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“People need a constant jolt of kumbaya that’s not goody-goody.”—Carlos Santana

I am pretty much in love with everything right now. I’m so digging the new book (that if I was counting, I could tell you is due at the publishers in 48 days, 23 hours and 58 minutes), so infinitely grateful for all the stories that come to me every day from readers and so pumped that I get to collect all this awesome evidence that the field of infinite potentiality loves us SO MUCH and wants nothing more than to interact with us and guide us.

Synchronicities and signs are literally falling into my lap.

“Well, duh!” I hope you’re thinking. Because, after all, one of the many gifts of tuning into the gratitude frequency (the topic of the new book) is you start noticing the universe sending up flares that make it easy to follow its vast and eternal guidance. It’s like everything just magically falls into place and you don’t really have to do much of anything. Except, of course, heed its guidance.

Not to step on Alfred Hitchcock’s toes, but recently I’ve been hearing lots of bird stories. You know how everybody thinks dolphins have extrasensory powers and send us good ju-ju? I’m thinking birds might also be in on the action.

Tesla, of course, had a thing with pigeons. My friend and power posse cohort, Annola, recently reported that a bird (I think it was a wren) flew straight towards her, landed gently on her heart and then perched for a minute on her shoulder. Not exactly normal bird behavior. But a true gift, a gift to say, “All shall be well.”

Carlos Santana, back in the early 70’s, was trying to decide whether or not to become a disciple of Sri Chinmoy, an Indian guru who required certain commitments. The giving up of drugs and drinking didn’t deter him, but when Chinmoy asked him to cut his hair and shave his beard? That was a whole different steel guitar.

“Long hair was a mark of honor, my identity,” he said.

He was talking with his soon-to-be wife, Deborah, and said something like, “I don’t know. I don’t want to sound weird, but I got to have some sort of sign.”

At that very moment, a bird came swopping into the room, flapped around for a minute and then flew back out the open window.

“Holy shit,” he said. “Did that just happen?”

Deborah turned to him and said, “Okay. I guess you’re going to cut your hair.”

Santana stayed with that guru for nine years and I was thrilled to find out he’s now a fan of my homeboy–Course in Miracles.

Speaking of birds, I’m boarding a big metal bird (also known as an airplane) this weekend to give a workshop in Seattle. I’m speaking at East West Book Shop both Friday night and Saturday. Kinda cool, coz Mark Nepo will be there, too.

Two weekends later, I’m flying to California for yet another event in San Diego. It’s called Make Your Life Extraordinary.

So if you’re anywhere in the neighborhood, please come by and say “Hi!” or collect your hug (My goal is to hug everyone on the planet) or tell me your cool synchronicity story. And if you have a bird story, please send it to me. I’m contemplating doing a whole section in the new book on these harbingers of the new and exciting world that’s being born.

Either way, have an awesome and amazing day!!!

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the recently-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. Hi Pam, Last December my partner and I rented a house in San Francisco, by the ocean, to host some visiting friends.

    Early one morning I was sitting on the deck with my coffee, enjoying the view. Out of nowhere the largest hummingbird I’ve ever seen flew right up and hung in front of my face, staring into my eyes. It was both magical and frightening!

    Since then I’ve had more hummingbird encounters and spottings, but none like that.

    Hummingbird brings joy energy. It happens to be my middle name (joy, not hummingbird), and I have felt more joy this year than ever before. It opened my heart better than years of therapy.

    Thank you for your works, looking forward to more!

    xo Linda, San Francisco


  2. I should really, really come see you on Friday and/or Saturday, since you’re my favorite author from Lawrence, and all, but I neither have a synchronicity story or handy cash to pay the awesome folks at EastWest for hosting you. Thank you, again, for being a ray of light in my inbox.

    1. You are very welcome!!! You’ll be feeling the light whether you show up at the bookstore or not!!! Thanks for everything!!!

  3. I have “run into” not one, but FIVE whistle pigs (otherwise known as groundhogs.) The last one parked itself on the Welcome mat at my doorstep, was chased down by the dog, shaken, then disappeared. Turns out, it came to tell me to “stay positive and things will work out alright.” Ha! Nature at its best, spreading the good word.

