakable… but not unsingable. I recorded this so my children could hear the prayer I said to them as children. This recording is often that last CD in someone’s room when they depart .


    Suzanne Balcom

    BE STILL MY SOUL with a prayer inside the hymn

    from my CD Amazing Grace

  30. You are truly a miracle , Pam . You give so much joy to so many people . I am sitting at my sons high school waiting for conferences , he has been anxious and depressed . He has forgotten the truth of who he is . Thank you for always reminding me the truth of who we are . Taz is so beautiful in every way . I’m sorry your loss . I know she is still connecting with you .❤️ Thank you for the difference you and Taz make every second of everyday . Love. Joey

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  31. Pam, how can I forward a piece on Grief to you from Facebook to you (I’m not a FB member)? Pete Vandenberg in Vail

  32. Funny you sentsent this today, because i noticed 222 today and it gave me goosebumps. thank you for sharing and for your love to the world.

    Much love from me to you

  33. All I can do is shake my head with these thoughts….amazing, about time, there is hope, i love you, i see Taz, blessing abound.


  34. I was deeply sadden to hear of your loss. My heart goes out to you. We all love you. Peace to you during this grieving period and always.

  35. Pam – We love you and Taz. Keeping you in our prayers and hearts.
    Mandy & Ramon from NY. 222

  36. Pam- Coincidentally (but not really), Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe” is playing on Pandora as I read your message. Wow. The authentic and honest expression of your grief, and the exciting and inspired ideas that are coming from it, are truly moving. Looking forward to hearing more about your latest charitable efforts, and sending you vibes of peace, love, and healing. Xo

  37. Hi Pam,

    I have no words to try to ease your pain …. There are none!!!

    As a father of four sons, I can’t imagine losing one …. It just won’t compute!

    You and Taz have spent a lot of time drifting across my mind during meditation… and as selfish as this might sound, ‘your’ loss has helped ‘me’ raise my own levels of conscious gratitude for those who are close to me ……..that feels like an awful thing to say, but it’s true …..and I am sure that there are thousands of others who know you, who will have experienced the same response ……..

    and I truly believe that all that positive energy that is now pouring your way, is just energy returning to the source from which it came…….like a magnet, Taz is calling back all that inter-connected love, to support her Mom …..I think that what you are experiencing is a continuing manifestation of ‘ Taz in Action’ …. and that will never end!!

    If you are looking to support somebody with your 222 Foundation, Google ‘ Maggie Doyne’ …….. a truly remarkable young American woman ….

    With Much Love!!

    Peter Kennedy

    Gold Coast


  38. Pam you are such a wonder and inspiration. I can’t even imagine your loss but I truly feel Taz is walking by your side and so very proud of you and your great gift of the 222 Foundation. You are both such amazing examples of how we all should try to live our lives. Because of you I try each day to always see the love in everything. Sending humongous hugs your way.

  39. 222 hugs to you Pam! Your 222 plan is going to be Powerful, exciting. So much to look forward to. Awesome!

  40. Hi Pam and Tasman(in 5D but never off her world mission),

    My heart ❤️ goes out to you Pam…in your ultimate time of grief her Mama is helping her change the 🌍You are now and always will be together in your 222 mission. I am hearing passed over friends and family more and more now that there is no more veil from here and there. Light beings are the BEST!!! Your daughter is here with me as I write this…and I am loving her energy! Also I wanted to recommend a wonderful homeopathic remedy call calm by historic remedies $7.99 at sprouts as being a GREAT grief support that is gentle and kind it has ignatia in it that is so helpful in pulling ourselves off the couch…my mama that also felt like a twin sister to me passed about 5 years ago with me at her side in my master bedroom. She is in constant contact with me and I love it! Remember to be sooo gentle and kind to yourself. My love to you both. A huge fan of both of your works,
    Amy Church

  41. Your email was #22. I love you, Pam Grout! When I first read about Taz’s passing, I felt like I lost my own daughter. I’m so inspired by you…you have managed to uplift me during your time of grief!

  42. Today a post was forwarded to me about the meaning of wearing poppies on Veterans Day as well as how… what struck me was WWII ended 11/11 at 11 o’clock. 222

  43. I love this!!! I started out reading with tears in my eyes and then as I kept reading I felt this excitement well up inside of me. What a wonderful way to honor Taz and lift everyone up along the way!!! Creating a major shift in consciousness!! You are a such a force Pam!

