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It’s never too good to be true

“While you’re caught up in why he didn’t return your call, galaxies all across the cosmic horizon are tumbling into the unknown faster than the speed of light.”—Deepak Chopra dobby

We humans are an awful lot like Dobby, the house elf in the Harry Potter books. Thankfully, we don’t have the green tennis ball eyes or the long bat-like ears, but we do treat ourselves in much the same way.

Like Dobby, we continually settle for less. We refuse to fully accept our good. The universe is trying like bloody hell to pour out blessings and we’re so busy composing snarky tweets that we don’t even notice.

When Professor Dumbledore hired the heroic elf to work in the kitchen, he offered him ten galleons a week and weekends off. But Dobby wanted no part of it. He insisted on a single galleon and only one day off per month.

When Dobby, who always referred to himself in third person, explained his pay negotiations to Hermione, he said, “Dobby beat him down, miss. Dobby likes freedom, but he isn’t wanting too much, miss.”

That’s us. Never wanting too much. Never seeing our own beauty. Never recognizing that we have the power to create worlds.

And like Dobby, who often inflicted injury upon himself, we punish ourselves for simply being who we are. We may not hit ourselves in the head or iron our own hands, as Dobby did, but we certainly iron our hair, hit ourselves psychically every time we look in the mirror and constantly try to “improve” our perfect selves.

I prefer what British artist Ruby Etc. posted on Instagram. “The problem with my body? My brain for assimilating the concept of problem areas.”

So today, I say to myself, to Dobby and to every humanoid on the planet, “You are a perfect angel goddess rock star and I am so very, very proud of you. C’mon down and scoop up your gifts.”

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Well I’m certainly scooping up my gift – the scribings of Pam Grout on an almost daily basis. My morning coffee and inspiration from Pam – what a delicious breakfast !

  2. Perfect timing. Last night hanging out with neighbors when I realized they all were planning on moving once they retire. I’ve been planning on staying where I was due to the support system of neighbors that are friends. Trying to shift my thoughts from freaking out that I don’t have a plan to opening up to having a choice. A big exciting choice

  3. I now. Speak kindly to myself.
    The old me (before Dyer and the course in miracles Etc,
    The old me let the old disempowering tapes run.
    Today I am proud to say becass
    Of writers and Hay house and Pam.
    we are strong, we can control our thinking.
    Have an exciting day, make it exciting you are it.

  4. You are extremely good at pointing out the obvious most of us don’t even see. You are quite good at this as you well know. I think you should do it for a living. Chuckle chuckle. 😉 Thanks for another brilliant post.

  5. Dobby is the perfect example to remind me of the powerful being I am. I’ve been laughing a lot lately, remembering my power, and changing a lot of old stories to miraculous ones. Thank you so much for continuing to share your words.

  6. Dear Pam, This is definitely a keeper! Thanks a million for all your inspiration. I want to meet you in person someday. Come to Birmingham, Alabama.

  7. I prefer what British artist Ruby Etc. posted on Instagram. “The problem with my body? My brain for assimilating the concept of problem areas.”

    Thanks for sharing this. Succinct and to the point!

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