  4. Birds for sure. Robins are plentiful here and they remind me of my beloved husband whose middle name was Robin. One day as I was walking in the wooded area, a robin stopped right in my path and looked me in the eye. I stopped and waited. It hopped to the side and up a grassy bank where there were three new memorial trees planted with plaques for the deceased. The robin hopped onto one of the plaques and sat there. I went up and to my utter shock I saw that it was inscribed “in loving memory of Emma.” That was my mother’s name, who died young many years ago, and of whom I think every day. Oh, yes, birds for sure!

    1. It’ll be a year yet. It’s due soon, but the wheels of publishing crank slowly. Believe me, you guys will be the first to know.

  5. Birds of prey (eagles, hawks, falcons etc.) tend to be my wink from the Universe. They show up for me as signs of alignment.

    1. There’s an eagle’s nest near my home. I love walking out there in the spring and watching my eagles (I call them mine) repair their nest, hatch their eaglets (it’s always a big question–will there be two or just one?) and feed them until they grow up, hop out of the nest onto the branches and eventually fly. It’s magical!! Every year!!!

  6. Putting it out to universe…i want to meet you and have a hug!

    Teeny bird story…i was walking home from the mall yesterday…hot…tired…a tad frustrated about some things…i asked for a sign that things would be okay…a tiny yellow bird…the brightest yellow i have ever seen flew around me twice as i walked through a park….i knew things would begin to brighten!

  7. Hi Pam,

    So, when I was going through your book I was hitting that point of “really?”. I had not seen a butterfly all day long and so as I was sitting at an intersection in my car I got frustrated and demanded the universe show me a damn butterfly. It did. It dropped a dead one right out of the sky in front of my windshield.

    True story but I don’t need to tell you that!

    Thanks for your amazing books and sensational sense of humor.

    Love ya!

    “The air of heaven is that which blows between a horses ears.” Arabian Proverb

    Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2015 20:48:13 +0000 To: caroline3642@msn.com

  8. Hahahaha! I am enjoying a “Spa Afternoon”, just took a long jojoba-sea salt-lavender bath and have been relaxing, listening to mellow music on my “R. Carlos Nakai” Pandora radio station and reading my inspirational e-mails. The MOMENT I got to the end of your blog, I was surprised (or maybe not) to hear birds calling. The tune that had come on Pandora was called “Raven’s Cry” by an artist named Twohawks.

    I can only say, what a hoot! Thanks, Pam, and safe travels as you wing toward your upcoming adventures. 😀

  9. Dear pam thank you for all your email s they are uplifting and often humoured a good tonic for us all. And oh yes the universe does deliver. ..

  10. Recently painted a very magical painting of a green bird and a Quaker Parrot showed up in our yard. My husband held out his finger and the bird hopped right on. We asked neighbors, posted in lost and found, FB etc. to my husband delight we are now care takers of this beautiful magical bird.

  11. Hi lovely Pam, two beautiful rainbow lorikeets (I was planning a pic but can’t load to comments!!) starting showing up right outside my desk window when I started meditating in the mornings, about five years ago, they weren’t there before, now they turn up EVERY SINGLE DAY! And TODAY we had our first pair of eastern rosellas to join the party in our garden, THEN I READ YOUR EMAIL !!! Synchronicity! blessed or what??? Lots of love, Robyn, rainbow lorikeets and eastern rosellas too

    1. I’m feeling so blessed reading all these bird stories. It’s amazing, isn’t it?, when we start to share. We’re just so connected to everything. Thank you!!!!

  12. My bird story – I love to take long walks and after my Dad passed away, I would always find myself crying while I was walking in my neighborhood. At first it felt as though I would never be able to walk again without feeling this sadness and I even considered not walking as much until I was able to feel better about losing my Dad. And at the same time, I knew how important it was for me to grieve and what better place to do that than among God’s beautiful earth. One day while I was out for my walk, I noticed a small yellow and orange bird on the sidewalk ahead of me. At first I thought there was something wrong with it and that it could not fly. I came to about a foot from the bird and stopped and just talked softly to it for about 30 seconds. It just kept it’s eyes on me, moving it’s head as if it were listening to me before flying into a nearby tree. I knew then that it was a sign from the universe that my Dad was home again – with God. I still get signs like this from birds and I always know that it’s my Dad just checking in on me.

  13. For the past year I have seen so many Great Blue Herons. I do live right near a river but I have seen them in strange places as well. I also saw a Pileated woodpecker which are quite rare to see. I always see these birds when I’m thinking about life etc. They definitely feel like signs. I guess I’m going to live forever!