  44. Oh Pam thank you for sharing I was just telling my friends how I’ve been thinking about you I just got home from them and Sister Sledge We are family was on the car radio I texted them a thank you I’m praying for you… You and Taz have blessed my life I love you KK

  45. God bless you and give you peace and love, Dear Pam. You are a truly enlightened and progressed soul, as was your dear Taz. Great things are coming, I can feel it! Thank you for all you do for me and others through your emails, books and your future 222 Plan!

  46. Hi Pam,
    Since I heard the news, you and Taz have been my first thought on waking, and my last thought before going to sleep. I feel very honoured to have known you and Taz, and also to have grieved with you. You are so RIGHT about us all being interconnected. On 22 of October, I had just left work, when the most awful desolation came over me. I was overcome by an overwhelming sadness, as if my heart was breaking. I suddenly felt a desperate need to contact my daughter, who was holidaying on Lanzarote, just to check in with her. When I got home, I found the email in which you broke the news of Tasmins passing. But on some deep and mysterious level, I had already known…….its as if I “read” that email before I even saw it……..
    So yes – we really are “Fam-o-lee”!
    Big love and hugs to you and Taz from Sylvia Ann xxxxx

  47. Lately I have been noticing 222 so much.. Yes I believe we are all connected and I am so glad you are feeling all of the love we feel for you. I told my parents about your story.. And I cried my heart out. I am a single mother, my daughter like yours is to you, is that one person I cannot live without. I felt your pain so very much. I hold you in my heart right now and have so much gratitude for the light you give and the love you and your daughter have put out into this world. We are here for you just as you have been here for us and we love you both.

  48. Hi Pam,
    My heart aches for the sadness you must be feeling to lose your most precious daughter.
    She brought you so much happiness and love which will always be part of you. I hope that you make sense of it all x

  49. Much love to you, Pam. Your Taz’ smile has forever put an imprint on my heart. I’ll keep an eye on your 222 endeavor — please let me know what I can do to help. Xoxo xoxo

  50. Dear Pam
    I feel shivers as I write this. You are a role model beyond words.
    I have started a TAZ think tank. First meeting will be Jan. 22, 2019. We will create
    Hope, kindness, joy and take action to infuse love wherever we go.
    You took over the teachings of my dear teacher Wayne Dyer.
    Thank-you for walking your talk.
    With Love and respect for your courage.
    May we all become kinder, loving and compassionate beings.

  51. What a wonderful idea and legacy to your gorgeous girl . Much love sent to you from
    Judy Dyer @divinelydifferent.co Xxx 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕. U.K.

    I ALWAYS SEE 222 . Meaning angels are with us from the Kyle Gray book x

    from Judy

  52. Thinking of you during what must surely be the toughest, saddest time of your life. I’ve also read all Lorna Byrne books. I believe the ones we love are on a different dimension too. Lots of love to you x

  53. When I read your post about Taz´s transition, I fell into a really dark place and stayed there for a long time. It was like everything had suddenly stopped making sense.

    I am a gloomy Finn and heavy hearted by nature. I always read your blogs but admit that sometimes I have resented your optimism. But quite strangely, now that I would have good reasons not to, I finally seem to get what you have been saying all along.

    I looked at Taz´s photo (how totally gorgeously stunningly beautiful is she!) you had posted today and I was like: wow – if what Taz is experiencing now is even slightly better than what she had here (and it must have been great, with a mom like you) then I totally get that her soul chose this to happen.

    I have known for a long time that there is no death. I am sure that you fill miss Taz no end but I am also sure you of all people know how to be in touch with her. When you talk to her the next time, tell her that Kati from Finland sends all her love to both of you. What´s more – now that she has finally come to her senses, she will stop being such a stick in the mud and allow joy to enter into her life.

    Thank you Pam and thank you Taz and if you dont mind, I wont talk about you in the past tense because while during your physical “life” you were stuck in this country or that, now you are everywhere <3

  54. God bless your beautiful soul.
    Você é incrível Pam.🇧🇷🌹
    I’m learning since your first book that I read when I was leaving in Brasil and I’m keep learning.
    When I first get the notice about Taz I come to my husband and ask him read this email for me I think my English it’s not so good I’m getting wrong, I understood wrong. I just had met you in August I was so happy. He brought me in Denver to see you and he said I’m sorry but you understood correct.
    The high spirits illuminate you and Taz.

