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Proud to be high on the woo-woo-spectrum

“Your thoughts are the strongest currency at your disposal.”–Alan Cohen
A reporter from Fast Company asked me once, “So what do you say to skeptics?” She was interviewing me on the power of visualization.

Although I probably cited one of the many scientific studies proving its effectiveness, I was tempted to repeat a line from my friend Anita Moorjani. “Every time I hear that not everyone buys this stuff, I almost fall off my unicorn.”

ACIM Lesson 140 is one of those lessons that falls into the unicorn category. Even though it uses one of those words I try to avoid, it very clearly states that no miracle is any more difficult than any other. It’s no harder to cure Stage 4 Cancer than a broken fingernail, for example. It says the power lies in our mind, that healing is as near as our own thoughts.

This, of course, defies every cultural paradigm. Every bit of our mental architecture teaches us that there are easy things and hard things. To heal. To manifest.

Parking spaces? Butterflies? Piece of cake.

BMW convertible? Thirty-eight foot yacht? Not happening. Except that both of those things were manifested by readers of E-Squared within hours of making the intention. You can read one of those stories here.

And that’s why I like sharing stories, hearing stories. So I can wrap my mind around new possibilities.

At my workshop in Austin on Friday, I heard a funny story from a woman who was bemoaning how much she had on her plate. She said to her daughter, “My lawn is out of control. I just wish someone would come over and mow it.” Not 15 minutes later, she heard a lawnmower outside revving its engine. She looked out her window where there was one guy mowing her lawn, another weed-eating. She had no idea who they were. There was no sign on their truck, no notice of why they appeared. She never saw them again. But they did a fabulous job executing the very thing she had requested.

Isn’t it a fun possibility (and a guaranteed fact according to the Course) that everything (healing, every need) could be that incredibly easy?

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Are you still in Austin???? I am so bummed I missed your workshop! Sheila

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  2. I read lesson 140 early this morning and slogged through it. Thanks for showing up to make it all better. I listened to both of Anita Moorjani’s books and bought several copies more to pass on to other’s. CD’s are more expensive but these were worth it. Reading Dr. Dispenza’s Supernatural as well since that’s where I’m at right now. That miracle will manifest since I’m high on the woo woo scale too. I have your books as well as the audio versions so I’m all in here. Thanks for being here at this early morning hour. Deep appreciation here.

    1. I’m so happy that you are on the woo woo scale now. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. And yes, that miracle will manifest now.

      Here’s a story I shared on Facebook. You are working on yourself now like this woman.

      Josie RavenWing shared this miracle story today from the Casa of John of God.

      Just was given this wonderful Casa healing story to share: This is about a woman who has been coming to the Casa for 7 years in a wheelchair with neuropathy. This was discussed in the hall: (personal information left out).

      (Woman’s Name left out) “(Woman) was cured of a medical condition called neuropathy. This disease is irreversible and has no cure in Western medicine. It impacts on the muscles leaving you blind and in a wheelchair…(her helper usually booked her a wheelchair room)…when she arrived on this trip he was shocked as she just walked in the door to his pousada (hotel). The official story was that the Woman was in a wheelchair for 10 years. She had been coming to the Casa for 7 years. She came once a year with (Man)…She was getting better bit by bit. She said personally she had to work on faith and her own personal issues as part of her cure…Her greatest wish was to walk to the waterfall down and back, unaided, and she did this. Her other great wish was to be the very last person in the second time line, wait a long time for her turn, but standing patiently, and then walk to the Entity and for her to hear the Entity tell her she was healed. She has completed this wish. She was also told by the Entity to share her story on stage today.”

      1. Thank you for sharing this with me, Delaine. I’ve read many stories like this and know them to be true. Lesson 136 explains why we allow illness and that has to be where I start. Changing my mind. I’m not afraid of dying, I’m just not quite ready. Too many books to read, quilts to make and flowers to plant. 😉 Thanks for the feedback.

  3. I love, love, love this lesson! I loved your books E Squared and E Cubed and delighted that you shared my story of the lost necklace in your E Cubed book. Here’s the story as I sent it to you on 9/4/2013.

    I lost my diamond necklace that I have worn almost every day for 33 years a little over a month ago. I woke up one morning and it wasn’t there.

    We were smoking some meat yesterday for Labor Day on our grill. It took several hours and my husband and I both were out checking on the smoking several times. I was gone for a couple of hours walking our dogs and came back to check on the meat and there on the ground in front of me was the diamond necklace that had been gone for a month. It looked like someone had just cleaned it in jewelry cleaner. Did it go to another dimension and then make its way back?

    And I love Anita Moorjani and have listened to her Hay House Interview over 300 times. My husband put it on my phone so I can listen to it while I walk. Anita Moorjani. I love, love, love this comment..“Every time I hear that not everyone buys this stuff, I almost fall off my unicorn.”

    1. I loved that story in e-cubed Delaine! Too weird! Too wild! Just love all these amazing stories of how incredible life and the universe really truly is if only we can believe it, recognise it and live it! Yeehaaah!! 😁

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  5. A fun possibility? More like a wild incredible freak-out-and-shout-at-the-top-of-my-lungs kind of possibility! Wow!! Yeah! How cool would it be?!! Amen! What a great start to my Monday! Thanks a billion Pam you Wonder Woman you! 😁

  6. Pam – This lesson was one of the hardest for me to believe. Western culture violently opposes manifestation, unless it is accomplished by sweat, hard work and restless focus to the exclusion of everything else. I adopted that philosophy and lived it for many years.

    Now, everything is different. I flow with life and allow inspiration to guide my decisions. Ease, grace and joy are my companions.

    Your post was the perfect reminder to continue to let go of all restrictive thinking, useless judgments and small beliefs. I proudly ride my unicorn!

    Thank you for sharing your journey and for being you!

  7. So completely and utterly joyous to be counted as a part of the Woo-Woo League!
    Love you, Pam Grout from Jennifer Sattler

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