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How long does it take to manifest a sailboat? As long as it takes you to believe

“I try to be alert and available. I try to be available for life to happen to me.”—Bill Murray

Here’s another fun story that popped into my inbox this week from a fabulous guy named Roland who says his wife and four grown sons suspect he’s from another planet with all the miracles that come his way.


“I just finished your book E 2, great fun! In the back of it you said to share a story. Well, I’ve been enjoying these books and other’s stories for years and am frequently asked how long does it take to manifest? I’m sure you have heard that question.

“So, my answer is ” Be careful what you ask for.” I was talking to a friend on the phone while surfing Yacht World (it’s a magazine) and looking at sail boats. He suspected I was not totally present and asked what I was doing. I admitted that I was looking at yachts and wished that I owned a 38 (380) foot Catalina and could have it slipped in the San Francisco area with the freedom to fly out, cruise and just hang.

“Minutes later, I spotted a 38 foot and asked Gary to hold on while I checked it out. It was exactly what I envisioned and as I read on, the owner said he would be willing to trade for an inland boat (quite unusual) and that he would trade for a 32 Catalina which is exactly what I owned.

“I got off the call with Gary and called a Salt Lake city area code, no answer, so I left a message. Half an hour later I noticed the Salt Lake number on my phone and returned the call.

“I called a Denver prefix, are you in Denver?”

“Yes, are you in Salt Lake.”

“I live there, but I’m in Denver today on business.”

He asked to see the boat and I told him the boat was not in Denver but currently being stored about 50 miles north by the Estes Park exit.

He said, “I’m north also and very close to that exit.”

Now I’m thinking “No Way and this is getting a little weird.” I told him who to contact, check it out and if interested, call me back. He called back, said he loved it and wanted to trade! At this point less than an hour had gone by and I’m thinking,” WOW,” even the Universe can’t move that fast. (NOT)

At this point I was scrambling and trying to figure out how I might wiggle out of this; we had not talked about difference figures yet, so I figured that would be my way out. I offered a ridiculously low figure, and he said “Great when can we close the deal” I spent the rest of the afternoon ” Splanin” to the Universe “NOT SO FAST- I’M FAIRLY NEW AT THIS CREATION THING !!!”

Of course, it all worked out.

Thanks, Roland, for inspiring us all!!!

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the recently-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and

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      1. Hi,

        Is it consistently reproducible ? If we know the secret, why can’t someone earn 100M $ through the usage of this secret ?

    1. I only recently became” acquainted” with the amazingly awesome Pam Grout..but nut by accident, though non believers in miracles in miracles and the FP would disagree. I decided to make a random run to get tomatoes at a local farm market. Could have waited till the next day when I would be actually passing it to go home from work.., but I felt the push to go on that Sunday ( 2 weeks ago). I picked up the free Natural Awakenings magazine, that I only can find at this farm market, and read with interest ..driving force interest, the article “Manifesting Miracles”, featuring Pam Grout. I immediately downloaded E-Squared, even though i really never like to read any downloaded version, I just couldn’t even wait for the 2 day promise of delivery from my Amazon Prime..not his time. I had a 48 hour experiment to do and that would have held me up! Anyway, I had my first delivery of my unexpected blessing 48 hours later. Not a random one that I could just fit it into being a blessing. Received a letter that I had $100 being held for me from 2 years ago that I paid bail for stupid warrants on motor vehicle violation tickets my daughter didn’t pay…ok, not a windfall, but when you get a letter with the sender being the court system, you are not expecting necessarily good news. I saw the butterflies in unexpected places..counted more sun beige color cars in an hour, then full well knowing I had been closed and missing the world and FP that was all around me.
      But the wire hangers were and still are the experiment that cemented the infinite energy at our disposal, in my case of personal belief system, God given. My daughter witnessed the turning in at one of the most symbolic sad memory I have as a child, and the hangers turning so far out to almost rotating behind me when I was focusing on positive/joyous thoughts. So every day for the 2 weeks that I was introduced to the principles of manifesting in Pam’s book, I start my day with reading the “Something Amazingly Awesome is Going to Happen To Me Today’ poster I have next to my bed….and since I was so amazed by the wire hanger experiment, i decided this week to start my day reinforcing that experience of identifying that feeling of positive energy force by doing the wire hanger experiment..so I know how intrinsically to feel that positive energy “without the wires’..Also knowing how easy it is to fall out of a routine when in a hurry, I decided to place the wires down on my bed exactly how they were turned out after my exercise..for visual reinforcement too, and when I laid them down, I immediately called my daughter in and asked her what the shape reminded her of. ..Angel Wings spread open wide!!! Today is the last day of what I have been working on to manifest all week. I am fully financing an innovative learning approach using a software skill development program I created for special needs children..using all my own money to get a prototype finished so I can get funding to complete the project for availability to trial in schools..anyway, so far all has been working with my manifesting, but not this one needed miracle.but I am not going back to “Biloxi”, no offense to Biloxi!! I am just going to keep positive as best and not give up! Best, Lee

