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Why I subscribe to the premium channels

“Love is our most important business, and any love we give ourselves is love that serves us all.”—Scott Stabile
Wow! You guys! I’m blown away! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your kind words, your love, your beautiful expressions of encouragement. Every last one of you made it onto my gratitude list this morning. Thank you!

And just for kicks, today’s picture features my dad, back when he was a Methodist minister, with my sixth grade confirmation class. I’m the geek on the left in the black glasses. I apparently didn’t get the same memo as the boys, the one about hipster glasses being available.

I’m also high-fiving the Holy S today for pulling out all the stops to show me how vital it is that I continue subscribing to the premium channels.

I talk a lot about frequency and how different vibrational frequencies bring strikingly different experiences into our lives.

Most of the world subscribes to the default frequency, the one that outpictures the world we see in the news. It’s a frequency that has been culturally agreed upon, but it’s not the whole picture. As long as we continue to operate from that frequency, we’ll continue to see limitations, lack and division.

Luckily, there’s a higher frequency, an amplified frequency that enables us to see a bigger, more accurate picture.

ACIM Lesson 111 tells us the bigger picture is actually the norm. It tells us that miracles are everyday affairs, no big deal when we’re on this frequency.

It’s the frequency we relinquish as we grow up, as we say goodbye to our imaginary friends, to our mystical connections.

As we grow up, we let our subscriptions to the premium frequencies lapse and we go into agreement with the cultural patterning. But make no mistake—it’s a pattern of control and it’s not who we really are.

The aim of the Course in Miracles is to disengage from cultural paradigms, to
practice operating from our full spectrum of frequencies.

So much more is possible, my friends. Today, I hope you’ll join me in choosing to subscribe to the premium channels.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. I tend to not comment on my subscribed viewers list , and there a few special ones I follow so you are my first . You are awesome . The way you write and describe this awesomeness that we actually are and don’t see … honestly incredible . I’m a non duality investigator , the likes of mooji and Peter Brown , Paul Hedderman ( he who refers to the ACIM often ) and your words resonate so clearly with that teaching that seeing and as an actresss and where I am in my apparent life … I thank you for taking on breaking down the ACIM in such a clear – practicing invitation – to this character called Krista . Every morning I see your post and they remind me of the powerful force in ‘my’ life that I actually am . Mwah Pam . Much gratitude I think you’re amazing .

  2. I love the picture. You were beautiful in the 6th grade as you are today. I love your words, subscribing to the premium channel.. easy way to describe the higher frequencies.

    Five days ago, I was tuned into the premium channel all day. When I handed my husband his work boots that morning, I looked on the bottom of them and said, “you need a new pair. just like these” . A search on the internet showed me the only pair in his size and they were 45% off. . Right after this, I thought that I should soak our dog’s foot in epsom salts but had no idea where it was as most of our things are still in boxes. I walked upstairs and picked up a box and inside was the epsom salts.I found in another box a magnifying glass. As I was walking down the stairs, my husband asked me to bring him a pair of tweezers as he had a splinter in his finger. He used the magnifying glass to remove the splinter with the tweezers. And the boots arrived in 4 days instead of the 2 weeks estimated time. When my husband opened them, he said these are perfect.

  3. I am following you Pam, because you’re a premium channel! And we’re all in this together!! Love your sweet picture! Sending you love and big hugs!

  4. Pam Grout, you are a genius. Your insights, your energy, your willingness to disclose, and your gift for expressing pure joy should have been enough. But you took it to an even higher frequency by having the courage to work through the lessons of the Course. Thank you!

  5. You are awesome! Every time I feel my vibes sinking into overthinking and just a general sense of “meh”, I check my reader and there you are, bringing light! I feel instantly better. You rock, and please don’t stop. Love and blessings!

  6. Dear Pam…First I want to send much Love to you after sharing about your dad. So here it comes…a HUGE energy of LOVE…
    Reading these posts are part of my early morning HELLO TO AMAZING THINGS HAPPENING TO ME TODAY ….
    I THANK YOU every morning for YOU !!!!

  7. I notice the use of the word ‘we ‘ and ‘our ‘ in this lesson. I thought it was channelled by an entity named Jesus? Who is the we mentioned?



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  8. LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️ you Pam! The geek 🤓 in me salutes the geek 🤓 in you!! Best part about tuning in to the premium channels is that I always find you there! I’m sending BIG energy your way, my fine friend 😍☕️📚

  9. Interesting…. you and I are in the same age range, my dad was a seminary professor at the St. Paul School of Theology.. knew most of the Methodist ministers in this area of KS. They probably knew each other.
    Jeanne Bangs Kasten

  10. You are so welcome for all the love and encouragement from all of us here – we are your cyber family and we love you 😊 And we are also offering back to you what you give us on a regular basis – encouragement on this journey of life and constant reminders that love is all there really is. Thankyou for today’s post and for sharing the picture with you and your dad in it. (& Pam you were just ahead of your time fashion wise – those glasses are totally “in” today! 😉) I love the idea of subscribing to the premium channels. Whilst it appears it costs a little more (more effort, more consciousness, more presence) it actually costs less because it gives back so much more! Deep and real truth, joy, peace and love, for example, and these can only be found on the premium channels and not the default channel of our culture. Thankyou Pam – and thanks for including us on your gratitude list today! That feels really special ☺️ Big hugs and lots of love from me to you my friend 💖🌷🌸💗

  11. I picked you out of that picture right away. I didn’t realize your dad was in there too. I was geeky too. “The aim of the Course in Miracles is to disengage from cultural paradigms, to practice operating from our full spectrum of frequencies.” This resonated with me. I’m going to chew on it a bit. It’s the full spectrum of frequencies that I need to work on. Thanks for this one.

  12. I love your work Pam. Gratitude for YOU from this appreciative fan.

    All the best, All the time, Coach

  13. Sending you love, light and inspiration…because your writing inspires me daily and reminds me that love and light is all there is.
    Thank you!

  14. Pam – My father was also a Methodist minister. In fact, thinking about writing a book about our lives. What conference/part of the US did he/your family serve?

    Judy (Best)

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