  55. Dear Pam,

    You don’t know me, however, you have been a great inspiration to me. I was so saddened to learn about the loss of your precious daughter. I thought about you all day. Please know that you are in my heart, my thoughts and my prayers.



  56. Thanks for all your updates Pam. Just when I start to wonder about how you might be doing, an email from you shows up….Your “222 Foundation ” project idea is a courageous and generous one. What an incredible way to honor Taz’s beautiful energy! You continue to be calming and inspirational during this time and I want to thank you for not only sharing your journey, but giving us a way (with your foundation plan) to contribute positively towards the healing process.
    Take extra good care of yourself,

  57. You don’t know how much your books have helped lift me and by extension all my contacts! Thank and Grow Rich is my nightly read so I have good dreams. I gave your E-Squared to my skeptical daughter, too, so she could open her mind to the possibilities. Then…, you told us. My lone daughter is around the same age as your beloved Taz. I sank into a deep well for your loss, unable to message you I was so blinded by tears, entangled with your grief.
    The love you give is coming back. The level of joy you and your wonderful daughter bring to so many people will be shared. Together, let us all raise you up. One thing I do know, is your Taz is in the quantum soup and her goodness is there now on the highest level. May you find much love and peace very soon to continue to spread your brilliant light. Thank you and Namasté from Canada.

  58. The love you are feeling from all of us, Pam, is just your love reflected back. Your writing is so powerful and has helped me so much, and as you write about your experiences around Taz’s death I can feel your deep and profound love for her. I am absolutely amazed that so soon after her transition you are already able to consider beautiful ways to honor her memory. Sending my love and virtual hugs to you, dear Pam. xoxo

  59. Big Love to you and Taz and the The 222!!! You are in my heart ❤️ and I see all good things coming to you, my dear friend 💪❤️😇📚👀

  60. When I saw 222 Foundation I had to go back and find my original message I had sent you on October 23…..here it is…..CLEARLY I am guided to assist the 222 Foundation in some way – let me know how I can be of service….With Love & Strength

    “wendy marconi rosman
    Oct 23, 2018 at 05:48 am
    I’m so sorry to hear about what you are going through…..my soul is with you giving you strength to endure…I knew I needed to read your email first thing this morning because before reading it (between 4am when I woke up and now – 5:40am chicago time) I kept seeing “222” everywhere and wondered what the Universe/HS wanted me to connect with….THEN I READ YOUR EMAIL…..sending my love, positive energy, angel blessings your way to you and your precious daughter. I can’t begin to imagine what you are going through but know you have my love and support.”

  61. Your honoring of Taz with the 222 foundation is outstanding and your your vision you share and inspire your readers with is phenomenal, thank you.
    You are blessed.

  62. Much, much love to you Pam! I’m just learning about Taz and saw all her photos. So beautiful inside and out. I feel your loss, as I lost my beloved sister just two months ago. That’s funny because I’ve also been noticing 222’s everywhere and often before I read this post. I know our loved ones are with us in Spirit, and I know you’ve felt it too. Thank you for your inspired vision and action on establishing the 222 Foundation because that inspires the rest of us to channel our energies of loss in a way that helps bring more light to the world. Continued blessings. much love and many, many abrazos (hugs) to you!

  63. May God fill that void within your heart with a grace and peace beyond understanding. Peace, be still and feel my warm hug.
    I know Tasman is sending you the strength, courage, and love to carry on with your 222 foundation.
    Love from a lifelong 2224 sister in spirit.

  64. I look forward to seeing the projects that Foundation 222 supports. Through you, because of Taz, my awareness of the possibilities will be enlarged.

  65. You live your message impeccably, Pam. The 222 is a beautiful way of honoring Taz’s memory, a living blessing. Thank you.