  14. Hi Pam,
    Sending you a long distance “blaster” hug: (((( ))))
    While meditating outside in the yard one day, asked for a sign that a bird would come and land right by me. I swear, five seconds later , a small bird flew up and perched on the back of the chair next to me (way too close for a bird’s comfort) looked at me for several seconds, then flew away! I could not believe it but what a thrill! Can’t wait for the new book, good luck with everything.

  15. Hi Pam,

    First let me begin by thanking you for your books E-squared and E-cubed. They have literally changed the way I view life.

    I would like to share with you my story of the sign the universe sent to me, which includes a bird.

    My husband and I were vacationing in a warm climate to escape the brutally cold Canadian winter. We rented a small condo across from the beach for a month. It was heavenly . . . sunshine, long walks along the sandy beach and the sound of the surf to I’ll us to sleep each night. Six days before our holiday ended, the unthinkable happened . . . my husband suffered a heart attack. Our out-of-country insurance provider declined assistance, saying there was a pre-existing condition. So we were on our own, both physically and financially. Each day someone at the hospital would walk me to an office and say “Today we will need $9,000, (or $11,000)” and I would have to transfer the required funds before returning to my husband’s hospital room. By the 5th day I was beginning to panic. I had one day left at the condo and then I would be without accommodation. My efforts to arrange an air ambulance to take us back to Canada had failed. Apparently there must be confirmation that a room is available at the destination hospital and ours was over-crowded. My husband told me to go to the condo book a regular flight home for the two of us, departing the following day. Then I needed to pack all our belongings and place them in our car and arrange for someone to drive it home. I was becoming more distressed by the minute, worrying about whether this was a wise decision, since he would be signing himself out of the hospital against the advice of the doctors. As I was packing I came across a sand dollar that I had found on the beach and I shoved it into the back pocket of my jeans. I was packing everything into the car, when I tearfully asked the universe for a sign to let me know if flying home was the right thing to do. As I shoved a large suitcase into the car, I heard a “pop” from my pocket and remembered the sand dollar. I reached in and pulled it out. It had broken in half and when I separated the pieces, several small bird-like pieces fell out! I have attached a photo of one that I saved. I knew at that moment that we were okay to fly home . . . and in the end, everything worked out perfectly.

    Ann-Marie Buchanan

    Sent from my iPad


  16. Hi Pam This really happened, as best as I remember, just this way. Much Love and thanks from Linda and my E Cubed Power Possee Stan

    In January of 1985 I was working in Kansas City as an advisor to an inner-city weatherization agency. I had been reading The Path of Power by Sun Bear and studying Native American spirituality. I was distraught over an impending divorce, showing up red-eyed for work, etc.

    On lunch break I drove to a hill that was cleared of all houses and trees, waiting for the Watkins Freeway to be built. I was looking across the Crossroads district at downtown Kansas City. I ate my lunch sitting on the warm hood of my car and enjoying the view and crisp sunny day. I thought about my lousy finances, my shoddy house, my broken heart and wondered if these problems would ever be resolved.

    About a half mile southeast of me I noticed a red-tail hawk flying straight west. When he got to a point straight south of me, another hawk appeared where the first one had come from. The first hawk had just started a lazy turn to the north when a third hawk appeared from the same point in the southeast. The second and third hawks were precisely following the lead on the first hawk. By the time the first hawk was straight west of me, a fourth hawk appeared from the same spot. They were perfectly spaced and flying in a circle, sun-wise around me.

    When the first hawk reached a point straight north of me, he turned and dove right at me. As he accelerated, I was frozen, staring right at him. When he was about 40 feet away, he broke his dive by quickly spreading his wings wide open. I could hear the “pop” as his wings filled with air. He then flew off over my right shoulder but I couldn’t see where he was going because the second hawk was also diving precisely the same course directly at me. He stooped at the same spot and flew off to the east. The third and fourth hawks did exactly the same. As the evenly spaced hawks flew off to the southeast they turned left and exited into the trees precisely where they had entered. I realized I hadn’t breathed for an eternity. I was taken with a set of adrenalin convulsions that shook me uncontrollably. What did it mean? Over the years, I’ve thought that it might have been a mission to reassure a fellow conscious being or a demonstration to unmistakably show me that spirit is real and miracles can happen. I’ve taken great comfort from that day and of course, all those problems are memories.