      1. Ok..Window! I am just focusing on my goal from this week to receive, by today, to get a funding offer to help me get my project done..but I know my intent to celebrate and express gratitude for all I have been granted is not tainted by miss typed words!!! Best, Lee

      2. Thank you for sharing, Lee. I love reading the miracle stories!

    2. Congrats, Gary! This is such a great manifestation testimonial. I was giggling throughout at the thought of our incredible power.

  1. Thanks for sharing the great story, Pam!

    Miracles DO happen!! This is the mystery of life!!

    Have a wonderful day,


  2. Soon I’ll be sharing an amazing story about how I manifested my beautiful apartment. Meanwhile, help me sending love and good energies to that, because I’m collapsing the wave!:) Thank you Pam and Roland for the inspiration!

  3. Great story! I was curious as to, while it took mere hours to manifest the sailboat, why it may take days or weeks to manifest, say, a lost key? Opportunity? Clearness of thought? Reading some people’s comments online some people seem better at manifesting than others.

  4. A week ago I was telling a friend about a diet and nutrition company I helped start in the ’80s. We had top scientists and experts design our product line, which was unique and we did very well. However, the consultant I brought in talked about ketosis and if we could just get our product to quickly get customers in that state, they’d loose more weight faster, safer, and with greater results.

    Our whole team looked at that, but failed. It takes days to weeks of strict dieting to get to that state and few can do it or stay with it.

    I’m getting ready to go on some kind of diet/weight loss program, which was what brought that subject up. The NEXT day, an old friend called and told me of a new product that can bring one into ketosis within hours instead of days and the diet program is easy to do. The science behind it (I checked) is fascinating and very real. I drove 360 miles to meet them. It was originally invented for a top-secret special ops group in the US military for something else. Of course I ordered the first product available and will go on it as soon as it arrives.

    But this Universe thing, along with synchronicity is always amazing and wonderful. Thanks for your inspiration and reminders. : )

    Oh, and I’ll let you know when put our interview public. It was great! Thank you again.

  5. I’ve been trying to manifest a romantic partner for the last 9 years, I must be not seeing/doing something? hmmmmm any tips??

  6. This email came at just the right time;) We have been trying to find the “perfect” house and have had quite a few close ones but not quite what we wanted. When this email came into my inbox on the 17th at 8:40 am, as soon as I read it, I stopped what I was doing and told the Universe that the perfect house would come up this weekend and we would be under contract by Monday. I kid you not, at about 2:45pm, we get an email with a new listing that had shown up in our search area. I immediately texted our agent to set up a showing and at 7pm that night, we were drawing up an offer!! We were the third showing that day (with a ton more set up for the following day) and they accepted our offer=) I have been giddy with excitement ever since knowing that if it was that easy, I need to get serious about what I want and just ask!!!!

  7. Similarly, a month ago we were just chatting about getting a bigger house. We love where we live, just would like to give the family a little extra space. For fun, I peeked at houses on the internet and got in touch with our realtor friend just to see how the market was doing. We then left for vacation to visit family while receiving a couple house listings from the app I was following. There was a super cute house that was of interest, but we weren’t even in town and houses have been selling within a week. The Sunday after we got home we went to four open houses “just to see”; one of them was the house we liked. We got our stuff together, put down an offer and out of the multiple offers, we were accepted! And we hadn’t even listed our own house and our contingencies were not the easiest, but the sellers wanted us to be the buyers. We worked all last weekend and our house is on the market today. Even with twists and turns, it’s all working out for us. Latest twist is a similar house across the street listed today as well, for less than us. But I know the Universe really wants us to be in the house we’re in contract for. It’s all going to work out. But yes, these really fast manifestations on really big things can be very scary! And, I’m not sure I even received my gift and didn’t see butterflies, but perhaps I wasn’t focusing and expecting. For the house, I asked and then watched casually, since I didn’t HAVE to move and was very happy where I was, so there was no pressure for it to happen. Here’s to getting an awesome offer on our house, quickly and from a solid buyer!

  8. Thank you for such a wonderful story! Just bought this book yesterday and started my first experiment this morning. So excited to see what the FP brings me! 🙂

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