  66. Wow Pam! I am in awwww of you and how you actually live what you preach (Share might be a better word – preach sounds – well, preachy 🙂 I have two Taz’s that I have been blessed with and I can’t imagine life (on earth) without my girls. My youngest was born 2/22/92 at 9:02. Needless to say we also have a 22 ‘thang’ and 222 is always a sign of Complete Synchronicity for us. We also love it when we get hotels with that number and often notice that number on our phone and share it each time. I have shed some tears for you, knowing it’s also my own fear and sadness of ever feeling what you are at this time. I am proud to be a huge fan and to have allowed the universe to guide me to your writings/words that help and support me in the exact moments I need them.

    Thank you for ‘sharing’ who you are and the wisdom you hold. I’m so sorry you must endure this heart ache but I am grateful that you are sharing your journey that reminds us that we are only here for a short time and we are so blessed to ‘get’ to be a part of such wonderful lives (such as amazing daughters) and that appreciating every moment in this physical existence is imperative to a joyful journey – wherever that takes us.

    I love following your adventures and as navigate my own (as a single 50ish year old woman) ‘off the beaten path’ lifestyle you always encourage me to keep following my bliss and finding the joy in each adventure and each day!

    Many Blessings!

  67. I think Tasman is very lucky to have had you and you her. She is also, I have NO doubt, watching and loving it all.
    I have been struggling with the idea of starting some sort of LoA group around here to profess a strong belief in the Law of Attraction, study your books, other materials, and our lives. I have had such a great outpouring of events in my life to show LoA to me all the time. Even in the rough times I and my family are going through right now, I know it will all be alright and can’t get too worked up about it.
    Loving this life and where it is taking me.

  68. Okay. Beginning to see the start of a new level of play/work 222 that Taz moved to a higher level to facilitate. GO TAZ! And Pam, thanks for being strong enough to listen.

  69. Pam: My dear friend and office mate, Maureen, and I read your first blog post about Taz and we both burst into tears. Every day we pray for you and for Taz. I cannot find the right words, because there are none, to say to you. I can only say that when I think of you and Taz, I have an overwhelming physical rising of energy that I send to you both in the spirit of love. I read a book about Jesus long ago which defined such a sending of energy as the only real way to pray. It’s nothing I’m doing, but I take it as a sign that at least I am open enough to be a channel. You have done so much for me and Taz has done so much for me because she brought you such boundless joy that you were so good at sharing with all of us. I would do anything to help. I will wait with anticipation for more info on the 222 foundation. Sending you and Taz my huge gratitude, comfort and love.

  70. Dear Pam,

    My heart goes out to you… My Kai was born on the 22/2 in Tasmania. I can’t even start to understand how you are coping with the loss of your gorgeous Taz.

    Warmest wishes and thank you for everything you do and for the 222 Foundation. Davina


  71. My heart hurts for you in the loss of both your Mom and Taz. Thank you for sharing your beloved daughter with us through your writing. The 222 Foundation sounds like a wonderful tribute to an amazing young woman. Know that her remarkable light forever shines, now even brighter than before. Sending love, strength and positive energy to you.

  72. Oh Pam, I just saw the news. I am so, so sorry. Thank you for sharing Taz’s beautiful spirit with the world and for writing about your way forward. You are doing so much to honor Taz and bringing love and hope and miracles to others at the same time. Sending you so much love.

  73. Last time I wrote to you, I said there are no words.

    Now, I read your words again and feel the love. 222 is a special number for my husband and me.

    Grieving is tough…it’s the price of loving. Been there and lived through it. I think of you every day and always send love.

    Hugs! And thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter, Taz, with us. She’s with you all the time now. I have so many friends and family that have passed and I talk to them all the time. I laugh and they talk back.

  74. Dear Pam,

    I am so very sorry to hear about the recent passing of your beautiful daughter Taz.
    I send you all my love and blessings during this time. I hope you will be able to shed light in future on why this event may have happened in the big scheme of your life, as to me it seems unbelievable for someone who practices gratitude as you do to witness such personal tragedy.

    Love from Karen in Sydney xx

    Sent from my iPhone

  75. Hi Pam ❤️
    I am just reading your Book E squared, and at this moment I am holding a firm faith for the success of fourth study. 💝
    I am falling in love with your story ❣️ bit by bit I am reading more and more and you are a true light in this world 💝
    I would have like to Insert a photo here, but will try to put it in a comment in FB. ❤️
    Sending lots of love from Finland ☃️🇫🇮💟💜💟
    With love, Teija

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