  17. I had this beautiful California garden to myself — a miracle in itself since it was a public garden on a perfect day. I am walking along when a hummingbird flies up to my face, hovers a moment and takes off to my right. Cool, I think. I keep walking. She comes backs, hovers in front of my face, takes off in the same direction. Hm. Really cool, right? I keep walking. She comes back again… 3rd times the charm and this time I listen. So when she takes off again, I follow her. She leads me to a tree and flies up to branch where I can see this tiny hummingbird nest. And sitting right next to it is… drumroll. A ROBIN… !? Well, the robin wasn’t threatening her nest, but the hummingbird was taking no chances. She wanted the robin gone and when it ignored her, she went out and hired some muscle… me. So I waved the robin away. The hummingbird came back to my face and hovered again. I got her “thanks”, but then she came a little closer and I understood that I was now dismissed from her service… dismissed with honors, but clearly dismissed. So I walked on — pondering the wonder of our oneness with all life. I still feel that wonder after nearly 30 years.

  18. As it turns out, I DO happen to have a bird story!! Last evening, about gloaming, my ten-year-old daughter and I were in the backyard watching deer and talking about plants in the garden, etc. As I looked off to my right to admire the sunset she suddenly yelled, “What the heck!!” I was totally unaware of it, but apparently a small bird had zipped in, hovered around in front of my solar plexus area, and then zipped away into the sunset all while she watched. I had just been reading yesterday about the importance of the solar plexus area in relation to the vagus nerve and manifesting our personal reality. Now I really want to open up and let go!!

  19. Hi Pam,

    I have a bird story for you. A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting with a friend and describing the memorial I had just attended for a beautiful, talented, much loved woman named Rosemary. She was a gifted nurse, author, singer songwriter and teacher, who loved nature – especially birds. My friend and I were discussing how deeply spiritual and ethereal Rosemary was, when suddenly, a yellow bird flew up to the window, hovered in front of it for a few seconds, then flew off to a nearby tree. I rushed over to the window and it came straight back and hovered again, looking at me through the glass. Then it flew off. It was magical! Neither of us have seen anything like it.

    That night I couldn’t stop thinking about the bird and a song started to come to me. It pretty much finished itself by morning and I called it “Rosemary’s Gift”. I had attended a series of songwriting workshops that Rosemary led and she was incredibly helpful and encouraging. If anyone could affect a bird and send a song from the afterlife, it would be Rosemary!

    If you’d like to hear the song, let me know and I’ll send a simple recording, but I understand that you can’t reply to all of your emails.

    Before I sign off, I must say I love your books and blogs – thank you!


    Mary Bennet


  20. Hi Pam,
    It’s Virginia from our Omega Power Posse and I’ve got a cool bird story for you.
    Joan was my patient, friend, and birding buddy. We started birding together the year she moved away to Texas. After she moved, she would call me every May to make plans to go birding on her way out to see her family on Long Island. Last May I was thinking that she would call soon. The next day, her daughter called to tell me she had passed. That night I was pretty sad, but at the same time felt so lucky to have known her. I even woke up at 3 Am and poured my heart into a poem for her.

    A couple of days later, I was telling a friend about one of our last birding adventures. I had promised Joan that I would take her to a well known wetland called The Basha Kill to see nesting Eagles. When we got there we were unable to access the area to view them because the road was washed out due to heavy rain storms that week. Although we were both disappointed, we went to another area of the kill to see what other birds we could find. As we pulled into an open field, we saw a beautiful flash of blue! It was an Indigo Bunting!! It was the most brilliant blue and Joan was as excited as if she won a million dollars! I rarely ever see these birds and felt so lucky to have seen one!

    After telling my friend this story, I drove home that day feeling so happy and grateful for my connection to Joan. As I pulled into my driveway, I saw a flash of brilliant blue out of the corner of my eye! As I parked the car, my heart was beating pretty fast. I looked out my window and saw not one, but three Indigo Buntings sitting in a row 20 feet away on the neighbor’s fence!

    I believe Joan’s spirit visited me that day in a way she knew that I would have no doubt it was her smiling at me. The ones we love never leave our hearts. We just have to tune in and listen. I’m so much more than grateful for that.

    Love ya,
    Virginia Petzold

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